If you are a lover of  whiskeys  and want to always taste the best, I invite you to read the following article, since in it you will find a selection with the 26 best Scotch, Irish (8), American (9), Japanese (4) whiskeys and from other origins (3).

We hope you enjoy reading this list of great whiskeys as much as I did when I wrote it.


Scotch Whiskeys

1. Aberfeldy 21 Years

It is a 21-year-old that was launched in 2005, which has been enough time for it to become the flagship of the legendary Aberfeldy house .

This single malt whiskey distillery was founded by John Dewar in 1896, on the outskirts of the Scottish town of Aberfeldy , on the banks of the River Tay . In 1972 it underwent a modernization process, so the old stills were changed for new ones.

The Aberfeldy 21 Years leaves fresh aromas of honey and fruit on the nose, and on the palate it is delicate, with the presence of vanilla and refined smoke. It comes out smoothly, bringing notes of white peach and a rush of honey.

Aberfeldy whiskeys are consistent medal winners at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, California.


2. 9,116 – Boozy Fruit Trifle

It is a 20-year-old malt whiskey produced by the Speyside Distillery , located near the town of Drumguish, in the Scottish region of Speyside.

It comes from first-fill oak barrels for export and has the color of polished copper when bathed in the afternoon sun.

It leaves an interesting combination of vanilla, caramel and oranges on the nose, while on the palate it offers touches of Black Forest cake, cherry jam, nuts, raspberries, coconut, dark chocolate, rye bread and the spicy flavors of hardwood. .

It is a whiskey worthy of the most special occasion.


3. Aberlour Double Cask Matured 12  Years

It is made with the best Speyside malt and undergoes a double maturation in traditional barrels.

Its nose offers cinnamon toast with butter and concentrated raisins, with astringent touches of wood and glazed cherries.

On the palate it delivers a nice buttery-sweet punch, with maple syrup, milk chocolate, nutmeg, raisins, brown sugar, and faint woody flavors continuing the nose. Its end proposes chocolate, raisins and more burnt.

Aberlour offers a sweet, rich and spicy drink, without being heavy. Its bitter touch that is present before turning sweet provides an excellent balance.


4. Annoc 12  Years

This 12 Year Old from AnCnoc is a standard bearer for top quality Speyside non-fruity style whiskeys .

It lets you feel a malt of special finesse and its spicy and delicious caresses complete a complex and warm palate, with a long finish.

It is produced by the old Knockdhu distillery , which preferred to change its name to AnCnoc to avoid confusion with the Knockando distillery , located in the same area.

Its aromas are robust, with the presence of fresh flowers, honeysuckle and cereals, particularly barley.

It is medium in the mouth, with a good sweetness, noticing winter spices, cocoa cream, mocha and Madeira, with herbal touches and toasted granary bread. Its finish is of intermediate length, with interactions of oak with barley.

5. Araid 18  Years

It is an 18-year-old reserve from William Grant & Sons , a famous Scottish family distillery founded by the patriarch William Grant in 1887 in Glenfiddich and now in the hands of his descendants.

The house currently has six distilleries, five in Scotland and one in Ireland, and one of its flagship products is the Araid 18 Year Old, a whiskey that has a rose fragrance on the nose with hints of tar and toffee caramel.

It is dry, fresh and spicy in expression, pleasing the palate with notes of citrus peels and its creamy texture in the mouth is perfectly balanced with a subtle smokiness.

Its complex layers of spices, vanilla, grass, smoke and charcoal gradually lead to a long and even finish.

6. Auchentoshan 12  Years

Auchentoshan , which means “corner of the countryside” in the Gaelic language, has been making single malt whiskeys since 1823 and its product has been dubbed “ Glasgow Breakfast Whisky ” due to its sweet and delicate character and the proximity of the distillery to the city. Scotland’s largest.

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old whiskey replaced the old 10 year old distillate. It is refined, elegant and with the classic notes of vanilla and almonds that characterize the house’s products.

