If you are looking for beach options for a romantic getaway, an outing with friends, or the long-awaited vacation throughout the year, Panama has very good options. Now, what are the best beaches in Panama?

In this post we bring you the 24 best beaches in Panama so you can choose your travel route through this beautiful country. Without further ado, I invite you to start:

1. Iguana Island

Isla Iguana is a jewel that encompasses two enchanting white sand beaches with turquoise waters. It is part of the Province of Los Santos and is near the town of Pedasí, where there is a hotel for those who choose to stay for better enjoyment and rest.

From the Azuero Peninsula, along the Pacific Coast, it can be reached in at least 30 minutes. From El Arenal Beach, when boarding boats that take excursions to the Island, in approximately 20 minutes.

The Island was declared a protected area and wildlife refuge in 1981, as it is home to an average of 5,000 frigate birds, mainly. As well as crabs and black iguanas, which are so many, that the island takes its name from there.

In addition, part of its coasts has one of the main coral reefs in the sector, where you can see a variety of corals, manta rays and fish.

When it is vacation season, you can appreciate the migratory spectacle of humpback whales (or humpback whales), along with spotted and bottlenose dolphins.

It is a paradise where you can enjoy activities such as diving and snorkeling , along with bird watching.

Freely practice swimming, have a picnic , go hiking and live one of the best camping experiences , surrounded by so much natural beauty.

The island is visited not only by tourists, but also by scientists for research purposes, thanks to the characteristics and biodiversity found on the island. These are qualities that make it one of the best beaches in Panama.

two . Farallon Beach

Unlike Iguana Island, where everything is more natural and without much equipment, Farallón Beach is perfectly a luxury beach set, with its colorful awnings, comfortable chairs, variety of shops and settings for fun.

All this hand in hand with an endearing landscape with admirable palm trees, warm and crystal clear waters, and fine white sand.

It is considered one of the best beaches in Panama for its combination of style, luxury comfort and the benefits of the beach, sun and sand. And it has an extra attribute: it is close to the capital city.

For recreation you can decide between visiting casinos, the pleasant and fun silence in golf courses; go horseback riding or rent quadricycles for more extreme adventure routes.

And on the beach you have kayak rides , unforgettable sailboat tours , fishing practices and you can even go paragliding. Undoubtedly, a wide range of options to spend the best of days at Playa Farallón, which you will only find in Panama.

An important fact is that the resorts that are located on this beach are private and cover part of the coast. Although you won’t have to worry, because all the beaches themselves are public and you can use them even if you don’t stay at any of them.

3. Coiba Island

Isla Coiba is the chest of treasures and surprises that any visitor or local of Panama should not miss.

It is part of the Coiba National Park, located on the Pacific coast of the country, on the sides of the Gulf of Chiriquí, in the district of Monjito, belonging to the Province of Veraguas.

Until 2004, the island was the site of a colonial prison for 90 years. The prisoners were relocated and by 2005, it was ready to open its shores to tourism and exploration.

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Panama. One of the reasons is that it has one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean, something that makes it one of its main attractions.

Its diversity (both in the sea and in the jungle) is impressive. In its waters you can see whales, manta rays and even the curious hammerhead sharks.

On land, the white-faced monkeys are part of the sensation, in addition to still preserving around 80% of its original forests, with all its associated flora and fauna. Considering all these elements, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

Among other alternatives for enjoyment and fun in Isla Coiba, are diving through the corals, hiking, picnics surrounded by wonderful landscapes and bathing in warm waters.

4. White Beach

Playa Blanca is one of the best known and referred to beaches in Panama, both by locals and tourists. Due to its proximity to the city center, it has excellent facilities for visitor services.

It offers a magnificent hotel network and tourist complexes with varied equipment for enjoyment and rest. In addition, it has the largest pool in all of Panama, an additional attribute that gives certain advantages in the selection to those who want to spend a day combining the waves of the beach with the tranquility of the pool.

It is an ideal beach to be with family and friends, it provides space to play volleyball, some good golf games, those pleasant and fun horseback rides and even fishing, always with the possibility of bathing in warm and transparent waters.

5. Taboga Island or Island of Flowers

Isla Taboga is part of the Pearl Archipelago and is also known as Isla de las Flores, because the air, at certain times of the year, raises the rich aromas of various plants.

It is located 20 km from the south of the country. In its bosom it preserves a town loaded with a lot of history, worthy of being listened to and admired.

