Traveling involves packing and whenever we do it we ask ourselves what to take in the travel suitcase, because there are many things that we think we need.

Although it is crucial to know the details of the trip to pack, there are a number of things that you can never leave out. Thinking about it, we created for you this list of 100 essential things to carry in a travel suitcase.

Travel list of what to pack

Let’s start with a 7 day trip. What to pack for a week?

Always take with you on a short trip of 7 days or less, the following:

1. Personal bath towel: surely there will be one where you stay, but only yours can you trust when it comes to cleanliness.

2. Pajamas: it is the right clothing for your rest.

3. Change clothes: it can be 2 sets of clothes apart from the one you are wearing, plus matching accessories.

4. Sandals or flip-flops: they are comfortable and the perfect alternative to closed shoes and heels. Using them will be a rich relief for your feet.

5. An additional pair of shoes: you can complement with sandals.

6. Mini kit for cleaning and personal hygiene: your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and a shampoo with conditioner, can never be missing. Take them in small plastic containers.

7. Comb and/or hairbrush.

8. Gel, spray or silicone, to condition the hair.

9. The mobile phone with its charger.

10. The portable power bank to recharge your devices without the need for a power connection.

What to take on a short trip

To pack a suitcase for a short weekend trip you don’t have to complicate yourself too much. Choose the basics and what solves you.

11. Change of clothes: take something that complements the outfit you bring when you go out on your weekend and one more change of clothes. Try to match the shoes and accessories you have on when you go out.

If you are a woman, these items cannot be missing from your weekend suitcase:

12. The toothbrush and the deodorant.

13. Your perfume or fragrance sample size no larger than 100 ml.

14. The phone charger and other electrical equipment (Tablet, laptop, camera, etc).

What to take on a long trip

The list of things necessary to travel is extended when the trip is 10, 15 or more days.

As you will be out of your comfort zone for more time, you need to have those essential things for your development and comfort, at hand.

15. Oral hygiene kit: to the toothbrush and the mini toothpaste, basic oral hygiene items, add a mouthwash and dental floss.

16. A combo for grooming and personal hygiene: it is more complete and with more quantity because you will be away for more days.

  • Shampoo and hair conditioner.
  • If you use special care treatments, straightening or hydration for your hair, they cannot be missing from your luggage. Creams or silicones to shape your hairstyle, either.
  • Toilet soap, cream and/or moisturizing oils for the body and hands. The blade (shaver) and depilatory cream.
  • Deodorant, antiperspirant, moist hand towels and antibacterial gel.

17. Feminine sanitary towels: they can never be missing. Remember that there are also alternatives to applicator tampons and/or menstrual cups.

If you will be away for several months, check if the ones you use are available where you go, or at least a brand that is related to your comfort and intimate care. So you can get an idea of ​​what to put in the suitcase about it.

18. Intimate soap: that special soap for more delicate and sensitive skin at the time of washing and hygiene of your intimate parts, cannot be left out of the suitcase on a long outing.

19. Disposable toilet seat covers: Very important for stomach emergencies.

20. Facial and skin care kit: cleansing cream, facial toner, scrub, day and night cream. Also add some anti-aging treatment or treatment for expression lines, without leaving out the daily sunscreen, the one that is different from the one used when going to the beach.

21. Make-up bag: the make-up set you carry must cover the necessities on your trip, but at the same time it must be practical.

Visualize the activities you will do and the looks you will wear. With this you can have an idea of ​​​​the colors and shades of makeup that you will need. Choose those that match.

Then select the bases, powders and shadows; eye and lip liners; concealers, lipsticks and moisturizers for lips, mascaras for eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as a kit of brushes to outline and blend makeup.

22. Make-up remover set: never forget the applicators to remove make-up, be it cotton or washable sponges, nor the make-up remover cream or moisturizing toner.

23. Nail Polish: Always wear nail polish in the color you’re wearing, plus clear gloss and some frosted or brush-matched color to keep your nails trim and manicured.

Choose colors that match the tones and styles of clothing you’ll be wearing, so you achieve a very chic coherence.

24. Liquid nail polish remover to change your decoration and color.

25. The cottons can not miss so much to apply something, remove nail polish or remove traces of cream. Cotton is multipurpose, which makes it essential.

26. The nail file must be good and resistant. I suggest you carry one as part of your personal hygiene items and a small one for your handbag.

27. Cuticle trimmers and nail trimmers can’t be missing either, especially if you prefer long, well-groomed nails.

28. The travel mode hairbrush and/or comb is also one of those little things to pack.

29. The eyebrow tweezers or blade: if you use a blade, take the spare parts or find out if where you are going to get the ones you use.

30. Hair Straightener: The flat iron won’t stay put even by mistake. Hair is everyone’s letter of introduction, especially girls. Check if your iron will withstand the voltage used at the destination.

31. Portable Clothes Iron: Traveling clothes iron models are compact and of excellent quality. They hardly take up space in the suitcase.

32. Toilet paper: you better be prepared and not take the risk of not getting in the toilet. No matter where you go, it cannot be missing from your handbag.

