La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur in the Bahía de la Paz, Gulf of California, with beautiful beaches and views of the sea that have made it a rich tourist destination in the region.

The following is a list of the 15 best things to do in this beautiful paradise on earth in the Pacific Ocean.

Tourist places of Baja California Sur, La Paz:

1. Whale watching

You will be able to see whales between 12 and 16 meters long appearing on the surface of the sea in the Magdalena Bay, 270 kilometers from the city. It is an activity only possible between February 15 and March 15, the sighting season of these wonderful creatures.

2. Visit Espiritu Santo Island

On Isla Espiritu Santo, 33 km from La Paz, you can see one of the most beautiful and protected reefs on the Mexican coast. You can also snorkel with sea lions.

3. Stroll through El Triunfo

El Triunfo is a small mining town that was the main economic activity in La Paz due to the exploitation of gold and silver during the 19th century, before ecology and tourism occupied that role in the city.

English, Chinese and Americans had influence in the town at the beginning of the 20th century, people who found work and the warmth of Latin Americans in these lands.

4. Meet the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History of Baja California Sur

At the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History of Baja California Sur you will learn about the life and culture of La Paz, including natural and art evolution.

In its 4 exhibition rooms you will see pieces of local crafts, stones with rudimentary paintings, weapons from ancient times, a preserved collection of fossils and a botanical garden.

Learn more about the museum here .

5. Visit the Cathedral of La Paz

The Cathedral of La Paz was built in a neoclassical style in the 19th century. It remains as one of the few works of the Jesuit missionaries that are still preserved.

Inside the cathedral you will see paintings from the 17th century that remained as evidence of his missions around the world. Visit it any day of the week to enjoy its religious services or to appreciate its beauty and historical content.

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6. Stroll along the boardwalk

The boardwalk of La Paz is a fantastic point of the city to walk along the sea and feel its rich breeze. It is considered one of the most beautiful in Mexico. Throughout its length you can see the 10 bronze sculptures allegorical to navigation. It is very beautiful.

You can run, jog, walk and even shop in their stores.

7. Get to know the beaches of La Paz

The beaches of La Paz are among the most beautiful in all of Mexico. The most famous are Coromuel and Balandra, where you can practice sea sports.

Playa Tecolote is a natural spectacle in front of Isla Espiritu Santo and El Tesoro, whose name is due to the treasure found during the construction of the road, is equally beautiful.

8. Tour the town of Todos Santos

Meet and enjoy the classic architecture of the Todos Santos town. Fall in love with the beautiful colors of their houses and their rich gastronomy that represents the flavors of Mexico.

The Hotel California from The Eagles song is in this town on the Pacific coast.

9. Swim with whale sharks

One of the biggest attractions of La Paz: swimming from October to March with huge and not dangerous whale sharks. For this you have to have a good physical condition and swimming training to keep up with them.

10. Practice or learn sport fishing

Practice sport fishing in the special reserves of La Paz. Also learn about Catch and Release, a form of fishing where you release the fish after it bites the hook.

11. Enjoy a good dinner overlooking the sea

The gastronomic offer of La Paz is starred by the most autochthonous Mexican flavors that you will try in its restaurants with sea views. There are few things more pleasant than a dinner with the noise of the waves and the rich sea breeze.

12. Do ecotourism

In addition to being one of the Mexican towns most committed to the preservation of its natural resources, La Paz is a fantastic city for ecotourism.

Walk through its beaches and wooded areas alone or accompanied by a guide who will introduce you to the diversity of species and vegetation, including a walk through La Sierra de la Laguna, a jealously preserved biosphere reserve.

These are the 15 best things to do in La Paz, Baja California

13. Visit the Whale and Marine Sciences Museum

In the Museum of the Whale and Sciences of the Sea you will learn about the marine species that make life or touch the coasts of La Paz. It is an educational, scientific and cultural institution that uses its funds for the research and preservation of the Gray Whale.

The objective of the museum is to divulge the most valuable aspects of the biology of these marine animals, with museological and museographic exhibitions of scientific collections.

Learn more about the Whale and Sea Science Museum here .

14. Visit the La Paz Serpentarium

Pedagogical and conservation place where you will find the most important species of the fauna of Baja California Sur, among them, a diversity of birds, fish, turtles and reptiles. You will be able to touch snakes and feed an alligator.

15. Get to know the Ensenada Grande

The white sand and crystal clear waters have turned Ensenada Grande beach into a nature pool rich in marine life. You will get to it on the tour that takes you to Isla Espiritu Santo.

Although these are the 15 best things to do in La Paz, there are many more activities that you can undertake in this beautiful place. It will depend on you and your desire to stay long enough to discover what else this city hides.

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