When you travel you can not put all your things in the suitcase because they do not fit. So, it is essential that you learn to identify those belongings that cannot be missing on any of your trips.

In this article we will know what to take on a long trip, 20 basic things so that your adventures away from home are always comfortable.

1. Universal adapter plug

Such an outlet is almost as important as your electronic devices, including your phone. It has several types of ports to charge the battery of your equipment and types of plugs, which can be used in any outlet in the world.

2. Power banks or sources – portable chargers

Another essential piece of equipment to take on any trip: the portable power bank.

Sometimes the universal adapter plug is not enough because it often happens that where you are there is not even an outlet. In that case, with the portable charger you can recharge the battery of your mobile.

It is best if you have two of these teams. They never hurt, especially if your phone is essential to you.

3. Charging cables

Make an inventory of your portable electronic devices that you will take on your trip, not forgetting the charging cables of each one.

4. Hands-free headphones or earphones

Listening to music when traveling makes any trip more pleasant. With the headphones you will enjoy your playlists at full volume without disturbing anyone, also from a movie, video conferences or audio notes.

Your telephone conversations will also be more comfortable if you use the handsfree.

5. iPod with travel playlist

You have many options to take music with you: your mobile phone, on a Tablet, the laptop, an Mp3 and of course, an iPod.

The important thing is that you prepare the musical reproduction that will accompany you during the trip and all your time away from home.

Add the device of your choice to your list of things to take on a long trip, as long as you don’t stop listening to music.

6. The book you are reading or the kindle

Having a book in your handbag is always nice because wherever you are you can read it. Of course, take the ones you are sure you will read, nothing to save the “just in case” because they take up unnecessary space.

If you prefer digital reading, download Kindle, the application that allows you to read books in a simple and practical interface. Also, you can download and read as many readings as you want on one device.

7. Bathing suit or swimsuit

A swimsuit will never hurt in a travel suitcase even if there is no beach or pool nearby at your destination. In addition, these swimsuits are getting smaller, so they do not take up much space.

8. Microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are lightweight, quick-drying, easy to handle and wash, and come in a variety of sizes, none of which take up a lot of space.

Unlike hotel towels, you can take personal towels wherever you want and whenever you want, including a walk to the beach, the park or the square.

I recommend you have the 3 traditional sizes (small, medium and large) and that you carry the small one, yes or yes. You will see how he gets you out of trouble.

9. Mosquito repellent

Being protected from mosquito bites is more than a relief, it is a necessity, to avoid the diseases that some of these insects cause.

There are repellents in cream or spray, with aloe vera or more pleasant aromas.

10. Hand sanitizer

They are practical, comfortable and very useful, because everything that surrounds us and we touch has germs. With an antibacterial gel you will reduce the chances that you will catch something that harms your health during the trip.

11. Notepad or voice memo recorder

In a notebook or voice recorder you can save all your ideas, thoughts and reflections that arise during the trip.

12. Additional backpack and bag

Choose an additional travel bag or backpack where you can store your things in a comfortable and practical way, for when you need them.

There are casual backpacks that can serve as handbags. They are the ones that have two functions in one.

13. Sewing kit

Another of the underestimated things that do not take up any space in the suitcase or handbag. A sewing kit will help you quickly sew anything from a button to joining a ripped garment.

Bring a mini sewing kit with the basics:

  • Threads: white, beige and black, the most common colors. Include the colors of the clothes you take on your trip. Just a little of each color. Wrap the threads around a pencil.
  • Thimble.
  • Pair of needles.
  • Needle spinner.
  • Multi colored buttons.
  • Small blunt tip scissors.

14. The kit with personal care items

If you will be away from home for a long time, it is best to take with you what is necessary to keep you clean.

For this kit, remember that the liquids must be stored in sealed plastic bags, which in case you travel by plane do not exceed one liter in total inside your suitcase.

Put in your travel backpack:

  • Toothpaste.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Body scrub.
  • Toilet soap in paste or liquid.
  • Moisturizing body cream.
  • Shampoo and hair conditioner.
  • Silicone, gel or styling cream for hair.
  • Blades and razors, waxes or hair removal creams.
  • Reusable cups, pads or sanitary tampons, for menstruation days.