Definitely, Taboga Island is an unmissable destination, here you can walk through the protected native forest, admire the hundreds of pelicans that nest on the island. By the way, this species is home to the largest bird community in Latin America.

Between the months of August and December, which is the whale season, it is the closest point for cetacean sightings, especially the humpback or yubarta whale, an unforgettable spectacle of nature.

As part of the leisure options you can practice sports such as water skiing and diving, and there are plenty of attributes to see underwater.

6. Zapatilla Keys

Cayos Zapatilla are a pair of totally uninhabited islands, shaped like slippers (hence their name). They are part of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, east of Isla de Bastimentos, located in the northeast of the country.

They are a protected area, forming part of the Isla Bastimentos Marine National Park. It has a coral reef that surrounds them and is a spawning place for sea turtles.

Among the activities offered by the keys, you can go hiking through the tropical forest that is found within the keys. The observation of a varied terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna.

You can swim and practice diving and snorkeling between its waters and the ring of corals that surround them, as well as being able to play with dolphins that approach. Something interesting is that it was the location of the Spanish television reality show Survivors, in its first edition.

It does not have hotels or inns or shops, only a picnic area with public bathrooms. For what is recommended, bring hydration and food. The ANAM (Environmental Authority of Panama) forest station and the Park Ranger House work here.

The cost of entry is $10, although there are companies that carry out transportation and include it as part of the price of the package.

7. Panama Bay

The historic Bay of Panama has been considered for many years as one of the best beaches in the country. Historically it has been seen as an icon of Panama City.

It is a wide expanse of beaches with white or black sand, a color that is due to its proximity to the mangroves, protagonists and obligatory stop for several species of migratory birds on their route from north to south of the continent.

This coast is on the edge of the Pacific, with waters of pleasant temperature. This is where both locals and tourists still go to sunbathe with their brightly colored umbrellas. It is said that the sunsets in the bay are dreamlike.

Throughout the bay there are a variety of chain hotels and resorts with both modern and traditional facilities. However, some beaches are poorly developed and have almost no equipment.

8. Archipelago of San Blas or Guna Yala

It is commonly known as the San Blas Islands or Las Mulatas Archipelago. It is located east of the Isthmus of Panama, in Caribbean waters. It is a spectacular archipelago made up of 365 islands or islets.

The islands are under the government and administration of the Guna Yala Ethnic Group with full autonomy, who inhabit around 50 of them, thus forming what they called the Guna Yala Region.

The others are unoccupied or equipped with rustic and basic infrastructure to serve tourists. These are dream beaches, with calm waters in turquoise and crystalline tones, with white sands and an enviable climate.

The landscape is, without a doubt, an element of enjoyment, which, accompanied by the rhythm of the waves and the tranquility, is ideal for warm walks, sunbathing or a delicious rest.

Among its tourist attractions are diving and snorkeling. Owing to its crystal clear waters and coral reefs, you can appreciate the variety of fish that there are.

Also bird watching, hiking, ball games on the sand, canoe rides or the fantastic visit to the ship that has submerged in Isla Perro Chico, among others.

Among some of its islands most visited by tourists are Isla Chichime, Isla Perro Chico and Isla Aguja.

9. Gamez Island in Boca Chica

Isla Gámez, located northeast of Panama, as part of the Gulf of Chiriquí. They are two uninhabited beaches, divided by a bank of white sand. They have an extension of jungle and mangroves that provide an unforgettable natural landscape.

From the Boca Chica Pier, boats are taken in the mornings. It is a little frequented destination, so you can enjoy the space and the silence. It does not have restaurants, so it is necessary to bring water, snacks and food of preference.

The island is part of the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park. Its collection of species of fauna and vegetation at the terrestrial and aquatic level shows its ecological importance.

In fact, as an attraction, the so-called photographic “safaris” are offered for the sighting of dolphins, humpback whales, imposing giant rays and a variety of turtle species. An event not to be missed.

10. Boat Point

Punta de Barco beach is an excellent combination of sun, beach and sand for relaxation and rest. Ideal to reconcile tranquility, since it is visited mostly by locals and little known by tourists.

However, it is considered one of the best beaches in Panama due to its proximity to the city, in addition to receiving few people. Here you will be the protagonist of excellent sunsets.

Punta Barco Beach is among the 24 best beaches in Panama for the tranquility it offers its visitors. To be in Punta Barco is to surround yourself with peace, in the warmth of a beach, in the midst of nature and few people.

11. Caranero Island

Free from the stress and hustle and bustle of the modern city, Isla Caranero is one of the best beaches in Panama. These are virgin beaches, still without roads or motor vehicles.

