Tijuana is one of the six most populated and important cities in Mexico and the capital of one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country and, therefore, a significant tourist spot that you cannot miss in the Aztec land.

If you dare with this city on your itinerary, you should know that there is a group of obligatory stops that you need to make to say that the experience was complete. And today we are going to show you the tourist places of Tijuana.

1. Revolution Avenue

Known by locals as “La Revu”, Avenida Revolución Tijuana is one of the city’s highlights, since an important part of Tijuana’s cultural, tourist, social and night life converges here.

In its original time, it functioned as the main avenue that crossed and connected the entire city. Therefore, it was responsible for making trade and commercial exchanges possible.

Currently this avenue is full of shops, where you can find everything from handicrafts and local products, to the best of clothing stores and world-renowned brands.

It is also the right place to try the flavors of Tijuana and Mexico, especially seafood dishes, a specialty of the Baja California coast.

2. Tijuana Cultural Center

One of the greatest prides of Tijuana is precisely its cultural life and the importance that this has for the development of the city. For this reason, there are several museums and centers that can show you a little of what it is to be a Tijuana native.

For example, you have the Tijuana Cultural Center, a space that accumulates the best of art and cultural recreation in the region. From the building, with a round shape like a giant ball, you will be enjoying architectural wonders.

The film library of the place is one of the highlights that you will enjoy, known as Cine Bola, so you can enjoy the screenings of documentaries and independent films. There is also El Cubo, an area full of different works by international artists.

You can also give yourself a visit to the Botanical Garden, with more than 150 species available. You can find everything at Paseo los Héroes 9350, Zona Urbana Río Tijuana 22010.

3. Boardwalk of Beaches

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A route of about 4 kilometers, which goes from the Azteca park to the limits with the United States. It is one of the busiest and most beautiful tourist places in Tijuana. It was completely remodeled in 2010.

Currently it is the site that houses hundreds of different shops, cafes, restaurants and even nightclubs that work throughout the day to serve tourists.

One of its greatest charms is the sunsets, where the sky and the sea merge while you walk near the Baja California coast.

It is usually accompanied by street musicians and handicraft vendors, who brighten up the atmosphere and show you the most cultural side of Tijuana.

It is located along the Avenida del Pacífico.

4. Caesar’s Restaurant

One of the most important and renowned restaurants on Avenida Revolución. It is a classic of the city, founded in 1920, a time since when they are standing out with a variety of dishes.

In fact, they are the creators of the Caesar salad that we know, so it is a mandatory stop for the palate.

You can also enjoy other more Mexican flavors, fish, shellfish, meat and a variety of soups that delight diners.

One of its charms is the preparation of the salad directly at your table, which becomes a show for the whole family.

Their premises are at Avenida Revolución 8190, between 4th and 5th 22000. They are also available by calling +52 (664) 685 4668.

5. Hot Racecourse

It is the ideal place to enjoy a variety of sports in simulcast, where, of course, hair racing and wrestling stand out, as well as more than 30,000 betting machines and games of luck.

One of the biggest charms is the local bingo hall, popular in the city for always being quite crowded.

It is also the place for live greyhound races that become much more animated on Children’s Day, when little monkeys are used as jockeys to ride the dogs to entertain those present.

Find it at Boulevard Agua Caliente 12027, Colonia Hipodromo. You can communicate with them and make reservations through +52 (664) 633 7300.

6. Rodriguez and Gomez Passages

Created as a way to clear Revolution Avenue, considering that it is quite close to it, the Rodríguez and Gómez Passages are a space for artistic recreation.

They are swarming with local artists who line the sidewalks to display and trade their art. From handicrafts, through paintings, sculptures and musicians that brighten the walk.

In addition, they are a space for the development of different activities and festivals, where the Tijuana Art Walk stands out, an event that seeks to bring together different creators not only from Tijuana, but from the surrounding areas of Baja California and Mexico.

You find them on Avenida Revolución between 3rd and 4th, next to the Caliente Casino.

7. Sixth Street

The favorite place for nightlife and youth. In fact, you will really see it with more movement right at night, when the different bars and clubs open their doors for the entire population of Tijuana, especially tourists.

One of the bars you cannot miss on Calle Sexta is Dandy del Sur, one of the first to enter this street. Along with it and in recent years, the demand has grown and you can even find Mexican food restaurants.

The key to La Calle Sexta is that the festive atmosphere never stops, much less diminishes.

You find it between Avenida Revolución and Madero.

8. Tijuana El Trompo Interactive Museum

One of the public’s favorite tourist places in Tijuana. This museum has set out to showcase the best of science and technology in a family-friendly way.

Each of its exhibitions are focused on allowing you to learn more about basic or complex topics about natural sciences, innovation, robotics and current technology through experimentation with all the senses.

This is how they accompany their exhibitions of renowned scientific events, plays, presentations, workshops and demonstrations in their famous Audiorama.

You can find it at Libramiento Los Insurgentes s/n, Río Tijuana, Third Stage. You can visit it from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and from Friday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Contact them at the number +52 (664) 634 3476.

9. Telefonica Gastro Park

The best way to do tourism and get to know a city is, without a doubt, through the palate. And in Tijuana they offer you the possibility of finding a wide variety of flavors, styles and tastes in the same space.