Its nose is creme brulee with an explosion of citrus and nuts and hints of green leaves. On the palate it is sweet and smooth, with hints of lime and tangerine, reserving a slightly dry ginger finish and a persistent and pleasant presence of nuts.

7.Aultmore 18  Years

It is a golden copper colored whisky , with aromas of vanilla, honey and fruit, with notes of malt. On the palate it is smooth and fatty, with pleasant hints of dulce de leche, sherry and caramel, followed by hints of nuts.

It presents a background landscape of herbs and spices on the palate, finishing smoothly and richly.

Aultmore Distillery began operating in 1895 with a waterwheel, as a venture of Alexander Edward, and is currently owned by John Dewar & Sons.

The steam engine that replaced the waterwheel is on display as a museum gem in the distillery.

8. Balblair 12  Years

Records indicate that Balblair began producing whiskey in 1790, being one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, but that does not take into account the period in which it is believed to have been operating illicitly.

This whiskey is the flagship of the house’s bourbon section , characterized by the fruity, honeyed nature of the distillery, amplified by aging in American oak bourbon casks .

Balblair 12 Years offers the nose fragrances of ripe pears and rhubarb with a layer of raspberry jam and honey that progresses towards aromas of prairie grasses with an edge of lime and fresh lemon.

It has a taste of green apple wrapped in dark chocolate, with delicate notes of cream, peaches and menthol.

Its finish is mild anise and warm white pepper, with fresh citrus zest present deep within.

9. Ballantine’s 30  Years

This 30th anniversary of Ballantine’s has received ratings close to 100 points from industry specialists and exhibits the gold award given by the International Spirits Challenge .

The history of Ballantine’s whiskey dates back to 1827, when George Ballantine, a farmer’s son, began selling a craft spirits to which he gave his name in a small grocery store in Edinburgh.

Now the famed distillery produces whiskeys in seven expressions, including this 30 and 40 year old.

The Ballantine’s 30 Years demonstrates its longevity with its extreme smoothness, leaving notes of oak, honey and smoke on the nose.

In the mouth it becomes full, with more oak and tones of fresh flowers with hints of smoke and salty butter and fruit cake. It finishes with length and spicy notes.

10. Bowmore 18  Years

It is a fresh Scotch with notes of salty herring and charcoal smoke, which replaced the 17-year-old version of the Bowmore house .

Bowmore is a distillery operating on the island of Islay , one of the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It was founded in 1779, making it one of the oldest in the country.

During World War II, the distillery was the headquarters of the Royal Air Force Coastal Command.

An 1850 Bowmore bottle sold for £29,400 (over $38,000) at auction in 2007.

The Bowmore 18 Year Old offers light fragrances of burning herbs, with scents of smoke, menthol, caramel, brine, ferns and nectarines.

In the mouth it comes forward with a defined floral note, followed by flavors of sugary flowers and sweet syrup with greasy sensations. The finish is sweet, with floral touches, wood with light tannins and a touch of sawdust.

11. Chivas Ultis

The well-known Chivas Regal brand began its adventures in 1801, when the Chivas brothers, headed by James, opened a grocery store in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, to sell luxurious products such as coffee and expensive imported spirits.

The final windfall came in 1843, when the British crown made them official suppliers to the royal castle at Balmoral . Already at this time they were distilling a whiskey rated at the time as the best in the north of Scotland.

Chivas Regal Ultis is made from a blend of five premium Speyside malts (Allt-á-Bhainne, Longmorn, Braeval, Strathisla and Tormore ), resulting in a round, complex whiskey packed with flavour.

It is a tribute to the five generations of master blenders that the house has had throughout its history.

It’s affectionate on the nose, with an underlying hit of fiery cinnamon, plus sweet tones and canned peaches.

It feels fruity on the palate, with notes of poached pears and clementines and hints of persimmons and fresh barley. Its finish is dark chocolate and sugared shells with a pinch of ginger.

12. Dalmore 25  Years

This dazzling 25-year-old whiskey was released in 2013, confirming the excellent and complex maturation process that has characterized the distillery throughout its history.

