One of the best attributes of Monterrey, a historic city in Mexico, is its gastronomy and there are plenty of places to taste its most emblematic dishes.

Join us on this tour of the best restaurants in Monterrey, where in addition to their delicious recipes, they await you with careful attention.

1. Krei

The first on our list is a restaurant where you will enjoy an unforgettable evening: Krei.

One of the best restaurants in San Pedro with a casual and refined atmosphere, where they prepare first class dishes always with excellent service.

At Krei you will find options for lunch and dinner, with a menu of contemporary, Mexican and steakhouse food, for between 20 and 44 dollars.

The menu includes dishes such as marinated octopus accompanied with pickled jalapeños, pork rinds overflowing with green sauce with cilantro and purslane, and chunks of tongue in warm vinaigrette with thyme and pickled garlic.

They offer roasts and different cuts of meat, as well as sancochos and other interesting preparations.

There are desserts like flan with caramel and orange peel. As for drinks, excellent wines and beers stand out.

Krei is located at Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas 2424, specifically in premises 1 and 2, Col. Residencial San Agustín, 1st Sector, San Pedro Garza García, Monterrey 66260, Nuevo León. For more details visit their website .

2. Fonda El Limoncito

Of the restaurants in Monterrey Barrio Antiguo that stand out for their excellent food and cozy atmosphere.

Their menu changes daily. For example, on Mondays they can serve meatballs in chipotle sauce; on Tuesdays, Aztec pie with chicken, corn kernels and sliced ​​poblano peppers; on Wednesdays, chop in green sauce; on Thursdays, fish fillet with peppers and on Fridays, a beef broth.

On Saturdays they serve Mexican-style nopales salad with beans, rice and caramelized beets and on Sundays, half a chicken breast (or roast pork) in peanut sauce.

Breakfasts are served starting at 8 am and on any day of the week you can order an executive Mexican menu for 120 MXN, which includes dessert.

Fonda El Limoncito is 2 km from Fundidora Park, at 938 Guillermo Prieto Street, adjoining Francisco Javier Mina and Diego de Montemayor, Monterrey 64000, Nuevo León.

The comments on their Facebook and Tripadvisor accounts are very positive.

3. The Arches

One of the best restaurants in Monterrey for seafood, Mexican, Latin, Spanish and gluten-free dishes.

Diners love its clean, family-friendly atmosphere that includes a play area where kids draw, watch movies and blow up balloon shapes.

Their menu specializes in fresh seafood. Includes shrimp with apples accompanied by seafood soup; oysters in the shell; fish markets; jicama tacos with shrimp, zarandeado fish, grilled octopus, aguachile shrimp, scallop ceviche and seafood soup.

The menu includes fish ceviche toasts with various types of sauces, the governor taco, almond salmon, fish with pineapple, among other dishes whose prices are between 5 and 20 dollars. You can try a hot coffee or a cold beer.

Los Arcos has restaurants throughout Mexico. In Monterrey you will find it on Avenida Ignacio Morones Prieto, 2414.

Visit his Facebook account for more information.

4. Restaurant Bar Zacatecas

One of the bar restaurants in Monterrey with exquisite Mexican food for lunch and dinner. It is small but cozy.

On the menu you will find marinated pork ribs, livers with pico de gallo (served as an appetizer), rib tacos, tortillas with guacamole and beef cutlet, at affordable prices.

You can share with your friends in its bar decorated in the style of the 40s, with a delicious snack accompanied by cold beer and watching sporting events.

Restaurant Bar Zacatecas is 1.5 km from Parque Fundidora on Avenida Francisco I, Madero, number 1070 OTE, 64000, Monterrey, Nuevo León. Has parking.

He works every day from 12:00 noon to 10:30 at night. You will find more information on his Facebook account .

5. South Sea

El Mar del Zur will always be in any Mexican food restaurant guide in Monterrey. It was created by the chef, Eduardo Wichtendahl Palazuelos, known for fusing Thai cuisine with Mexican cuisine.

The menu consists of dishes made based on ancient techniques in combination with modern ones. It is a sample of a gastronomic concept that classifies it as a treasure of Chinese, Mexican and various areas of America.

You can start by tasting some French lettuce tacos with a fish roll as a filling, a beef medallion with crispy vegetables or a citrus sauce or a tuna tamale.

As a main course they serve a grilled octopus, a seafood fondue, seared tuna, fish in size, shrimp in oriental sauce with smoked chilies, spicy salmon with red curry or salmon with cedar. There are also soups, salads and desserts.

Mar del Zur has two locations, one in Plaza O2, San Pedro Garza García. The other, at Avenida José Vasconcelos 150, Local 2C, Del Valle, Monterrey.