15. For the care and presentation of your hands, feet and nails

Whether you are a boy or a girl, the care and presentation of your nails is important. Unless you have included a budget to pay for someone else to do it for you, remember to bring:

  1. Nail clipper.
  2. Cut cuticles.
  3. Nail file.
  4. Cuticle remover.
  5. Fast nail polish drying spray.
  6. Nail polish remover.
  7. Nail polish in your favorite colors that can be combined with your clothes.

Also pack:

  1. Moisturizing hand cream.
  2. Cream for the hydration and rest of your feet.
  3. File or pome stone to remove calluses and dead cells from the feet.

Try to carry these items in their smallest presentation so that they do not take up as much space in the suitcase, nor do they weigh you down.

16. Makeup Set

Makeup can not miss. Include the colors that suit you best and combine with the outfits you choose to wear and the occasions you will have on your trip.

I mention the most basic, but you can complement it according to your tastes and needs:

  1. Lipstick.
  2. Illuminator.
  3. Compact.
  4. Shadows and blushes.
  5. Expression checker.
  6. Eyeliners for your captivating eyes.
  7. Bases: if they are powdered, put a bit of dry cotton inside so they don’t spread during the trip.
  8. Mascaras for eyelashes. If you are one of those who are fascinated by the shape that your eyelashes take, I recommend the transparent mascara. You will look luxurious and appear more natural.

To clean the makeup can not miss:

  1. Cleansing tonic.
  2. Exfoliating cream.
  3. Cleansing face cream.
  4. Cleansing cream or oil.
  5. Day and night moisturizing cream.
  6. Cotton pads and sponges to remove products from your skin.

17. Sunscreen for the face

Even if you do not travel to countries with a tropical climate, it is always advisable to wear a good sunscreen, especially to protect your face from UV rays.

18. Sports shoes or for rest

Accompany your elegant shoes with a pair of sports shoes for when necessary. If your trip is tourist, you should take them even more. These will be comfortable for you to walk, jog and even run.

19. The Basic First Aid Kit

It is not about putting all the remedies you have in your pantry in your travel backpack, but rather the most basic ones such as:

  1. Cotton.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Absolute alcohol.
  4. Hooks to grab bandages.
  5. Band and round bandages.
  6. Antiseptic substances such as liquid soap.
  7. Sterile and non-sterile gauze and bandages.
  8. Adhesive tapes, preferably hypoallergenic.
  9. Analgesic drugs, antibiotics, antipyretics, antiemetics and antispasmodics.
  10. A small pair of scissors with a blunt or rounded tip.

20. Medical treatment and/or vitamins in use

Bring the doses you need to cover your treatment if you are taking vitamins or medications for a medical condition. It is just as important that you check if you can get it at your destination.

Now, other details that you cannot ignore for a long trip

Let’s see what the list is to go on a trip to specific places.

What to take on a long trip to the beach

Being on the beach requires particular items. Let’s meet them.

skin protection

Carry a sunscreen for your skin with you for when you have already tanned.

lip hydration

No broken or chapped lips due to lack of hydration. Wear a lip with UVB protection factor, preferably. If it has jojoba or aloe vera it will be better.

Hat or visor

Wear your matching hat or visor with any of your outfits to rest your face and eyes from the sun.

glasses or sunglasses

Make sure your sunglasses have UVB protection. There are models that also favor the view at night.

What to take on a long bus trip

Traveling by bus is not the same as doing it in a private vehicle, much less by plane. Let’s find out what to take on a long bus trip.

drinking water bottle

Long bus trips are exhausting and no matter how many stops the unit makes, you always get thirsty on the road. It’s best to keep a bottle or two of water in your carry-on backpack for when you’re dehydrated.

Cloth scarves

With a scarf you can cover your face from the cold if you are exposed to air conditioning or a light that bothers you when you sleep. Of course, also to dry the sweat on the forehead or on the lips.

Fine fabric long-sleeved sweater

Traveling by bus is like going in a rolling refrigerator, so a long-sleeved sweater cannot be missing from your list to go on a trip by public transport.

Neck pillow or pillow

Although sleeping sitting on a bus is not comfortable, you can make this rest more pleasant with a neck pillow that does not allow it to move like a seesaw.


