These are the 20 restaurants that no one should miss in Tijuana . We already know that there are many for a single trip, but you should still go many times to the charming and cosmopolitan city of Baja California.

1. The Grill Steakhouse

It is a beautiful place to eat meat or seafood, they have an excellent selection of wines, first-class attention from the waiters, a Rib Eye, Tomahawk, veal chop and lobster are recommended.

The only downside of this place is the price, which is a little more expensive than other meat restaurants in Tijuana, but it’s worth it because they serve better quality meat.

The best place in Tijuana to eat “premium meats” is at  Escuadrón 201, Aviacion, 22014 Tijuana, BC

2. Caesar’s Restaurant-Bar

No fan of good food and its history visiting Tijuana can miss going to lunch or dinner at Caesar’s Restaurant-Bar, the birthplace of the famous Caesar Salad.

It was there that the Italian immigrant and cook Cesare Cardini mixed fresh romaine lettuce with a dressing based on eggs, Parmesan cheese and olive oil in 1924 to participate in a cooking contest held in Tijuana.

Caesar’s Restaurant-Bar is at 1059 Revolution Avenue in the Downtown area and apart from its mythical salad, it serves excellent Italian food, distinguishing its pasta Alfredo, pesto, arrabiata, carbonara and sugo.

3.52 Kool

This restaurant located at Miguel Alemán Valdez 2612, America, 22044 Tijuana, BC , has a well-stocked cellar, stocked by an expert winemaker, so you can make the best pairing with your food.  

It is a small and cozy place, with excellent service from its friendly staff. There are rave reviews for their cheeseless quesadillas, tomahawk meat, and marlin tacos.

Likewise, its cocktails and its meats are highly praised, all in a high-class gourmet style.

4. Plasencia House

It is a restaurant with Mediterranean media from Baja California. It mixes traditional recipes from Italy, Spain, Greece with a Baja Californian mix. It is a Plasencia family restaurant.

5. Villa Saverios

This elegant Tijuana restaurant that fuses Mediterranean cuisine with the typical cuisine of Baja California, is located on the Escuadrón corner of Bulevar Sánchez Taboada.

Its cold appetizer menu includes octopus and Chinese abalone carpaccios, crab toast, tuna sashimi and smoked marlin. The hot appetizers are presided over by tacos of different seafood, mesquite oysters and wood-fired octopus.

If a soup causes you, we recommend the “Romesco”, tomato-based. The most popular main dishes are the “Saverios” chicken breast, the “Retiro” shrimp, the leg of duck with orange chutney and the duck in red fruit sauce.

Villa Saverios is a worthy place for an evening in the most pleasant company.

6. Mission 19

Javier Plascencia is one of the emblematic chefs of Baja Med cuisine and one of his main stoves is Misión 19, a restaurant located on Calle Misión de San Javier in the Zona Río.

Among the classic recipes that Plascencia has developed for the cuisine that fuses Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian culinary art, are the ribs with fig syrup and black mole, and the octopus risotto with nopalitos.

In this Tijuana restaurant, the famous chef offers an extensive and exclusive menu, which includes signature creations such as the scallop parfait, the tuna and sea urchin duo, the roasted beef marrow, and the octopus and tripe casserole, to mention. just a few entries.

Among the main dishes, there are masterful inventions, such as the dry-aged duck breast and rib eye, the double-cooked pork billy and the oven-roasted organic milk chicken.

7. Cafe Riochia 7

This place with a Chiapas atmosphere is better known as the “artist’s cabin” and is located on Calle Independencia 6213.

Chiapanecos who go to Tijuana feel at Café Riochia 7 as if they were in their hometown, since there they can taste the corn tamales and the chipilín tamales, the aromatic coffee prepared at the table itself and the sparkling chocolate.

Café Riochia 7’s Italian dishes, such as pasta carbonara and meat lasagna, are equally delicious.

Other specialties that will leave you satisfied and wanting to come back are the tuna ceviche with mango and strawberries, the clams in bechamel cream, the mole chilaquiles, the huitlacoche lasagna and the breast stuffed with red fruits.

8. Seaside Villa

Good drinkers in Tijuana say this is the best place to cure a hangover after bingeing the city’s clubs.

Villa Marina is on Paseo de los Héroes 4449 in the Zona Río and offers clamatoes that bring hungover bodies back to life in an instant.

As for cuisine, Villa Marina specializes in fish and seafood, and is able to recover your devastated stomach with fresh cocktails, Puerto Nuevo style lobster, salmon with garlic mojo and the house specialty, the Mariana Filet. In this dish, the fillet has a filling of panela cheese with vegetables and is bathed in an enchipotlada sauce with spinach.

If you don’t recover from the hangover in Villa Marina you may have to return to the bar.

9. The Arches

Seafood lovers, both Sinaloa-type seafood and those from other regions, say that there is nothing like Los Arcos, a restaurant located on Blvd. Salinas y, Escuadrón 201 No. 1000, Aviacion, 22420 Tijuana, BC

Culichi fish, enchilada shrimp tacos, governor tacos and all the other seafood classics have their place on the Los Arcos menu, typical food from northern Mexico, which many people frequent in Tijuana, if you are going to go on weekends be prepared to wait 30 to 40 minutes.

Although the food is exquisite and the restaurant is elegant, the prices are very reasonable but somewhat higher than other seafood restaurants.

10. The Justine

La Justina has delicious Mexican cuisine and an enviable cocktail bar.

The restaurant La Justina, located on Calle Revolución, has wanted to persevere in the culinary tradition and its dishes carry surprising creativity using many local ingredients.

Pozole tostadas, mini pipil cochinita cakes and some pizzas are recommended.

