Japan is a country that you have to visit at least once in your life. Its architecture, its traditions and its culture are just some of its attractions. It is a country that offers a wide variety of souvenirs  for all tastes, which you can take both for yourself and for your loved ones.

When we travel to a place so beautiful and so full of traditions, it is a mandatory rule to bring a souvenir that reminds us of the experiences lived in that place.

Join us on this tour of the 40 best crafts, souvenirs and souvenirs that you can buy and that will always remind you of that wonderful trip to Japan.

1. Senjafuda

It means “labels of the thousand shrines”. They are stickers that you will generally find attached to the facade of the various temples that abound in Japan. Popular belief indicates that they bring good luck to those who place them.

You can buy them at the entrances of the sanctuaries or temples and even ask them to personalize them with someone’s name or with a wish.

Do not miss the opportunity to bring a wish of love, peace, health and abundance to your loved ones.

2. Tenugui

This is a very common Japanese souvenir . It’s a beautiful detail, whether you want to take a piece of Japan home with you or bring a souvenir to a friend or family member.

Tenugui are small traditional Japanese hand towels. They have various designs, usually very colorful, which make them an attractive accessory to decorate houses.

They can be used in multiple ways: as decorative cloths, as individual tablecloths and even as hair bands. They are very versatile and useful.

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3. Koinobori

It is one of the most popular Japanese symbols among visitors. It is a kind of pennant shaped like a carp (a type of fish).

Traditionally, they are used to mark children’s day, “Kodomo No Hi”, and according to belief, they augur a bright future for the children of the home.

Between April and May they can be seen everywhere decorating streets, houses and establishments.

You can buy a Koinobori to wish your loved ones a bright future, especially the little ones.

4.Omamori _

The name derives from the word “mamoru”, which means to care for, protect and defend.

Omamori are Japanese hanging good luck charms made of cloth. They are usually gold and red in color.

You can purchase them at temples and shrines. These amulets are believed to help in health, love, or anything else.

There are omamori that refer to specific situations; for example: kaiun (good luck and fortune), yakuyoke (move away all evil), shiawase (happiness) and en-musubi (love), among others.

Wisely choose an o mamori for your loved ones and yourself.

5. Sushi set _

If you are a sushi lover and you know how to prepare it, this is the souvenir you should take with you from Japan.

Every sushi set has a bamboo mat, as well as seaweed sheets, which will help you prepare sushi in style .

Do not miss the opportunity to acquire a good set of sushi in the country from which this dish originates.

6.Wagashi _

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese sweet that is usually served with tea. It is prepared with rice paste (mochi) and red bean paste, as well as fruit.

These sweets have a rather peculiar flavor, which perhaps not everyone likes. Even so, it is an excellent memory that will please.

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7. Daruma doll

They are well known, inside and outside of Japan, and it is a great souvenir that also serves as a reminder to achieve the proposed goals. They have a rounded, red body and a male face with a grotesque and fearsome appearance.

When acquiring the doll, both eyes are blank. When the owner considers some goal or objective in life, he paints a round pupil in the left eye. The pupil of the right eye is painted only when the intended purpose has been achieved.

8. Hato Sabure

They are the famous dove-shaped cookies, originally from the city of Kamakura and that you can take with you as an excellent souvenir of your trip. They emerged as an imitation of Western butter cookies.

Because butter was a very rare and precious ingredient at the time, cookies were an exotic and exclusive delicacy.

Over the years they have become so popular that they can be purchased anywhere in the country. However, the ones bought in Kamakura are always better.

9. Furin

The furin is a kind of mobile that is usually hung outside homes and that with the beating of the wind generates pleasant sounds. It is made up of a bell that can be made of various materials.

From that bell hangs a piece of string with a piece of paper at the end. When the wind blows, the string moves, causing the clapper (piece of metal or wood found inside the bells) to move, causing the characteristic sound to be produced.

They can have different designs, but they all tend to relax because of the soothing sound they emit, so it is a great idea to take a furin as a souvenir

10. Nekos

The word “neko” means cat in Japanese. In recent years there has been a boom in Japanese interest in these animals, so much so that a whole world of marketing has developed around cats.

There are cats for good luck, porcelain cats, stuffed animals, good luck charms in the shape of cats and not to mention the famous Hello Kitty .


11. Sensu

Known in the West as a fan, it is one of the traditional elements of Japanese culture.

On your journey through the country of the rising sun, you will see fans of all styles and colors, both functional and decorative.