Snacks will never be left over on a long bus trip. They are like water. Infallible. They are perfect to accompany the minutes of music from the playlist or reading. Take salty, sweet and fruit.

What to take on a long car trip

When traveling in a private car at the wheel or as a passenger, certain peculiarities are also achieved. Let’s see what they are.

Cash and cards available

There is always a craving to eat or buy on the road, so you must have cash on hand and in the worst case, your active cards.

music playlist

A playlist with the songs that you like the most will make the long hours of travel less boring.

enjoyable book

Having someone read something interesting to you while you’re driving will keep you awake and upbeat. If you travel alone, you can read a good book in your rest hours in a restaurant or hotel.

Cloth to clean the windshield glass

A cloth will come in handy when the windshield wipers and air conditioning fail, dampening the inside of the car during a downpour. You will be able to clean the glass so that the driver maintains the best visibility.

Complete toolbox

The toolbox is the magic lamp of a car. Check in advance that you have everything you need. A hydraulic jack and the cross wrench cannot be missing.

spare tires

Perfect tires are those that are well balanced, with the correct amount of air and optimal grip. Check these three features before you go on a trip. Do not forget the replacement rubber in the same quality conditions.

What to bring to a 6 month trip

Although the 20 basic items that we mention in this article are equally necessary for a 6-month trip, there are other things that you could also add. Let’s find out which ones.

contact numbers

A list with the contact numbers of family and/or trusted friends to contact them, not only in emergencies, but also to let them know where and how you are.


Sleeping in pajamas when you are out of the warmth of your own bed is very tasty. The good thing about these is that they take up little space in the suitcase.

the personal pillow

Like the pajamas, the pillow is a very personal item that is worth taking on a trip, especially if it is 6 months old. There are people who do not sleep well anywhere if they do not wear theirs.

Personal items for exercise

Whenever you can, take the basic items of the exercises you practice at home, such as shoes, gloves, hair bands, belts and perhaps a small weight.

Favorite treats or foods

Include your treats or some of your favorite foods in your travel backpack because you may not see them wherever you go. Take the amount that you really think will cover your cravings for 6 months.

If you travel by plane, first check if they are allowed and in how many quantities you can take it. To do this, check with your travel airline.

Items for personal use

As with sweets, it happens with those body creams, nail polishes and other personal items, which you may not be able to buy at your destination because they do not sell them. Carry the amount you think will last you for your entire stay away from home.

And the entertainment, what?

During a long trip, many hours are spent on the road, sailing or flying, which is very annoying if you do not have a brief plan for entertainment.

I leave you some ideas.

What to do on a long trip so as not to get bored?

  1. To read a good book.
  2. Listen to music.
  3. Browse your networks.
  4. Play on a portable console.
  5. Contact someone you like to talk.
  6. Make notes or notes of your ideas or reflections.
  7. Have a good collection of films or documentaries of your interest.

About packing in the suitcase

You have to know how to pack your suitcase so that everything you need to carry fits in it. Here are a couple of tricks to fold pants because they are the garments that usually take up the most space.

How to fold pants in a suitcase for a long trip?

Fold them in the form of an envelope, it is ideal. See step by step how to do it:

  1. Lay the pants out on a flat surface and smooth out any folds or wrinkles with your hands.
  2. Bends in the middle by placing one leg on top of the other. Let there be couples.
  3. Fold the remaining triangle inwards, leaving a complete rectangle. (optional).
  4. Fold in the middle taking the bottom or feet of the pants to the top, leaving the waist free.
  5. Visually divide into thirds and fold each part using the thirds as a reference.
  6. It will be like a rectangle or an envelope that can stand vertically. With this final shape you can pack them side by side or on top.

Denim pants are a particular case. We show you a technique to fold them.

How to fold jeans to save space in the suitcase on a long trip?

The thing is to bend them in a tubular way. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Lay the pants out on a flat surface and gently stretch by hand.
  2. Fold in the middle leaving one leg over the other.
  3. Take the leg that is on top and bend at the knee, sticking the foot out in an “L” shape.
  4. Grab the waist and roll up in a tubular way up to the ankle, leaving the leg that we previously removed outside.
  5. Take the remaining leg and put your hand through the hole until you grab the roll we made.
  6. Cover the roll with the loose leg until it is completely covered, looking like a sack.

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