If you already have your ticket in hand but you are still not sure about your tourist itinerary, I invite you to continue reading. Next I will show you the 50 best things you can do in Costa Rica, so that you can choose your preferred options.


1. Horseback riding

Costa Rica is characterized by being a territory with a tropical climate, perfect for a variety of outdoor activities that you will not get anywhere else.

One of them is to delve into the depths of its jungles, beaches or mountains riding a horse, so that you can get to know the landscapes of its territory in a unique and fun way.

Most tourist centers offer this type of transfer, but without a doubt you will find the best tour in Guanacaste and its route to its variety of haciendas.

Rates are between $35 and $50, depending on the length of the tour and the stops to be made.

Similarly, tours of the towns and beaches of Samara, Monteuma and Tamarindo are an equally interesting alternative.


2. Zipline rides

Zipline tours are one of the favorite activities for tourists in Costa Rica, to the point where many people travel to this country just to try it.

From the moment you jump from the heights, reaching high speeds attached to its cables, you will be able to appreciate the extension of the Costa Rican landscape, while the adrenaline runs through your body.

They offer three modalities from which you can choose:

  • Beginners: For those who want to experience the course, but are afraid of heights.
  • Intermediate: For those looking to live the full zip line experience .
  • Extreme: For those who want to reach the highest speeds and rise to all heights.

Between tours for beginners and intermediates, tours in Arenal, Hacienda Roble, Wingnuts and Congo Canopy can meet the expectations of the most demanding.

But if you are looking for your tour to be extreme, you should definitely visit Sky Adventures in Monteverde to launch yourself from incredible heights and have the most beautiful view of the ocean at the same time.

Tour fees range from $35 to $75, but be sure to ask if they include transportation or not to avoid misunderstandings.


3. Sunset Cruises

Day by day, nature offers beautiful spectacles worth admiring, but few compare to those you will find on the beaches of Costa Rica.

There are so-called Sunset Cruise tours , which are designed to go around the Pacific coast in the afternoon, so you can see how the sky turns orange, yellow, purple and more.

Guanacaste is the place of excellence to carry out this activity, since it houses beautiful beaches (Playa Flamingo, Playa del Coco and Playa Tamarindo) popular among tourists for this practice.

Sailing to any of these beaches costs between $70 and $85 per person, usually including (as part of the tour ) snorkel gear , drinks and snacks.


4. Diving Tours

If you think that only the landscape of the beaches in Costa Rica is beautiful, wait until you immerse yourself and contemplate its diversity in marine fauna and flora.

In locations such as Isla Murcielago, Isla Cano and Isla Catalina, you can live the experience of diving, you can even visit underwater caves worth admiring.

But for those who are interested in diving and having a close encounter with the fish, in Cocos Island you will find a marine animal reserve where you can be very close to hammerhead sharks, manta rays and fish of all the colors you can imagine.

Diving equipment rental, including two oxygen tanks, costs around $115. Although it may be a bit expensive for some, it is an experience that you must live if you visit Costa Rica.


5. Private Tours in the Gulf of Papagayo

Costa Rica is home to paradisiacal beaches hidden between the coasts, inaccessible by regular roads, but nothing impossible for private boat tours that are organized in certain locations.

Touring the Gulf of Papagayo by boat allows you to access beautiful islands and landscapes. This is one of the favorite activities among tourists traveling in a large group of people.

In Playa del Coco, there is a private boat rental company that, in addition to offering the classic tours of secret areas of Guanacaste, knows the perfect spots to stop and snorkel in a unique way.

In the same way, there are many other tours that offer these promotions and take you to different places, generally they tell you where they take you but you can also ask and compare.


6. Massages on the Beach

In Costa Rica you can not only lie on the shore of the beach, take advantage of the sun and the sound of the waves, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage session.

Massages have become a common practice on the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find a massage station nearby.

However, from public comment, the best masseuses are known to congregate at Playa Conchal, where you can get an hour of massages for a price of $35.


7. Surfing

People from all over the world yearn to visit Costa Rica just for the experience of surfing its waves, which are popularly known as some of the best in Latin America.

The list of beaches designed for surfers is huge, but among the most popular ones should be mentioned:

  • Pavones Beach
  • Jaco Beach
  • Santa Teresa
  • Beautiful beach
  • Cocles Beach
  • Matapalos Beach
  • Tamarind Beach

And if you are a beginner who wants to live the experience of surfing, there are surf camps (of long duration) and also instructors who offer their lessons for a full day.

