Colombia is one of the best tourist destinations in Latin America. A country with a privileged location that allows it to be bathed by both the Atlantic and the Pacific, rewarding it with incredible landscapes.

For this reason, today we have prepared an excellent guide with the best beaches in Colombia, so you can go get your suntan lotion, your swimsuit and pack your bags.

1. White Beach

We start with the beaches of Colombia on the shores of Cartagena. Passing the Rosario Islands, you come across Barú Island, where this incredible beach paradise takes place, one of the country’s most darlings.

You can reach it through a boat ride that takes about 35 minutes, thanks to a tour that includes a tour of some of the other islands.

The white sands and crystal clear turquoise water make it one of the most visited beaches in the country. Hence, getting accommodation in the vicinity is almost a journey. However, camping on the coast is allowed.

On the other hand, it is an excellent alternative to practice water sports thanks to its waves and strong breezes.

Appreciate in the following video how beautiful this beach is:

2. Tintipan Island

Located in the beloved Bahía Solano of the department of Chocó, Tintipan is an excellent option to enjoy a wide variety of fauna and flora. It is a beach surrounded by mangroves and Ciénegas, which are home to a good handful of the country’s biodiversity.

This site is one of the main islets that make up the archipelago of San Bernardo del Viento. It has some of the clearest waters of the beaches in Colombia, making it the ideal place for water sports such as snorkeling and even canoeing.

It is also a good alternative for walks or jogging in the sand, as well as you can take a tour of ‘Casa en el Agua’, a special environment for tourists where to share and celebrate, with a cocktail.

Take a look at this amazing aerial shot of the island:

3. Palomino Beach, La Guajira

Surrounded by wonderful vegetation, it is very attractive for tourists who want a pleasant and relaxing break. This beach, one of the best in Colombia, thanks to its strong waves, is ideal for surfing fans.

You can also include a visit to the nearby Palomino River, if you want more than sea, salt and sand; there it is possible to practice tubing , letting yourself be carried away by the current of the river.

Another option is the National Natural Park that is very close to Tayrona Bay.

Look in the following video how beautiful this beach is:

4. Sardines Bay, San Andres Island

If you like sports on the beach, Bahía Sardinas will undoubtedly be your favorite beach, as its sands are home to friendly volleyball, tennis, soccer and Frisbee competitions.

But, if what you like are sports of emotion and adrenaline such as kitesurfing , windsurfing and jet skiing , this wonderful Colombian beach (with its strong currents) will make you spend moments full of emotion and fun.

The sunsets are truly magical and you cannot miss them to keep a wonderful memory of your visit to one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Appreciate in the following video how fascinating this beach is:

5. Concha Bay, Santa Marta

A true tropical paradise, surrounded by coconut trees and with crystal clear waters is Bahía Concha, with waves so gentle that it is relaxing and reassuring, one of the best beaches in Colombia.

When you bathe in its waters you will be surprised by the multitude of perfectly visible fish swimming nearby.

Thanks to the transparency of its waters, it is the perfect place to practice diving and enjoy very entertaining moments with the whole family.

Take a look at these aerial shots of this amazing beach:

6. Baru Beach, Cartagena

One of the best beaches in Colombia. It is located 40 minutes by road or boat from Cartagena. Unmatched for its extensive mangroves and coral formations, ideal for enjoying water sports.

It is a pleasant environment to spend with the family and if you like nightlife, the many bars, casinos and nightclubs in general, will undoubtedly give you moments of relaxation and lots of fun.

Check out this fabulous video documenting the views of this beach:

7. Crystal Beach, Santa Marta

Excellent choice if, in addition to going to the beach, you want to go sightseeing. This beautiful Colombian beach offers you the possibility of practicing canoeing, snorkeling, diving or hiking.

Its access is restricted, only 350 people per day. Therefore, if you decide to visit it, you must be there early to get a space to enter. This restriction is due to the fact that it is part of the areas protected by National Parks.

One of its greatest attractions is to observe “the sea of ​​seven waves” from the road, so you must make a stop on the road, after accessing it. An excellent alternative if it is one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Observe this wonderful beach, belonging to the Tayrona park, in the following video:

8. Rodadero Beach, Santa Marta

This extraordinary beach, located just ten minutes from the city of Santa Marta, has various activities for you, from renting a sailboat and sailing through its wonderful turquoise blue waters, to diving or snorkeling.

A little over ten minutes by boat, you arrive at the museum of the sea and the aquarium, where you will find small and colorful fish, playful seals, dolphins, fearsome barracudas and the king of the sea, the dangerous shark.

