All the Pacific beaches of Jalisco are beautiful, but some are more spectacular, comfortable and famous than others. That is why we will dedicate ourselves in this article to listing the 40 best beaches in Jalisco, so that you can discover these wonders of nature one by one.

1. Las Gemelas Beach

Let’s start the list with the paradisiacal Las Gemelas beach.

They are two beaches in one separated by rocky outcrops. One has calm waves and the other has a more impetuous sea, but both have crystal clear waters and clear, fine sand.

Each little beach is 100 meters long and although there are no services, they are among the most welcoming virgin beaches in Jalisco. You must bring umbrellas, drinks and food.

The main activities on the quieter beach, the one closest to the private condominiums, are kayaking and swimming. The boys also have fun looking for crabs among the stones.

You can enjoy both crossing the rocks or taking a small detour through a hill.

2. Majahuitas Beach

Almost virgin beach of Cabo Corrientes with clear turquoise blue waters and clear sand, which can only be reached by boat.

Its characteristics make it perfect for snorkeling and diving among its reefs and underwater caves, where puffer fish, parrotfish, trumpet fish and other colorful species swim.

Majahuitas Beach is embedded in the jungle, mixing the sounds of the ocean with those of green nature, which in low season are left to the pleasure of a few visitors.

The community provides basic services. The departure pier is 35 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.

3. Boca de Iguanas Beach

Costalegre beach with access through km 14 of Federal Highway 200, ideal to visit for a weekend. You can rest, walk on the sand, swim, snorkel, dive, surf, take horseback rides, boat rides and catamaran rides. Also practice adventure sports such as climbing and mountain biking.

The main housing complex of the place is the Boca de Iguanas Beach Hotel, with its modern contemporary suites and some rustic but comfortable cabins a few steps from the water.

The Dos Higueras restaurant-bar offers fresh and delicious food based on freshly caught seafood and vegetables from local gardens.

4. Scorpion Island

This Cultural Heritage of the State of Jalisco, on Lake Chapala, is a ceremonial center of the Wixárica (Huichol) people that from above looks like a scorpion, an arachnid that was the symbol of Xiuhtecuhtli, spirit of heat and fire in Mexica mythology. .

The boat trip from the shore of Chapala in rented boats to the beautiful lake beach, lasts 15 minutes.

In Isla de los Alacranes you will enjoy one of the most refreshing beaches in Jalisco, as well as beautiful views and tasty food.

5. Careyitos Beach

Hidden Jalisco beach 3 and 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, respectively, characterized by calm waves. It is called that because the hawksbill turtle arrives at the sandbank to lay its eggs.

Playa Careyitos is a cove with a crescent-shaped profile, waters between emerald and turquoise and soft, brownish-brown sand, which lacks both accommodation and massive influx. Its only restaurant prepares a simple but tasty meal.

The sandbank is 100 meters from the detour to the Plaza de los Caballeros del Sol, this being the best place to park.

6. Los Tules Beach

Puerto Vallarta’s wide beach of soft sand surrounded by hotel complexes such as the Fiesta Americana, Hola Vallarta, Holiday Inn, Villas del Sol Los Tules and Villa del Palmar, among other excellent complexes.

The hotels in front of the sandbank built small piers that divide the beach into sectors.

The Plaza Caracol Shopping Center, one of the most emblematic in Puerto Vallarta, is very close with a variety of stores, attractive promotions and a program of events that includes shows, sports and other entertainment activities.

Playa Los Tules is in the North Hotel Zone of the city, next to Playa de Oro.

7. Kitchen Island

Little island of Punta Perula, in the Bay of Islands or Bahía de Chamela, with an almost virgin beach with calm waves and crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying with the family.

Its characteristics also make it a good setting for a romantic beach day, in which you should bring an umbrella, food, drinks, sunscreen and any other item you may need.

The road trip from Puerto Vallarta is 2 hours and the trip between the coast and the small island is 20 minutes.

8. Garza Blanca Beach

Garza Blanca has the distinction, “Blue Flag Mexico”, granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education to the Mexican beaches with the cleanest waters and the best environmental conditions. It is one of the 55 that have this recognition in the country.

The beach is 1 km from Palmares on the road to Barra de Navidad and has warm, calm waters and soft sand, perfect for swimming and water sports.

Its name is due to the white herons that come to the beach in search of fish.

The 5-star Garza Blanca resort is on the edge of the beach.

9. San Patricio Beach (Melaque)

San Patricio is a coastal town in Bahía de Navidad, 4 km from Barra de Navidad. Together with Melaque and Villa Obregón, it forms a conurbation of 3 villages called Melaque.

The town has traditionally been a tourist destination supported by its hotels, restaurants and artisanal fishing activity.