It is first aged in American white oak barrels and the second maturation is in sherry barrels and first-fill bourbon barrels. Finally, the whiskeys are married in bourbon casks , finishing in Portuguese Tawny Port casks.

Dalmore Distillery was established in 1839 in the Scottish town of Alness, on the shores of the Cromarty Firth , facing the Black Isle. It is currently owned by the multinational Emperor Inc.

The Dalmore 25 Years is expressed on the nose in a complex way, through notes of marzipan, exotic fruits, molasses, vanilla, fig cake and orange peel.

In the mouth, it reminds one of chocolate truffles, orange peel, liquorice and sherry-soaked raisins.

It finishes with hints of Demerara sugar , dark chocolate, maple syrup, and spiced gingerbread. It’s a superb whiskey from start to finish.

13. Deanston Virgin Oak

It is a young whiskey that has been aged in new Kentucky oak barrels. Deanston was a cotton mill between 1785 and 1966, when it became a distillery, making it a relative newcomer to the world of whiskey .

They produce their own energy in an environmentally friendly way, which is why their whisky , of undeclared age on the bottle, is certified by the Organic Food Association.

It offers the nose aromas of fresh citrus, sweet barley and subtleties of smoke, with hints of nutmeg and apple.

On the palate it is first presented with hints of caramel, continuing with notes of oak, vanilla toffee and candied fruit, balanced with heather honey. It finishes with light spices and a burst of malt and sweet oak.

14. Dewar’s 18  Years

The Dewar’s brand is famous for its blends and this 18-year-old whiskey won a gold medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition.

On the nose it is dry and smells of freshly cut hay, with a light aroma of cloves. In the mouth it is reminiscent of oat cakes lightly smoked over a peat fire. It is finished with freshly baked cookies and freshly cut grass.

The Dewar’s brand is an institution in the whiskey world and has led the market since the late 19th century.

They were the pioneers in marrying whiskey in oak barrels and that experience has not ceased to be expressed in their products.

15. Glen Garioch 12  Years

The Scottish whiskey factory Glen Garioch began its distillations in 1797, in the parish of Oldmeldrum, in the Garioch Valley, a region known for producing the best barley in the country.

The crystal-clear local springs used by the distiller dried up in 1968 and the plant was closed until 1972, when another high-quality natural source was found on a nearby farm.

The Glen Garioch 12 Years reached the glasses in 2010, after aging in ex- bourbon and sherry barrels.

On the nose it is earthy and aromas of cooked fruit, while filling the mouth with dried fruit and toasted oak, plus a lovely touch of mocha . Its finish is soft, spicy and well balanced.

16. Glen Grant 16  Years

The 16-year-old version is the latest addition to the Glen Grant house ‘s range of whiskeys . It is intense in fresh orchard fruit, powerful and complex.

The distillery dates back to 1840, when brothers James and John Grant decided to give up moonshine and bootlegging and opened their legal business in the picturesque village of Rothes, Speyside.

The brand became the most popular in Italy after being bought by the Campari group in 2005.

Glen Grant 16 Year Old whiskey is matured in bourbon barrels and its color is bright golden, offering soft and intense fruit tones to the nose.

Its sensation in the mouth is soft, fresh and balanced in its fruit flavors, finishing intensely, with length and persistence.

17. Glencadam 19  Years

All Glencadam cask whiskeys have an alcohol content of 46%. The distillery was founded in 1825 in the town of Brechin, County Angus.

They have long-term rights to springs 14 km from the distillery, so pure water for their whiskeys is assured.

They use the best malted barley in the region, which is dried with peat, which gives the distillate its pleasant aroma and smoky flavor.

The Glencadam 19 Year Old is golden barley in color and presents a refined potpourri of raisin fruitcake, floral malt, crushed walnuts and mocha chocolate on the nose .

On the palate there is an excellent balance between mature barley malt and other delicious flavors of nuts, raisins and shortcake, wrapped in a touch of cigar box spiciness. It ends wonderfully complex and opulent.

