California’s long coastline is home to America’s warmest and most beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Let us share with you our selection of the best beaches in California.

1. Zuma Beach

The wide and sandy Zuma Beach is one of the most famous California Los Angeles beaches. It is 6.4 km long and is located in Malibu, right next to Westward Beach and the Point Dume, the coastal headland that juts out into the sea and is the northern end of Santa Monica Bay.

Despite its size, the beach can easily get crowded on weekends due to its great popularity. It has a strong undertow, so swimmers must be careful, and lifeguards are on duty year-round.

It has excellent facilities, such as several bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and a lifeguard headquarters that provides service 24 hours a day.


The most practiced activity in Zuma Beach is surfing and during the year there are several competitions on the boards. The north end is suitable for kitesurfing when conditions are right.

Diving and sport fishing are other common activities and the flatness of the sand makes it easy to play beach volleyball.

Curious fact

Many movies and TV series shot by Los Angeles’ entertainment powerhouse use Zuma Beach as a location, so if you’ve been to us, chances are you’ve seen it on screen.

Appreciate in the following video a brief shot of this fantastic beach:

2. La Jolla Cove

La Jolla’s beaches range from the wide sands of La Jolla Shores Beach to small “pocket beaches” like La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Children’s Pool, a tidal pool ideal for children to enjoy.

North of La Jolla Cove is Scripps Pier and other tide pool areas, which are part of the Scripps Coast Underwater Reserve. On both sides of this reserve there are two other protected areas and in all spaces it is forbidden to touch the fauna and flora.


La Caleta La Jolla is a small and beautiful cove with a short stretch of sand surrounded by cliffs. It is a marine reserve where board sports (surfing, boogie boarding ) are not allowed, but swimming and underwater entertainment are.

Divers enjoy observing the beauty of the aquatic fauna, which includes minnows, rays, yellow sharks and, occasionally, leopard sharks.

The small beach becomes minimal when the tide rises, but when the tide goes out, fantastic natural saltwater pools are revealed. The swell in the cove is strong and the water is cooler than other San Diego beaches, so swimming is for experienced swimmers.

Observe in the following video precious shots of this beach:

3. Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a city in California’s Orange County founded in 1909 and named in honor of Henry Edwards Huntington, pioneer entrepreneur of the Central Pacific Railroad.

The city is known for its beach, which is located between the Santa Ana River and Beach Boulevard. It is almost 14 km long and the waves in a sector of more than 3 km are excellent for surfing, favored by a unique natural effect due to the currents coming from Santa Catalina Island.

It is part of a 490,000 m 2 state park created in 1942, especially to protect the nesting environment of the tern ( Sterna hirundo ) and the snowy plover ( Charadrius nivosus ), birds in danger of extinction in California, which have in the beach Huntington Beach one of its sanctuaries.


Huntington Beach is also popular for sunbathing, swimming in the areas with lower waves, fishing, playing beach volleyball and basketball, and hiking. At night, visitors light fires to spend romantic moments or with friends. It has lifeguard service all year round.

Tours depart from Huntington Beach to get to know other beaches in Orange County, go whale watching and observe the flora and fauna in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

Watch the following video where you can find incredible shots of this beach:

4. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica California beach is one of the most famous in the south of the state. This iconic beach is 5.6 km long and its sands are soft, fine and clean.

The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium exhibits 104 species, including chordates, arthropods, echinoderms, molluscs, and anemones. Examples include the California scorpionfish, giant kelp wrasse, California spiny lobster, giant keyhole limpet, and California two-spot octopus.


It is used for sunbathing, surfing, swimming, and sand and water sports. It’s close to some of Santa Monica’s best hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

On the beach there are places to rent umbrellas, deckchairs and other beach furniture, as well as popular restaurants and places to rent sports equipment.

The Santa Monica Pier, built in 1909, is a symbol of the place, with several attractions, such as Pacific Park and the aquarium.