Your outfit is one of the essentials on your packing list. When in doubt about what to bring, you should not forget the following:

33. The clothes: pack the outfits according to the activities that you will do during your trip. Consider clothes that are appropriate to the weather season.

34. Shoes: try to combine them with your choice of clothing without neglecting your comfort and impeccable presence.

35. Accessories: they should complement the look of each occasion. Choose colors and shapes that are versatile to combine them well.

36. The ideal coat: take the most versatile pashminas, scarves, sweaters or jackets that you have and that respond to your need both in look and shelter.

37. A sewing kit with needles, threads and buttons, in the colors of the clothes you’re wearing. It also includes hooks of various sizes. A small sewing box could save your life in the event of an unforeseen event with your clothes or luggage.

38. A backpack or purse to use daily for walks and other pleasant activities. It should be spacious but comfortable and to your liking.

39. First aid kit with basic medications such as analgesics, antipyretics, antiemetics, antibiotics and antispasmodics. Don’t underestimate it.

What to bring on a trip to Europe

When you plan to travel to Europe or to any destination outside the country you cannot leave the following:

40. Passport: it must be valid with more than 6 months before its expiration date and have enough sheets available for stamps.

41. The international vaccination card with the vaccines required at your destination. If you already have one, verify that it is also valid.

42. Credit and debit cards: take with you those that will be useful in your travel suitcase.

43. Cash: Needless to say. Cash is essential, even to pay departure taxes or overweight luggage. Have cash with you in your local currency and that of the country of destination.

44. Visa: you will not enter any European country without it. Only Mexicans do not require a Visa to go to Europe, at least until 2019.

Countries of the European Union will request in 2020 certain requirements (ETIAS) for foreigners who do not belong to the European Union and countries that did not need a visa.

45. Folder with personal travel documents with at least two copies of each one. Include copies of credit cards, preferably with your name and summaries of financial statements that show your financial solvency.

Create a digital copy of them, including the passport and save it in your mail and cloud.

46. ​​Travel insurance is one of the requirements they request to allow access to European countries. Find out about the requirements in advance so that you can carry out the procedures before the trip.

47. It is essential that you have the return or departure ticket printed and at hand. They will ask you when you go through Immigration as a requirement for your entry to the country of destination.

48. The accommodation reservation will also be requested to authorize your entry into the country. You can display a hotel reservation from

49. List with the travel itinerary if you are going on a tour of several countries or several European cities. You will see how practical the trip is once you have a clear itinerary. In addition, this way you minimize unforeseen events.

50. List of transport alternatives between European countries to see which ones are best for you.

You can choose depending on the destinations if you travel by land, air or both, estimating the budget you define.

51. An umbrella for those sunny days.

52. An up-to-date map or GPS is important on any trip to an unknown place or country.

53. A dictionary of the languages ​​corresponding to the countries you will visit.

54. Download the Duolingo app dedicated to free language learning on your Smartphone. It will help you.

For rainy days and strong breezes in Europe

55. An umbrella that does not have metal tips for rainy days.

56. Waterproof ponchos will be a welcome relief on breezy rainy days.

57. Boots or special shoes for walking in the rain. If you manage to combine them with your outfits, great.

What to pack in your carry-on bag

In your handbag you will put small items that you should always carry close.

How to put everything in a carry-on suitcase? The essential thing is to choose small plastic containers and fold everything. You will see that it is simple.

58. Change of comfortable clothes: Make sure you carry a change of clothes in your handbag that includes underwear, socks and a good coat.

59. Lips moisturizer for your lips because the body tends to lose fluids quickly during any trip.

60. Cream for hands and legs to keep them cared for and hydrated is also important, especially if you will be in shorts, a dress or a skirt for a long time.

61. A personal use case with a toothbrush, traveling toothpaste, lipstick, perfume or miniature splash, deodorant, foundation, mascara and the shadows you are wearing.

62. The portable antibacterial that can be the gel in a miniature dispenser or in small wet towels.

63. A book of your choice for reading while traveling.

64. The Tablet or kindle for a reading or means of digital games.

65. The snacks that you like the most to make the trip more pleasant.

66. Travel organizer wallet: it is where you carry your money, documents and personal credentials. These are unisex and you can keep them under your clothes or inside your handbag.

67. A portable multifunctional adapter plug so you can charge your electronics on the go.

68. A portable multiple socket that will complement the multifunctional adapter, you will also need. So you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

When you need to carry liquids in your hand luggage if you go by plane

Liquids (perfumes, body and facial creams, liquid soap, medicines and others) must not exceed 100 ml if you travel by plane. If not, you will have problems with airport security.

You can carry several liquids but each stored individually in 100 ml containers. Try to pack them all in a clear 1-liter ziplock bag. They only admit one per passenger and no more than 1 liter per bag.

Separate the bag from the rest of your things so that in case of a spill, nothing gets wet.

Can food be carried in hand luggage?

Creams, spreadable sauces, jams and even soft cheeses are admitted as long as they are stored in a container of no more than 100 ml.

Cookies, sandwiches, cereal or energy bars, chips, pudding, jelly, cakes and fruit, you can take them without any problem.