You can buy a simple one at a street stall or go to specialized establishments where they are handmade with local fabrics and woods. It is a beautiful souvenir to take back from Japan.

12. Inka

This is one of the best gifts you can give someone. It consists of a wooden cylinder on the end of which is carved the name of the person in Japanese characters, which is used as a seal.

In Japan, signatures are not used to authenticate documents, but these personalized seals are used.

They generally come in ornate containers, with Japanese motifs, very pretty. You can translate your name or that of a friend or family member into Japanese and have a beautiful inkan made .

13. Kit Kat Chocolates

This well-known sweet made by Nestlé is extremely famous in Japan. Its popularity is due to the fact that Kit Kat is pronounced in Japanese “kitto katto”, similar to “kitto katsu” (we will win for sure), so it is considered good luck.

There is a wide variety of Kit Kat , developed for the Japanese market only. There are even exclusive ones for certain regions.

For example: in Tokyo, the rum raisin ( rum raisin ); in Okinawa, sweet potato;  in Yokohama, the cheesecake with strawberries; in Shizuoka, the wasabi one, among others.

You can make a compilation of the most unusual Kit Kat flavors and bring them as souvenirs , since it is an excellent and original gift.

14.Koma _

They are Japanese-style tops that are made of wood and attached to a rope. They are usually painted in bright colors like red, blue, yellow or green.

You can also simply use it as an ornament. It is a striking and beautiful instrument that brightens up any environment.

15. Chop stick

These chopsticks are a perfect souvenir of your stay in Japan. They are simple, small and practical. You can buy them in different styles and designs.

This is a representative element of Japan and they come in different sizes (if they are for children) and there are even training ones to gain practice in their use.

You can get them all over the country. However, if you want to make a good purchase, selecting from a wide variety, try going to Kappabashi-dori (major street in Tokyo). You will spend hours choosing the best ones.

16. Gamaguchi

The gamaguchi is quite cute, an excellent souvenir to give to a lady, be it your mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend.

It is a type of purse made of fabric, which is generally decorated with floral motifs, but you can also find it with other more current and modern ones.

They are so colorful that they can even be used as a decorative ornament. It does not have a closure, but rather a small clasp, which helps to ratify its character as a traditional piece.

17.Yukata _

The most recognized Japanese clothing attire in the world is the kimono . The yukata is a type of kimono , but an informal one, not as complex and elaborate as the former.

Despite being the informal version of the kimono , it is still beautiful. It has a certain minimalist air and, monetarily speaking, it is much more accessible than the traditional kimono .

You can buy not only the yukata , but a complete set that also includes: an obi ( sash ) and geta (shoes).

The suggestion is that you buy it in the tourist areas par excellence, such as: Asakusa, Ueno and Akihabara. A beautiful reminder of your trip to Japan.

18. Bath Salts

If you are a lover of relaxing baths that are accompanied by aromatic salts, this is the memory that you should take with you from Japan.

Here you will get salts made with the most unusual ingredients. You will come across volcanic mud salts, some containing chili, others ginger, as well as those with the usual fruit and flower scents. These aromas will make you remember such a wonderful experience of Japan .

19. Matcha (Green Tea)

One of the things you must do when you visit Japan is to drink the famous green tea. If it is in an elaborate ceremony, the better, since that way you can soak up a bit of Japanese traditions.

Matcha is a type of specially ground green tea. If you are not used to drinking green tea, its taste may seem somewhat bitter at first. However, it is easy to get used to it, especially because of its benefits.

You can stock up on tea at a specialty store and give it to your loved ones. An authentic Japanese green tea is a luxury souvenir .

20. Ceramic

Japanese ceramics should definitely be included in your list of souvenirs . It is so varied styles and reasons that there is something for all tastes.

Among the options you have to choose from are classic blue and white ceramics, glazed and unglazed stoneware, and pottery. No matter what it is, the details are incredible and so delicate that they seem made exclusively for you.

The most interesting place to acquire beautiful pieces is a flea market. Visit one and we guarantee that you will find that ceramic piece that will complete the decoration of your home.

21. Keychains

Keychains are souvenirs par excellence. In Japan you will get keychains at all craft and souvenir stalls.

Here you can get keychains for all styles, tastes and purposes. There are them as good luck charms, with anime and manga characters and also in the shape of the main tourist attractions in the country.

You can take keychains to your loved ones and buy some for yourself. They are an excellent option as a souvenir , since they are beautiful, cheap, very practical and useful.