The amusement park has the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel. It also has a roller coaster that runs around the park, a pirate ship that turns 180 degrees and a 14-meter drop tower.

Appreciate the following video with everything that the beach and its surroundings have:

5. Carlsbad Beach

In the 1880s, a man named John Frazier dug a well in a secluded spot in Southern California to sell water at a desolate train station.

Someone discovered that the water was chemically very similar to that of the Bohemian spa town of Carlsbad (now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) and the town that grew up around the station was given the same name.

The wide beach of Carlsbad, which the locals call Tamarack Beach, is in the Californian county of San Diego (between Tamarack Avenue and Frazee Beach).


It is popular for swimming, surfing, fishing, diving, kayaking and sunbathing in the hot summers. It is also common to see families having picnics in the area set up with tables and benches.

Across from the beach is the 21,000-foot-long Carlsbad Boardwalk, which separates the sands from Coastal Highway 101. The boardwalk is used by walkers, joggers, bikers, and rollerbladers, and the cliffs at the end of the beach gather the people to admire the sunset.

Other Carlsbad attractions include Legoland California, a miniature theme park and aquarium; and the Campos de Flores, a beautiful garden that opens in spring.

Take a look at the magnificent aerial shots they took of this beach:

6. Coronado Municipal Beaches

Among the beaches in California, many people consider these to be among the most beautiful, not only in the state, but also in the country thanks to their gentle, warm surf, sparkling sand, and picturesque surroundings.

Coronado is an island and city in San Diego Bay connected to the mainland by a tombolo. The name of the island was given in 1602 by the Spanish explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno and the city was founded in 1880.


There are actually four beaches – Coronado, Glorietta, Tidelands and Centennial – and the last three are in parks that have grassy spaces, picnic areas and playgrounds.

The beaches have a special shine due to the fine particles of mica present in the sand and not because of gold as some people believe. They are crystal clear and have calm waves, good to enjoy as a family with children. The sunsets are splendid and water and sand sports are available.

The main economic activity is tourism, with beaches usually ranked among the best in the United States, luxurious and comfortable tourist complexes, and haute cuisine restaurants. Along Orange Avenue there are theaters and shops.

In this video you can see in more detail the beach and its tourist surroundings:

7.Dog Beach

This beach in the community of Ocean Beach, in San Diego County, became famous by becoming the first in California where dogs can walk freely, without being held on a leash.

After this San Diego sandslot, many others across the country have embraced canine freedom, but Dog Beach stuck with the inaugural name and fame. It is located next to the mouth of the San Diego River, at the end of Interstate Highway 8.

Those responsible for the dogs must ensure that they pick up their waste, keep their vaccinations up to date (puppies that have not completed their vaccinations are not allowed), and that they have a current license issued by the County Department of Animal Services on their collar. from San Diego.

There is a sign that warns about not taking dogs that do not know how to behave between their peers and between people.


Surfers, dogs and pet owners share the beach amicably, although you don’t have to have a dog to go to this charming melting pot of people and animals, in which you will see specimens of all breeds, sizes and colors having fun in wild will.

Appreciate how beautiful this beach is in the following video:

8.Thousand Steps Beach

The allusion to a thousand steps in the name of this beach can be intimidating, but in reality there are about 230, yes, very steep.

The stairway runs from near the edge of the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach to the sandbank. The step path is covered in a thick canopy of vines and surrounded by bushes and trees, creating a nice shaded tunnel.

At the end of the stairs, the appearance of the ocean pleasantly surprises, with a beach about seven blocks long, surrounded by steep cliffs.


Thousand Steps Beach is popular for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and sand play.

It has tide pools, caves to explore, sand volleyball courts and restrooms. At the southern end is a large tunnel that is accessible when the tide goes out and the entrance is exposed.

The tunnel leads to a small rocky cove. At the north end is another rocky passageway that leads to a large stretch of beach.

The parking lot is at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and the freeway. Do not exhaust yourself in your beach activities, remember that when you return, the 230 steps are uphill.