Group surf lessons run around $55, while equipment rentals can run you around $12 for the full day.


8.Canyoning _

The practice of canyoning (rappelling across waterfalls) has become increasingly popular in recent years, attracting the attention of the most adventurous travellers.

To live this experience it is necessary to enter the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, imposing yourself from great heights and descending full of adrenaline through waterfalls over 60 m high.

You can find well-known tours that depart from La Fortuna, as well as on the outskirts of Playa Hermosa, which include equipment and transportation to the locations.

The rates of these tours may depend on the promotions included, as well as the destination where they take you to do canyoning .


9. Beach excursions

Due to the great diversity of beaches worth visiting in Costa Rica, you will hardly be able to visit them all. However, several tours offer you the option of trying to cover as many as possible in the shortest amount of time.

This practice, also known as Beach Hopping , offers you a tour of a variety of Costa Rican beaches with white sand, black sand, turtle bays, crystal clear waters and much more.

You can do it both by boat and on foot, so this is one of the cheapest and most pleasant options you can do during a trip to Costa Rica.

Best of all, curiously, many of the best beaches are not the most popular, so you can find yourself in a true paradise on earth and enjoy it just for you and your companions.


10. Taste a Copo

Also called Churchill in Punta Arena, a Copo is a typical ice cream sundae type that is served in almost all the tourist beaches of Costa Rica.

The classic Copo is a vanilla ice cream served in a glass, with strawberry or chocolate syrup on the edges and a fruit topping .

In Punta Arena you will probably find the best Churchills , served in a wide variety of ways and with prices that are quite affordable for your pocket.

After a hot day at the beach, nothing better than cooling off with a delicious traditional ice cream.


11. Travel During Civic Festivals

Latinos are known throughout the world for good Caribbean rhythm and because party blood runs through their veins. Taking this into consideration, an addition to your trip would be to visit Costa Rica during any of its civic festivals.

Among the most popular festivities, the following stand out:

  • Palmares Festivals
  • Sapote Festivals
  • Puntarena Festival

You can experience from beach festivals, tastings of typical dishes and even ride mechanical bulls, not to mention the nightly parties that are organized.

But if what you are looking for is adventure and living one of the most emblematic traditions of Costa Ricans, for $10-15 you can enter the interior of a stadium with a loose bull and you will have to, among other people, evade its attacks.

These festivities take place throughout the country, but they obviously have a greater impact in the main tourist cities.


12. Tortuga Island Cruise

After an hour and a half on a wonderful cruise with all the comforts, you can cross the Gulf of Nicoya and visit some of the beautiful white sand beaches found on Isla Tortuga.

Tours offered by these transfer services generally leave early, allowing you to tour the island for approximately five hours, and then pick you up at a set point .

In addition, among the additional services, activities such as kayaking , snorkeling , jet skiing and rock climbing may be included , so the rate may vary depending on this.

For a pleasant afternoon, whether for relaxation or fun, this alternative is one of the best you can find.


13. Tour to the Central Valley

The land landscapes of Costa Rica are a true wonder to behold, so road trips are highly recommended for those who have several days to explore their territory.

But where to go? There are a variety of alternatives to where you can travel and that offer from small towns (with an invaluable culture) to paradisiacal views of coasts or hills.

The trips to Zarcero, Grecia, Sarchi and San Ramón in the Central Valley offer an unparalleled experience in terms of road trips, allowing you to discover the gastronomy and the less touristy corners of Costa Rica.


14. Adventure Combination Tour in Rincón de la Vieja

This tour is one of the most famous in the entire country for tourists who visit Guanacaste in search of adventure, as it offers a variety of activities that you will not find anywhere else.

Its Guachipelin package offers both extreme activities such as zip-lining, climbing, horseback riding and river navigation, as well as other relaxation activities such as baths in hot springs or mud scrubs.

Once registered, you will be able to visit from the interior of the Costa Rican jungle to its enormous inactive volcanoes, depending on your preferences.

Your rate has a total of $90, including lunch, but if you want roundtrip transportation from your lodging, it could go up to almost $150.


15. Indoor Jungle Water Slides

Are you interested in crossing the heart of the Costa Rican jungle in a different way? Well, try to slide through it with the 400 m water slides that the Buena Vista Tour combo brings you in Guanacaste .

This package combines the fun of amusement parks with the adventure of making your way through a jungle environment, perfect for the most daring.