18. Glenfiddich 18  Years

It is an intense, robust, round and long-lasting malt whisky , with a sweet and elegant aroma. It leaves a complex mix of grapefruit, baked apples, chocolate, toffee, cinnamon and wood on the nose.

In the mouth, it makes itself felt with candied fruit that balances its notes with those of dried apricots and another journey of cinnamon and toffee, plus dry sherry and ginger. Its finish is of shells, with a touch of slightly salty caramel, warm and distinguished.

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old whiskey is aged in contact with fragrant woods and American oak. It achieves a fruity, succulent maturation with a penetrating presence of oak.

19. Glenmorangie 18  Years

This highly distinguished whiskey undergoes a 15-year maturation period in American white oak barrels; then it is separated, approximately 30%, for a three-year aging in Spanish Oloroso barrels, for a final blend when both portions reach 18 years.

As a result, a whiskey with a rich and fine aroma is obtained, with a round and complete flavor. It expresses itself with great vitality, perfectly balancing the sweet touches of Jerez raisins with the notes of American oak.

Its bouquet invites to remember nuts and a complex floral ensemble. In the mouth, the malt and honey are noted with a background of figs and wood smoke. It ends generously, between the sweetness and the dry subtleties of dried fruit.

20. Highland Park 25  Years

This luxurious malt whiskey is extraordinarily complex thanks to its maturation process in European oak barrels from Jerez.

The quarter-century casing imparts amazing flavor and impressive depth to the drink, which is dark, rich and full-bodied with a vibrant sweetness that can only be achieved through long aging.

It is golden in color with warm coppery touches. Its complex flavor includes notes of dark chocolate, heather honey, caramel, toffee and dried fruit.

Highland Park is a distillery based since 1778 in the small Scottish town of Kirkwall, Orkney, and is one of the few to malt some of its barley with peat and heather before it is used as fuel.

21. Islay Mist Deluxe

It is a blended whiskey that has been on the market since the 1920s. It has a smooth, sweet and slightly herbal nose. On the palate it is soft and creamy, leaving notes of barley and the oak from the barrel can be seen at the end.

It was created in 1927 at the Laphroaig Distillery to celebrate the 21st birthday of John Granville Morrison, 1st Baron Margadale and a prominent Conservative Party politician.

On that occasion, distiller Ian Hunter thought his single malt whiskey might be too strong for the guests and decided to make a smoother blend.

The invention was so successful that whiskey quickly became very popular on the island of Islay, whose inhabitants were accustomed to pure distillates.

22. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

It is a smooth and luxurious whiskey that offers seductive and sweet aromas of honey to the nose, with the characteristic wood notes of the brand.

In the mouth, it begins with vibrant layers of tropical fruits, to develop a particular flavor of vanilla cream, ending sensationally, in a long and persistent way.

The Johnnie Walker brand was founded in 1805 by the grocer John Walker in the Scottish city of Kilmarnock and soon became one of the most popular, being today one of the best known and most prestigious in Latin America and the United States.

It is currently produced and distributed by Diageo , the world leader in premium beverages .

23. Lauder’s 25  Years

Whiskey production was legalized in Scotland in 1815, but 15 years later the quality was still as inconsistent as during prohibition.

Archibald Lauder, owner of Lauder’s Bar in Glasgow , decided he had to offer his customers something better and made his own blend, perfecting it over the years. It has been so good that it is still on the market more than 200 years later.

The Lauder’s 25 Year Old is aged in a combination of ex-sherry and ex-bourbon oak casks , and has resulted in a whiskey with a complex flavor.

Heather honey and smooth leather are softly felt on the nose with delicious and delicate notes of oak.

It’s warm on the palate, beautifully balancing oak and malt flavors, with vanilla as the background canvas. Its finish is captivatingly smooth and long.

24. Loch Lomond 12 Years

It is a single malt Scotch that is aged in three types of barrels: bourbon , refill and refill.

Its nose evokes vanilla cream with a note of freshly baked apples and in the mouth it reveals flavors of spices and brown sugar, continuing with hints of orchard fruit, among which the yellow plum stands out. Its finish is sweet and dry, with a taste of vanilla.