Telefónica Gastro Park is a space where the best food trucks in the city are concentrated, this being the one that registers the largest number of these trucks in the entire country, with about 300 registered for 2016.

With more than 20 varieties of food trucks in this park, it is a space to try the best of Mexican cuisine, combined with the American influence of the border and of course without neglecting the delicacies of the sea.

Spicy is one of the main protagonists of the dishes, and beer cannot be left out, one of the most important products in Tijuana thanks to its proximity to the beer meccas of San Diego.

Locate this gastronomic park at Boulevard Aguacaliente 8924, between Quintana Roo and Sirakbaloyan avenues.

10. Have a coffee at Das Cortés

Café Das Cortés is one of the favorite places to enjoy a wide variety of coffees.

It is a small place and it goes unnoticed, but the locals will help you locate it quickly if you ask them for help. It is also a famous place for breakfast and sweet bread, with which you can accompany your coffee.

The atmosphere is small but quite cozy, and in its main venue it has tables and armchairs outside to enjoy the Tijuana sunsets.

Find it on Calle Brasil Corner with Durango, Colonia Cacho.

11. Insurgentes Brewery

Tijuana stands out for being a city with excellent beers, and this thanks to its proximity to the American city of San Diego, a beer mecca par excellence, who have shared their talent with Tijuana residents.

With almost seven years in the Baja California market, with the promise of offering a different flavor and giving the public the possibility of enjoying variety and quality.

Today it is a mandatory tourist spot, because its factory, originally small and without much technology, allowed to carry out what is considered a legend in Tijuana.

You can visit them at the brewery and enjoy their beers on an internal tour. You also have the option of trying their products in different bars around the city.

They are located in Insurgentes, Paseo los Héroes, Tijuana. You can keep track of them through +52 (664) 634 0459 or through their website.

12. Tijuana House of Culture

It is one of the oldest buildings in Tijuana. It dates from the year 1930. It was built taking as inspiration an identical building that is located in Arizona. However, as a different point in this Tijuana construction is the use of yellow brick.

Although it was designed to be a school, it is currently one of the most representative cultural points of the city. It has different rooms that offer a wide variety of recreational offers: plays, conferences, art workshops, live performances, among others.

It also has one of the largest libraries in Tijuana and an art gallery, together with the most important offices in the region in terms of art and culture.

It finds its headquarters in the avenue Paris and Lisbon number 5, Altamira.

13. Royal of the Sea

Relaxation and comfort cannot be missing among the tourist places of Tijuana. So you cannot miss the opportunity to stay at Real del Mar.

One of the most important hotels and resorts in Tijuana. It offers excellent views, recreational activities, a restaurant with the best flavors of the region, nightlife in the bar and spa service .

In addition, it has a golf course, and an infinity of green areas where you can walk, recreate and, above all, enjoy the Tijuana skies.

You can find them at kilometer 19.5, Escenica Ensenada, Tijuana 22565. They are also available by calling +52 (664) 631 3670 or through their website.

14. New Harbor

Since the 1950s, this group of fishermen and their families have set out to make tourists fall in love with their flavors and the best seafood from the Tijuana coast. And look what they have achieved.

Puerto Nuevo is one of the best places to enjoy an exquisite lobster, which is accompanied by beans, rice, tortillas and the spicy flavors that cannot be missed in Mexican cuisine.

There are approximately 15 restaurants on the route, all with excellent culinary alternatives and animated by a festive atmosphere, always with mariachis and typical Mexican music.

15. Eat marinated tacos at Tacos el Franc

You cannot leave Tijuana without trying some good tacos and the best option available is at Tacos el Franc.

They’re legendary in the city, which is why this unassuming-looking taqueria is never empty. Although the price of the tacos is a bit high compared to other places, the quality has always made up for it.

Their specialty is roast beef and marinated tacos, the latter being the reason why this taqueria became famous over all the others.

They are located at Boulevard Sánchez Taboada 9013 22000 Tijuana. Contact them by phone number +52 (667) 142 2955.

Tourist places in Tijuana for children

The fun in Tijuana is quite varied and almost all places offer family alternatives. However, if we are going to talk about tourist places in Tijuana to take the little ones, without a doubt, I cannot miss a visit to the El Trompo Interactive Museum.

Recommendations to Visit Tijuana

If it’s about getting to know this city, you can’t leave out the following places: Revolution Avenue, Tijuana Cultural Center, Morelos Park, Insurgentes Brewery and Caesar’s Restaurant. You can also take advantage of your visit to Baja California and get to know tourist places in Ensenada. This way you will know what to do in Tijuana and Ensenada.

Museums in Tijuana

The cultural life of Tijuana is quite varied and therefore it has different museums. However, if we had to make a top 5, it would be: Tijuana El Trompo Interactive Museum, Museo del Coleccionista, Museo de Cera, Museo de Historia de Tijuana and Museo de las Californias.

Images of tourist places in Tijuana


As you can see, Tijuana is one of the most active and fun cities you can visit in Mexico. So get to know tourist places in Tijuana, since it is an almost obligatory destination in the Aztec land.


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