The foods you can carry in your handbag when traveling with a baby

The milk in your bottle, porridge and others, can exceed 100 ml. You just need to take them in separate containers and notify the security personnel.

Bag for air travel

You cannot forget the items that will support your rest and comfort during the trip. That is why it is important that you put together a travel kit (plane). Let’s meet one:

69. An eye cover to improve the quality of sleep.

70. Earplugs, also so that no noise disturbs your sleep.

71. A pillow for the neck.

72. A small sheet to shelter you from the cold.

73. If you are on a drug regimen, the corresponding medicines.

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What you can not include in hand luggage when traveling by plane

Sharp and/or pointed objects such as razors, sharp or curved nail clippers, scalpels, metal nail files, corkscrews, blades or knives, and any pointed and sharp object over 6 cm, including scissors.

Nor can you carry firearms, psychotropic, toxic or dangerous substances.

Airlines only allow one pack of e-cigarettes and a lighter per person, which you must keep in your liquids bag.

Can you take food in your hand luggage on domestic flights?

Between one airline and another, the restrictions on what you can take if you travel from one city to another, within the country, vary very little.

Your hand luggage must not exceed 10 kilos in weight.

Look at the following list what you can bring:

74. An umbrella, parasol and/or cane, as long as it does not have a metal tip.

75. A bag or briefcase for a laptop or briefcase.

76. Books, documents or devices for a reading, but in an amount that you can carry and that does not exceed the required weight limits.

77. The coat of your choice in any of its forms.

78. A small camera.

79. Folding wheelchair, crutches or orthopedic equipment that you need when traveling with a person with different abilities.

80. If you travel with your baby, the baby carrier or bassinet.

If you buy any last-minute liquid at the airport, you can take it even if it exceeds 100 ml, as long as you do not open it and keep the ticket and purchase invoice. Notify security personnel.

Your checked travel bags must not exceed 25 kg. You can bring alcoholic beverages as long as they do not exceed 70% of the degree of alcohol, nor are they more than 5 liters per person.

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What to take on a beach trip

The list for traveling to the beach is relatively short, especially if you are a woman, but each item is essential, so take note:

81. Sunscreen: You must take care of your skin while you enjoy the sun.

82. Sunscreen: enjoy the clarity of the beach without letting the sun’s UV rays harm you, especially children’s skin.

83. Bronzer: Carry and apply the bronzer you trust the most. Discard those mixtures of oils or substances to tan the skin that they sell on the beach.

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Because the skin is not the only thing that dries out when we are under the sun…

84. Bring a cream that moisturizes your hair and apply it every time you get out of the water and if you don’t decide to bathe, too, because the skin is not the only one affected by the sun.

85. A moisturizing lipstick with sun protection factor because salt and chlorine also mistreat the lips. If you have a sun protection factor, even better.

86. Glasses or sunglasses: there are sunny days when the radiation is very strong, so you should take care of your eyes with glasses.

It is important that your products are friendly to the environment or cause minor damage.

traveling by motorcycle

These are the essential things to carry in your suitcase when you travel by motorcycle:

87. The helmet. The best ones are the integral ones because they have visual protection and are closed enough to isolate you from ambient noise.

88. If you’re the one driving the bike, a pair of gloves. These will give you a better grip on the handles and take care of your palms.

89. The basic kit of tools to maintain and repair the motorcycle (change the oil, measure the pressure and air in the tires, check the brakes, shock absorbers, the lights, the engine, the filters and to recharge it with gasoline).

Verify and mark on a map and/or GPS the stations to recharge gasoline and, if possible, the location of motorcycle workshops.

90. Waterproof suitcases or chests: when packing, remember to wrap them in plastic, protective covers for travel suitcases or waterproof chests. In them you will carry your luggage to travel by motorcycle and it is important to protect it well.

91. Jackets or vests with reflective stripes: it is essential that you have them so that you are visible on the road, especially at night.

92. Change of clothes for the road while you ride: it must be light, fresh and that you can discard because it will smoke and stain.

Garments with seams mistreat after hours of riding a motorcycle. Avoid them.

93. Boots or closed shoes that are not synthetic because they get hot and will burn your feet with the heat.

94. Hydration with energy drinks and natural water.

95. Foods like energy bars to recharge energy. If they have chocolate, even better. Fresh fruits provide liquid and energy, they also serve.

Eating 3 meals a day is important on any motorcycle trip.

96. Earplugs: Spending so many hours exposed to engine noise could cause hearing damage.

97. Special sunglasses for traveling by motorcycle. These must be with padded frames, a wrap-around construction that will allow a broader view of the panorama and block UVA and UVB radiation.

98. Baby wipes because they contain substances that take better care of the skin. They are used to clean your face, neck and hands.

99. Device to check the state of the weather during the tour.

100. A power bank or portable battery to charge your devices on the go.

Final recommendations

Make a photo log of the travel bags you carry and save it to your phone for a visual reminder. It is a precaution that is not unnecessary because yours can coincide with those of many other passengers.

I assure you that with this list of 100 things to carry in your travel suitcase it will be easier for you to pack, regardless of your destination.


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