At night you will find places to have a drink, listen and dance with the typical vallenato and thus wait for the sunrise in a place full of fun and happiness.

Appreciate in this video the fantastic shots they documented of this beach:

9. San Andres Beach, San Andres Island

Located in the waters of the Colombian Pacific, we locate one of the best beaches in Colombia; It is located 700 kilometers from the continental coast of the country.

It is one of the beaches preferred by the public thanks to its low cost. With waters that vary in color between turquoise blue, green and some purple hues, it is a favorite destination for windsurfing, jet skiing and kitesurfing .

Reggae music is present in all areas of this fabulous place and, without a doubt, you will feel identified with it, its inhabitants and the relaxed and calm atmosphere that is breathed.

You should not miss the opportunity to swim with manta rays and also risk trying to weave hats with palm leaves, following the instructions of the natives of this, one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Take a closer look at how beautiful this beach is in this video:

10. Bocagrande Beach, Cartagena

If what you want from your visit to a Colombian beach is varied fun, you cannot miss this wonderful beach, one of the best in Colombia.

Located in Cartagena de Indias, close to the historic center of the walled city, which you can see while you are on the beach sunbathing. Native artisans offer their products made by themselves on the beach. You can taste the best typical foods of the area.

Its golden sand is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. It has bars, casinos, hotels and restaurants nearby that are always ready to please the tourist who comes to this extraordinary beach.

If you like to surf, in the waters of Bocagrande you can practice it with all the emotion, satisfaction and fun you are looking for.

Take a look at this fantastic aerial shot of one of the best beaches in Colombia:

11. Nuqui Beach, Chocó

One of the best beaches in Colombia is Playa Nuqui. It is home to the fabulous humpback whales, which you can see if you take one of the tours offered for their sighting.

Located in the department of Chocó, it is also a very quiet beach and if you like sport fishing, diving, surfing or ecotourism, in its waters you will feel fulfilled and happy to be able to carry out your favorite activities.

There is a very special tour that has among its options an ecological walk to the Cascadas del Amor and the thermal baths. There you will have the opportunity to visit and observe a beautiful waterfall with a drop of 36 meters high, a lasting memory of your visit to one of the best Colombian beaches.

Watch in the following video a beautiful sunset on Nuqui beach:

12. Punta Gallinas, La Guajira

Located in the Colombian Guajira, where the desert joins the waters of the Colombian Atlantic to create a unique and wonderful landscape.

It is one of the best beaches in Colombia and also low cost, thanks to which it receives many visitors and tourists frequently.

Its sunsets are truly unforgettable and deserve the walk to live this experience.

Those who have visited it think that Punta Gallinas is, due to its beauty and warm and welcoming atmosphere, a place from another world.

Appreciate in the following video in more detail how beautiful this beach is:

13. Cape San Juan, Tayrona, Santa Marta

Endowed with many natural reserves, Cabo San Juan, forms apart from the beaches of Tayrona; there you can have huts within the crystal clear and calm waters of the beach.

Among the activities that are to be carried out in addition to bathing in the beach, we can mention hiking, horseback riding or going on a boat ride to delight yourself with the beautiful landscape.

The inhabitants of the area will always have the best disposition to please the tourist and offer them the best attention and delicious culinary specialties.

As a bonus to everything offered, we must tell you that this beach is one of the few places on the Colombian coast where you can practice nudism; so, maybe there you can make your fantasy come true, without shame or taboos.

Appreciate in the following video the fabulous shots of this beach:

14. Capurgana Beach, Acandi, Chocó

This beach is part of the exotic bay located in the north of Colombia, near the border with the Republic of Panama.

Its fabulous climate makes it a favorite destination for tourists and travelers. You can sunbathe, do ecotourism or windsurf ; but you can also take walks through the jungle, if you like adventure, or enter the waters and dive to observe the wonders of the marine world.

If you like tranquility, then you can sit on the shore of the beach, from where you will be able to observe a variety of fish and coral formations, also from there you will enjoy the wonderful flavors of the typical cuisine of the Chocó region.

Observe in the following video in more detail the wonders of this beach:

15. Neguanje Beach, Tayrona, Santa Marta

When it comes to wanting a quiet beach, you can not hesitate and choose Neguanje beach. It is a bay that is part of Parque Tayrona, located in its central part.

It has the softest beach sand in the entire country. Its waters are warm and transparent, so they invite you to relax and unwind. You can practice snorkeling very easily due to the condition of its waters, even if you are not an expert in this sport.

Due to its characteristics and everything it offers to tourists, Playa Neguanje is definitely one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Observe in this video the different points of view of this incredible beach:

16. Crab Cay, Providencia Island

One of the best beaches in Colombia is definitely Cayo Cangrejo. When you are at its peak, a unique sensation of freedom will invade you.

