One of the most important representatives of Mexican cultural heritage is its rich gastronomy, famous for seasoning its dishes with different types of hot peppers, which is why it has positioned itself among the most popular in restaurants.

The dishes of the Aztec country have managed to win the affection of diners around the world, and there is a wide variety of typical Mexican dishes that are considered a delicacy and whose preparation is not as complex as in other cases.

If you want to know which of these are the best, be sure to read the following 30 dishes that I will show you below.

1. tacos

To think of Mexican food is to think directly of Tacos, because it is not in vain that they have earned the position of being one of the best known dishes in the world.

Its basic preparation is from one (or several) fried corn tortillas, which can be filled with beef, chicken or fish, seasoned with grains, grated cheese and a variety of vegetables sautéed in pieces.

This dish can be more or less spicy depending on the amount of chili that is added, and you should not forget to prepare guacamole sauce or tomato paste to accompany them and give them a greater and better flavor.


2. fajitas

Born in the Mexican part of Texas, it is one of the typical dishes that have caused the greatest impact on North American culture.

They are prepared from roasted corn or wheat tortillas, stuffed with meat or chicken and with a variety of sautéed vegetables in which red pepper usually stands out.

They are often confused with burritos, but unlike these, fajitas arrive at the table with the ingredients in parts, so that you can fill them yourself to taste; in addition, they do not close completely, but rather fold in the shape of a crescent.

3. Enchiladas

Enchiladas are one of the dishes whose ingredients in the preparation can vary more frequently, everything will depend on the place where they are served, as long as the holy trinity is respected: corn tortilla, chili and cheese.

Some enchiladas are filled with beans, lettuce, jalapeño and tomato, while others include beef with potatoes and carrots, served with the famous poblano sauce.

The tortillas are filled with the ingredients and closed in a cylindrical shape, covered with melted cheese and sauces to taste.

Just seeing this dish arrive at your table is enough to make your mouth water.

4. Pozole

It is one of the most representative broths of Mexican gastronomy, whose main characteristic is that it can vary in color (red, green and white are the main ones) depending on its ingredients.

They can be prepared both with meat (either beef, pork or chicken) and with vegetables (avocado, onion and chili), but at all times it stands out for the tender corn grains of cacahuazintle, from which the color of the broth.

For cold days or family evenings, a stew of pozole becomes a perfect option among the variety of Mexican dishes.

5. quesadillas

For cheese lovers, one of the best delicacies that exists among Mexican food is undoubtedly the quesadilla.

Its preparation is so simple, you just need to fill a corn tortilla with cheese and fold it in half, cooking it on the grill until its interior melts.

Many people use a double tortilla to give it more consistency, as well as include meat or vegetables in the filling, but all this is optional.

6. Aguachile

Mexican gastronomy also extends to seafood, and aguachile is an example of this.

It is a boiled broth of fresh shrimp, prepared with chiltepine chili pieces and a variety of vegetables to taste, which can even have a pinch of tequila or mezcal to add flavor.

This dish is typical of the coastal region of Sinaloa, and is known to be frequently used among Mexicans to relieve hangover symptoms.

7. Chips

Known worldwide by the name of nachos, tortilla chips are the perfect addition to any Mexican dish at any time of the day.

They are simple shredded corn chips, grilled directly over the fire or fried, served in their characteristic triangular shapes.

These are usually served accompanied by a variety of sauces, the main ones being those made from tomato paste and beef, guacamole, chili with jalapeño or melted cheese.

They are generally presented as snacks or junk food for celebrations, but they can be combined without any inconvenience with any typical Mexican dish.

8. Tamales

Although in recent years it has been considered one of the most humble dishes of Mexican cuisine, many are unaware that its origins go back to Mexica chiefs and priests in pre-Hispanic times, who used them as offerings.

They are prepared from corn dough divided into parts and filled with meat, vegetables and chili, which is wrapped in cob leaves and steamed.

The tamales are served at the table accompanied by other contours, but it is also characteristic at parties and celebrations, where they are served in smaller pieces.

9. Caesar Salad

The fame and universality with which the Cesar salad is served is such that many people are unaware that its origins arise from Mexican cuisine.

It was born from the hand of the Italian chef Cesare Cardini, in 1924, who then lived in Tijuana and was about to participate in a salad contest, but he did not have a diversity of fresh vegetables as in Europe.

Therefore, he mixed lettuce, Parmesan cheese, egg and pieces of bread and thus gave rise to a new type of salad, easy to prepare and combinable with any other contour.

10. Veracruz style fish

The meeting between the Spaniards and the indigenous people brought as a result the Veracruz-style fish, a white fish fillet cooked with spices from the old continent such as oregano and capers, combined with Mexican chili and tomato.

It is very easy to cook, it is simply a matter of preparing the fish and browning it on both sides in a buttered pan, and then covering it with a delicious sauce based on the aforementioned vegetables.