Observe in the following video this fabulous beach in winter:

9. Manhattan Beach

It is a wide beach of more than 3 km in length located between Hermosa Beach and Los Angeles International Airport, in the South Bay area.

The excellent maintenance and its natural conditions have made this beach very popular, which is visited annually by more than four million people.


It is one of the main centers of beach volleyball in the greater Los Angeles area, with 50 courts where there is always activity and an annual tournament. It has good waves for surfing and is home to an international festival of this sport.

In the central part of the beach is the 283-meter-long Manhattan Beach Pier, built in 1920 and restored in 1990, which is an excellent spot for fishing.

At the seaward end of the pier is an octagonal building that houses the Roundhouse Marine Research Laboratory and Aquarium. The pier is a docking place for fishermen and nearby there are also good waves for surfing.

The Strand promenade borders the beach with its bike path in front of modern mansions of well-to-do people who use the beach to sunbathe in the summer.

See this incredible aerial shot of this beach in the following video:

10.Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a Californian coastal community located east of San Diego and west of Mission Bay. The beach’s stretch of sand stretches for 3,200 meters between the San Diego River estuary, Mission Bay Park and the neighboring town of Pacific Beach.

A jetty located at the southern end of the beach has a nice grassy area and walkway.


South Mission Beach is known for its volleyball courts and breakwater fishing. The beach is one of the most popular and there are always bathers, sunbathers and surfers.

It has volleyball and basketball courts and the promenade that runs along the coast is lined with cyclists and skateboarders. On the bay side there is a recreation center.

The heart of beach activity is near the intersection of Mission Boulevard and West Mission Bay Drive, and visitors flock to walk and play sports at Belmont Park and the boardwalk.

People who prefer quieter stretches of beach head north to adjacent Pacific Beach or south to South Mission Beach. At Pacific Beach is the public pier.

Appreciate in the following video how beautiful this beach is:

11.Baker Beach

It is a 1.6 km-long, fine-sand public beach located at the base of the steep cliffs that wind west of the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Presidio, San Francisco.

This is one of the few beaches in the San Francisco area where dogs have free roam to play and romp.

Access to the beach is from the Lincoln Boulevard exit in the Presidio and has regular restrooms on the north side and portable restrooms on the southwest side. The Chamberlain artillery battery of the Presidio of San Francisco is visible from the cliffs above the beach.


South Mission Beach is known for its volleyball courts and breakwater fishing.

It has a fabulous wide sandy area for sunbathing, although the beach is not good for swimming due to the high waves and the strong undertow.

On weekends there is a large influx of visitors who go to enjoy the beach and have picnics in the pleasant area with tables and grills shaded by a forest of cypresses.

From Baker Beach there are stunning views of the Golden Gate, Marin Headlands and Land’s End and it’s not uncommon to run into photographers, painters and weddings at any time of the year.

Check out the following video documenting this fantastic beach at the Golden Gate:

12. Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a bustling Southern California seaside town known for its beautiful beaches, commercial harbor, and marina filled with yachts and pleasure boats of all shapes and sizes.

Operating on the pier is the Dory Fishing Cooperative, an organization created in 1891 that is registered as a Newport Beach Historic Landmark. The cooperative sells the catch of the day on the same pier from 9 am and restaurants and individuals buy fresh seafood there.


Its main beach is a coastal stretch of 8 km of fine sand and the waters have a pleasant temperature almost all year round, making it magnificent for bathing and sunbathing.

Most of the beach amenities are located near the pier, such as the picnic area and lifeguard headquarters. The pier is 315 meters long and is a popular fishing and hiking spot.

Parque del Oeste borders the beach near the Santa Ana River. Its facilities include restrooms, a handball court, tennis courts, picnic and barbecue areas, benches, and a children’s play area.

Other popular Newport beaches include Wedge (big wave) and Corona del Mar.