The rates for this package are divided into the Adrenaline Tour , with a cost of $95, and the Traditional Tour , starting at $90.


16. Visit the Stone Spheres

Located on the Osa Peninsula, specifically on Finca 6, you can find one of the UNESCO human heritages, whose value for Mesoamerican cultures is incalculable; the stone spheres.

Due to both the position and the perfect spherical shape of these figures, all kinds of rumors and mysteries are spread about these works, whose purpose of creation has not yet been discovered.

This is one of the best learning activities and the best price that you will find in Costa Rica, whose entrance to the museum that exhibits them costs between $4 and $6.


17. Navigate your Own Paddle Board

Known as Stand-up Paddle Boards , it is one of the water activities that is currently receiving the greatest popularity in Costa Rican territory.

You can enjoy group rides across the ocean or along the riverbank; This is a unique experience to contemplate the aquatic landscape.

The best places to carry out this practice are Playa Manta, Playa Panamá and Playa Platanares, whose calm waters make them perfect for sailing on your feet without falling.

The cost of renting the equipment can vary depending on whether you go to a specialized store or a hotel, but prices are around $30-50 per hour.


18. Visit the Llano Cortés Falls

If you are not a beach lover but you still want to spend a refreshing day of water and sun, the Llano Cortés waterfalls are among the best in all of Guanacaste.

The waterfall ends in a small mouth of water where you can immerse yourself and enjoy a different afternoon, with beautiful surroundings that will make you fall more and more in love with the Costa Rican landscape.

You can also try to climb its rocky surface, if you dare to resist its strong current of water.

You can locate this tourist site in Liberia, just 20 minutes from the city, with a variety of tours that offer transfer services at excellent prices.


19. Visit the Toro Waterfall

Continuing with the tour of waterfalls in Costa Rica, you cannot miss visiting the highest waterfall in the entire country.

From the top, you will be able to contemplate the entire jungle landscape that its more than 80 m high offer.

You could also visit the interior of an extinct volcanic crater, hidden in the surroundings of the Central Valley.

You can find this tourist destination driving from San José to La Fortuna. In addition, there are various tours that can cover the transfer at very good prices.


20. See Turtles at the Ostional Wildlife Refuge

Arribadas, in Costa Rica, is known worldwide as one of the places par excellence where turtles come every year to bury their eggs.

On specific occasions of the year (July and December) you will be able to appreciate both the arrival of the female turtles to the coast to lay their eggs, as well as the birth of the baby turtles from their eggs and their movement towards the sea.

There are even programs for volunteers who want to participate in the massive arrival of these turtles, helping in whatever is necessary.

For lovers of animals and charity work, this may be one of the greatest experiences you could ever have.


21. Visit the Jaguar Animal Shelter

If you want to learn about wildlife up close, there is no better opportunity than to visit the Jaguar animal shelter, located in Puerto Viejo.

Injured animals, in rehabilitation or in search of a large space where they can live naturally come to this center.

They offer guided tours where you can learn a lot about a wide variety of animals, as well as interact directly with monkeys, sloths, anteaters, and tons of birds.

For lovers of Caribbean fauna, this center becomes the ideal option to visit.


22. Go Fishing

Due to its diversity in terms of marine fauna, fishing in Costa Rica is one of the most practiced sports, both by its inhabitants and by tourists.

Whether in the port, on the shore or on the high seas, you will come across fish of all sizes and colors, which you can return to the water or even take to specialized restaurants to cook for you.

The best places in Costa Rica to fish are:

  • Tamarind Beach
  • flamingo beach
  • coconut beach
  • Puntarenas
  • horseshoe beach


23. Walk the streets of San José

Many tourists miss the opportunity to walk the streets of the capital, just because of bad references or the belief that there is not much to do. However, they ignore everything they can learn about Costa Rican history and culture.

The city center allows you to discover architectural works of great cultural importance, as well as a variety of shops where you can spend an afternoon shopping.

It is even recommended that tourists stay near the city center, due to the ease of transportation to the rest of the tourist sites.

You don’t need a lot of time to get to know San José completely, one or two days is more than enough to visit the most important points.


24. Kayaking in Tortuguero National Park

Colloquially nicknamed the Amazon of Costa Rica, it is undoubtedly the most emblematic jungle center in the entire country.

As its name indicates, this park is famous for being a natural refuge for turtles, which often interact with visitors and make the tour a truly unique experience.