San Patricio is between Melaque and Villa Obregón. The 3 form the largest community on the coastal strip that goes from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo.

In the center of San Patricio there is a picturesque plaza and several retail stores, catering to the needs of the locals and tourists.

Villa Obregón is to the east and its profile is more residential, while Melaque, to the west, has the most well-known beach.

10. Cuitzmala Beach

Beach in the Jalisco municipality of La Huerta, which in 1986 was protected as a Playa Cuitzmala Sanctuary and in 2002 recategorized and included in the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, with an area of ​​13,142 hectares.

The Cuitzmala River crosses the reserve, forming estuaries and coastal lagoons with mangrove groves and low-lying forests, where resident and migratory birds and other species such as the swamp crocodile, which is at risk of extinction, live.

The cozy beach of Cuitzmala is a nesting and spawning place for several sea turtles, being vital for its preservation.

In the tropical forests of the biosphere reserve there are pumas, jaguars, ocelots, coatis, peccaries, crocodiles and geckos, among other species.

11. El Tecuan Beach

Virgin beach of golden sand and intense waves due to being in the open sea, perfect for surfing and resting in nature, because it has no infrastructure or services. It is 10 km from the Tenacatita – Costa Careyes highway.

El Tecuán beach is reached through a rocky path that crosses a hacienda of mangoes, coconuts and cattle.

Facing the sea is an old but ambitious hotel that used to have a landing strip. The complex served as the location for the horror movie, I Still Know What They Did Last Summer.

12. Bucerias

Bucerías is a coastal town in Nayarit on Banderas Bay, 22 km northwest of Puerto Vallarta.

Its beach has calm waves and fine golden sands with palapas where they prepare fresh seafood.

The name of this multicultural town is a derivation of “place of divers”, although its original name was Santa Julia de las Tablas, due to its involvement in the timber trade.

13. The Cross of Loreto

La Cruz de Loreto is a small town on the southern edge of the El Tuito jungle, with a diversity of flora and fauna that will delight nature lovers.

The town is in the municipality of Tomatlán, 39 km from Villa del Mar. It is known in Jalisco for the pilgrimage that takes place on November 24 to the temple of San Juan de la Cruz, local patron.

The beach and other natural spaces are perfect for environmentalists and for kayaking through mangroves through estuaries and lagoons, observing the fauna and flora.

14. Arroyo Seco Beach

Beach in a small cove of the Costalegre near Melaque and Tenacatita, considered one of the best in Jalisco for surfing. Circulating along Federal Highway 200, after passing the community of Agua Caliente, there is the detour towards it.

It has two beaches: Playa Grande and Playa Chica. In the second of these the waves are higher but dangerous, not recommended for beginner surfers. The best place to surf in Playa Grande is the southern end.

Kitesurfing is another entertainment that you can enjoy in Playa Grande when there is a good wind.

A good walk between the first lights of dawn or when the twilight is forming, is a spiritual and physical experience that you can live in Arroyo Seco.

15. Penitas Beach

Playa Peñitas, in the municipality of Tomatlán, impresses with its beauty with the blue of the sea, the green of the tropical jungle and the beauty of the estuaries where seabirds flutter.

It is made of medium-grain sand and lacks services in the low season, although at Easter it becomes a small town with temporary facilities.

The beach is framed by rocky outcrops, hence its name. It is an unusual place since the beauty of the beach is added to the petroglyphs of Nahuas who lived in the Tomatlán region.

16. High Waves Beach

It is one of the favorite beaches of Vallartans due to its beauty, proximity and ease of access, since it is in Puerto Vallarta between the New Malecón and the mouth of the Cuale River.

Together with Playa Los Muertos, it forms the couple of beaches of the Romantic Zone of the city. It is also one of the favorites of the gay community in Jalisco.

Olas Altas has excellent services including hotels, restaurants, bars and water and sand sports. Very close to the sandbank is the Lázaro Cárdenas Park where cultural and entertainment activities are held.

The commercial offer on the beach includes street stalls selling tacos, upscale restaurants, craft shops and art galleries.

17. Horse Beach

White sand beach in the south of Puerto Vallarta, excellent for sunbathing, building castles, snorkeling and enjoying with your partner. It is one of the most beautiful of the famous tourist pole of the Mexican Pacific.

Its small size makes it exclusive only for visitors who manage to reach it on boats that depart from the pier of Playa Los Muertos (Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone) and Boca de Tomatlán.

Their beach club is also small, so reservations must be made or arrive early.

18. Los Arcos National Marine Park

One of the most spectacular places in Puerto Vallarta to dive, snorkel and practice paddle boarding, between the beaches of Mismaloya and Las Gemelas, south of Banderas Bay.