The Aztecs made a black mole with chili peppers, tomato, cocoa and spices; Oaxacans have perfected the recipe and Casa Cacao serves several delicacies with black mole, like their tamales.

It is located at: Av Revolución 930, Downtown, 22000 Tijuana, BC

What is the telephone number to reserve Justina? 

664 638 4936

11. The Moresca

If you feel like a pizza in Tijuana, it is to this place that is located in Plaza Paseo Chapultepec ,  where you have to go to reward yourself comfortably.

One of its specialties is white pizza, an unusual style in which the popular cake does not have its traditional red ingredients (no tomato, no peppers, no meat), but a lot of white cheese, including the typical mozzarella and other , such as ricotta and goat cheese. Not all pizza is white, because fresh basil leaves add a touch of green.

But if you’re not inventing and you prefer your pizza the classic way, at Marenca you won’t miss any of your favorite ingredients.


12. Trace Horizon

Tras Horizonte is the appropriate place to go to taquear among friends, when in the group there are both carnivores and vegetarians. You find them in Rio Colorado 9650, Brown Colony.

To the “butchers” we can recommend some boneless rib tacos, in which the pork is confit with garlic and bathed in paprika sauce; and also the grilled octopus tacos marinated with Mexican pesto.

Naturists will love the portobello in mesquite cilantro pesto and the same mushroom in goat cheese and red wine sauce with spinach. Delicious!


13. Hedgehog Cevichería

If you want to go from white pizza to green ceviche, you just have to go from Tony’s pizzeria to Cebichería Erizo, on Avenida Sonora. 3808-11 from the Tijuana neighborhood of Chapultepec.

There are no fish or shellfish whose meats are green and these are the only ingredients that are not that color in the exquisite green ceviche that they prepare at Cevichería Erizo. It has lemon juice, green tomato, fresh coriander and serrano pepper, and it is served on a bed of lettuce, avocado and chopped olives. A culinary tribute to the color green.

Of course, they also serve the traditional ceviche, with all its color, as well as tacos, tostadas and seafood cocktails, carpaccios and other tasty dishes.

14. Marenca

Marenca brings together in the Paseo de los Héroes 70 of the Zona Río the best of the land and sea cuisines of Baja California.

With the fruits of the sea they prepare delicacies such as the white wine shrimp taco with chipotle sauce and the salmon with corn cream.

The Mexican cuisine of the land is defended by the chilaquiles and the enchiladas of the head, and they prepare a machaca omelette for breakfast that puts people in line.

Marenca is often full, so you have to be patient and wait a bit for a table to be vacated.

15. The House of Mole Poblano

The moles from Puebla have their Tijuana home on Paseo de los Héroes 10501. In addition to the delight of their moles, the place has several attributes that make it one of the public’s favorites, such as cleanliness, pleasant decoration and speed of service. .

Aside from the moles, guests at this house rave about the enchiladas, fried beans, and sweet tamales. Other advantages of La Casa del Mole Poblano are reasonable prices and ample parking. They also have live music.


16. The Querence

This restaurant is one of the sanctuaries in Tijuana of Baja Med cuisine because it is the Tijuana kitchen of chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero, creator of this gastronomic trend.

La Querencia was the birthplace of several of the iconic dishes of Baja Med cuisine and you have the opportunity to enjoy them in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Beetroot carpaccio with blue cheese is a new and delicious way to eat beetroot without boiling it, a process in which it loses most of its nutrients.

Or the primal lamb baked in the oven flamed with Spanish brandy; or Romesco stuffed shrimp with mashed marlin, wrapped in bacon; or perhaps the Querencia-style octopus. Eating at La Querencia is an experience of colors and new and exquisite flavors.


17. The Cattail

Fans of Mexican food will feel at home at La Espadaña. At breakfast you can order some gratin green chilaquiles, their omelets, eggs rancheros or some oatmeal pancakes with yogurt.

As main dishes, you have to choose between pork ribs, leg of lamb, stuffed chilies, a tasty chicken breast with mushrooms and other dishes.

To drink, the green smoothie and pot coffee are special. To close, be sure to try the pineapple cheesecake.

La Espadaña is located on Boulevard Sánchez Taboada in the River Zone. Another attraction of the place is the belfry that is part of the façade, with its bells included, an architectural element that we usually see in churches, but not in restaurants.

18. Tacos El Franc

Mexicans are everywhere and, luckily, in Tijuana they have Tacos El Franc, on Bulevar Sánchez Taboada.

It has the virtue of serving you food quickly, which is saying a lot for a popular and high-demand place.

They are not elbows at all with the guacamole and the tortillas are fresh. One of the house specialties is the carne asada taco, made with well-cut steaks marinated well in advance.

The marinated, al pastor, head and mixed tacos are delicious, accompanied with a fresh water, all at excellent prices.

19. Saucy Tacos

This is the site of quesatacos in Tijuana, a presentation in which the corn tortilla with melted cheese is rolled up like a quesadilla.

The quesataco has its day, which is October 13, the date on which enthusiasts of the dish eat it at will, very well sauced and with all the meat and vegetable fillings that have been invented for tacos.

At Tacos Salceados they also serve baked stuffed potatoes and molcajetes. Tacos Salceados is on Avenida Ermita-Norte 30-A, in the Santa Cruz La Mesa subdivision.


20. Seafood El Mazateño

This simple seafood restaurant in Tijuana has its headquarters on Calzada del Tecnológico 473 and a branch on Boulevard Industrial.

The only problem you may have eating at El Mazateño is that you will probably have to wait a little while for a table, since its delicious dishes are in high demand.

It is a popular place that offers fresh seafood tacos, tostadas, broths and other specialties. The shrimp enchiladas au gratin and crunchy octopus tacos are to be eaten by the dozen.

Their cold specialties, prepared by their expert mixologist, are also exquisite.

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