The peculiarity of this visit is that its facilities can only be accessed through boat tours, so a simple walk through the park becomes an adventure to live.

The kayak tour is recommended because it allows you to access areas that motor boats are prohibited, to avoid disturbing the ecosystem, so in addition to being fun it becomes a privilege.

25. Visit the Arenal Volcano National Park

Positioned as the third most visited national park in Costa Rica, it is the opportunity to see firsthand what the classic volcano from the movies looks like.

Although it is calm at times, this volcano is still active, even in 1968 it erupted and devastated nearby areas with lava flows.

Due to its easy access, this tour is ideal for those who do not know how to get around Costa Rica, also having convenient daily opening hours from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and with a general entrance fee of $15.


26. Rainforest Cable Car Tour

If you want to see yourself surrounded between the sky and a sea of ​​greenish jungle but you don’t have the skills to traverse the jungle on your own, the cable car ride is what you need.

Its route crosses hundreds of meters of jungle, in which you will also appreciate the wildlife that inhabits it (monkeys, birds, felines and much more). In Arenal and Monteverde you will find this kind of tours.

On the outskirts of Jaco you can run into the Rain Forest Adventures tour , which is one of the most popular in all of Costa Rica.

27. Navigation in Rapid Rivers of Pacuare

If you’re looking for a full day of adventure, the Pacuare River Whitewater Tour offers all of that and more.

The tours are designed to take you through three regular paths and four fast currents, which will make you soak from head to toe and fill your body with adrenaline.

For the most daring, there are multi-day plans that take you through the fastest rivers in Costa Rica.

This type of tour is one of the most sought after by foreigners among the different tourism agencies, so make sure you reserve a space at the first opportunity you have.

28. Travel on a Waterfalls Tour

As you may have already realized, visiting Costa Rica largely involves getting to know its spectacular waterfalls and volcanic craters. Unfortunately, although you can go to many on your own, this is not the case in all cases.

There is a variety of falls whose access can be difficult, even dangerous, for travelers who do not know the area. Therefore, the most recommended is to attend on tour.  Those made in Jaco offer a tour of the Costa Rican jungle and take you to a total of seven waterfalls.

Prices can vary, it all depends on the company and the season, but they are around $50 to $80.

29. Meet the Monkeys and Sloths of the Manuel Antonio National Park

If you consider yourself a lover of our distant relatives, the monkeys, in Manuel Antonio National Park you will practically be surrounded by them and you will have the opportunity to interact with them.

The variety of species is wide. There are howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys and squirrel monkeys. You can also meet a variety of wild animals such as sloths, lizards, raccoons and large rodents.

As if that were not enough, this park has access to the beach, so after your tour you can just lie back and appreciate the waves.

30. Travel on a Volcano Tour

In addition to Arenal, there is a wide variety of active volcanoes in Costa Rica that, although you cannot climb them as if they were mountains, you can go quite close to their surface.

Some examples are the Poas , the Turrialba and the Rincón de la Vieja, which offer a wonderful walk and incredible views of the Costa Rican landscape from above.

There are specific tour agencies that offer tours to these destinations, you just have to be attentive to the calendar, as sometimes they close due to an increase in volcanic activity.

31. Explore Caves in Barra Honda National Park

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes you will find in Costa Rica and is home to the spectacular Barra Honda National Park.

Unlike the rest of the Costa Rican natural parks, this one does not have beaches or jungles, but it does have some 250 m deep caves that you can enter.

The price of admission, rental of climbing equipment, tour guide and transfer reaches a total of $75.

It is possibly one of the most unusual alternatives that you will find to do in Costa Rica, but for the more adventurous it is completely worth it.

32. Visit the Rio Celeste

Probably never in your life will you see such crystal clear water and such a green forest as in the surroundings of the Celeste River; this is a true tourist oasis.

It is located within the Tenorio Volcano National Park and in it

you will find its small waterfall and diversity of volcanic craters, which make this tourist site a most complete landscape.

If you have a good camera, this particular site is known for the great photos you can take.

33. Go on a Raft Safari

In Costa Rica there are many animal shelters that preserve wildlife, but none offers a tour as different from the rest as the one you will find at Refugio Cano Negro.

Located in La Fortuna, this rowing raft ride crosses part of Penas Blancas and Río Frío, allowing you to appreciate the jungle fauna without breaking into its ecosystem.