The distillery owes its name to the fact that it is located in the town of Alexandria, near Loch Lomond , considered to be the border between the Lowlands and the Highlands of central Scotland.

25. Master Of Malt 40 Years

It is an outstanding blend of the finest grains and ultra- premium quality malts , to toast on a memorable date.

Its nose is complex, full and luxurious, offering elegant notes of brandy butter , rum and raisins, which give way to a symphony of ginger cake, caramelized apples and banana.

In the mouth, the rum comes to the fore, to later make room for soft caramel and molasses. Its finish is comforting with length, bringing out flavors of toffee, soft spices and guava.

26. Scottish Leader 12 Years Old

It is a whiskey made primarily to introduce it to the expansive and lucrative Asian market, as an alternative to other well-known 12 Year labels such as Johnnie Walker Black and Ballantine’s .

It’s a lucky blend of malt whiskeys from various distilleries, rounding out the usual 40% ABV.

It has a nose dominated by caramel and citrus, with woody notes from Jerez. It is smooth and pleasant on the palate, balancing flavors of toffee, caramel, ginger nougat and oak. It has a long and gently warm finish.

Irish Whiskeys

27. Jameson 18 Years Old

It is a unique, limited reserve whiskey with numbered bottles, which is aged in European and American oak barrels, with maturation completed in first-fill bourbon barrels.

It is exceptionally balanced and smooth, leaving fragrances of aromatic oils with hints of wood and spicy toffee on the nose.

It has a smooth and complex flavor in which caramel and spices are present, with hints of leather, wood and vanilla and a hint of nutmeg. Its finish is extensive, persisting with spices, wood and toffee until the last drop.

The Jamison Distillery was founded in 1780 in Dublin, Ireland’s capital, when John Jamison dug wells on the site for water and set up a woodworking-sawmill to make his own casks.

Cellars to mature whiskey were built under the streets of Dublin.

The Jamison house closed in 1971, passing manufacturing to the New Middleton Distillery. The old whiskey factory was left as a tourist attraction.

28. Middleton Barry Crockett

This edition was released in 2011, named after Barry Crockett , the master distiller at New Midleton Distillery .

It is aged in bourbon barrels and new American oak barrels and its release was limited to 2,500 bottles.

It has a soft and sweet nose, with notes of barley, rosemary, honey, freshly cut hay, citrus and caramelized apples.

It leaves flavors of sweet tobacco, cedar, caramel, caramelized shells, vanilla and honey in the mouth. At the end it is very creamy and rich in cinnamon, vanilla, closing with a touch of pear.

29. Redbreast 21 Year Old

This 21 year old Celta is deep golden in color and bursting with fruity and spicy flavours.

Its aging combines exbourbon barrels with first-fill Olorosa barrels. Offering to the nose aromas of fresh tropical fruits and nuts.

On the palate there is a smooth presence of vanilla, nutmeg, toasted oak and spices, leaving a creamy mouthfeel. He finishes with notes of spice and oak, bowing goodbye to his mother: barley.

It was named the best Irish whiskey of 2014. Specialists recommend adding a little water.

30. Teeling Single Malt

The components of this brilliant gold Irish whiskey have been matured in different types of casks, including Sherry, Port , Madeira , Cabernet Sauvignon and Burgundy . It has no age statement, but is superior to most 12 Year Old single malts .

Its beginning on the nose is quite fruity, with waves of apple, melon and orange, followed by hints of spices, milk chocolate and burnt motor oil.

It offers multiple flavors to the palate, including bittersweet chocolate, orange marmalade, quince, as well as ginger, cloves and other spices.

It has a slight note of burnt oak smoke. If you put a little water in it, it awakens flavors of mango, pineapple and red berries.

In 2015 he won a gold medal at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, California.

31. Irish Single Malt 24 Years Old

It is the first Irish whiskey to be bottled by the That Boutique-y Whiskey company , which took the unusual and risky decision to debut in the range with a 24 Year Old.

The company bottles single malt and grain spirits and bourbon from several prestigious distilleries and also produces its own blends.