The park, made up of maritime spaces and 2 islets, has deep waters of up to 480 meters. Its impressive caves and tunnels make practicing underwater sports an extraordinary experience.

Divers can see fish, spotted manta rays, dolphins and even the great whale shark, the largest fish on the planet that despite its size is harmless and playful.

Los Arcos National Marine Park is one of the favorite destinations in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit, for its excursions from the main coastal towns.

19. El Carrizo Beach

Beach with crystal clear waters and light gray fine-grained sand, in the southern area of ​​Puerto Vallarta at km 4.5 of the road to Barra de Navidad.

Its calm and clean waters make it perfect for swimming and diving. It is 1 km from Playa Las Estacas and can only be reached from Playa del Sol.

A breakwater installed a short distance away turned Playa El Carrizo into a natural pool.

20. Sayulita

Although it is not in Jalisco but in Nayarit, this beach is so famous that it is included in many tours that depart from Puerto Vallarta and other towns in Jalisco. It is also one of the most famous in Mexico for surfing.

Sayulita is in Banderas Bay, 42 km northwest of Puerto Vallarta and 38 km from the city’s international airport.

The large influx of national and international surfers who go to the beach has stimulated the development of an important service infrastructure made up of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, shops and surf schools.

21. Destiladeras Beach

Flat beach, with white sand and warm waters, which for its beauty is compared to the sandbanks of the Mexican Caribbean in Quintana Roo. It has hotels, restaurants and other services.

In its long 5 km extension, beach entertainment such as soccer and beach volleyball are available.

Playa Destiladeras belongs to the Nuevo Vallarta area, 16 km north of Puerto Vallarta, with access through the old road between Bucerías and Punta de Mita, facing Banderas Bay.

It is frequented by Mexicans, especially Easter and during the summer holidays. Foreign tourists, especially from the US and Canada, visit between October and March.

22. Cuixmala Beach

One of the best beaches in Jalisco to live a “blue and green” experience in the sea and in the dense wooded areas full of fauna, facing the ocean.

Cuixmala, in the Bay of Tenacatita in the Costalegre of Jalisco, is part of the Chamela – Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, an area of ​​more than 10 thousand hectares that includes a jungle, beautiful lagoons and several kilometers of coastline.

Accommodations are managed with ecological criteria and include casitas, villas and La Joya de Cuixmala, a luxury mansion and hotel on a hill whose architecture combines Mudejar, Mediterranean and Mexican architectural elements.

23. Las Glorias Beach

Puerto Vallarta beach with turquoise blue waters and golden sand, 800 meters long. It is an excellent choice for visitors to Mexico’s famous Pacific resort.

The beach is shaded by palm trees and surrounded by magnificent hotels, a perfect place to have a tropical cocktail, practice sand sports and board a boat to, in addition to knowing the beautiful Bay of Banderas, spot marine fauna, especially the migrating whales. of the cold north between December and March.

In the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta there are several accommodations near this and other beaches, such as Playa de Oro, Playa Tranquila, Playa los Tules and Playa Camarones.

24. Black Point Beach

The waters of Playa Punta Negra are crystal clear, perfect for lounging, swimming, fishing, and spending time on a clear beach. It has fine and soft sand like those of Cancun beaches.

The sandbank is in El Nogalito, a town in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, 14 km south of the city, near Playa Garza Blanca and Playa Palmares.

25. Las Estacas Beach

Beautiful 600-meter-long beach of smooth sand, emerald-colored waters and calm waves, in front of the 5-star Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive resort.

Among the activities at Playa Las Estacas, water skiing, parachute flights, boat rides and sport fishing stand out, especially in November when national and international fishermen come to Puerto Vallarta for the sailfish fishing festival.

The hotel has an outdoor pool, spa and wellness center, 4 a la carte restaurants and one buffet.

26. Chinese Shells Beach

Conchas Chinas is one of the 7 beaches in Puerto Vallarta with the Blue Flag certification of Mexico, a recognition granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches that meet specific environmental conditions.

The sandbank is also one of the most fascinating in Puerto Vallarta due to its marine beauty and attractive coastal relief.

It is very close to the Romantic Zone with an abundant infrastructure of villas, hotels, restaurants and other establishments, which ensure the satisfaction and comfort of tourists.

27. Manzanilla Beach

This charming beach with calm waves and medium-grain sand is in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a fishing village in Nayarit, 27 km northwest of Puerto Vallarta. Its palapas provide food and beverage services.

La Cruz has hotels and restaurants of different categories. It is also the place chosen by many foreigners to make their summer homes.

28. El Salado Beach

Beach near the Marina Vallarta surrounded by luxury hotels and condominiums, restaurants and other attractive places.