From its natural viewpoint you will have a unique and incomparable view of the so-called “sea of ​​seven colors”. You will not be able to stop taking pictures to immortalize such beautiful views.

Cayo Cangrejo is a portion of the Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Natural Park. In addition to practicing water sports, this key allows you to observe hawksbill turtles, fish of various colors that swim near people and others such as snappers or barracudas.

The coral reefs in the area are among the most beautiful in the entire country.

Appreciate in the following video different shots of this magnificent beach:

17. Bahia Solano Beach, Chocó

If your preferences when traveling are a mixture of a taste for nature and tourism, one of the best beaches in Colombia is Bahía Solano.

On the shores of this wonderful bay, the Colombian Atlantic coincides with the tropical jungle, resulting in a unique and spectacular landscape.

Getting to Bahía Solano is not very easy, it requires a journey that will be full of adventures, but if you want a fabulous beach with a dreamlike landscape, you will gladly live the experience.

It is a special area for sport fishing in deep waters and for humpback whale watching.

It does not have large hotels or places of nightlife such as bars or casinos, as it is a place for adventure tourism and ecotourism.

Watch the following video that takes a closer look at Bahía Solano:

18. Marbella Beach, Cartagena

One of the best beaches in Colombia is Marbella, in the beautiful and mythical Cartagena de Indias.

Its sand, of a particular earthy brown color, gives it a feeling of freshness and a clean appearance. The coast will offer you an incomparable view of the walled city.

Among the activities available to do there are canoeing, surfing or snorkeling. You can also take jet ski rides, canoes and practice diving.

If you visit the Comfenalco Recreational Center, you will obtain knowledge and information about the fabulous Cartagena de Indias and its culture.

See in the following video beautiful aerial shots of this beach:

19. Belt Beach, Cartagena

One of the best in Cartagena de Indias Colombia beach. It has crystal clear waters, yellow sand and a generous and very green vegetation. Playa Cinto has no comparison and a visit should not be missed, it will be spectacular.

Playa Cinto is located in a bay from where the blue of the Caribbean Sea, contrasting with the green of the jungle, gives rise to a landscape of unique beauty. It is not a very visited beach, as it can only be reached by boat.

You can hike through its immense ravine and take guided excursions so that you fully discover the fabulous bay that contains Playa Cinto, one of the beaches with the most crystalline waters in all of Colombia.

20. La Barra Beach, Valle del Cauca, Buenaventura

To get to Playa La Barra it is necessary to walk a section along a small and narrow trail or path. Therefore, it is ideal for those who like an adventure full of emotion and adrenaline, but it is not recommended for those who like more relaxed and calm walks.

It is not convenient to carry a lot of luggage, since that will make it difficult to advance along the uncomfortable path that, at times, can have some swamp and is somewhat long.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will find a hostel that offers accommodation, food, drinks and general attention to tourists.

The beach is equipped with spaces for camping and there you can place tents to spend the night, if you like that kind of adventure, without forgetting that it is one of the quietest beaches in the country and, of course, one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Watch in the video below the route to get to the beach, as well as beautiful shots of the beach:

21. Taganga Beach, Santa Marta

Taganga was just a fishing village that has become one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Today it attracts tourists from Colombia and other parts of the world thanks to its breeze (which is very fresh), its vegetation, its mountainous landscape and its proximity to the Tayrona National Natural Park.

It is very close to the area of ​​cliffs on the Colombian Caribbean coast and that makes it a favorite among lovers of diving and sun worshipers.

IF in addition to enjoying the beach, you like nightlife, Taganga has cheerful and lively places where you can have an excellent time. There is a wide variety of bars, restaurants and other nightspots.

It is a very cozy beach and you can spend days with your family, playing volleyball, diving, watching the small and colorful fish or simply enjoying the good sun, waves and sand, while contemplating the landscape and the people of the area.

Appreciate the aerial shots of this incredible beach in the following video:

22. Cabo de la Vela Beach, Santa Marta

Unquestionably, Cabo de La Vela Beach is one of the best in Colombia and should be included in any plan to visit beaches due to its extraordinary beauty and unique conditions.

It is bathed by the waters of the Colombian Pacific. It is a beach with warm waters, ideal for children and for those who do not like a beach with cold waters. It has a wide variety of activities for healthy and happy recreation.

It is a beach with bathrooms that have special devices for people with reduced mobility and older adults; They also have an area to place hammocks.

Its waters are not deep, which means that the chances of risk are minimized. So here you will have many moments of pleasant relaxation and fun.