You get this wonder in front of the City of Bocas del Toro, less than 500 meters away. It has some hotels and restaurants for the reception of tourists or travelers.

Among its attractions is the vast nature to observe, the opportunity to go for pleasant walks, sunbathe and, once in the water, take advantage of the rising waves with good surf.

You can not miss the walks through the town of Carenero and the tranquility that the island offers in general.

12. Saint Catherine

It is a small fishing village, very simple but equipped to serve tourists. It is on the Tripadvisor list of the best beaches in Panama.

Santa Catalina is mainly known by the surfing community for having beaches with the best waves that can be found on the Central American coast, with an average height of 20 feet.

It has rocky bottoms that facilitate the generation of spectacular tubes to surf the waves. You can also practice diving and snorkeling , in addition to sunbathing in healthy peace.

It is approximately 7 hours from Panama City and is somewhat hidden, so it is not so common among tourists and locals. But even so, it is considered by the beach community as one of the best beaches in Panama.

13. Pearl Island or Pearl Archipelago

Isla de Las Perlas owes its name to the days of colonial times, when pearls were found in abundance in its waters. It is an archipelago located in the waters of the Pacific, less than 50 km from the Isthmus of Panama.

Composed of a set of approximately 200 islands and islets, most of them uninhabited and small. And like most Panamanian beaches, its turquoise waters and white sands are the environment that awaits an incredible and wide variety of fish and marine species.

You can also live the wonderful experience of seeing humpback whales crossing and turtles and dolphins swimming freely.

Isla de Las Perlas is internationally recognized as one of the best places to practice underwater fishing or sport fishing. In addition, its waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling .

Surrounding the island lies a coral reef that can also be accessed by swimming or boating. And if you are one of those who enjoys touring the sea, sailing trips are in order.

Another interesting fact is that the island was the location of the US television series “Survivor”. There is no doubt about the reason for the choice, with the beauty of its natural settings, which you cannot miss.

14. Dog Island

Isla Perro or Perro Chiquito is one of the favorite and most famous islands of the San Blas Archipelago or, as you know, of the Guna Yala region.

In fact, it is the first stop when the tour consists of visiting the San Blas Islands. It is located on the side of the north coast of the country, between El Porvenir (capital of Guna Yala) and the Colombian border.

Like all the Islands of the Archipelago, the warm temperature, its crystal clear waters, combined with the tall palm trees among the golden sand make the landscape a complete heaven on earth.

As part of the activities that can be done on the Island, under its waters there is a sunken ship covered with corals no more than 10 meters deep, which can be reached by swimming.

You can also snorkel and enjoy the majesty of the corals and the reef that surrounds the island, or visit its neighbor, Devil’s Island.

The island has public bathrooms, toilets, private cabins for rent and a camping area , where they rent tents. And because it is the land of the Guna Yala, you can appreciate and buy their beautiful and varied handicrafts.

15. Bastimento Island

Isla de Bastimentos is part of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago and the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park and is 10 minutes from the Isla Colón pier. It has an extension of 52 kilometers, full of nature, culture and color.

Its population is settled to the west of the island in the town called Old Bank, where the majority are descendants of immigrants who arrived from the West Indies. They speak waki – waki, a mixture of English, Spanish, with a patois accent, as well as indigenous dialects.

The island awaits several of the best beaches in Panama. The most recognized are: to the north of the island Playa Primera or Playa Wizard as it is also known, highlighted by its imposing waves and how lonely it is.

Adjacent to Wizard is Red Frog or Rana Roja, where you can get very cold beers, sodas and exquisite fresh seafood; followed by Playa Larga, with its lush jungle, crystal clear waters and enchanting landscapes.

Among its forests and mangroves it has eco-lodges and resorts very well equipped for comfort and enjoyment. And it welcomes you with ecological trails, canopy crossings and ziplines through its forest. Along with diving and snorkeling options in its waters for recreation.

16. Colon Island

Isla Colón or Bocas Town is the main and most famous of the islands that make up the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro Panama beach. It is in the northeast of the country, with just over 8,000 square km.

It has the largest population in Bocas del Toro. It concentrates a well-established commercial and service network and has the Bocas del Toro International Airport, making it the starting point for embarking to the other islands of the Archipelago.

What beaches are here?

Isla Colón has a variety of beaches: Playa Estrella, which has real starfish and is one of the few where you can swim when there are waves without being in danger.