Check out this wonderful video documenting the day and night on this beach:

13.Glass Beach

Since at least the beginning of the 20th century, more than 100 years ago, the residents of the Californian town of Fort Bragg have been accustomed to throwing glass bottles, appliances and even cars on this beach, which has been converted into a multi-purpose landfill.

The privately owned landfill filled up and was closed by authorities in the 1960s. In the late 1990s, the state of California purchased the area and removed the trash and debris.

Curious fact

The curious thing is that, over the years, the action of the waves had been breaking the bottles, eroding and polishing the pieces and depositing them on the shore.

This formed the so-called Cristal beach, which has become a tourist attraction because its sand is covered with small, rounded pieces of glass that visitors take as souvenirs, although collecting them is not allowed.

The amount of glass has been dwindling with the collection, threatening the very existence of the attraction, though ever-practical Americans are considering replacing the removed glass.

Fort Bragg is a small city in Mendocino County founded in 1889. It is located 263 km north of San Francisco.

Observe in the following video of this famous tourist attraction:

14. Pismo Beach

It is a very long beach of 27 km, surrounded by large dunes, which extends along the Californian Pacific coast in front of the small cities of Grover Beach, Oceano and Pismo Beach.

It owes its name to the Pismo clam due to the abundance on the beach of this edible mollusk that is washed ashore by the waves.

This species ( Tivela stultorum ) is also found in Mexico on the Baja California peninsula and was one of the food bases of the indigenous peoples of the coasts of Alta and Baja California.


It is the habitat of several species of birds, such as the ivory gull, the great blue heron and the brown pelican, being a paradise for biodiversity observers.

During the winter, Pismo Beach is the largest Monarch butterfly sanctuary in the United States. The beach is also used for swimming, surfing, fishing, hiking, and camping .

The sea at Pismo Beach teems with life, including abalone, crabs, sea urchins, anemones and kelp.

The Pismo Beach Nature Center is located on the beach, a natural space for observing wildlife that is open every day in summer and from Friday to Sunday the rest of the year.

Watch this fantastic video touring the dunes and then Pismo Beach:

15. Crystal Cove State Park

It is a Newport Beach park, with 5.1 km of coastline, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway, north of Laguna Beach. In its 15.9 km 2 of surface, it includes beach, the Crystal Cove historic district and chaparral canyons.


The 4.6 km long beach is a beautiful cove with tidal pools, flanked by coastal cliffs and dotted with quaint beach houses that make up the Crystal Cove Historic District.

There are 46 log cabins built between the 1920s and 1930s, which are magnificent testimonials to California coastal architecture a century ago. They were restored and opened to tourism as lodgings.

Chaparrals are characteristic heathlands of California and the Baja California Peninsula that grow in Mediterranean climates and are home to interesting wildlife, including coyotes, bobcats, deer, and desert rats.


Crystal Cove Beach is popular with surfers and divers and is great for exploring its tidal pools, long walks and horseback riding. Through the virgin forest areas there are 17 trails. The lifeguards are permanently in summer and patrol the rest of the year.

Appreciate this incredible beach in the following video:

16. Beautiful Beach

Hermosa Beach is a small beachfront town in the South Bay sector of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Hermosa Beach was founded in 1907 and its fields and hills were initially planted with barley and other grains.


The community stretches for 18 blocks and has over 2 miles of fabulous beaches with wide, hard-packed sand perfect for sunbathing, playing sand volleyball, building castles, and picnicking .

In front of the coast there is a promenade called Strand, which borders the beaches and is used to walk and enjoy the views and the pleasant sea breeze. The Strand stretches from Torrance Beach to Santa Monica.

Meet in Hermosa Beach a historic concrete pier built at the beginning of the 20th century, 405 meters long. It is at the end of Pier Avenue and there are shopping and entertainment establishments nearby.

Visit the Hermosa Beach Museum and collect the history of the town through 3,500 objects that include artifacts, photos, newspapers, postcards, prints and other pieces.

The museum is housed in a former lumber shop and former girls’ locker room at Pier Avenue High School (now the Hermosa Beach Community Center).

