One of the best ways to enjoy a town is through the flavors that it can bring you. Whether with food or drinks, gastronomic tourism is an excellent window to get to know a culture.

For this reason, today we invite you to read so that you can learn about the typical drinks of Veracruz and how they embody their culture in them and how delicious the Veracruz drinks are.

1. Pot coffee

Most Mexican historians agree that coffee arrived in the Aztec country approximately in the eighteenth century, precisely through the port of Veracruz, but it was not until the stage of the Mexican Revolution that the recipe for what we know today as coffee emerged. of pot.

It is a preparation created by the Adelitas, where the coffee is flavored with other scented species and cooked in clay pots, from where it is served to diners in jugs of the same material.

To prepare it, you only need to boil the water you want according to the number of cups to serve, and once it reaches the boiling point, you will add a cinnamon stick, about 200 grams of piloncillo and a clove. When the pilloncillo melts completely, add the ground coffee and mix it.

Give it a few minutes to settle, then strain to serve.

2. Peanut cakes

The origin of this drink dates back to the times of day laborers, who after work prepared this concoction with cane liquors and fruits, as a way to replenish energy and recover.

Its name is due to the fact that those who prepared and consumed it described that it made them feel ‘like bulls’.

To prepare it you need about 250 grams of peanut butter, with a can of evaporated milk, 1 can of condensed milk, one of whole milk and 2 cups of cane liquor, and you take all this to the blender with plenty of ice.

So when you come to Veracruz do not forget to try an alcoholic drink torito

3. Toritos boqueños

When it comes to typical Veracruz drinks, this one cannot be missed. A traditional drink from Boca de Río since 1938 and has become a hallmark of the town, which has led hundreds of people from Mexico and the outskirts to come here to try it.

The recipe for the torito boqueño is the same as for the torito de cacahuate, although it may undergo certain variations due to added ingredients or the substitution of peanuts. However, the latter is the favorite flavor of the locals.

4. Green of Xico

Xico is a town near the capital and is a magical town whose route is full of vegetation and plants.

The chronicler Bernal Díaz comments that the origin of Verde de Xico comes precisely from the constant search of the inhabitants to find the best herbs to create refreshing and empowering drinks.

In addition, healing powers are attributed to him for certain ailments.

To make a green from Xico you need sugar, water, fennel, lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon balm, green orange peel and a little bit of mountain ring. You are going to leave all these herbs at rest in the liquor, depending on the amount of liquor you want to make, for a period of two days.

With the sugar you make a thick caramel, and once the brandy has been strained from the rest of the leaves, it is added and packaged.

5. Menyul from Veracruz

This typical drink from Veracruz is a Mexican version of the Mint Julep, a traditional Kentucky Derby drink from the United States that is prepared with bourbon, mint and syrup.

It is believed that a Frenchman arrived in Córdoba, the town of Veracruz, and asked for this drink and received an adaptation to what was in the bar, which was aged rum.

To prepare it you need aged rum, sweet sherry, dry sherry, sugar, mint, and a shot of angostura. Everything is mixed in the shaker and served in a glass.

6. Kahlua

One of Veracruz’s greatest prides is its coffee. For this reason, an alcoholic beverage with this product, with a sweet flavor and dense texture, cannot be missing.

This drink dates back to 1936, when Allied Domecq first produced it with an alcoholic strength of between 20 to 26.5%. It is usually used to prepare cocktails and other additions, however, it can be used neat, with ice or neat.

Some locals even use it to sweeten and spice up coffee.

7. Blackberry of Xico

One of the typical drinks of Veracruz that the locals enjoy the most, especially as a digestif and palate preparer between meals and dessert. It is easily obtained from various red fruits available in the region, which is why it is so popular.

Its name derives from the fact that its main preparation is like blackberries. However, what few know is that it is even possible to obtain it from strawberries.

