La Granja del Tío Pepe is an establishment located in Mexico City; We can locate it on the old road to Mixcoac, in Colonia San Bartolo Ameyalco.

It emerged in 1994, at the initiative of a group of professionals who designed and built a didactic farm project, which has been widely accepted and arouses great interest in visiting it.

La Granja del Tío Pepe brings together contact with nature in a single place and in an integral way, in the midst of enjoyment and fun, added to the teachings obtained from the experience.

The main idea promotes the concept that children know and have contact with animals and also with the plant species that accompany us.

Today we are going to see the things we can do when we visit the Tio Pepe Farm. Let’s get ready for the adventure!

1. Feed the animals

Children can feed the little animals that are distributed in the different areas of the Granja del Tío Pepe; of course these tasks are supervised by the guides and staff of the place.

Carrying out this type of activity allows children to meet and become familiar with chicks, pigs, goats, small ducks and many others; children feel independent and secure in being able to carry out work by themselves.

2. Interact with other children

Children who visit Granja del Tío Pepe have the opportunity to share with other children from different places, which helps them learn to socialize and foster their ability to interact with other people; They also learn how to behave and treat the animals.

3. Creating environmental awareness

The creation of awareness of caring for the environment is stimulated, since they place great emphasis on ecology, awakening in children a love for nature, plant and animal life.

4. Learn about biology


Children have the opportunity to know first-hand where the food that arrives at their table comes from; they learn how healthy and beneficial vegetables are and how they are grown; Parents can change their mindset when it comes to marketing.

5. Enhance children’s motor skills and development

Children’s interaction with animals helps them improve their senses and their movements. La Granja del Tío Pepe offers Equine Therapy programs, with the aim of improving people’s lives.

Intended for children and people with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, ADD, premature babies, people with addictions, psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and in general they offer rides to all those who love horses.

6. Train your own pets

At Tío Pepe’s Farm, we can take our pet to be educated and we can also leave it looking after when we have to travel and cannot go with the family.

They offer advice on the required care and also have a Canine Psychologist, in case the pet requires specialized help.

7. The alternative to walk with the family

La Granja del Tío Pepe is the ideal place to take a family outing, as they have the best options for both children and adults to interact and share with the animals, always in a fun way and raising awareness and responsibility to care of all living beings and the environment that surrounds us.

8. Take the Farm with you

La Granja del Tío Pepe offers us to take the farm home and share it with the little animals they own; they have available from a turtle to a horse and they give you all the advice and services so that you have your own farm for a while.

9. You can celebrate your birthday here

La Granja del Tío Pepe has special spaces for children to have an unforgettable birthday celebration, with guided tours of the place, with the option for children to ride a horse or donkey.

10. Explore plants and crops

We will not only find animals in the Granja del Tío Pepe; during our visit we can access the greenhouse and the orchard; there they have a hydroponic planting system and the children can learn something about the plants and this cultivation system.

How to get to the Tio Pepe Farm

To visit the Farm of Tío Pepe, which is located in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, Camino Viejo a Mixcoac, we can take a bus that will take us there; Two routes can leave us near the Farm, 116 or 118.

Route 116 goes from the Mixcoac Metro to Santa Rosa Xochiac and Route 118 goes from the Tacubaya Metro to Santa Rosa Xochiac.

There are two bus stops that are the closest to Granja del Tío Pepe.

  1. Camino Viejo a Mixcoac Avenue, Iztlahuaca, Álvaro Obregón; the farm is approximately a 10-minute walk away.
  2. Francisco I. Madero Street, San Bartolo Ameyalco, Álvaro Obregón; after walking about 15 minutes you will be at the Granja del Tío Pepe.

You can go in your car, because the Farm has special areas to park, with a cost of 3USD.

There is no public transport route that leaves you at the gates of Granja del Tío Pepe, but they take you quite close to the place and you can enjoy the moment on foot.

How to get to Granja del Tio Pepe by metro

There is no metro route that takes you directly to the Farm. You must take the Mixcoac or Zapata metro line, and there at the corresponding stops, take the bus that takes you to San Bartolo de Ameyalco, the area where the Farm is.

Farm of Tio Pepe price

La Granja del Tío Pepe has the following prices on its entrance tickets:

  • Children between the ages of 1 and 12 pay an amount equal to 9 USD
  • Adults pay USD 9, people with disabilities pay USD 5 and seniors pay USD 3.
  • In the case of group visits, when they are more than 15 people, the cost of the entrance ticket will be 7 USD per person.

And as we already mentioned, if you go in your private car, you will have to pay 3 USD for the right to park.

La Granja del Tío Pepe is available for public visits, from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What can you eat at Granja del Tío Pepe?

The food options that we can find in the Granja del Tío Pepe, range from a huarache with steak, or some French fries, through quesadillas or enchiladas, typical Mexican foods, also delicious sandwiches, appetizing hamburgers or hot dogs; basically meals for a day out, in a clean and cared for environment and with very reasonable prices.

Other educational farms in the State of Mexico

Apart from the Granja del Tío Pepe, you can enjoy the following didactic farms:

  • Bicentennial Didactic Farm
  • The Children’s Farm


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