Costa Rica is a country that has beautiful landscapes, the most striking being those of its coasts. That’s why it has that name, right?

It has so many beautiful beaches that many times tourists are faced with the dilemma of which ones to visit.

So that this does not happen to you, here is a list of the best beaches in Costa Rica that you should visit when you come to this beautiful Central American country.


It is one of the most beautiful beaches that Costa Rica has on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It is located in the province of Guanacaste.

The beach is a bit secluded, so it turns out to be a hidden paradise in the middle of exuberant nature.

Among its attractions are:

  • Its white sand, ideal for long walks
  • The abundance of plant and animal species, which are a fascination for nature lovers
  • The stillness of its waters, which makes it the most suitable beach for family travel

If you like to watch birds, in front of the beach there is a small desert island where you can enjoy the abundance of species that you can see.

In addition to this, near the beach is the town of Samara, where you can enjoy delicious local food, as well as find lodging, if you wish.

2. Old Port

Close to the town of the same name, this beach is one of the best kept secrets in the Costa Rican Caribbean.

With its wonderful volcanic sand and crystal clear waters, the beaches that encompass the Puerto Viejo area are exceptional.

There are for all tastes: with big waves for surfers or with little waves for those who prefer a calm day at the beach.

Due to its proximity to the town, you can visit various bars and restaurants with prices adjusted to all budgets.

Nearby you can also visit some tourist attractions such as the Cahuita National Park or the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

There are also very good hotels nearby and available for some days off.


This beautiful beach on the country’s Pacific coast is one of the most visited. Travelers arrive here attracted by the bohemian atmosphere that is breathed.

Montezuma beach offers fun and attractions for all tastes:

  • If you like surfing, here you will enjoy the abundant waves.
  • If yours is marine exploration, you can also snorkel in the rocky area.

In the town of Montezuma you will also find numerous attractions to stay a few days.

There are several types of lodging; Although they could be somewhat expensive, the investment will be profitable to spend a few days relaxing in this wonderful place.

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4. Shell Beach

This peculiar beach owes its name to the innumerable pieces of seashells that abound in the sand.

The turquoise color of its waters attracts more and more tourists. This beach is ideal for a relaxed day of family fun.

It is a perfect destination for swimming and snorkeling , exploring the wonderful underwater world that it houses.

There are not many hotels nearby. If you are adventurous, this will not be an obstacle for you, since there is a fabulous area where you can camp and sleep lulled by the swaying of the waves and the sounds of nature.

5. Hazelnut Beach

It is one of the best beaches in all of Central America. It is visited throughout the year, especially by surfers, who take advantage of its enormous waves, favored by its privileged location.

If you are not a surfer, you can come to enjoy the marine environment, sunbathe and do some of the activities that are offered, such as a horse ride along the seashore.

If you are a nature lover, this is your ideal place, since the characteristic vegetation of this ecosystem abounds around the beach.

Fortunately, there are approximately 20 hotels nearby that offer you options in various price ranges, so you can stay and enjoy several days in this beautiful place.

6. Biesanz Beach

It is a beach that is hidden in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by abundant tropical vegetation.

Being here you will feel part of a postcard, since the beauty of the surrounding environment is superlative.

This beach is ideal if you are traveling as a family, especially with children, since the waves are very gentle, so you can enjoy a day at the beach without any danger.

If you are a fan of snorkeling , here you will feel in paradise, since the transparency of its waters —together with the beautiful rock formations of the seabed— make it an ideal beach to practice this activity.

Definitely, Playa Biesanz is a must stop on your trip through Costa Rica.

7. Santa Teresa Beach

It is among the best beaches in Costa Rica for surfing. It has spectacular areas, ideal for this sport, among which La Lora and Suck Rock stand out.

It is a secluded beach. It is surrounded by a tropical jungle environment that offers you an ideal atmosphere for a different day.

If you don’t like surfing, you can still swim in its blue waters and lie down on its fine white sand to sunbathe.

If you have the soul of an explorer, you can venture through the various trails in the surroundings, where you will connect with nature.

Among other activities offered here are canopy , snorkeling and horseback riding.

You can stay nearby, in one of the 25 hotels that are in the place.

8. Flamingo Beach

It is a wide beach, surrounded by an exclusive area of ​​hotels and high-end accommodation. It is ideal to visit throughout the year, as it has excellent environmental conditions.