Bluff Beach, very beautiful, with perfect waves for surfing, but beware of hangovers; with sands for nesting sea turtles and natural pools that evoke paradise on earth.

The small Bird Island, with a varied presence of native and migratory birds such as frigatebirds, scissor-billed gulls, the Red-billed Rabijunco (which is only seen on this island in all of Panama.

As usual, Isla Colón Panama beaches also have a beautiful coral reef, lovely for diving and snorkeling. In terms of equipment, there is nothing to worry about, the list of hotels, hostels and restaurants is numerous and for all budgets, which makes it one of the best beaches in Panama Caribbean.

17. Gulf of San Miguel

It is located on the Pacific coast of Panama. Here the Chucunaque and Tuira rivers converge, which flow into the sea, forming the largest estuary in the country, with an area of ​​approximately 2000 square km.

This Gulf has a variety of attractions for tourism. Starting with its landscapes, followed by the fabulous mixture of fresh and salt water (estuary), continuing with the sighting of dolphins in its waters.

Its crystal clear waters, with beaches between palm trees that look like postcard landscapes, in addition to the impressive mangrove forests, make the ecosystem and the Gulf a spectacular sight and place to spend time.

Of course, it is also an ideal setting for diving, snorkeling , traditional fishing (carried out by the inhabitants of the Taimati community, made up of Creoles and Embera-Wounnan indigenous people) and for relaxation and rest.

18. Red Frog Beach

Bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean, to the east of Isla de Bastimientos, is Playa Rana Roja (Red Frog), also part of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago.

The red frog is an endemic amphibian species that is only found in this place, hence the name. To see them pay attention or let yourself be guided by the guides.

Red Frog is a favorite among tourists and locals as it is a small Eden between crystal clear waters in combination with a beautiful and abundant tropical rain forest.

As the currents of the water are mostly strong, they are ideal for surfing, not for swimming, even so, you can enjoy delicious baths.

You can take jet ski rides, tour the entire island and see its lush vegetation and aquatic fauna in perspective.

On these tours you can find manatees, sponges, sea urchins, crocodiles, sea turtles and many more species.

And when it comes to eating, there are a couple of restaurants with delicious Caribbean menus, cold beers and ice creams. For those looking to spend a few days, there is a resort and ecolodge. An important fact is that to access the island you must pay $5.

19. Beach of the Stars

To see beautiful and gigantic starfish, you have to dive into the clear and warm waters of Playa Estrella or Playa de las Estrellas. It is located on the west coast of Isla Colón, within the Bocas del Toro Archipelago.

The best way to get there is to take a minibus from Bocas Town to Boca de Drago, northeast of Isla Colón, then walk to the beach for about 20 minutes, or take a boat.

Playa Estrella is the ideal place to combine calm, silence and deep tranquility with sun, sand and serene and crystal clear waters. Almost a natural pool.

In its clear waters you can dive and snorkel to look closely at the orange starfish. You just have to remember not to take them out of the water, not even for a few seconds, otherwise the stars would die. You can also take boat rides.

It has some restaurants that offer food, beers and some cocktails. Likewise, it is suggested to bring some snacks on your own .

20. Punta Chame

Surrounded by Pacific waters, Punta Chame is a long and narrow peninsula with mangroves on its edges, which extends into white sands, making a long beach.

It is a beach preferably for retirement and rest, quite lonely and private to spend a pleasant day between the sun and the sand.

Its waters are usually strong currents, with quite a breeze, so the windsurfing and kitesurfing community are privileged with its waves and the strength of the winds.

Other water sports that are practiced are wakeboarding or pirouettes and jet ski rides. To enjoy the water, it is better to bathe on the shore. And when the tide is soft and low, maybe it’s a good time to swim because of its rough tide.

21. The Mosquito Gulf

The Mosquito Gulf or Mosquito Gulf (as it is also known) is in Caribbean waters, on the Atlantic coast and its only island is Escudo de Veraguas, considered among the best beaches in Panama.

It is the largest of the islands in the Shield of Veraguas. And it is considered a virgin beach, although it is inhabited by few natives. It is located in the territory of the Ngäbe – Buglé Autonomous Region.

Owner of an amazing landscape between forest and the beautiful jungle. It is a paradise of nature where you can enjoy sightings of three-toed pygmy sloths (in danger of extinction), lizards, spiders and others.

And under the crystal clear waters: beautiful corals, manta rays, sea urchins and the unique sunfish. The Gulf itself is home to many species, including endemics. It usually has a slight breeze and allows you to swim relaxed.