Near El Salado beach there are also the Marina Vallarta Golf course and the El Salado estuary, a 169-hectare Natural Protected Area, mostly covered with mangroves.

Some hotels have separated the beach areas in front of their buildings with boardwalks, but at the end of Paseo Bocanegra there is public access to the beach.

The way to the beach is to the north of the Hotel Zone, along the street that borders the northern part of the Plaza Marina Shopping Center.

On the way to the sandbank there is a mural by the artist Natasha Moraga, made with mosaics and glass of various colors.

29. Teopa Beach

A long and lonely beach on the Costa Careyes de Costalegre. It is one of the preferred sites for sea turtles for their landings on the Jalisco coast, where they come to nest and spawn.

Playa Teopa is within the area of ​​the Marine Turtle Protection Program and is one of the rare places where 4 species arrive (hawksbill, olive ridley, leatherback and loggerhead).

The lighthouse near the beach bears witness to the fascinating biodiversity and beauty of this beach.

30. Palmares Beach

Playa Palmares has crystal clear waters, calm waves and wide sand; also the first beach in Jalisco to obtain the Mexican Blue Flag, awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education to the beaches of Jalisco and Mexico.

It is 6 km south of Puerto Vallarta between Playa Punta Negra and Playa Garza Blanca, although it could be considered part of the former.

It is a clean sandbank with sanitary services, animal access control and facilities for people with mobility difficulties.

31. Marietas Islands

There are 2 Nayarit islands 36 km west of Puerto Vallarta by sea route.

The small volcanic archipelago is made up of Isla Larga and Isla Redonda and is home to Playa Escondida, also known as Playa del Amor, one of the most spectacular beaches in Mexico.

Access to Playa Escondida is restricted to only 100 visitors per day who cannot be on it for more than 30 minutes, as an environmental protection measure.

The trip by sea between Puerto Vallarta and Islas Marietas is one hour. Another way to go to this beautiful archipelago is to travel 43 km by land between Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita (Nayarit) and board a boat there that makes the trip in 15 minutes.

32. Tamarindo Beach

Place of spectacular landscapes in the Bay of Tenacatita de Costalegre.

There are 3 beautiful beaches presided over by El Tamarindo Beach & Golf Resort, a hotel located on an 825-hectare estate 212 km and 50 km from the Puerto Vallarta airport and the Manzanillo airport, respectively.

The complex is made up of houses in 3 spaces (sea, garden and forest) with an 18-hole golf course, with wonderful views of the rocky coast.

The casitas have air conditioning, private pool, terrace and minibar. One of the hotel’s lovely touches is a daily bowl of fresh fruit for each casita.

The restaurant specializes in Mexican seafood cuisine and the beach club organizes romantic dinners overlooking the ocean. Kayaks, boats and snorkel equipment are free.

33. Serene Point

Authentic sea refuge with clear waters full of fish in front of palm trees and papaya and banana plants, in the Bay of Tenacatita.

Fans of sport fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, rowing, skiing, kayaking and sailing prefer it.

In certain seasons, both sunrise and sunset materialize on the same side of the sea at Punta Serena.

34. Crazy Angels Beach

Tenacatita Bay beach with fine golden sand and gentle waves; a unique corner of Jalisco at the junction of the ocean with the La Vena estuary.

Taking a boat ride on the sand, you reach Boca de los Gorriones or Boca de la Vena, where a lagoon joins the sea through a natural channel of crystal clear waters.

This is the starting point for the boats that cross the La Zacatosa Marsh, a lagoon with mangroves where the vegetation has formed tunnels populated by crabs, coots, pelicans and other birds.

35. El Negrito Beach

Charming beach attached to the hill where the Bay of Chamela begins in the Costalegre of Jalisco.

To the left there are cliffs that are home to an active marine fauna, while to the right there are rocky areas that give the sandbank a sober beauty.

The cliffs and rocks help soften the waves making this one of the best beaches in Jalisco for swimming and splashing.

36. Alamandas Beach

Extensive beach with intense waves and fine golden sand with Las Alamandas, a 5-star hotel of rustic and ecological beauty at the foot of the sand.

The hotel is made up of villas with tiled roofs, white tiled floors and shaded terraces, whose decoration is detailed with Mexican fabrics and handicrafts.

The complex has an outdoor pool with hydromassage jets, a restaurant with ocean views, a beach bar, a gym, a kids’ club, a store, and facilities for surfing, diving, and boogie boarding.

Las Alamandas is a beach in the Bahía de Chamela near the Jalisco community of Quémaro, on the Costalegre.

37. Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, is a neighboring conurbation of the famous Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco.

Nuevo Vallarta’s beach is dotted with some of the best hotels in the country, including Reflect Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta, Occidental Nuevo Vallarta and Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta All Inclusive.