The Irish Single Malt 24 Years smells of fruit, noting the presence of kiwi, currant, peach and grapefruit.

On the palate it makes itself felt with grapefruit and more stone fruit, giving magnificent and subtle notes of oak. Its finish is fruity and fragrant, with hints of oak and a new note of cocoa persisting.

32. Tullamore Dew 15 Years Old Trilogy

Tullamore Dew is a triple distilled blend of malt, grain and pot whiskies , all three of which are made in Ireland, in a refinement process that now spans three generations.

This fantastic trilogy of crafts, each one contributing its particular flavors, is the product of 15 years of aging in ex- bourbon and sherry American oak barrels, which ends in rum barrels and allows it to impart a unique and complex flavor to the whisky .

The Tullamore Dew 15 Year Old intertwines spicy and oak nut notes on the nose with a hint of tropical fruit.

Offering to taste rich and complex flavors of nuts, fruits and a consistent presence of creamy chocolate, to finish intensely long.

33. Writers’ Tears Copper Pot

This light, sweet Irish drink is made from a blend of pot whiskey and single malt , resulting in a product with lots of honeyed, fruity notes.

It is very easy to drink, so it would be ideal for people who want to delve into the mysteries and delights of Irish whiskey .

Writers’ Tears leaves on the nose the memory of toasted bread spread with thick honey, with hints of citrus peel aromas.

The honeyed note develops on the palate, accompanied by soft hints of golden malt and vanilla, with hints of caramel, oak and green apple. It has a long, warm and sweet finish.

Despite its name that sounds like hurt writers, they rather appreciate whiskey in moments when inspiration fails and it is possible that Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Yeats, Bram Stocker and other renowned Irish authors have turned to it. in search of the lost muse.

34. Yellow Spot 12 Years Old

After launching the Green Spot , the second “color” chosen by the Dublin-based distributor Mitchell & Son is yellow, with the Yellow Spot .

It is a single pot Irish whiskey , matured in three types of barrels: American Bourbon , Spanish Jerez and Spanish Malaga. The combination imparts a sweeter flavor to the whiskey .

On the nose you can feel the fleshy mass of stone fruits, particularly apricots and peaches, with hints of Bourbon vanilla and dried nuts.

It is also fruity on the palate, with good body and velvety texture, finishing long and sweet, with hints of dried apricots and marzipan.

The whiskeys sold by Mitchell & Son are produced at Irish Distillers , in the Irish city of Cork.


American Whiskeys

35. Knob Creek Rye

Rye was the grain of choice for Americans to distill whiskey before Prohibition. After this, the production was oriented mainly towards corn.

However, the arrival of the 21st century brought a fever for whiskey cocktails to the United States, which has revalued those made with rye.

The Knob Creek Rye is a rye whiskey made with the best grains, with a soft golden color and aromatic notes of herbs and cereal, with nuances of oak.

In the mouth, the rye is felt more boldly, with hints of oak and vanilla. Finishes long, soft and spicy.

36. Colonel EH Taylor Jr. Single Barrel

Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., the nephew of the 12th US President, Zachary Taylor, was a prominent bourbon distiller in the 19th century and is said to have used his influence to get preferential treatment from the government in paying bourbon taxes. of whiskey .

Buffalo Trace Distillery claims that Colonel EH Taylor Jr. It is made with the same recipe that this character used to make his bourbon a few decades after the end of the American Civil War.

The whiskey adds Single Barrel in the name because it is made in a barrel aged at Warehouse C , the distillery built by Taylor in 1881.

It begins offering the nose spicy notes with abundant oak and continues with aromas of figs and plums.

On the palate it is sweet and buttery, with a singular note of orange peel followed by a bit of tobacco smoke. It ends long and with tobacco in the foreground.

37. Eagle Rare 10 Years Old

It’s another fragrant, woody bourbon , distilled at Buffalo Trace and presented in a 70cl bottle.

Olfactory, its fragrance of toasted oak gives way to that of flamed orange peel and maple syrup, presenting flavors of bread and butter, honey and nuts on the palate, with a touch of red fruit. It finishes with notes of oak spices, vanilla and some old leather.