Check out these wonderful aerial shots of this beach:

17. Seabright Beach

This beautiful beach of soft white sand is located between the promenade and the port of Santa Cruz.


The wide sandbank stretches between the yacht harbor and the natural wall that juts out into the sea at the point where the St. Lawrence River empties into the ocean. The river current passes through a small arch naturally opened in the rock.

At the far end of the Santa Cruz breakwater stands the Walton Lighthouse, a picturesque structure that is connected to Seabright Beach by a paved road. It was erected in 2001 with funds provided by businessman Charles Walton.

The beach has bathrooms, showers and in season there are lifeguards. Near the sandbank there are several restaurants.


In Santa Cruz you can take a tour of Monterey Bay, where the city is located, and take a tour of San Francisco Bay, which is 105 km to the north.

Curious fact

A curiosity about Santa Cruz is that in 1961 there was a death of thousands of birds that rushed against the roofs and windows of the houses, scaring the neighbors, apparently because they ate a poisonous fruit. The fact was a source of inspiration for the film The Birds , by Alfred Hitchcock.

Watch this beautiful beach and its attractive surroundings in this video:

18. Moonstone Beach

Unlike the long stretches of fine, powdery sand in the south, the beaches of California’s central coast are wild and sparsely populated.


Cambria is located roughly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and one of its attractions is Hearst Castle, built by tycoon William Randolph Hearst, which inspired the famous movie Citizen Kane. Other attractions include the historic downtown area and the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

Moonstone Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in California. It’s in Cambria, on the San Luis Obispo County coast, surrounded by sheer cliffs and bordered by a 5,000-foot boardwalk.

The sand on the beach is embellished by small, smooth pebbles, shaped and polished by the waves, which shimmer in the sunlight.


Searching for cool-looking stones and pebbles to make ornaments and crafts is a favorite on Moonstone Beach, as is exploring the tide pools.

On the beach it is possible to see sea otters frolicking in the water, spot whales making their migratory route, and observe various species of birds.

Curious fact

Arroyo Burro is the historical Hispanic name of the place, although many locals call the beach Hendry’s Beach.

Watch this video below documenting from above how wonderful this beach is:

19. Burro Beach Creek

It is a beach located in the park of the same name, approximately 8 km from Santa Barbara, near the community of Hope Ranch.

It is one of the “dog beaches”, where pets can run around and have fun freely, without being restrained.


It has a wide strip of sand and its high waves are good for surfing. In the well-kept green areas with tables and benches, visitors enjoy picnics and barbecues.

In the summer season there are lifeguards and occasionally it is possible to see migratory whales in the distance. Surfing and sport fishing are the most practiced entertainment and there is also a sandy trail for horseback riding.

At the foot of the beach and with tables on the sand is the Boathouse Restaurant-Bar, frequented at sunset to enjoy cocktails while observing the landscape.

It has outdoor showers and on the beach there is a construction made with recycled materials in which an ecological organization works.

Curious fact

The Hendry’s name used by locals is due to a Scottish immigrant family named Hendry who leased the land in the 1880s.

Watch this video showing this fantastic beach more closely:

20. Matador Beach

This beach, with a Hispanic name on the Pacific coast of the United States, is located west of Malibu and is one of the most beautiful in an area rich in spectacular beaches.


It is located under some high cliffs and at the top of the rocky structure are the parking lot and some picnic tables. Next is a challenging path down the rocky face to the stairs that lead to the beach.

The panoramic views from the top and on the descent are wonderful, with the huge rocks on the beach standing out against the blue of the ocean and the white of the sea foam, with the dense forests of underwater algae even being noticeable.


Playa El Matador is visited by surfers and bathers and has a lifeguard service throughout the year. When the tide goes out, at the north end of the beach there are some caves and rock arches at the base of the cliff that you can discover on a walk.

It is a hidden gem of Malibu, visited by many Californians and tourists who prefer its quiet environment, different from the most famous beaches of the glamorous Californian sector in which it is located.