Observe in the following video how fantastic this beach is:

23. San Luis Beach, San Andres Island

San Luis Beach is located towards the western part of San Andrés Island. It is one of the least visited by the public and tourists. It is populated with coconut palms, colorful tropical vegetation and is accompanied by strong waves.

Visitors to this beach, one of the best in Colombia, are mainly dedicated to snorkeling, so its shore is populated by various establishments dedicated to renting equipment to carry out this activity.

It has a wide marine biodiversity and spectacular coral reefs. One of the beaches in Colombia San Andrés that we recommend the most.

Appreciate in the following video wonderful aerial shots of this beach:

24. Manzanillo Beach, Providencia Island

This wonderful beach, one of the best in Colombia, is located in the southern area of ​​Providencia Island. It is one of those that still remain practically virgin and has a turquoise blue sea and white sand that make it an exquisite natural place.

It is an area with very few services for the visiting public. It only has a typical rustic bar that offers cocktails and seafood dishes, basically.

At night, the fun consists of watching the bonfires that are prepared on the edge of the beach, while listening to reggae music .

If you like diving or sports such as volleyball or soccer, you can practice them with complete peace of mind and have truly fun times.

25. La Piscina Beach, Tayrona, Santa Marta

This beach is truly special and one of the best in Colombia, hands down. It offers a lot of safety regarding the waves thanks to its coral reef that stops the force of the waves. So it is a beach with very serene water.

It is located between Playa Arrecifes and Cabo de San Juan del Guía. It is a true natural pool, due to the containment that the corals make of the waves. Its waters, in addition to being calm and peaceful, are crystal clear.

It is surrounded by greenery. I advise you to take a good mosquito and insect repellent, as they tend to bother you, especially in the late afternoon and while watching the sunsets, which are fabulous experiences due to the beauty of the landscape.

Appreciate in the following video these magnificent shots of this beach:

26. Rosario Islands Archipelago, Bolívar

They are a group of 27 small islands that contain beaches that are among the best in Colombia. They are located in the Colombian Caribbean and can be reached after approximately an hour and a half by boat from Cartagena.

Its territory is part of the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, with extraordinary landscapes among the multitude of mangroves that exist throughout the area.

Isla Grande, being the main island, concentrates most of the services offered in this archipelago. It has beaches with crystal clear and warm waters, with white sands.

It is equipped with special points to dive for snorkeling and diving. In Isla Grande we find one of the best beaches in Colombia.

See in the following video the best shots of this archipelago:

27. Rincon del Mar, Sucre

Bathed by the waters of the Colombian Caribbean, this is one of the best beaches in Colombia. It has the authentic and typical flavor of the Caribbean, with Afro-descendant inhabitants and customs.

This beach, which is in a fishing village, is truly paradisiacal and its sunsets are, due to their beauty, a blessing from the Creator.

The inhabitants of the town are always willing to serve and offer the best attention to tourists, as well as to indicate the best way to take care of the area, because for them it is a natural treasure and they work to improve it every day.

A wonderful place, where in addition to enjoying the beach, you can take canoe rides through the mangroves and learn from the locals, how important it is to take care of their ecosystem and biodiversity.

From the town you can reach the San Bernardo Archipelago by boat.

Observe in the video below beautiful images of this beach:

28. San Bernardo Archipelago

This archipelago is located very close to Cartagena de Indias. A natural paradise, of unique beauty, that has the marine wealth that the Colombian Atlantic brings, where some of the best beaches in Colombia are found.

In the area of ​​the archipelago, located in the Gulf of Morrosquillo, in the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, there are many small islands, among which are: Múcura, Pirata, Tintipan, Ceycén, Isla Grande and Santa Cruz del Islote.

Each of these islands has exceptional beaches, some of which are rarely visited and lonely. It has some lodging places or you can visit the area and spend the night in Cartagena.
Appreciate in the following video an aerial tour of this beautiful beach:

29. Los Flamencos Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, La Guajira

A small corner, blessed by nature, located between the Caribbean Sea and the dry forest of the lagoons scattered along the coast.

Located 20 minutes by road from Riohacha and about two hours away from Santa Marta.

The sanctuary is accessed by canoe from Boca de Camarones. When you are in the place, you can enjoy its magnificent beaches, one of the best in Colombia, as well as the sighting of the thousands of flamingos that have their residence there.

There is no lodging in the sanctuary, but you will find places to spend the night in Boca de Camarones.

Watch in the following video this fantastic place full of flamingos:

30. Morro Tumaco, Narino

Here we will find one of the best beaches in Colombia, unmistakable for the natural stone arch that accompanies it.