Buffalo Trace says that, under different names, it is the oldest distillery in the United States that has been in continuous operation since the 18th century. During Prohibition she got them to let her operate making medicinal whiskeys .

The distillery is located in Frankfort, Kentucky and is currently owned by the American spirits Sazarac Company .

38. Nantucket’s Notch 12 Years Old

It was selected by the International Spirit Challenge as the best single malt whiskey in the world in 2015.

The island of Nantucket, located south of Cape Cod, in the state of Massachusetts, has an air and cleanliness that favor the distillation and maturation of whiskey in the best environmental conditions.

One of the island’s great advantages is the purity of its fresh water, ideal for diluting top-quality distillates.

The whiskey hits the nose with notes of tart apple, icing sugar and some vanilla, followed by hints of lime and salt, to close with aromas of juicy pear, barley, lemon and white chocolate.

Pleasantly inoffensive on the palate, with hints of citrus, shortbread, caramel and banana. Finish with vanilla.

39. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

It is a premium bourbon whiskey , whose select aging barrels give it a unique depth and complexity.

Jim Beam distillers claim to be masters at extracting the “devil’s cut,” the whiskey that tends to get trapped inside the wood of the cask, through a process they have patented.

The extraction is blended with an extra-aged bourbon to complete a robust, intense premium whiskey   with a magnificent aroma and colour. It is a drink to enjoy pure, on the rocks or mixed.

He has been awarded at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Ultimate Spirits Challenge .

40. Maker’s Mark

This premium bourbon , which made its appearance in 1958, is one of the rising stars in the competitive world of American whiskey , well appreciated by the demanding British.

The bottle is distinguished by the red wax seal that covers almost its entire long neck and has become a complete identity certificate.

It starts out sweet on the nose, with hints of caramel and brown sugar, giving way to soft notes of fruit and vanilla.

In the mouth, it shows flavors of toasted nuts and cinnamon, ending with sweet and light spicy notes.

41. Bulleit Bourbon

Behind this whiskey lies a fascinating family history. Augustus Bulleit, a saloonkeeper from Louisville, Kentucky, created a bourbon recipe in 1830 that he hoped would make history.

Bulleit and the whiskey disappeared while transporting cargo to New Orleans and the bourbon recipe seemed to have been lost to the distiller.

In 1987, Thomas Bulleit, great-great-grandson of Augustus, found the formula and got production back on track, nearly 160 years after his great-great-grandfather.

Bulleit is rich and spicy on the nose, with warm notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and creme brulee (burnt cream), with hints of grapes, dried apricot and almonds.

On the palate, its 30% rye provides a spicy kick, followed by soft notes of sweet spices and dried fruit. Its finish is a balanced mixture of the spiciness of the rye and the sweetness of the spices.

42. Michter’s Bourbon

It’s been called “the whiskey that heated up the American Revolution” ever since George Washington showed up at the distillery during the Revolutionary War to buy a batch to warm up his soldiers.

Willie Pratt, master distiller, is nicknamed Doctor No for his refusal to empty the barrels until he is convinced of the quality of the bourbon , regardless of whether it is sold with an actual maturation period longer than stipulated.

It is a more artisan than commercial bourbon , sold in small batches. Its nose is full of sugary notes of barley, dried fruit and raisins, with hints of freshly baked bread and fennel seeds.

It is rich and spicy on the palate, with flavors of juicy fruit and cinnamon. It ends with an intense hit of black pepper, with a strong presence of dried fruit.

43. Elijah Craig 12 Years Old

Elijah Craig was a Baptist preacher who died in 1808, one of several Kentucky figures credited with the invention of bourbon whiskey .

According to the account, on one occasion a fire broke out in Craig’s distillery and the Reverend used some almost charred barrels to store whiskey , discovering that it improved markedly in flavor.

Legends aside, Elijah Craig Bourbon has been produced since 1934 at the Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

It is thick and full on the nose, with aromas of toasted oak, toffee and spicy stewed vegetables, with hints of resin and English cream.