Near the beach there is a first-class infrastructure for high-end tourism, which includes golf courses, restaurants, a marina, shops, and nightlife venues.

Nuevo Vallarta has more than 5 km of beaches with turquoise blue waters and fine sand, equipped with water and land entertainment.

38. Costa Sur Hotel Beach Puerto Vallarta

Costa Sur Resort & Spa is a 4-star establishment in Puerto Vallarta at km 4.5 of the road to Barra de Navidad, with a small beach converted into a natural pool with a breakwater.

The semi-enclosure of the water made the beach a lagoon with diaphanous turquoise blue waters, which several species of marine fauna became their habitat.

Hotel guests can swim, kayak, paddle board, and snorkel in this lovely saltwater pool.

All rooms have a sea view, something sensational from November to March because you can see dolphins and whales without leaving the room.

The beach has sectors of white sand and others of pebbles.

39. Punta Penitas Beach

It is another Costalegre beach in Costa Majahuas in which a tourist concept of charming rusticity is managed, with ecological establishments that use solar energy during the day and candles at night.

Punta Peñitas is a great destination for people who like to spend time in nature.

You will enjoy seductive sunrises and ecosystems with a wide variety of birds, highlighting the Estero del Ermitaño.

40. Amapas Beach

Virgin, romantic and quiet beach, with emerald green waters, gentle waves and yellow sand, with a shore shaded by trees to the south of Old Vallarta or Romantic Zone. It is one of the 7 beaches in Puerto Vallarta with the Mexican Blue Flag certification.

It is after Playa Los Muertos and at one of its ends is El Púlpito, a well-known rocky promontory in the city.

A stepped path goes up to the promontory and down to the beach, although it is not recommended for people with walking limitations. At the other end, the beach borders on Conchas Chinas.

What beaches are there in Jalisco?

The beaches of Jalisco meet the expectations of all its visitors. There are both flat waves and calm waves, as well as big waves perfect for surfing. It has virgin beaches for greater privacy and sandbanks surrounded by beautiful vegetation to observe nature.

The beach of your preference you will find is Jalisco.

Beautiful beach Jalisco

A beautiful Jalisco beach is Colomitos. It is small and intimate and rewards with its beauty the beachgoers who make the effort to walk between ravines and jungle to reach it.

Punta Perula Jalisco

It is located in the Bay of Chamela de la Costalegre and forms a semi-enclosed cove, which is a kind of natural marina where small boats anchor.

Punta Perula is a town that lives from fishing and tourism, protected by the abundance of fish and shellfish, whose beach has gentle waves and fine golden sand.

Colomitos Beach

This beach that we have already pointed out as one of the great beauties of Jalisco is distinguished by its stream with a beautiful waterfall, south of Puerto Vallarta, in the municipality of Cabo Corrientes. It is so intimate that it only has about 30 meters.

Las Animas Beach

A 600-meter-long beach in Cabo Corrientes between Boca Tomatlán and Quimixto, with grayish sand and regular waves.

Near its shores grow mango trees, fig trees and palm trees. Its main attractions are skiing, sport fishing and boat and horseback rides.

Yelapa Beach

Beach with warm blue-green waters, fine sand, regular waves and a gentle slope, in Banderas Bay between Quimixto and Pizota. Nearby is the Yelapa Waterfall with its 35 meters high and which you can reach from the sandbank on a horseback ride.

Dead Beach

The most famous in Puerto Vallarta. It is on the maritime limit of the Romantic Zone of the city, south of the boardwalk.

On this beach is the pier from which boats leave for different places of interest in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas.

Chacala Beach

It is a charming Nayarit beach 13 km from Las Varas and 90 km north of Puerto Vallarta. It is quiet and the best place in the region to eat shrimp, since “chacala” means “where there are shrimp.”

Mayto Beach

Mayto is a virgin paradise of Jalisco in Cabo Corrientes with beautiful sunsets and several kilometers of clean and secluded beaches. One of the most important turtle camps in Mexico in the Pacific is built there.

Las Caletas Beach Jalisco

Private beach of incomparable beauty in Bahía de Navidad, 20 km south of Puerto Vallarta. It is only accessible by sea and is managed by the operator Vallarta Adventures. Film director John Huston lived in Las Caletas for almost 20 years.

Pink Beach in Jalisco

Costa Careyes beach where the blue of the sea metallic by the sun contrasts with the palm trees and other plants that embellish the shore. A suspension bridge over two cliffs completes the Edenic place.