These tours are organized by the Jacamar Naturalist Tours agency , so if you are interested, I recommend contacting them as soon as possible.

34. Take a Coffee Tour

When you feel exhausted from all the sporting or adventurous activities in Costa Rica, you always have the option of taking a quieter and equally entertaining ride. In this case, coffee tours are an alternative.

This is an invaluable experience for lovers of good coffee, who will be able to discover the entire process from the moment the beans are picked until they are ground and processed.

And at the end of the tour, you can stay to taste the variety of coffee-based drinks that are made in Costa Rica.

Among the farms that offer coffee tours , Doka stands out , although Finca Rosa Blanca has the peculiarity that it offers inns to its visitors, making the visit an experience that revolves around coffee.


35. Find the Tarcoles River Crocodiles

Despite not having such a splendid landscape as other Costa Rican rivers, the Tarcoles has gained popularity among tourists for a simple reason: it is home to countless crocodiles.

From the slight height of a bridge, you can find yourself on top of 15 or 20 giant lizards in their natural ecosystem.

It is located a few kilometers before reaching Jaco and San José, so although it is not a tourist visit in itself, it is at least worth stopping for a few minutes.

36. Take a Chocolate Tour

And if you are not a lover of the aroma and bitterness of coffee, then your alternative for a quiet and flavorful walk may be the chocolate tour .

Cacao is grown in a unique way in the Caribbean, and these tours allow you to participate from the planting of the seed to the process in which it is turned into the chocolate itself.

And before the day is done, sampling the wide range of chocolates produced is the ultimate reward for a wonderful sightseeing afternoon.

The best places to do this kind of tours are Puerto Viejo and La Fortuna, since chocolate is a fundamental part of the ancestral culture of this land.

37. Visit the Whale’s Tail

It is not an exhibition of animal parts, but one of the most emblematic natural treasures for the Costa Rican people; a beach coastline in the exact shape of a whale’s tail.

To find it, you must visit the park while it is at low tide, otherwise the waves lap up the fin-like shape of the shore.

It is located in the Marino Ballena National Park, in the province of Puntarenas, which, in addition to this particular natural formation, is popularly known for receiving visits from humpback whales.

38. Try a Chifrijo

When it comes to Costa Rican gastronomy, traditional chifrijos are one of the best delicacies ever invented in their land. It is a mixture of rice, beans, pico de gallo salad and pork rinds, served in a deep bowl and accompanied with rosettes of fried corn.

You should not face any difficulty in finding a place that serves this dish, as it is quite popular, both in bars and traditional restaurants.

Order a chifrijo accompanied by an imperial beer and you will feel the true mix of flavors typical of Costa Rican culture.

39. Try their Rice with Beans

The coastal part of Costa Rica can be completely different, at least in terms of food culture, compared to the capital. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit areas like Puerto Viejo, do not hesitate to stop and try their dishes.

Rice with beans is typical of these areas, which although it may seem unsophisticated, it is served dipped in coconut milk and accompanied by jerk chicken .

And if you add a touch of hot sauce, you will taste a true Caribbean delicacy worth remembering.

40. Enjoy the Arenal Hot Springs

Thanks to the high-temperature waters provided by the Tabacón River, one of the activities you can do if you visit Costa Rica, in order to relax, is to dive into the hot springs of Arenal.

Although it is part of the same river, there are different accesses to its hot springs. And it is that some are private (as part of the hotel facilities) and others are public, with free access.

There are also locations like Baldi and Titoku where you can enjoy the hot springs; The first alternative is ideal if you are traveling with small children.

If you plan a trip to Costa Rica, it is practically an obligation to take at least one day to enjoy this natural attraction.

41. See Whales in their Natural Habitat

Few things in nature are as impressive as whales outside of captivity, and in Costa Rica you have the opportunity to see and hear them at close range.

On the coasts of Bahía Bay, Playa Uvita and the Gulf of Papagayo, the opportunities to meet these cetaceans are immense, since the largest migration of humpback whales in the world transits through that area of ​​the ocean.

The best months to visit them are between August and September, so if you are interested in this activity, do not forget to properly organize your calendar.

42. Have a Cold Pipe

You cannot say that you visited the Caribbean coast if, on the shore of the beach, you did not enjoy the landscape while drinking a very cold pipe.

This is the name that Costa Ricans give to coconut water, which is offered directly to you in its shell opened with a machete.