If you are looking for a Mexican main course that is different from the others, you should definitely try this recipe.

11.Come back to life

Continuing with the dishes based on maritime food, the “come back to life” is a feast of flavors and ingredients in your mouth.

It is a seafood cocktail that can be mixed with all kinds of seafood, such as prawns, shrimp, snails, oysters, octopus, crab and many others.

It was nicknamed in this way since it is a traditional dish of the Christian celebrations of Lent, with which the coastal people of Mexico literally “came back to life” after overcoming the fasting period.

In addition to this, some “come back to life” dishes are prepared with sea urchins; a well-known aphrodisiac ingredient that can be quite useful for intimate life.

12. Zacahuil

One of the least common dishes, due to the difficulty of its preparation, but curiously one of the most characteristic of Mexican cultural heritage.

In a way, it is identical to the preparation of a tamale, with ground chili and pork meat, but with the difference that it is made to reach an approximate size of 5 meters in length.

To cook it, it must be placed in a huge wood-fired oven for a couple of hours, and then chopped and served in smaller portions.

With a single Zacahuil dozens of people can eat, so when it is prepared it is usually done for parties or large celebrations.

13. Chiles in Nogada

Coming specifically from the Puebla region, chiles en nogada can be a challenge for even the biggest lovers of heat.

Its preparation consists of poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef and mixed fruit stew, covered with walnut cream and sautéed with pomegranate pieces and parsley.

Among the aspects that make this dish be considered as one of those with the greatest Mexican heritage, is the fact that it is presented symbolizing the three colors of the flag.


14. Huarache

Imitating the ancient sandals of the Mexican indigenous tribes, the huarache consists of a thick, flat and elongated corn tortilla, on which beef or pork, chili, beans, cheese and vegetables are served.

The creation of this typical dish is attributed to the Mexican Carmen Gómez Medina, who served it for the first time in her respective food stall, located in the Canal de la Viga, in 1935.

A huarache served with a couple of margaritas will be one of the most delicious gastronomic experiences you will have in Mexico, only if you go to a restaurant that knows how to prepare this dish correctly.

15. Ceviche

It is the favorite maritime dish of many. It is a mixture of white fish (such as grouper, hake or corvina), bathed in lemon, lime or sour orange juice and mixed with vegetables such as red onion, green chili, among others.

In addition to fish, ceviche is usually served combined with shrimp, octopus or crab, and accompanied with tortilla chips (nachos) to make this a much more complete dish.

Ceviche has become popular, both in Latin America and around the world, and it is common to see it served in the coastal regions.

16. Chicken in Pipián Sauce

A dish of great importance for the pre-Hispanic culture, since the pipián sauce is prepared from pumpkin, this being, according to its own mythology, the head of an ancient warrior who was decapitated after losing in the ball game.

To prepare it, you need to take the pumpkin seeds, grind and roast them, and then cook them with a green chili sauce.

Once you bathe the chicken in this sauce, you will have a delicious dish with a unique presentation, since the pipian sauce gets a greenish color from the chili.

17. Ranch Eggs

If you want to taste a true typical Mexican breakfast, you cannot deprive yourself of the experience of trying some good Huevos Rancheros.

They are fried eggs served in toasted corn tortillas, bathed in refried beans in tomato sauce and accompanied by slices of chili, onion or avocado.

This breakfast is considered a bomb due to its high caloric content, making it one of the best ways to start the day full of energy.

18. Mole

It is not a meal per se, but rather an accompaniment that can turn almost any dish into a typical Mexican one.

It is a delicious sauce made from chilies, corn dough, bolillo and various spices, served mainly with cooked meats.

There are different types of mole, it will depend on the ingredients with which this sauce is made, highlighting the following as the main ones:

  • mole poblano
  • black mole
  • Red mole
  • Green mole
  • chimole

However, due to the intensity of the spices with which the mole is prepared, not all people have the palate to withstand its flavor, so it is necessary to get used to tolerating the itching.

19. Guacamole

A sauce as famous as the most recognized typical dishes, in fact, it is considered the main one to accompany Mexican cuisine at an international level.

But its popularity is born in the cradle of the Mexican people, since its two fundamental ingredients (avocado and chili) are among the cheapest and most abundant in the territory.

In addition, in pre-Hispanic culture it was already considered a divine recipe, given to the Toltec people by Quetzalcóatl himself so that they could enjoy their food.

Its preparation is quite simple, it only requires crushing the avocados and combining them with the chopped chili; You can add other ingredients such as tomato, onion and a touch of lemon.

20. Cock Peak

The perfect pair to accompany meat in roasts. It was prepared for the first time in Mexican territory. In fact, the ingredients generally used in pico de gallo represent the colors of its flag.