Its soft white sand, the beautiful sunsets that can be seen and the beauty of its waters are just some of the attractions that make this beach one of the most visited.

In the nearby town, you can visit souvenir shops and try the delights of Costa Rican cuisine in one of the excellent restaurants that abound there.

9.   Manuel Antonio Beach

It is among the best beaches in the world. It is part of the Manuel Antonio National Park.

To get there, you must walk a distance of about 30 minutes. When you get to it, you will realize that this walk is worth it, since the beauty of the landscape is incredible.

Because it has little waves and its waters are warm, it is an ideal place if you travel with children.

It is highly visited by tourists from all over the world, who love to snorkel in its waters, which are ideal for this activity.

If you like animals, here you will feel like a fish in water, since there is a great variety of species, among which several types of monkeys, green iguanas and sloths stand out.

Definitely, this is a place destined to encourage conscious contact with nature.

10. Nosara Beach

It stretches along 7 kilometers of beautiful fine white sand. It is a beautiful beach, ideal for both surfing and snorkeling and marine exploration.

The waves are ideal for surfers, both beginners and experts, to practice this sport without any danger.

Here you can enjoy two natural pools, where you can snorkel and explore the biodiversity of the wonderful seabed.

This beach is very close to the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, an important spawning place for hawksbill, olive ridley, green, and leatherback turtles.

It is an excellent place to spend a day of fun, sand, sun and beach.

11. Beautiful Beach

Located in Guanacaste and with an extension of 2 kilometers of gray sand, this beach is one of the most visited by surfers.

Its giant waves make it one of the best beaches in the country for surfing . It has even hosted some international competitions.

It is the ideal beach to practice other water sports such as kayaking, jet skiing and windsurfing . If you want something quieter, you can also  snorkel .

A short distance from this beach you can find approximately 25 hotels so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and budget.

In the nearby city of Guanacaste, you will also find food establishments where you can try the delights of regional cuisine.

12. Tortuguero Beach

Despite the difficult access, this beach is one of the best in all of Costa Rica. It is the ideal place to get in touch with nature.

It has an approximate extension of 5 kilometers. It has strong waves, very suitable for surfing . Its dark sands are ideal for long walks.

Among the attractions of this beach are the safaris that are organized to delve into the surrounding jungle, hiking and tours through the jungle canals.

If you come, do not forget to visit the Tortuguero National Park. Here you will have the opportunity to see species of animals that are in danger of extinction, such as the manatee.

The visit to Tortuguero beach goes beyond a day at the beach. It is an experience in which fun and relaxation come together with knowledge and care for the environment.

13. Tamarind Beach

Despite not being a swimming beach, it is one of the most visited and crowded in Costa Rica. It is ideal for surfers because it has big waves, thanks to the currents of the Pacific.

The area in which this beach is located is quite sophisticated, with extensive economic development.

Here you can find numerous surf and other water sports shops, plenty of eating establishments, and even art galleries.

Close to the beach is the Las Baulas National Park, where you can see the beautiful sea turtles of the same name, who lay their eggs on its beaches.

In the surrounding areas you have several accommodation options for you to stay a few days to enjoy this beautiful beach, its surroundings and the activities it offers you.

14. Jaco Beach

It is one of the busiest beaches in the area. This is due to its proximity to the town of Jaco and to the fact that the high waves offer the ideal environment for practicing water sports.

The beach is not recommended for children, as the currents are very strong. For this reason, safety recommendations must be followed to the letter. Inexperienced swimmers should be especially careful.

Both the beach and the town are an ideal combination.

You will have the opportunity to do extreme activities such as surfing and windsurfing , in addition to enjoying excellent gastronomic offers, casinos and a vibrant nightlife.

15. Drum Beach

It is one of the most suitable beaches to attend with the family. Its waves are very subtle, which allows children to enjoy its waters without the danger posed by large waves and the currents that cause them.

Its pink sands are ideal for long walks. Its waters hide a beautiful underwater world that you can discover by snorkeling and diving.

After a day of fun and enjoyment on the beach, you can head to the nearby town of Tambor. There you can choose from various options in terms of gastronomy, lodging and nightlife.

You will like this beach so much that you will want to enjoy several days of relaxation on it.


Once you know the 15 best beaches in Costa Rica, there is only one thing left for you to do: pack your suitcase and come and enjoy a tour of them. It will be an unforgettable experience that you will treasure for a lifetime!


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