The palate is full and delightfully smooth, with notes of baked Bramley apples and Madeira , plus hints of anise and spice. It has a long and creamy sweet finish, with hints of toasted oak.


Japanese Whiskeys

44. Kirin Fuji-Sanroku 18 Years Old

Japan has been producing whiskeys since the 19th century and these began as imitations of the Scots, gradually progressing towards their own personality, underpinned by virgin Japanese waters, purer than those of Scotland.

The Kirin Seagram Distillery , which produces this whisky , is at the foot of Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain and highest peak of the Japanese. The best of his vintage is this 18 Year Old single malt.

It is a very well balanced whisky , with notes of hazelnuts and vanilla on the palate, which lead to a wine-like and long finish.

45. Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old

Shinjiro Torii, called the “father of Japanese whiskey ”, was a pharmacist who founded an imported liquor firm in the late 19th century that would later become Suntory , a legendary Japanese distillery.

The Suntory Hibiki 21 Year Old was selected in 2017 as the best blended whiskey in the world at the World Whiskey Awards competition .

It is a sweet, smooth, complex and elegant whiskey , full of aromas and flavors of nuts, citrus peels, strawberry jam and freshly baked apples.

Suntory diversified into biotechnology and has two curious brands in Japan: it was the first Japanese company to use foreigners for its commercials and it managed to produce the first blue rose, a symbol of the impossible for the Japanese.

46. ​​Nikka Blended Whiskey

Masataka Taketsuru was a Japanese man who came to Glasgow in 1918 and took a chemistry degree from the city’s university, later going on to work in two whiskey distilleries .

In 1920 he married a Scotswoman and returned to his eastern archipelago to become one of the main pioneers of Japanese whiskey .

Taketsuru founded the Nikka Distillery in 1934, after working for several years with Shinjiro Torii.

Nikka whiskey is a very well balanced blend, intense in fruit and vanilla notes, which comes in a bottle that stands out for its almost minimalist simplicity.

47. Hakushu 18 Years Old

It is an 18-year-old whiskey , pure malt, which leaves fruity and cereal fragrances and flavors intensely felt.

Its nose is pear, orange and dry smoked and presents flavors of sweet cakes, fruit salad and baked bread on the palate. It has a long finish, with fruity and manuka honey notes and a subtle smoky touch.

The Hakushu Distillery is located on a forested slope of Mount Kaikoma in Yamanashi Prefecture and is owned by the Suntory group .


Whiskeys from Other Origins

48. Gouden Carolus Single Malt

It is a single malt whiskey made by Het Anker, a well-known Belgian brewer, from Gouden Carolus Tripel beer mash .

The mash is distilled in hand-hammered copper pot stills and the whiskey is aged in first-fill bourbon casks , followed by further maturation in custom-built oak casks.

It is a refined whisky , with a rich and balanced flavor, with subtle fruity aromas, with notes of vanilla and wood.

49.Kavalan Classic

If you haven’t tried a Taiwanese whisky , maybe you should start with this one. The glacial water of Taiwan and its climate, plus the aging of the whiskey in rum barrels, give it a unique character.

Kavalan Classic is a diverse and complex single malt whisky . Its aromas and flavors are clean, fresh and silky smooth, with notes of tropical fruits, particularly mango.

Kavalan Distillery , located in the Yuanshan Township of Yilan County, northeast of the island, was founded in 2005 and takes its name from the indigenous Kavalan people who originally inhabited the territory.

50. Omar Single Malt

It is another Taiwanese single malt whisky , produced in the center of the island at the Nantou Distillery .

The aging takes place in sherry barrels, standing out for its notes of raisins and chocolate.

It presents notes of sultana raisins, red grapes and almonds on the nose, offering flavors of oily barley, ginger, cloves and cinnamon on the palate, with layers of chocolate and nuts. Its finish is slightly spicy, with hints of dried fruit and fresh oak.

The Nantou Distillery is the only Taiwanese state-owned distillery to distill whisky .


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