Check out this video documenting aerial shots of this beautiful beach:

21. San Clemente State Beach

San Clemente is a city in California’s Orange County, located roughly halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. To get to the beach safely, you have to go through a tunnel under the train track.


Its 1.6 km long beach is the edge of a park with high cliff escarpments, ravines and wooded hills.

In the middle of the beach is the San Clemente Pier and near it is the train station. On the beach there are concessionaires that operate establishments such as seafood restaurants, cafes, and surf-related shops.

It has a lifeguard tower and lifeguards who provide service every day from approximately 8:30 am until sunset. Other beaches in San Clemente are North Beach and San Clemente City Beach.


In general, San Clemente Beach is good for swimming and snorkeling, and its north side is the best for surfing. Fabulous views of the ocean and coastal escarpments are afforded from the upper bluffs and there are benches and picnic tables in this area .

In front of the beach there is a railway and in the park there are hiking trails.

Appreciate in the following video this beach and the beautiful nature that surrounds it:

22. Pfeiffer Beach

Of the beaches in California, Pfeiffer Beach is one of the most spectacular in Big Sur, thanks to its purple sands and huge rocky outcroppings that stand out in the landscape.

It is located in Los Padres National Forest territory, at the end of Sycamore Canyon Road, down the hill from Highway 1.

The Los Padres National Forest encompasses most of the coastal mountainous region between Ventura and Monterrey, extending into the interior of the territory.

Its altitude ranges from ocean level to almost 2,700 meters above sea level. It has an area of ​​7,132 km 2 , of which 12% is privately owned land.


Towering redwoods line the road. It is a small, flat beach located in a cove, with huge rocks scattered on the purple sand, a color that is not known where it comes from, but which is one of its great attractions.

In the immense outcropping called the Rock Arch, the water flows in and out through a cavity that opened naturally.

It is a place of rough surf that is not the best for swimming, but its wildly fascinating beauty allows for some splendid photos.

Appreciate in the following video a little shot of this incredible beach:

23. Torrey Pines Beach

This beach is located in the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, within the urban limits of the city of San Diego, but it looks as wild as when it was occupied by its primitive inhabitants, that it is hard to believe that it is part of a large city.


The reserve has an area of ​​809.4 hectares and one of its main species is the rare Torrey pine ( Pinus torreyana ), a tree with a wide crown and edible piñon of which there are about 3,000 specimens left in the United States, all on the Californian coast of San Diego.

The beach is 4.5 km long and has two main entrances, both of which have parking, restrooms and a picnic area . Most of the beach is covered by sandstone cliffs and a good portion of the sand is covered during high tide.

These cliffs that you can admire on a nice walk were formed by the action of waves and storms over thousands of years. One attraction is a large flat rock that marks the beginning of Black’s Beach, San Diego’s first nude beach.

Another species of flora that lives in the reserve is the maritime chaparral and in the fauna the wild cat, skunk, fox, coyote, rabbit and raccoon stand out.

Appreciate this beautiful beach and its surroundings in the following video:

24. Stinson Beach

Among the beaches in San Francisco, California, one of the most popular is Stinson Beach, located 35 minutes by car from the Golden Gate.

It is located in the Bolinas Bay and has a length of 5.6 km of white sand.


Stinson Beach occupies the south side of the bay, with Upton Beach to the north, and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Parking and beach access are free. On peak dates and times there are crowds on the beach and the routes to the beach can get stuck. Some days are sunny and bright, while others can be cold and foggy.

Lifeguards operate between Memorial Day (last Monday in May) and Labor Day (first Monday in September).


On warm, clear days, visitors flock to the sandbank to surf, swim, kayak, hang glide, play volleyball, sunbathe and have picnics.

In the surf shops on the beach they rent equipment and teach classes. There are grills, benches, and picnic tables , but you have to get there early to find a spot. The beach is also good for fishing. A trail leads from the sandbank to Mount Tamalpais State Park.

