Mazatlán is a city bathed by the waters of the Pacific along its coasts, where you will find several of the best beaches in Mexico, whether in the Golden Zone or in other paradisiacal places near the capital of Sinaloa.

Join us to discover the 13 best beaches in Mazatlan and discover its charms. Dare to visit and see the Mazatlan beaches live.

1. Seagulls Beach

Let’s start our list with a gift from nature: Playa Gaviotas.

Playa Gaviotas is easy to describe: very clean blue-toned waters with moderate waves and abundant golden sand, which makes it the busiest in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

In addition to swimming, its waves are perfect for diving, fishing and boat trips.

Although the beach has restaurants where you can taste the best gastronomy of the place, you can also take your food and prepare a picnic with the beautiful sunsets in the background.

Playa Gaviotas is located in the center of the Golden Zone, specifically north of the port of Mazatlan.

2. Cerritos Beach

The wonderful and intense blue of its waters, the gentleness of its waves, the fine white sand, the beautiful sunsets, among other attributes, make Playa Cerritos the perfect setting to experience unforgettable moments.

The beach is familiar and safe for both children and older adults. Also one of the ideal places in Mazatlan Sinaloa beaches to take pets.

Despite the safety, there are times when jellyfish are seen, so it is best to check with the lifeguards and watch the flags they place in the sand.

The beach, 20 minutes from Mazatlan, has alternatives between hotels and inns for comfortable lodging.

3. High Waves Beach

There you will find the best waves in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, therefore, it is a beach for surfers.

The sand of Olas Altas has a peculiarity because during various periods of the year they change their shape, they “move”.

As for other entertainment, you can stroll along the boardwalk on foot or by bicycle and watch the beautiful sunsets on the beach.

You will see and taste the gastronomy of Sinaloa in this beautiful paradise of Mexican nature, in the restaurants that surround the beach and in which local dishes abound. There are also supermarkets, bars and shops.

Playa Olas Altas is in the center of the port in Old Mazatlán, so getting to it is very easy.

4. North Beach

Many say that this beach occupies the most important area of ​​Mazatlan, a sandbank for the whole family with gentle waves, so children can swim safely under the supervision of their parents.

The pelicans that visit it every morning give it a warmer and more beautiful environment, perfect for photographs.

Walking along the boardwalk of this incomparable beach is another of the activities that you can do.

Playa Norte is surrounded by restaurants with delicious food from Sinaloa. If you like, you can also buy fresh fish while you find the ideal hotel for you and your family, of the many in the area.

The sandbank is to the west, specifically 60 kilometers from the center of Mazatlan.

5. Los Pinos Beach (Los Pinitos)

Playa Los Pinos is a beach with gentle waves for swimming on the shore and at the same time perfect for surfing due to the offshore currents.

Its small size does not limit it in terms of tourists, as it is one of the most visited for, among other attractions, being the headquarters of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and La Casa del Marino.

Come to her and stay at any of her inns, hotels and houses, most of them facing the sea.

Playa Los Pinos is in the Golden Zone, specifically north of Mazatlan.

6. Witches Beach

The strong waves of Playa Las Brujas are perfect for surfing and practicing other sea sports, but be very careful because its waves are treacherous; They don’t call her Las Brujas for nothing.

Although it is a beach with a quiet atmosphere, it is not as crowded as others in Mazatlan. It also has its hotels nearby but without so much variety to choose from.

You will find restaurants that offer dishes from Sinaloa cuisine such as zarandeado fish, Sierra ceviche, aguachile and Sinaloan shrimp, among other recipes.

There is also a sale of handicrafts in case you want to take a souvenir of your visit to this beach in the north of Mazatlan.

7. Deer Island Beach

Its waters are crystal clear and its sand white, fundamental aspects that differentiate this beach.

Isla de Venados is a World Heritage Site, so its conservation requires constant vigilance, especially with regard to cleanliness.

Despite not having electricity, it is not a boring beach. You can snorkel, kayak, swim and other water activities. Just observe the beautiful landscape if what you prefer is to rest.

The best thing is that you bring your food because its only restaurant is usually closed.

You can go to Isla de Venados in a boat (panga) that has as destination any of these points: North Beach, near the El Cid Hotel in front of the Holliday Inn Express Hotel and on the outskirts of the Oyster.

8. Barra de Piaxtla Beach

The natural beauty will catch you in the 14 kilometers of calm and warm waters and soft sand, offered by this Sinaloa beach.

One of its charms is the Punta Pietra cliff of stones whose volcanic material dates back millions of years. There are also volcanic rocks carved by the Aztecs in centuries past.