Boca Tomatoes Beach

Beach with intense waves and impetuous wind, whose proximity to the Boca Negra estuary, populated by crocodiles, also makes it a risk for surfers and windsurfers. It is a beautiful place to see and eat fish being tossed on the shore.

golden beach

Golden sand beach and gentle waves. Its name comes from the SS Golden Gate ship sunk with a cargo of gold off the coast of Jalisco. Among its entertainments are swimming, horseback riding and paragliding.

Vallarta Port

The main coastal tourist town of Jalisco has beaches for all tastes, an active boardwalk and charming places in its Romantic Zone.

Among its best-known beaches are Playa Los Muertos, Conchas Chinas, Playa Dorada and Los Tules.

bay Of flags

Bay between Jalisco and Nayarit, one of the deepest in the world. It has fantastic beaches of the Riviera Nayarit such as Sayulita, Bucerías, Yelapa and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

Its ends are Punta Mita to the north and Cabo Corrientes to the south.

Golden Beach

Another of the wonderful beaches of Puerto Vallarta and one of the most easily accessible, extending in front of the boardwalk between the Hotel Rosita and the mouth of the Cuale River. The waves are intermediate and its golden and somewhat stony sand.

The deers

Puerto Vallarta beach with intense waves and golden sand in front of the Punta Vallarta, Colmar and Costa Vida hotels. It is frequented for aquatic entertainment.


300-meter long beach with semi-strong waves with currents and golden, stony sand, which runs from the Hotel Rosita to the Puente Camarones in Puerto Vallarta.

It is easily accessible and has excellent services, especially restaurants.

Mismaloya Beach

Recognized beach in Puerto Vallarta for its calm waves and golden sand, near the Mismaloya River.

It has zip line routes of up to 500 meters in length that pass high above the river current. It offers a variety of water sports including parasailing.

Boca Tomatlan Beach

250-meter-long beach 13 km south of Puerto Vallarta on Federal Highway 200.

It forms a bar with an interior lagoon invigorating the fauna of these ecosystems in the rainy season. It has palapas with food and beverage services.

Quimixto Beach

Beach with warm blue-green waters, medium-textured sand, regular waves and intermediate slope, in Banderas Bay between Playa Las Ánimas and Playa Yelapa.

Pizota Beach

Semi-virgin beach with waters between blue and emerald green, 20 km from Boca Tomatlán, on Federal Highway 200. It is one of the wonderful beaches in Jalisco to rest in a beautiful landscape and to travel as a couple.

Los Chonchos Beach

Almost virgin place of 200 meters of extension of golden sand with 2 other charming little beaches at its ends: Pilidat and Bonita.

Playa Los Chonchos is 30 km from Boca Tomatlan.

Corrales Beach

This beautiful beach with diaphanous waters, one km long, is reached by a path that runs along the coast to the lighthouse, 45 km from Boca Tomatlán.

Its sand is white with rocky parts and other fine ones. It is a good place to practice diving, kayaking and sport fishing.

Tabo Beach

Along with Tabito and Sola, it integrates a small inlet of Cabo Corrientes in the Costalegre of Jalisco, with an estuary at the bottom of the bay. It is a corner of peace to listen to the sounds of nature and relax on the white sand.

Cape Corrientes

Cabo Corrientes is a municipality of Jalisco in the Coast Region in the geographical extension of the same name, with an extension of 75 km with wooded areas and steep cliffs, which makes it a place in the Mexican Pacific to start the tour of the beautiful and numerous territory beaches. Its municipal seat is El Tuito.

Isatan Beach

A 1 km long beach with strong waves due to being in the open sea, in Cabo Corrientes. It has no services and is almost deserted.

Coronado Beach

A 1,000 meter long beach with large rocky outcrops, golden sand and intense waves.

spoons beach

Virgin beach of Cabo Corrientes with strong waves and 2,000 meters in length. It is spectacular to walk along the sandbank as a couple and live an experience of intimacy with nature.

Telpichichi Beach

Cove of 1,000 meters in length with high cliffs on its flanks in Cabo Corrientes, between El Fraile beach and the Mayto estuary, 95 km from Puerto Vallarta.

The estuary is a place full of virgin nature that you can get to know by kayaking.

Tehuamixtle Beach

Ensenada de Cabo Corrientes with turquoise blue waters used by yachtsmen as a refuge for their boats, near Villa del Mar.

The fishermen of the bay catch fresh fish, shellfish and oysters, with rich flavors, aromas and textures.

On the seabed, next to the old pier, a sunken ship is visible.

Villa del Mar Beach

It is another beach of the cape that is reached from Tehuamixtle by a dirt road. It has ecological and rustic cabins with great views of the sea.

Kayaking through the estuary, horseback riding, photographic safaris, cycling and interpretive hiking, are some of the activities you can do in Villa del Mar.

Ipala Beach

5 km long open sea beach in the Tehuamixtle Bay of Cabo Corrientes, accessible through a dirt road.