Other attractions are the sculpted cliffs and the magical Cueva de la Virgen. The beach is hidden and has a natural roof, something that makes it totally unusual. So take your camera so you always remember this Panama beach photos.

It is advisable to bring hydration and food, as there are none on the island. And prepare for a 15-hour trip between car and boat from Panama City.

22. Bluff Beach on Isla Colon

Playa Bluff is part of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. It has become an icon among the community of surfers from Bocas del Toro for its great waves, which are more advisable for experts, although surfers of all levels are welcome.

If you are one of those who loves listening to the sounds of the sea, losing yourself on the long beach walking under the sun, sitting in the shade of the palm trees and a pleasant climate, Playa Bluff is what you are looking for.

It is a municipal protection area, due to the nesting of sea turtles. You can also enjoy seeing a variety of butterflies and hummingbirds that roam among the people. You can do all this in the company of a very cold beer, if you wish. There are restaurants nearby.

And if you are wondering how to get there, you will be surprised to know that with 1 hour (on average) you can make the trip by bike, of course, also by taxi in 20 minutes. In both cases, you depart from Bocas Town.

23. Contadora Island

Less than an hour from Panama City, Contadora Island is also part of the Las Perlas Archipelago. Bathed by Pacific waters, with turquoise and green waters that shelter its white sands.

It is very popular among tourists and neighbors for the clarity and tranquility of its waters. In addition to the accommodation and gastronomy equipment for all levels and tastes. There are those who comment that the food is not the best, but there are options.

Isla Contadora has 11 spectacular beaches. Among the most famous are: Playa Galeón, Playa Larga, Playa Cacique, Playa Ejecutiva and Playa Las Suecas. Near the shores of the long and galleon beaches are the coral reefs.

For recreation, the island offers visits to all its beaches, where you can practice snorkeling , diving and fishing. Without missing the walks between its streets with shops and places for the consumption of drinks, ice creams and sandwiches.

And to spend several days, there are well-equipped mansions for accommodation, some with their own beach bar.

And as an additional attraction, it has the only nudist beach in all of Panama, Playa las Suecas, where in addition to enjoying a tan without lines on your skin, there are some dreamlike natural pools.

24. El Palmar

Between the waters of the Pacific, on the central coast, located west of Panama City and on the outskirts of San Carlos, a small but well-supplied town, is Playa El Palmar.

Ironically, it is one of the best beaches in the country and preferred by locals and surfers, but it is not one of the most crowded and popular. It is the perfect beach to sunbathe, bathe in its warm waters when there is low tide.

With incredible waves to surf and a rocky bottom in good part, so you have to enter with boots to avoid accidents. It is ideal for riding waves.

There is a surf school that, apart from teaching it, also rents out kayaks and boards. It caters to both novices and experienced ones.

As it is close to the city, it is a spectacular escape point. There is no need to worry about accommodation, as it has two hotels and commercial premises, in addition to its proximity to the town of San Carlos.

What can you do on the beaches of Panama?

On the beaches of Panama you can do everything if you program the routes of your trips or walks. In most of them you can dive and snorkel , which is divinely complemented by the sighting of a varied and incredible aquatic fauna, such as the observation of flora and land landscapes, rides on sailboats, boats or jet skis. windsurfing , kitesurfing , canopy, zipline… In short, wherever you choose, you will always have something to do.

Paradisiacal beaches in Panama

The list is long when pretending to name the paradisiacal beaches in Panama, but without remorse, the beaches of the Las Perlas Archipelago and Boca del Toro are the most emblematic of all. In them you will get a place of paradise on earth.

Panama white beaches

Among the white beaches of Panama are mainly those of San Blas (in the Guna Yala region) and those of the Las Perlas Archipelago, to mention the most famous. Panama’s privileged location gives it beaches with waters from the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean Seas, as well as white sands. Some have been the scene of adventure and survival television events due to their virginal characteristics.

The beaches of Panama are beautiful

Unquestionably, the beaches of Panama are beautiful. They are a compendium between sand, warm and memorable crystal clear waters. Accompanied in many cases by exuberant vegetation and terrestrial flora. In addition to the presence and possibility of sighting local marine fauna or continental migration. They are postcard beaches, like forever to return.


We show you throughout our post, the 24 best beaches in Panama, but which are your favorites? Which ones would you recommend to go with the family or for a walk with friends?

Tell us what you thought of the best beaches in Panama. Share this information through your social networks with all your contacts. Invite them to choose beaches where to vacation in Panama.


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