Its preparation is simple, it is only necessary to chop some chilies, cilantro, white onion and tomato to have its traditional version.

Despite this, examples of fruit-bearing pico de gallo have been seen, in which papaya, melon, mango, guava and any other quantity of fruit to taste are incorporated.

Whatever your favorite version, you should definitely try this dish accompanied with quesadillas or tacos.

21. Macaw

If you ever visit a Mexican town near Guanajuato, ask for a guacamaya, a typical dish from this area of ​​Mexico.

Don’t go thinking it’s about the bird. It is a ball-shaped corn dough, stuffed with hard or soft pork rinds and covered with chili or guacamole sauce.

Some people add other fillings to the guacamaya, such as cheese or leg ham, to make this an even more complete dish.

22. Tie

If you are afraid of spicy Mexican food, but you do not want to be left out of the gastronomic festival of your country, perhaps one of its typical sweets is the ideal choice for you.

The ate is a quince paste, brought by the Spanish but made by the Mexicans, prepared with a variety of different fruits, including pear, guava, apple, mango and many others.

They come in square presentations of about 5 cm, and some people prefer to accompany them with slices of cheese.

23. Mexican Empanadas

Although this dish is typical of several Latin American countries (such as Argentina and Venezuela), each one of them prepares it in its own way. And in this sense, you cannot miss the opportunity to try some Mexican-style empanadas.

Before they were known by the name of Mexican snacks, and they are prepared by assembling half moons with corn dough, stuffed with ingredients of your choice.

The recipe can vary depending on the region of Mexico where you order them, with sweet filling being common in northern areas, while on the coast they are usually prepared with fish or shrimp.

Regardless of the type of empanada you dare to try, you will surely love it, as long as you do not forget to mix it with mole sauce or guacamole.

24. Flags

The popular banderillas of theme fairs, although many believed they came from the United States, are actually a typical dish of Mexican cuisine.

These are simple sausages covered with fried wheat dough, to which a toothpick is stuck into one edge so that they can be eaten as if it were a meat skewer.

Many people usually accompany them with various sauces as a dressing, but in Mexico they are usually bathed in Tabasco sauce.

25. Mexican Cakes

This delicious dish rose to stardom for being the favorite food of Chavo del 8 in his famous television series, making all his viewers wonder what the famous cakes taste like.

In appearance they are very similar to sandwiches, but in terms of filling they are usually more varied and, therefore, delicious.

They are served in telera, birote or bolillo bread, stuffed with chicken milanese, ham, sausage, cheese, beans, tomatoes and much more.

This dish is one of the most popular that you will find in Mexico, and it is prepared both in street stalls and in specialized cake shops.

26. Coconut Kisses

One of the Mexican desserts that has managed to transcend borders, earning well-deserved international fame.

They are prepared from a mixture of condensed milk, grated coconut and vanilla essence, which is beaten until it has enough consistency to place on a tray and bake.

They are very rich and easy to prepare sweets, ideal for celebrations attended by a considerable number of people.

27. Cochinita Pibil

They are born from pre-Hispanic times, from the hand of the first civilizations found in Yucatan, who, trying pork for the first time, decided to put together their own recipe.

To cook this dish, you must marinate a portion of pork with achiote, wrapping it in banana leaves and placing it in an earthen oven for a couple of hours.

The name pibil is a Mayan term that refers to this type of baking, where before the pork they used to cook other dishes such as deer or pheasants.

28. Meat Tampiqueña

Although its name refers to the Mexican city of Tampico, curiously this dish comes from Mexico City, being one of the greatest delicacies that you can try in the capital.

It is a full plate of roast beef with sides of green enchiladas, white cheese and black beans, served with guacamole on the side.

This recipe is attributed to chefs José Inés and Fidel Loredo, from Tampico, who decided to honor the city where they grew up in the name of their gastronomic recipe.

29. Alfeñique Sweets

A traditional sweet that cannot be missing from the tables of Mexican families who celebrate the Day of the Dead.

It is prepared from a sugar or caramel-based jam, molded in the shape of a skull and designed in the way you prefer.

This traditional sweet is one of the oldest in all of Mexico, and there is evidence that it was prepared during times close to the Spanish colonization.

30. Caramel Apples

What better way to close this list of typical Mexican dishes than with the perfect point between sweet and healthy: caramel apples.

This famous dessert that has become so popular around Halloween parties is not very difficult to prepare, you just need to take a medium-sized red apple and cover them in melted fudge, tinted with red food coloring and corn syrup.

A toothpick is inserted into one end of these apples, in the form of a skewer, and they are left to cool to harden.


From this great diversity of options for Mexican dishes, all you have to do is prepare your palate and choose which of this variety of appetizers, main courses or desserts you want to try first.

Have you already tried any of these dishes? Share your thoughts with others in the comments below!

Below you can see a video of what the typical Mexican tacos are like:

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