On the coast and nearby interior territory there is abundant fauna that includes wading birds, wild boars and deer.

Estuary of the Boquilla

This place, surrounded by mangroves and dense nature, can be reached starting from the Marina Vallarta and sailing 160 km along the coast.

In the area there are coves of dreams and it is a perfect place for ecotourism and to isolate yourself from the world.

Costa Majahuas Beach

Costa Majahuas is a part of the Costalegre coastline with miles of estuaries and open beaches, including La Peñita, Punta Peñita, Majahuas, Chalacatepec, Cruz de Loreto and the Cajón de Peñas dam.

Mismaloya Playground

A place close to the Los Arcos National Marine Park with a fascinating biodiversity, including sea turtles, amphibians and a variety of migratory and resident birds that fish and nest in the coastal wetlands.

In the beach you can practice snorkeling, water skiing, horseback riding and ATV tours.

Majahuas Beach

Playa Majahuas is a peaceful place with an estuary and a turtle camp in the Costa Majahuas sector of the Costalegre. It is one of the good places to camp in Jalisco.

Chalacatepec Beach

Almost virgin beach with strong waves in Costa Majahuas without hotel infrastructure.

Chamela Bay

This large cove of the Costalegre is a fantastic place of natural contrasts with more than 10 km of beaches and maritime, river and land spaces.

It has islands such as Cocinas, Colorada, Pajarera and La Negrita, all accessible by boat and with extraordinary beaches on the continental coast, among which Chamela, Punta Perula, El Negrito and Las Alamandas stand out.

Punta Perula Beach

Clear sandy beach on the Costalegre, 21 km from Chalacatepec on Federal Highway 200.

The beautiful cove is an anchorage for recreational boats, a point of arrival for fishing boats and a place of departure for boats to the islands of the Bay of Chamela, such as Cocinas and Pajarera.

Chamela Beach

It is one of the superb beaches of the Bay of Chamela and the main tourist destination in this beautiful bay of the Costalegre.

The waters and the beauty of the landscape are the ideal setting to practice adventure sports.

Chamela is a good place to start a tour of the islands in the bay.

Costa Careyes

Beautiful coastal space on the Costalegre de Jalisco with cliffs that serve as sentinels for beautiful coves with gentle waves and fine, golden sand.

Costa Careyes has a rich environment to relax and unwind. Among its beaches are Teopa, Careyitos, Careyes and Playa Rosa.

Careyes Beach

Magical place bordered by rocks and reefs with spectacular sunsets. It is one of the treasures surrounded by lush nature in the Costalegre Jalisco.

Tenacatita Bay

It is another of the wide and beautiful coves of Costalegre in the state of Jalisco. An excellent place to dive and snorkel and underwater fishing, capturing oysters, clams, crabs, snails, octopus and lobsters.

Among the best beaches in the bay are Tenacatita, La Manzanilla, Boca de Iguanas, El Tamarindo, El Tecuán, Punta Serena and Ángeles Locos.

Tenacatita Beach

Beach known for mangroves that are home to a variety of fauna and for the beauty and transparency of the waters between emerald green and blue.

Playa Tenacatita is excellent for diving and snorkeling.

christmas bay

Bahía de Navidad has some of the most spectacular beaches of the Costalegre, the coastal corridor in the Mexican Pacific that goes from Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) to Manzanillo (Colima).

The beaches of the bay are varied and offer different entertainment. The most important are Barra de Navidad, San Patricio and Cuastecomates.

melaque beach

Together with San Patricio and Villa Obregón, this locality integrates a community of 3 villages that formed a conurbation called Melaque.

Melaque beach, with gentle waves, is known for its huge rocks that embellish and protect it, being a dazzling setting for various aquatic entertainments.

Christmas Bar Beach

It is a beach in Bahía de Navidad in the Jalisco town of Barra de Navidad, 54 km from Manzanillo (Colima).

It is a fishing village that is very active in sport fishing, especially sailfish, tuna and marlin.

Cuastecomates Beach

On this Costalegre beach in Bahía de Navidad, the tropical jungle and a gray sand beach are mixed, sheltered by impressive cliffs.

Embedded between the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains is the peaceful little fishing village.

The palapa-style restaurants on the beach always serve the catch of the day. Snorkeling, diving and windsurfing are the main entertainment.

The Little Known Beaches in Jalisco

Jalisco has secluded, virgin and semi-virgin beaches, which have remained on the sidelines of mass tourism, such as those of Chalacatepec in Costa Majahuas.

The most romantic beaches in Jalisco

The Jalisco coast is dotted with intimate beaches and spectacular sunsets, perfect for a romantic getaway. Some are Punta Serena, Playa Careyes, Playa El Negrito and Playa Mayto.