They generally keep the coconuts inside a cooler, so that when they serve it you can enjoy the completely frozen pipe.

As it is a traditional fruit of the territory, its price is not too expensive, it is around 500 colones (less than $1).

43. Contemplate the Diversity of Birds

With more than 800 different species of birds, of all kinds of sizes and of the most diverse colors, Costa Rica is presented as a true paradise for those who love to contemplate these animals, from toucans and macaws to parrots and parakeets.

Its tropical areas are often a completely natural refuge for migrating birds from all over the world.

You can find the birds anywhere, but there are some tours that travel to the Osa Peninsula, Tortuguero and Puerto Viejo exclusively for this activity. They leave from 5:30 am

44.Visit the Puppy Shelter in the Zaguates Territory

If you are a dog lover and you ever thought that heaven would be a place full of puppies, you may actually find paradise in Costa Rica.

On the outskirts of the hill of Heredia, there is a huge hacienda that collects both newborn puppies and street dogs and allows visitors to play and run with them freely.

It houses between 700 and 900 puppies used to receiving visitors and, therefore, not at all aggressive, so you can enjoy their company without fear of being attacked.

45. Plan a Night Walk

The landscapes of Costa Rica change radically once the sun goes down, so guided tours become a totally different experience.

The jungle is filled with nocturnal animals worth admiring, such as owls, lizards, spiders and more, while the coast is lit up with the most beautiful starry sky.

There are very tempting night tours , such as the Osa Peninsula, Monteverde and Arenal, just try not to do these tours on your own, as it can become a bit risky.

46. ​​Watch a Soccer Match at the National Stadium

Costa Ricans have a great passion for soccer, both at the club level and for their national team, so if you have the opportunity to visit the stadium during a game you will not regret it.

Having Keylor Navas (Real Madrid goalkeeper) as the main figure, joining the soccer fever of Costa Ricans cheering on the Ticos, their national team, is undoubtedly contagious.

The national stadium La Sabana in San José is the most important in the entire country, but there are also other large ones in Heredia, Puntarenas and Alajuela, all worth visiting.

47. Try the Local Beers

Costa Rica has a variety of very tasty national beers, this drink being a fundamental element in Costa Rican culture.

The Pilsen and the Imperial are the two favorite brands among the inhabitants, although nowadays the wave of craft beers is gaining popularity very quickly.

If you want to take advantage of your nights in Costa Rica, an ideal activity is to visit bars trying the different beers, starting with one in Tamarindo called Witch’s Rock Surf Camp , which offers up to 18 different craft beers.

48. Tour the Corcovado National Park

As for everything related to nature, the Corcovado National Park is considered one of the highest references in the world and is an ideal visit for lovers of wildlife.

Housing 6% of all the biodiversity on earth, this nature reserve located on the Osa Peninsula is a unique place of its kind within Costa Rica, which you cannot miss.

Inside you will find everything from cougars and anteaters to chimpanzees and hundreds of birds. You will need a guide to cover its entire length without getting lost within its 14 km of terrain, also make sure you bring the necessary snacks.

This is a park like no other in Costa Rica.

49. Cross the Monteverde Cloud Forest Suspension Bridge

From the heights of the suspension bridges of Monteverde, you have an unmissable view of the immensity of the cloud forest and all its vegetation.

Although these bridges rise between 10 and 60 m above the ground, attached to the tops of the trees, they are quite solid and there is no record of them coming loose.

This route of around 3 km is ideal for both children and the elderly, so if you visit Costa Rica as a family trip, this is an ideal alternative for your itinerary.

50. Enjoy Pura Vida Style

The Pura Vida style is characteristic of the Caribbean and even more so of Costa Ricans, where every moment is enjoyed to the fullest since it can be unrepeatable.

It teaches you to be grateful to yourself and others, as well as allowing you to enjoy every activity you choose, no matter what it is.

So relax in the best Pura Vida style , enjoy the natural landscapes, the tours, the gastronomy and all the good things that Costa Rica has to offer you.

Why visit Costa Rica?

Apart from this 50 things to do, Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries in all of America, which offers such a wide variety of activities and tourist stops to visit, that many people cannot decide which one to visit first.

In all the extension of its territory, you will be able to find from paradisiacal beaches, exuberant jungles and inactive volcanoes, to cultural institutions, nightclubs and shopping centers, turning any trip into an indescribable experience.

What activity would you do first on your visit to Costa Rica? Share your opinion with the rest in the comments!



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