22. Kairo

This is a very useful article for people who live in countries that experience severe winters like Japan.

They are small disposable packages that generate heat. They can adhere to the body, to transfer heat to it. They have a shelf life of approximately 12 hours.

There are several types of heat packs (heat packs or warm packs). For example: the pocket (the original); toasty toes , which are used in shoes to keep feet warm ; the hated eye mask , to relax and relieve eye fatigue, among others.

It is a very practical gift that can even be used to alleviate certain ailments. And the best thing is that it is not expensive.

23. Kabuki Masks

Kabuki is a Japanese theatrical style or genre that is an important part of the culture and traditions of this country.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this theatrical genre is the elaborate makeup of the actors, the masks they use and the dramatic load of the works that are represented.

Kabuki masks often come in a variety of designs; there are some with smiling faces and others a little scary. However, everyone agrees that they are an excellent piece of Japanese culture.

Take home a kabuki mask as a souvenir of your trip to Japan. We assure you that it will look great and will give personality to any corner of your home where you decide to place it.

24. Toe Socks

Although it’s a bit of an odd choice for a gift, socks shaped like feet are a fun option to bring home from Japan.

You can find them in specialty stores or at a flea market. There are both for children and adults. There is a wide variety of styles. You can find them in one color or with the craziest and most colorful designs you can imagine.

25. Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are an indispensable item in traditional Japanese homes. They are very useful in Japan, since it is customary there to leave shoes at the entrance of the house and walk barefoot. The tatami prevents the feet from getting cold.

It can be an excellent addition to your home, where you can decorate a room with a Japanese style.

If you decide to take this beautiful accessory with you, we recommend that you purchase it from a store that ships internationally, so you don’t have to carry an excessively large package when you travel.

26.Sake _

The Japanese word “sake” means “alcoholic drink”. However, in the West it is used to refer to a special Japanese liquor that is made from rice. It’s Japanese rice wine.

In Japan you will find numerous establishments specializing in this drink, you can even participate in a tasting. There you can try the different varieties of sake that there are.

This is an excellent souvenir that you can take back from Japan. Every time you take a sip, you will feel transported to this wonderful country.

27. Sleeve

Manga is a Japanese word used to identify comic strips ( comics ). Japanese manga covers both the stories and the particular way that cartoonists have to illustrate them.

The manga comprises a very wide universe. For example: the Meccha , in which the robots are the protagonists; the Gekiga , which encompasses dramatic and adult-themed stories; the Nekketsu , in which action scenes abound, among many other genres.

The recommended places to buy the best manga are in the commercial areas of Akihabara, Ikeburo and Nakano.

A manga is a good choice, considering that most of them are in Japanese and you can use them as decorative elements.

28. Papers for Origami

Surely you have heard of origami and you have even made one or another figure. Origami is an art originating in Japan that consists of making (among other things) figures of animals and plants, simply by making different folds on pieces of paper.

In Japan you can get special paper to make origami , with bright colors and designs. Also, you can get sets  with instructions for specific figures.

29. Japanese Beauty Products and Cosmetics

Japanese products dedicated to body care and beauty are well known throughout the world, so you cannot miss the opportunity to be in Japan to stock up on facial creams, hand lotions, oils and cosmetics in general.

If you want to try excellent products, the Makanai brand is what you are looking for. Their cosmetics are the best in the country, also widely recognized throughout the world and cataloged as very high quality products.

In Japan you will find many places where you can buy them, so it is an almost mandatory souvenir , not only for you, but for your friends and family. It is a much appreciated gift.

30. Japanese Chocolates

Although it is true that Japan is not exactly distinguished by its chocolates, on your trip you should at least try those that are made there.

As with many other sweets, Japanese chocolates have that peculiar flavor given by the ingredients they use, so there is a wide variety to choose from.

To get you started in Japanese chocolates through the front door, we recommend that you try those of the Bulgari brand . If its flavor doesn’t impress you, at least its wrapper will. It will seem to you that you are unwrapping a jewel.

31. Hair Accessories and Jewelry

One of the things that characterize Japanese women is their impeccable appearance and their concern to always look good.

In the country there are countless establishments and shops where you can find a wide variety of accessories. It doesn’t matter if your style is conservative, traditional or ultra-modern, here you will find the ones that suit your taste.

Take a hair accessory or a piece of jewelry as a souvenir (there are some at affordable prices). They are excellent keepsake pieces.