The cleanest beaches in Jalisco

The lack of infrastructure and the lack of overcrowding make Playa Careyitos, Playa El Tecuán and Playa Chalacatepec some of the cleanest in Jalisco.

The small beaches in Jalisco

Playa Colomitos is only 30 meters long where there is also a waterfall.

El Caballo is a small and cozy beach only accessible by sea in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta.

The romantic beaches in Jalisco

What beaches can be more romantic than those of the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta? On the beaches of Old Vallarta such as Playa Los Muertos and Olas Altas you will spend tender moments with your partner.

Virgin beaches in Jalisco

Costalegre and other beach areas in Jalisco have beaches for the enjoyment of those who prefer totally natural spaces.

Among the virgin beaches in Jalisco and its surroundings, we must mention Playa Escondida (Marietas Islands) and Las Gemelas.

Jalisco beaches for couples

Conchas Chinas, Isla Cocinas, El Caballo and Playa Pizota are Jalisco sandbanks that you will enjoy with your partner in the company of beautiful landscapes and dreamy sunsets.

The best beaches in Jalisco for camping

Melaque and La Manzanilla are beaches with hotel infrastructure where tents are allowed. Other good beaches in Jalisco for camping are Boca de Iguanas and Punta Perula.

Cheap beaches in Jalisco

The beaches of the Costalegre have a fairly similar price level. Possibly those that are farthest from Puerto Vallarta and closest to Colima, are somewhat cheaper.

Beaches near Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

The closest beaches to this town integrated into the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area are those located in the Riviera Nayarit, Rincón de Guayabitos being one of the closest.

Beaches near Barra de Navidad

Barra de Navidad is in Bahía de Navidad near Playa Cuastecomates and Playa San Patricio (Melaque).

Information on the beaches of Jalisco

In Jalisco there are beaches of all types. Some are in the open sea with intense waves and others are protected coves with calm waters.

Many Jalisco beaches are surrounded by hotels and others are lonely and without services.

Map with the beaches of Guadalajara

Tourist places of Jalisco

In Guadalajara you have to visit the cathedral, the Expiatorio temple, the Degollado Theater and other jewels of the historic center of Guadalajara.

Other tourist places in Jalisco are Tequila, Lake Chapala, Costalegre, Puerto Vallarta, Volcán de Fuego, Zapopan, Lagos de Moreno and Talpa de Allende.

Beaches near Jalisco and other states of Mexico

Jalisco limits to the north with Nayarit and to the south with Colima. In the Riviera Nayarit there are fabulous beaches near Jalisco such as Sayulita, Bucerías, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Punta de Mita.

On the Colima side, Manzanillo and other great beaches are close to Jalisco.

What is the closest beach to Guadalajara?

Due to the geographical location and layout of the roads, the closest beaches to Guadalajara are those of the Riviera Nayarit.

Among the beaches near Guadalajara is Rincón de Guayabitos, 263 km from the capital of Jalisco. There are also beaches in Guadalajara on Lake Chapala, the main source of fresh water for the capital of Jalisco.

What beaches can I visit in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings there are many beaches to visit.

In the Romantic Zone of the city are Playa Los Muertos and Olas Altas. Other beautiful sandbanks of the main coastal tourist pole of Jalisco are Los Tules, Conchas Chinas, Las Estacas, Las Glorias, El Carrizo and El Caballo.

What is the most beautiful beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Although it is not exactly in the city of Jalisco but on an island 36 km away, many people think that Playa del Amor or Playa Escondida, in the Marietas Islands, is the most beautiful not only in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit, but from all over Mexico.

Conchas Chinas and Las Estacas stand out for their beauty among the beaches with immediate access from Puerto Vallarta.

What do you recommend I do in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta you have to visit the boardwalk, the Romantic Zone, the temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Isla del Río Cuale and Playa Los Muertos, the most famous sandbank in the city.

Other must-see attractions in Puerto Vallarta are the art walks and its festivals, especially the May Cultural Festival and the International Gourmet Festival.

What are the beaches of Nayarit that are close to Jalisco?

The Nayarit beaches closest to Jalisco are those of Nuevo Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit, which are very close to Puerto Vallarta and form a single tourist corridor.

Among the beaches near Jalisco in the Riviera Nayarit are La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Punta de Mita, Sayulita and Bucerías.

What are the Magical Towns of Jalisco?

Jalisco has 7 Magic Towns:

1. Lakes of Moreno.

2. Mazamitla.

3. San Sebastian of the West.


5. Tapalpa.

6. Pet.

7. Talpa de Allende.

They all bring together architectural, religious, archaeological, ethnic, cultural and gastronomic attractions, which make them fascinating tourist destinations.

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