Tumaco is known as the Pearl of the Pacific and is full of natural treasures not yet discovered.

Playa del Morro de Tumaco is a little explored destination, highly sensory, full of flavors and sounds, with the unmistakable color of the Pacific Ocean that bathes its shores.

Humpback whales circulate through this area, so sightings can be made. Likewise, there are many birds that can also be observed and visit the mangroves, which always hold some surprises, in addition to their beauty.

Observa en este videio las maravillas de esta playa:

31. Parque Nacional Natural Gorgona, Cauca

A este maravilloso parque se puede llegar por mar o por tierra. Es un viaje algo largo saliendo del muelle de Buenaventura. Si no le temes a viajar en lanchas o botes, puedes optar por la aventura de llegar por mar y disfrutarlo plenamente.

En estas playas puedes practicar buceo profesional, nadar y tomar sol en Playa Blanca o Playa Palmeras, consideradas unas de las mejores playas de Colombia. Desde allí se puede avistar el islote Gorgonilla.

También es posible visitar el antiguo penal que había en el lugar y que ha ido siendo tomado y devorado por la selva.

Aprecia en este video con mucho más detalle est ncreíble lugar:

32. Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo, Valle del Cauca

Este santuario está formado por una isla y realmente no es una playa como tal. Sin embargo, debido a las magníficas formaciones coralinas que hay en ella, se puede considerar entre las mejores playas de Colombia.

Malpelo se encuentra en el Pacifico colombiano y sus arrecifes de coral son de los más importantes de este océano.

Malpelo es Patrimonio de la Humanidad y para viajar hasta ella es necesario ser buzo profesional certificado con dos estrellas y contar con una experiencia de 25 buces en la bitácora.

La isla de Malpelo es empleada para el buceo profesional debido a las grandes riquezas coralinas que posee.

Aprecia en el siguiente video preciosas tomas de esta playa:

¿Qué playas hay en Colombia?

Una de los mejores encantos de Colombia son sus playas. Gracias a su acceso al océano Atlántico y al Pacifico, cuenta con excelentes costas con mucho potencial turístico. Entre ellas destacan: Playa Blanca, Playa Palomino, Playa Bocagrande, Cayo Cangrejo, Playa San Luis, Playa de San Andrés, Playa Cristal, Playa Manzanillo, Playa Barú, Playa Cabo de La Vela.

¿Cuáles son las mejores playas de Cartagena?

Todas las playas de Colombia son una excelentes opciones. Sin embargo, si tenemos que nombrar algunas como las mejores, te diremos que se trata de Playa Marbella, Playa Cristal, Playa Manzanillo, Playa Berú, Playa Castillogrande, Playa las Terrazas, Playa Punta Arena.

¿Cuál es la isla más bonita de Colombia?

Considerando que Colombia es el único país de Suramérica con aguas del Pacifico y del Atlántico, cuenta con una buena variedad de islas en su haber. Por ello, decirte cuál es la más bonita resulta casi imposible. Podemos mencionarte tres de las más importantes del territorio: San Andrés y Providencia, Gorgona Island y Santa Cruz de Islote.

¿Cuánto cuesta una comida en Colombia?

El costo de una comida varía según el platillo. En promedio, comer una hamburguesa en Colombia tiene un costo de 5USD, mientras que una comida completa en un restaurante común tiene un costo de 6 USD. Una cena en un restaurante elegante, puede alcanzar un costo de 7 USD en adelante, dependiendo de la comida elegida. Los frutos de mar suelen ser lo más costoso del menú.

Playas de Colombia paradisiacas

Isla Tintipan, Bahía Sardinas, Isla San Andrés, Playa Neguanje, Tayrona, Santa Marta, Cayo Cangrejo, Isla de Providencia, Rincón del Mar, Sucre, Playa La Piscina, Playa Blanca

Playas del Pacifico colombiano

Bahía Solano, Playa de Nuquí, Playa de Juanchaco y Ladrilleros.

Playas solitarias en Colombia

No existen playas colombianas totalmente solitarias, sin embargo hay algunas que son poco visitadas y ofrecen mucha calma y confort. Algunas de ellas son: Playa Guachalito, Playa Brava, Playas de Coquí y Playa Panguí


Como ves, Colombia es una de las mejores opciones latinoamericanas para disfrutar de un buen baño de playa. Un país bendecido con salida al Atlántico y al Pacifico, cuenta con una hermosa reserva natural de costas e islas.

No dejes por fuera ninguna de estas playas de tu itinerario, y si conoces otras increíbles playas de Colombia. No olvides contarnos en los comentarios tu experiencia.


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