32. TV Shows and Characters Merchandise

One of the things for which Japan is famous worldwide is for the television programs and series that have transcended its borders.

The big TV networks have marketed lines of merchandise on their most famous programs. Programs like Dragon Ball or Pokémon have a large amount of merchandise, in which there are from flannels to the most unlikely objects.

Taking an item from a Japanese show with you is a great way to have a reminder of your trip. And if you bring a loved one who is a fan of a show such a gift, they are sure to remember and cherish it for a lifetime.

33. Calligraphy Sets

If you have looked at Japanese calligraphy, you may have noticed that it is beautiful and stylized. It is as beautiful as it is difficult to replicate.

In Japan you can get sets with instructions so that you can reproduce some phrase or words of the Japanese language. Likewise, you can opt for a prewritten roll with a phrase that you like and decorate any place in your home.

This is a great option to take home as a souvenir , as you can even learn to write your name or someone else’s with Japanese characters.

34. Cosplay attire

Contraction of the phrase “costume play”, cosplay is a highly widespread fashion throughout Japan that in recent decades has spread throughout the world.

It consists of dressing with the clothes and accessories of a recognized character from a comic, movie or novel.

As the cradle of cosplay , in Japan there are a large number of stores that offer a good variety of outfits for many characters, some better known than others.

If you are a lover of cosplay , without a doubt this is the ideal souvenir that you should take on your trip to Japan.

35. Japanese Dolls

Traditional dolls are a representative piece of art in Japanese culture. They are beautiful and an excellent collector’s item.

There are different types of dolls, just to mention a few: musha , which represent warriors; kimekomi , made of wood; ichimatsu , boy or girl dolls with glass skin and eyes, and finally  gosho , which are mechanical dolls.

The dolls also symbolize various aspects of life, they can be farmers, emperors, empresses and deities.

Purchase one of these heirlooms to beautify your home or that of a loved one. They are memories to treasure.

36. Coin Medals

This is a quintessential collectible in Japan. It consists of small coins decorated with specific designs, referring to specific regions of the country.

The designs depend on each region and are exclusive to these. Its appeal lies in its beautiful designs and its affordable price.

It is an excellent souvenir because you can buy some at a good price and take them to various friends and family.

37. Anime Figures

As we already know, Japan is the birthplace of anime . This is a term that is used to designate the cartoon style of the Japanese country.

There are many anime series that have become popular worldwide: Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Pokémon and Naruto are just some of the programs that are followed by millions of people in the world.

For all anime lovers, there is nothing like collecting figurines of their favorite characters.

If you are an anime lover , here in Japan you will feel in paradise, since there are many stores where you can buy representative figures of the most famous characters from the anime series .

If you are not a regular in this type of figures but you know someone who is, this is an excellent reason for you to buy it.

38. Postcards

This is the quintessential souvenir and it never fails. It is customary when we travel to a new place to buy postcards that show representative landscapes of the place, or scenes from their daily lives.

If you go to Japan, you can’t help but buy some postcards with images of the beautiful tourist sites in the country.

39. Japanese Kitchen Knives

Surely you have heard that Japanese knives are among the best in the world. In fact, there are many professional chefs who travel here to equip themselves with the best knives. There are different brands, but all of excellent quality.

If you are a foodie, this is a gift you can give yourself and they are not as expensive as you might think.

If you are up for this souvenir , we recommend that you take a walk along Tokyo’s Kappabashi-dori street, whose stores are entirely dedicated to kitchen instruments and utensils.

40. Wagasa (Paper Umbrellas)

Despite originating from China, the wagasa have become a representative element of Japanese culture.

Although they are umbrellas, they are not really used as such, since if it rains, they could be damaged by contact with water. They are mostly beautiful and decorative items that people use to display them.

It is common for a wide variety of umbrellas to be seen at festivals and parties, all very showy and colorful, which contributes to brightening the atmosphere.

Wasaga is an excellent alternative as a gift or simply to add color to a corner of your home.


Once we have seen the best options for souvenirs that you can bring back from your trip to Japan, we also want to recommend some of the many shops where you can buy these souvenirs and many other things.

There are the Don Quijote, Mamegui and Tokyo Skytree stores . In them you will get a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs , including those mentioned in this article.

Enjoy your trip to Japan, but don’t forget to bring a souvenir of such a memorable occasion.

Did you find the information in this article interesting? I invite you to share doubts, suggestions or your own experience in a comment.





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