The Mexican state of Querétaro, one of the 30 that make up the Republic of the United Mexican States, is towards the north of the country in its central part.

Queretanos like to vacation by the sea, so they must move to the coasts that are somewhat far away. That is why in this article we will know which are the closest beaches to Querétaro.

1. Tamiahua Beach, Veracruz

Tamiahua is one of the closest towns to Querétaro as it is 477.5 kilometers away, a journey of just over 5 and a half hours by car.

The place is made up of estuaries, lagoons, beaches, bars and islets, which guarantee fun and relaxation in its beautiful waters, ideal for diving and fishing.

On Isla Lobos you can camp if you go between spring and summer; In Cabo Rojo you will be surprised by its reefs, a place that owes its name to the color that the sand takes on when it is wet.

2. Chaparrales Beach, Veracruz

At least 452 kilometers and a 5-hour drive separate Querétaro from Chaparrales, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Mexico due to its dazzling blue waters, soft sand and radiant sun.

The area of ​​this beach is part of a sea turtle sanctuary because it is in the Totonacapan Region. The olive ridley, hawksbill and green turtles arrive there to lay their eggs in the sands of the seashore.

You can get to know the beautiful mangroves and their fauna on a boat ride.

3. Emerald Coast, Veracruz

From Querétaro to Costa Esmeralda there are 488.4 kilometers. A total of 5 hours 40 minutes by car.

This area of ​​beaches is named for the beautiful green color of its waters that extend in a strip of soft sand and calm waves, a calm that invites you to explore it by boat, to practice water skiing, sport fishing and sailing.

You can go to La Guadalupe, La Vigueta, Monte Gordo, Casitas, Maracaibo or Oriente beach. Any of them guarantees a perfect place to rest under the beautiful landscapes of the Gulf of Mexico.

Costa Esmeralda has a good infrastructure with comfortable facilities, restaurants with typical dishes of the region, a turtle camp, swamps and beautiful estuaries.

4. Condesa Beach, Acapulco

605 kilometers separate Querétaro from Playa Condesa, in Acapulco. Little more than 6 hours of travel by car.

It is a strip of land between two hotels, the Hotel Presidente and the Hotel Emporio, within the so-called “Golden Zone of the Costera Miguel Alemán”.

It is an ideal place to sunbathe on its golden sands, swim in its warm waters, and practice extreme sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing, snorkeling, and bungee jumping. It also has restaurants and places to enjoy the nights.

Look at the Hotel Emporio in Booking

5. Horn Beach, Acapulco

Great beach 6 hours 15 minutes by car from Querétaro (590 kilometers away). It is in front of Papagayo Park and next to Hornitos beach, it is a place of warm waters and soft sands.

From Playa Hornos you will have unforgettable views of the port of Acapulco. It is also a fishing area that also offers parachute jumps, among other entertainment.

6. Caleta and Caletilla Beaches, Acapulco

From Querétaro to the Caleta and Caletilla beaches there are 596 kilometers of distance (6 hours 30 minutes of travel). Both are in the area of ​​”traditional Acapulco” and divided by a small islet that, together with the island of La Roqueta, protects them from the strong waves of the Pacific Ocean.

They are ideal beaches to go with children or older adults and excellent for diving.

The gastronomic offer is wide with dishes from the sea to please all tastes.

7. Icacos Beach, Acapulco

Icacos is the longest beach in Acapulco to the east of the bay and 591 kilometers from Querétaro (6 hours 50 minutes by car).

Its waves can be both strong and gentle due to the protection that El Guitarrón hill, an arm of Acapulco Bay, gives to the beach.

It is an ideal place for sea sports that also has a water park. Its commercial, hotel and gastronomic offer is wide.

8. Port of Veracruz, Veracruz

Between the beaches of the port of Veracruz and Querétaro there are 570.4 kilometers of distance, for a total of 6 hours of travel by car.

The most important include Villa del Mar, Playón de Hornos, Costa de Oro and Mocambo, all ideal beaches for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying moments of rest and recreation. In addition, this area has one of the most remarkable reef systems in Mexico.

9. Dogfish Bar, Veracruz

The beaches of Barra de Cazones are 445 kilometers from Querétaro, very attractive sandbanks with perfect waters for diving, snorkeling and sport fishing, as well as, of course, swimming and sunbathing.

It is an important fishing port with a lighthouse that stands out from anywhere in the town. Excursions depart from there for ecotourism tours, tours of the mangroves and for bird and crocodile watching.

10. North Beach and Galindo, Veracruz

Playa Norte y Galindo has no waves, which makes it a very popular beach on weekends and during the holiday season. It is about 570 kilometers from Querétaro, a drive of 6 hours 30 minutes.

The area’s reefs attract many divers, which, along with the walks through the estuaries and sport fishing, constitutes part of its entertainment.

Towards the south of Tuxpan we find the beaches of San José and Villamar, destinations for sailing, diving, fishing or riding a motorboat.

11. Las Higueras Beach, Veracruz

Las Higueras is one of the closest beaches to Querétaro as it is 546 kilometers away (7 hours traveling through Tuxpan).

The waters of this beautiful beach are perfect for water activities. In addition, in Las Higueras there is a turtle camp.

Nearby you can visit the Las Higueras archaeological zone to see the paintings in the form of murals that tell the life of the Totonacos, indigenous peoples who lived there.

12. Pie de la Cuesta Beach, Acapulco

Pie de la Cuesta is an extension of land of several kilometers on the coast of Acapulco, 602 kilometers from Querétaro, a 7 hour 30 minute drive.

Pie de la Cuesta has numerous attractions that invite you to visit it, such as its beautiful sunsets, typical restaurants with hammocks for tourists to rest and horseback riding along the shore of the beach.

You can explore its lagoons by boat, practice water sports or walk along its shores.

These are the 12 closest beaches to Querétaro, places to swim in warm waters and sunbathe on soft, beautiful sand. When do you visit?


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