Metepec is a Magic Town converted into a very attractive tourist site for its historical heritage and the richness of its architecture, mainly religious and civil.

We invite you to know the places to visit in Metepec, a beautiful town in the State of Mexico.

1. Ex-convent and Franciscan church from the 16th century

Let’s start our tour with an important religious heritage: the ex-convent and Franciscan church from the 16th century.

Built and inhabited by Franciscan monks from the 16th century, today only the walls and some walls that show the painting and decoration of that old convent remain standing.

It is a wonderful work made by indigenous artists and artisans with a baroque-style façade, whose temple is dedicated to San Juan Bautista.

2. El Calvario Temple

If you like religious tourism and are a fan of temples, Calvario should be on your list of places to visit in Metepec.

Its construction was carried out by the evangelizers in a place called “Cerro de los Magueyes”, so there is a stairway of steep steps that is worth going through, to reach an incomparable and beautiful mosaic mural and a panoramic view of the entire city. city ​​of Metepec.

Free shows are usually held along the path of the steps.

3. Pre-Hispanic flea market

Among the places to visit in Metepec we cannot forget the pre-Hispanic tianguis, a market installed on Mondays of each week where the colorful fruits, flowers and vegetables grown in the area are displayed and sold.

In this flea market, barter is still used as a form of payment, so remember to have something of value to make an exchange.

4. Craft market

The artisans have hands and good techniques to execute the works that come to their imagination, works in clay, wood, glass, among other materials, which you can see and buy in the craft market.

The beautiful catrinas figure prominently in these products, as well as the famous Trees of Life. You can not miss the representations of Noah’s Ark.

5. Zacango Zoo

The Zacango Zoo should be a must-see, especially if you are traveling with children. It is in a place that is a natural area and a protected area where animals from all over the world live together, interact and walk.

6. Civic Square

The main or civic square is in Parque Benito Juárez. Although there are no records from the time of the 16th century, it is presumed that what is now called Portal Unión was the place where the merchants came to offer their merchandise, according to the customs used at that time.

In Benito Juárez Park, the Government Palace, the kiosk, the monument to the former president, the clock and the fountain also stand out.

7. Benito Juárez Park Fountain

Visiting the Benito Juárez Park implies approaching its great fountain, the main attraction of the place. It highlights the representation of the Tlanchana, a mystical being with the shape and figure of a siren from pre-Hispanic times, who according to indigenous legends had his kingdom in the Chignahuapan lagoons.

8. Neighborhoods of Metepec

Among the places to visit in Metepec are its neighborhoods, since the artisans who work with clay are concentrated there.

In the Santa Cruz, Santiaguito, San Miguel, San Mateo or Espíritu Santo neighborhoods, you will see the process of making the pieces and if the artisans let you, participate in their elaboration.

9. Mud Museum

It is an impossible visit to forget that must be included in the selection of places to visit in Metepec.

In the clay museum you will find pieces that have won national and international awards, all made by Metepec artisans who have participated in pottery competitions.

10. Bicentennial Environmental Park

If you like the outdoors and sports activities or family walks, be sure to go to the Bicentennial Environmental Park. There you will find a skate and dog park, a recreational lake, picnic and jogging areas, bike paths, a library, an environmental education center and an auditorium.

11. Restaurant Oh Dolores!

It is one of the best places to eat in the town, therefore, you must include it in your list of places to visit in Metepec.

Oh Dolores! prepares and serves Mexican dishes with a menu that includes escamoles, marrow, grasshoppers and other dishes.

The place has a beautiful decoration and a cozy atmosphere that invites you to have a good time with good food and company.

12. Hacienda San Martin, Metepec Restaurant

If your taste is for local cuisine, this restaurant will meet all your expectations. It is located within the facilities of the Hotel Hacienda San Martín, with a delicious menu, large and beautiful gardens and an exclusive and lush forest.

When you visit the Metepec Restaurant you will be in a 16th century construction, because at that time the Hacienda San Martín was built where important historical events occurred because it is between Toluca and Mexico City.

The recommendation is to try the octopus and squid casserole, definitely a delight for the palate of those who like seafood dishes.

13. Taqueria Los Foquitos

La Taquería Los Foquitos is a cheap and tasty restaurant with traditional food from Metepec and Mexico.

Its main gastronomic offer is in the tacos, especially the meat ones and the famous tacos al pastor; you can eat on site or place your order to go.

Visiting Los Foquitos will put you in contact with one of the most typical and traditional meals of Mexico, with the cordial treatment that the town of Metepec provides to its visitors.

14. Chimera Theater

For the celebration of the 2018 Chimera Festival, the authorities and the people of Metepec built a new theater next to the stairs that lead to the Temple of Calvary. It was baptized, “Chimera Theater”.

Its main task is to host the events that are held during the famous Chimera Festival, although theater, dance and concert performances are also held.

The decoration of the facade was painted with the technique of muralism by a group of artists from the city of Toluca, called “Metzican”. They are in charge of representing the state and the country inside and outside the Mexican territory.

Places to eat in Metepec

When it comes to getting to know Metepec, you cannot stop trying gastronomic tourism, so you need to go through some of the following places to eat:

  • Mr Jojo.
  • The Oaxaca.
  • Troje House.
  • Calvary Meats.
  • Taqueria los Foquitos.
  • Metepec Restaurant.

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