For more information visit their web portal .

6. Fornera Wine House

Small but nice gourmet restaurant serving Italian, Swiss, French, Greek and Spanish dishes for both lunch and dinner. They also serve gluten-free dishes.

The menu can be somewhat expensive. It consists of risotto al nero di seppia, octopus carpaccio, fillet in pepper sauce, capellini del prete arrabbiata, smoked salmon bruschetta, baked rib eye, lasagna alla bolognese della casa, among other dishes.

Its imported cheeses, artisan breads, first class meats, fresh pasta and excellent wines (such as Villa Bella, Giribaldi, Granito, among others), are of the highest quality and flavor.

You can rent its event room for romantic dinners, weddings, family meals, business meetings, engagements and engagements.

Visit Fornera Wine House at Paseo de los Leones Avenue 820, Cumbres 1st Sector, Monterrey 64610, Nuevo León. It is 7.8 km from Fundidora Park. He works every day from 1:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Their website has much more information.

7. Boston’s Monterey

Boston’s Monterrey is one of the best restaurants in San Nicolás, a municipality in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area. It has a dining room, a sports bar, a terrace and a children’s area.

The menu consists of pizzas, pastas, salads, burgers and children’s dishes. For starters, you can try some meat skewers, a Boston’s clam chowder or a Cactus Cuts Loaded.

As a main course you can order chicken parmesan, chicken and broccoli; rib with BBQ sauce; glazed salmon; an Italian combo with baked lasagna, chicken parmesan and bucatini Alfredo and a grilled tuna medallion.

It has a variety of desserts such as strawberry cheesecake, cheesecake wrapped in a fried tortilla, brownie and chocolate mousse.

On Wednesdays they have a promotion of 2 beers for the price of 1; on Thursdays, draft beer and cocktails.

Boston’s Monterrey is located in Paso La Fe Mall, on Avenida Alemán, #200, San Nicolás de los Garzas and in Plaza Fiesta Anáhuac, Avenida Manuel Barragán, #325, San Nicolás de los Garzas, Monterrey, Nuevo León.

8. La Mexicana Taco and Butcher Shop

La Taquería y Carnicería La Mexicana is one of those rich and cheap restaurants in Monterrey, with Mexican and Latin food and a very pleasant atmosphere. It has dishes for breakfast as a tasty brunch and for lunch.

The variety of tacos in basket includes beans, pork rinds, carnitas, hash, potato and shredded. Accompany them with a rich sauce.

As for drinks, you will find Jamaican water, pineapple and lemon, as well as Coca Cola and coffee. In his butcher shop you can buy excellent meats.

The restaurant is 1.9 km from Parque Fundidora, specifically at Vicente Guerrero 250, Centro 64000, Monterrey, Nuevo León. For more information visit his Facebook account .

9. I’m starving

Beautiful restaurant with a striking and beautiful façade. Inside it is also colorful with messages on the walls that will make you learn more about the concept of Me Muero de Hambre.

The place is a good option in terms of rich and cheap restaurants in Monterrey. It has four rooms.

Environment 1

At La Sirena Embarazada they serve delicacies from the sea and a variety of seafood. There is shrimp cocktail, fish ceviche, octopus ceviche, shrimp ceviche, octopus tiradito, tuna tiradito and shrimp aguachile.

environment 2

In Estaquearde you will get tacos, beans, chicharrón de queso and a variety of tacos such as canita, steak, steak with mushrooms, gringa, rib and flank steak. There are also volcanoes, golden cheese tacos and wires. Be sure to try the cold drinks, coffees and desserts.

Environment 3

Matarile is a canteen and appetizer with cakes, quesadillas, nopales, huaraches, flautas, enchiladas, soups, different types of coffee and desserts.

Environment 4

La Divina Pizza, on the terrace, offers a very varied menu of pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts.

Me Muero de Hambre is one of the best restaurants in Monterrey Barrio Antiguo. Its address is 1003, Francisco Javier Mina Street (4,295.57 km), 64000, Monterrey. In your Facebook account you will get more information.

10. Cafe Iguana

Another of the most outstanding rich and cheap restaurants in Monterrey. It has pizzeria, bar and pub. There are no waiters, there are bartenders. It has been operating since 1991 and is currently an alternative place where you can listen to live music.

The most common genres are rock, reggae and electronic music. Everything contributes to a pleasant and casual atmosphere, perfect for getting rid of stress.

Their pizzas are considered the best in Monterrey, both sliced ​​and whole. They offer you lasagna and delicious wings with french fries.

Access their web site for more details. It is a highly recommended site on Tripadvisor . His address is Calle Diego de Montemayor sur 927, Monterrey, 64000, Nuevo León.