Watch the following video that includes several aerial shots of this fabulous beach:

25. Windansea Beach

It is located at the end of Nautilus Street, in the San Diego neighborhood of La Jolla, and is a small stretch of beach that is well known among surfers.

Large rocks and currents make swimming difficult, and as they hit underwater reefs and rocky outcroppings, the waves sweep away even the most experienced surfers. Winter storms often wash away most of the sand.


It is a very beautiful beach, with its sandstone rocks that stand out in the sand and waves, being a frequent setting for wedding photos.

The sunsets are spectacular. On the sandbank is a palm-thatched beach shack that was built in 1946 by surfers and is preserved as a historic San Diego landmark.

In La Jolla, another attraction is Mount Soledad, where there is a large Cross built in 1954 and designated as the Korean War Memorial.

Watch in this video a beautiful sunset on this beach:


It has no facilities and a lifeguard stands guard in summer. It is not good for swimming due to the intensity of the waves and the strong undertow, but it is excellent for sunbathing in a secluded and particular corner among the sandstone outcrops located along the beach.

What beaches to visit in Los Angeles California?

Zuma Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach are 3 essential beaches in Los Angeles, with their glamour , level of tourist services and entertainment in water, sand and air. The sands of Santa Monica Bay faithfully represent the American beach culture with its hundreds of young people surfing, sunbathing and having fun in the sand. The city of Long Beach is home to the largest industrial port in Los Angeles County, with long beaches to enjoy and spectacular sites like the Aquarium of the Pacific and the former RMS Queen Mary ocean liner, which houses a hotel and museum.

What beaches are there in California?

California has fantastic beaches on its north, central, and south coasts, and there’s something for everyone. A large number of the state’s beaches are high-swell, good for surfing, including Huntington Beach, Mission Beach, Pismo Beach, Malibu beaches (including the famous Zuma Beach), and Half Moon Beach near San Francisco. Some of the best family beaches in the state (for their calm surf) are on Coronado Island in San Diego Bay.

What are the most beautiful beaches in California?

California has beaches bordered by cliffs and dotted with rocky outcrops that break the uniformity of the sea and constitute natural decorative elements that make beautiful contrasts with the blue of the ocean. Among these beaches are Pfeiffer, Windansea, Carlsbad, Crystal Cove, El Matador, San Clemente and Thousand Steps. Other beaches, such as Caleta La Jolla, Huntington and Torrey Pines, are located within beautiful nature reserves that complete fabulous entertainment packages.

What beaches to visit in San Diego?

The latitude of the city and county of San Diego, located in the extreme south of the American Pacific on the border with Mexico, means that these territories are home to warm beaches that are filled with visitors between spring and autumn, such as Mission Beach, Dog Beach, San Clemente and those of Isla Coronado and La Jolla. In San Diego, it rains very little and the climate is very uniform, without extreme cold or heat, with an average temperature that varies between 17 °C and 22 °C from May to November. In the coldest month of winter (January), the thermometer averages 13.4 °C and snow is a rare occurrence.

What is the name of the beach in Los Angeles?

The city of Los Angeles has many beaches, but it is usually associated with those of Santa Monica and Malibu. Among the most frequented by Angelenos are Zuma Beach and Santa Monica Beach. Another representative Los Angeles beach is that of the Venice district. This neighborhood was started by a tobacco industry magnate who in the early 20th century wanted to build a neighborhood similar to Venice, and physical evidence still remains. The beach is bordered by a promenade where there are sports courts and tourist service establishments. On the Venice Beach promenade, the skateboard was born to do a kind of surfing on land.

Beaches in California photos

Malibu California Zuma beach

Laguna Beach California beach Thousand Steps Beach


Beach photos of San Diego California:

Beach in La Jolla, San Diego, California


Beach on Coronado Island, San Diego, California


Which of these beaches do you know? Which ones did you think were the best? Share this post with your friends so they can also give their opinion on this list of the best beaches in California.


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