To prepare it you need fresh and ripe blackberries, sugar, pure cane alcohol and egg whites. You have to start by letting the blackberry ferment in a container for a month, and after this time squeeze them manually.

On the other hand, make a thick caramel with the sugar, to which the egg whites will be added. Once it is mixed and allowed to settle, the blackberry juice and alcohol are added, varying the amounts according to your taste.

How to make flavored toritos

The bulls are a very popular alcoholic cocktail in Mexico, especially in Veracruz, with a low alcohol content and ideal to accompany meals or as a digestif after them.

Depending on the region, there are some representative bulls, with a distinctive flavor, and this will depend on the fruit, the pieces or the cream with which you prepare it.

In general, the torito needs evaporated milk, condensed milk, and cane alcohol, plus some purified water. In this preparation you can add vanilla essence, peanut butter or concentrated fruit juices after squeezing.

Typical foods of Veracruz

Veracruz is one of the most enriched regions at a gastronomic level, so it is not only about drinks, but also a wide variety of dishes that represent the identity of Veracruz.

They stand out from them:

Rice lying down

It is a gastronomic symbol of Alvarado, and it is nothing more than a mixture of rice with spices, onion, seafood such as shrimp, octopus and crab.

It gets its name precisely because it is served immediately after cooking is finished, in a process called ‘tumbada’ of the rice.

Chilpachole de Crab

There is a wide variety of chilpacholes in Mexico. However, one of the most emblematic is that of crab, which is a broth with chilpaya chili, tomato and some dough, with a touch of acuyo that gives the crab more flavor.


It is a preparation of tortillas with a rim on which sauces are poured, both red and green, with meat, cream and cheese. It is an entre mesa and the favorite snack of the locals.

coconut shrimp

It is about shrimp stuffed with cream cheese and fresh coconut, which are then breaded with poorly ground and more grated coconut. They can be eaten alone or accompanied by a mango sauce, white wine and cream cheese.

Veracruz style fish

One of the most emblematic. It is a golden red snapper in butter, which receives a bath of tomato sauce with bell pepper, some olives, capers and spices to taste. It is eaten with rice or with fresh salads.

What are the best restaurants you should visit in Veracruz

If it comes to trying typical Veracruz food and drinks, you have very good options available. Let’s see:

the little gadget

An excellent place to enjoy a good steak, very good cuts of meat and flavors of the sea.

Lolita appetizers from Veracruz

An ideal place to enjoy the best flavors of the region. They are specialists in the typical dishes of Veracruz and with its location in the center of the city, it is quite comfortable.

The delights of AbyLuz

Another place to eat like at home. It offers regional flavors with a homey touch. They also allow you to enjoy other Latin cuisine dishes with the unique touch of Mexican spice.

restaurant seasoning

Another great option to sample regional flavors, here with the addition that you don’t have to worry about gluten or meat. They offer a completely vegan and gluten-free menu.

The Cevicheria

If what you are looking for are flavors of the sea in its entirety, here you have the best options. With a menu entirely dedicated to seafood; They are experts in ceviche with a spicy touch.

What are the best bars you should visit in Veracruz

Rush Terrace Bar

For the public, without a doubt one of the best options in terms of musical selection, atmosphere and menu of lives. It has a terrace and a food menu.

Mojitos Night

More than a bar, it is a disco, among the most popular of the nightlife. It has two branches and a bar for those who go just for a drink. It offers national and international drinks.


An excellent option for those who are looking for a different experience when it comes to nightlife. With an alternative inspiration, it is one of Boca de Río’s favorites.


Without a doubt, Veracruz is one of the tastiest regions in Mexico and this is so because of the variety of flavors, the great importance of seafood and, above all, the love of its people when preparing food and drinks.

If it’s about typical Veracruz drinks, it’s certainly worth the trip. Send us your opinion through a comment and share this article with your contacts so that they can also plan a trip and enjoy the traditional drinks of Veracruz.


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