11. The Ingot

Restaurant with a novel, bright and avant-garde concept, which fuses the gastronomy of the Mexican northeast with the various dishes of the world.

In their preparations they achieve a perfect union between the ingredients they use in their dishes – typical of the season – and exquisite wines, in addition to what they do with the view and the flavor.

The menu is complete. You can try a shrimp aguachile, a rustic pizza, a guacamole, smoked kid tacos, octopus crackling toast, marinated pork ribs, grilled flank steak or fillet burgers.

The menu also includes salads and soups. For children they have a children’s pasta and mini hamburgers. The variety of drinks is equally wide. Soft drinks, beers, cocktails, whiskeys, vodkas, mezcal, rums, different types of lemonades and coffees, plus teas, are the most served.

Visit this restaurant in Horno3 Interior Parque Fundidora Col. Obrera, Monterrey, Nuevo León. Access their web site for more information.

12. The National

Well-known lunch and dinner restaurant in Monterrey. It specializes in steakhouse, Mexican and Latin food. A good place also for a business lunch in a bar, canteen and restaurant atmosphere. Although their prices are high, the dishes and the attention are worth it.

Within the menu you will find dishes such as thug beans, roasted artichoke, piquin rib eye, salt rib eye, pistachio cake, ribey aguachile, roast pork, flank steak, noodle tacos, beet tacos, baked marrows and al pastor crust with cheese.

Their desserts and drinks are very good, including a good wine list.

It is located at 1160 Madero Avenue, Col. Centro, Monterrey, Nuevo León.

13. San Carlos Restaurant

Restaurants that since 1980 try to maintain the food traditions of Monterrey and the entire state of Nuevo León.

The quality and warmth of the service create a very familiar atmosphere, ideal if you want to try royal cuisine and good drinks.

Highlights on the menu include roast pork, charcoal-grilled meat, dried meat, steak au gratin, baked kid, cowboy, tlalpeño broth, Cortadillo, grilled vegetables, peasant filet, filet mignon, mashed with egg, divorced eggs, shoulder kid and dry meat broth.

Among the desserts are rice pudding, blackberry cake and San Carlos flan.

You can celebrate your events in the restaurant, as long as it does not exceed 100 guests. They put the imperial table with tables that are organized in the form of squares with a maximum capacity of 20 people; U-shaped tables with capacity for 20 or 40 people each and finally, added service that adjusts to your requirements.

For more information visit their digital portal . The address is Avenida Ignacio Morones Prieto, 2803, Pte. Loma Larga, 64710, Monterrey, Nuevo León.

14. The Beans Picnic & Canteen

Restaurant in Monterrey of Mexican gastronomy, with beautiful decoration, family atmosphere and live music. Photos of celebrities are hung on the façade, which will make you feel in a unique place in the best churuata style.

Los Frijoles Merendero & Cantina offers buffet-style breakfasts every Saturday and Sunday; There are some for adults and others for children.

Among the delicacies they prepare are pork rinds in green sauce accompanied with toasted tortillas on a griddle. They serve Swiss enchiladas, chicken enmoladas, omelettes, tacos, burritos, muffins, torta matona, pork rinds, pork rinds in sauce, and carnitas.

As for drinks, there are natural beet, carrot, watermelon, papaya and melon juices. They also offer coffees, fresh waters and soft drinks.

The restaurant is at Espinosa 239 (4,274.56 km), 64018, Monterrey, Nuevo León. Visit their Facebook account for more information

15. The Great Shepherd (Goats and Roast Meats)

With more than 50 years of experience preparing exquisite kids in this Mexican area, a place with a comfortable atmosphere awaits you for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Buffet breakfasts are between 7:00 am and 12:00 noon. You can choose between eggs to taste, chilaquiles, potatoes with chorizo, pork rinds in green sauce, barbecue, sliced ​​cheese and beans with poison. There are also desserts and drinks.

For lunch, meats and kids stand out. You can opt for a leg, chest (breast), shoulders (shoulder) and golden kid tacos.

As appetizers they offer national rib eye chicharrón, pork roast, taco loco, guacamole, flamed cheese, dried meat, fried, fried principle, little head, etc. There is a variety of salads and desserts.

They have private rooms for you to celebrate baby showers, birthdays, bachelor parties and small weddings.

On Gonzalitos Avenue, No. 702 South. Col., San Jerónimo, Monterrey, Nuevo León, you will find one of its branches. The other is at Tapia No. 304 Pte. Cruz with Universidad, Col. Centro San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León.

Access the web portal to see the other addresses and obtain more information.

These are the best restaurants in Monterrey, 15 invitations to try the best cuisine in this fantastic city in the state of Nuevo León.


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