The observation of pumas, coyotes, deer, jaguars, wild boars and up to 43 species of birds, is part of the entertainment of this beach 54 km from the city of Mazatlán Bay, specifically in the San Ignacio Municipality in front of the population of Dismas.

9. Chivos Island Beach

Beach with currents moderated by two natural reefs that make it ideal for lovers of underwater sports. You can dive up to 30 feet deep.

Swimming, shore fishing, kayaking and snorkeling are also common activities.

In its reefs inhabit puffer fish, snapper, barracuda, among other species, which you can see while diving. Don’t worry if you don’t have the equipment, there are tours that will provide it for you.

There are several restaurants specializing in seafood-based preparations.

Playa Isla de Los Chivos is in front of Isla de Piedras. You can travel to it by boats or pangas that regularly charge 30 Mexican pesos per person.

10. Caimanero Beach

Beach considered virgin of 40 kilometers, of the most extensive of Sinaloa. It is 70 km from Mazatlán and endowed with a great variety of marine fauna, among them, defines.

The Caimanero has the largest production of shrimp in Mazatlan thanks to bodies of water such as the Las Garzas marshes.

Its waters are ideal for swimming and water sports because it is open sea. You can also camp and watch the conservation and release of sea turtles.

11. Stone Island Beach

With crystal clear waters and perfect waves for swimming and practicing water sports such as kayaking, trips on jet skis and catamarans. You can also ride a horse.

In Playa Isla de Piedras you will taste an exquisite campechana, a shaken fish and a frozen coconut, in its numerous and good restaurants.

In the “Pearl of the Pacific” you will be in contact with nature because it is a virgin sandbank, which you can reach from Mazatlan by boat and sailboat that offers walks along the beaches, where you can see sea lions and caves. You can also access through the navigation channel.

The distance between Mazatlan and Isla de Piedras is 25 km.

12. Tarpon Beach

Clean beach with natural beauty of 2 km of blue waters north of the Golden Zone.

Despite being in the open sea, its gentle waves will allow you to swim calmly. The sand is fine and dark.

There are restaurants and street vendors. You decide what to eat and where to do it. It has inns and hotels where you can stay.

You can take parachute, banana and paragliding rides, sailboats, boats and practice water skiing.

Playa Sábalo is in the north of the Golden Zone, 9 km from the bay of Mazatlán.

13. Shrimp Beach

This beach with gentle waves and crystal clear waters is an ideal destination to walk along the boardwalk, observe the landscape and photograph incomparable sunsets.

In addition to swimming, its waters are perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, and banana boat rides.

If you want a beach environment on your trip where you can rest, read, admire beautiful landscapes or get a tan, Playa Camarón is the ideal destination for you.

Its variety in terms of fauna and flora make it a place to practice ecotourism.

In its restaurants you can try the exquisite food of the area and in its inns, rest.

Playa Camarón is in the Hotel Zone 65 km from Mazatlan.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Mazatlan?

Although all the beaches on this list are very beautiful, some are more visited than others, especially those with deep blue waters.

The following is a selection that we believe can be adjusted to the classification of the most beautiful beaches in Mazatlan:

1. High waves.

2. Cerritos Beach.

3. Seagulls Beach.

4. Barra de Piaxtla beach.

5. Tarpon Beach.

6. Stone Island Beach.

What can you do on the beaches of Mazatlan?

The list of activities to do on the beaches of Mazatlan is extensive. We will list it for your convenience.

1. Camping.

2. Have a picnic.

3. Stroll along boardwalks.

4. Observe sunsets.

5. Practice water sports.

6. Try the delights of gastronomy in the many restaurants of the Golden Zone.

7. Ride sailboats, paragliders and bananas.

8. Visit the Faculty of Marine Sciences and La Casa del Marino.

9. Know all the attractions of the Golden Zone of Mazatlan (restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, shops, among other places).

10. See up close volcanic rocks that the Aztecs carved in past centuries.

Turquoise blue Mazatlan beaches

Many beaches in Mazatlán have waters of a beautiful blue hue, but between June and July and due to the rainy season due to sea currents, the coasts gain a turquoise tone for 30 days that equals the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

Beaches near Mazatlan

Mazatlan has nearby beaches that are worth visiting. Take advantage of your trip and visit Playa Cerritos, Playa Gaviotas, Playa Los Pinos, Playa Olas Altas and Playa Sábalos.

Main beaches of Mazatlan

Cerritos Beach, Olas Altas Beach, North Beach, Sábalo Beach, Gaviotas Beach and Isla de Piedras Beach.

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Go ahead and discover the 13 best beaches in Mazatlan and live an experience like no other. Mazatlan Beaches images you will never forget.


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