Finding where to sleep in Madrid is not a difficult matter, since the capital of Spain has a large number of hotels, hostels, pensions and apartments with prices for all budgets. However, you always need a guide to choose the best areas and hotels, and how to book accommodation at the best price, that is why we have designed this article to guide you according to the area of ​​Madrid where to stay.

Madrid has 21 neighborhoods, each with its own personality, culture, atmosphere and attractions. The center is the area that surrounds the Puerta del Sol and around this area are the most suitable neighborhoods for a first trip to Madrid, especially for the convenience of being a few steps from the main attractions and being able to move easily from a point to another, on foot or by public transport.

Whether you like shopping, art galleries or partying on the dance floor at night, you will find the area that best suits your tastes and budget. In this guide to the neighborhoods of Madrid, you will find all the information and tips to choose the best area for your holidays.

Quick tips: where to stay in Madrid

Spending the night in a neighborhood and in accommodation adapted to our needs is the cornerstone of the success of each trip. Madrid’s neighborhoods differ in character and atmosphere. For this reason, we want to help you choose the best neighborhood to stay in Madrid according to your needs.

  • Madrid Center – The best area to stay in Madrid for the first time. See
  • Malasaña – The best neighborhood to stay in Madrid. See
  • Lavapiés – Most affordable area of Madrid. See
  • Chueca – The best area to stay in Madrid for nightlife. See
  • Paseo del Prado – The best area of Madrid for families with children. See

The best areas to sleep in Madrid

In Madrid there are many areas to stay, but which ones are really worth it? Many times we believe that the best areas to stay in Madrid are always those with very high prices and very luxurious hotels, but this is not the case, the truth is that Madrid has great cultural and architectural riches and it would be almost impossible to visit them all in a short vacation Even if you spend more than a month in Madrid, you may leave many attractions unseen.

That is why in this article we will classify them in terms of the possible interests of the traveler.

That is, many times we think that all travelers want the same thing or have the same needs, but the truth is that there are travelers of all ages and that each one requires a different environment from the other, or simply the accommodations they are looking for are different from those who offer you.

Next, we will show the best areas to stay in Madrid, options that you can consider for your next trip.

Downtown Madrid (The most attractive and practical area to stay)

In this area you can clearly see the old life of Madrid and the birth of its culture, absolutely all the tourist places are close to this area.

Best hotels to sleep cheaply in Madrid Center
However, due to its comfort and its surroundings, it is one of the most expensive areas of Madrid to stay, although logically the cost of a hotel will be well deserved when you enjoy how comfortable and special it is to stay in the Center of Madrid.

If you decide to stay in this area, you will be guaranteed the majesty of the city both by day and by night, you will be close to the important sites and it will not be a problem to find a restaurant or a store where you can buy. If the budget is a bit tight, it is better that you look for accommodation a little more removed from the center.

Recommended hotels to stay in the Center of Madrid

  • NH Collection Madrid Abascal (€€€) A 4-star hotel located in the heart of Madrid, an excellent option for your business or pleasure trips.
  • Mayerling Hotel (€€) An elegant and modern design hotel located in the historic center of Madrid near the Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol and with a fabulous score on
  • Hostal JQC Ártico (€) It offers the best amenities at the best price and the best location (very close to the historic center) so that you can enjoy your stay in the capital of Spain.

Puerta del Sol (one of the most touristic spots in the capital of Spain)

Staying near Puerta del Sol is one of the best ideas as most of the tourist sites are within walking distance.

Where to stay in Madrid near Puerta del Sol

There you will find the Kilometer Zero where the most important roads in Spain intersect and in addition, you will find El Oso and El Madroño, one of the most important monuments of the city.

As for the atmosphere in the Puerta del Sol area, we can say that in addition to being commercial, it is very lively and busy.

If you go out during the day, you can easily walk to the tourist places that are around it and if you go out at night you can have a few drinks and relax in places near the hotel. Even going to other areas of the city from the Puerta del Sol area is a matter that does not require many complications.

Recommended hotels in Puerta del Sol

  • Principal Madrid – Located in the center, close to most of Madrid’s must-see places, this hotel offers magnificent views from the terrace of the city center.
  • Woohoo Suites Madrid – If you are looking for very good hotels near Puerta del Sol that offer excellent value for money, this is the best option! It is a cute and cozy guest house with excellent facilities.
  • Petit Palace Located right next to some of the best theaters in the area. Lovers of dance, theater and performing arts should have a great stay at this clean hotel with great and spacious rooms. It is also pet friendly.

Hotels in Puerta del Sol

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