When we think of vacations and leaving the city, the option of visiting beaches always has the approval of a large majority, especially when it comes to the beaches of Mexico.

Today we are going to discover which are the closest beaches to Cdmx, in such a way that for the next vacation season, you have the selection ready and all you have to do is take your suitcase and head towards one of the beaches.

1. Tecolutla, Veracruz

This is one of the closest beaches to Mexico City. They are 321 kilometers away, which is equivalent to a car trip of approximately four hours.

As soon as you arrive at the site, the sea invites you to take a good swim, sunbathe on the golden sands and taste the delicious seafood of the area.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the skull of the Tecolutla sea monster, which is located in the Community Marine Museum. In this place you can admire both dissected species and living marine elements.

This unique museum has approximately 200 marine species, including some of them declared in danger of extinction.

If you go during turtle season, you will have the opportunity to release them at the Vida Milenaria Tortuguero Center.

Do not leave Tecolutla without savoring the “Caldo Rompe Catres”, a special local soup, prepared with shark, snail and octopus.

2. Tuxpan, Veracruz

Tuxpan in the state of Veracruz. It is located three hours and twenty-five minutes away from Mexico City, taking the shortest route, which represents 289 kilometers of distance.

In this beautiful place we can find up to nine beaches available for enjoyment and fun. Among the most outstanding are Playa Villamar, Playa Cocoteros, Playa Azul and San Antonio.

On these beaches you can dive in the ecotourism areas full of reefs such as the so-called “Huerto del Bambú”. You can also take boat rides to see the mangroves in the area.

Let your palate indulge with the exquisite flavors of its representative dishes such as dogfish bread, zacahuil, bocoles, shrimp chilpachole and the inevitable seafood soup. The beaches of Tuxpan in Veracruz are among the closest to Mexico City.

3. Bar of Cazones or Cazones Herrera, Veracruz

A time of more or less than three and a half hours is what you need to get to this extraordinary beach from Mexico City, time in which you will travel the 283 kilometers that separate the Mexican capital from this beach.

Barra de Cazones has some beautiful bars such as Boquitas, Sur and Chaparral. You can take walks through the picturesque town of Cazones, practice diving in the coral reefs, snorkel and kayak .

In addition, you have the option of visiting the mangroves taking boat rides. Visit and get to know the turtle farm, where the incubation of the eggs of the white turtles “Kgayin Xalakpupunu” takes place and bird watching, among many other activities.

In the kitchens of Barra de Cazones they prepare the best zacahuil, so you should not leave without having tried it, while listening to the traditional huapangos.

4. Emerald Coast, Veracruz

340 kilometers separate Costa Esmeralda (in Veracruz) from Mexico City, so it will take you four hours by car to get there.

Costa Esmeralda is a somewhat unknown beach, so it is ideal if what you want is to be calm, relax, unwind and enjoy the sea without crowds.

Her beauty is unique. Its main characteristic is the green tone of its waters and the wonderful sands. In the area there is a wide area of ​​mangroves of 800 kilometers, which can be visited by boat.

The Cueva del Pirata, the Salón del Silencio or the Estero de la Mojarra are also places that you should visit and get to know. If you go to the Tuxtlas Nature Reserve, you will have the opportunity to do ecotourism.

Do not miss the opportunity to savor a delicious zacahuil, a huatape or shrimp guatape and the tasty “torito”, a drink made with fruit pulp mixed with brandy.

5. Barra Vieja Beach, Guerrero

Four and a half hours by car will be enough to complete the 391 kilometers from Mexico City to Barra Vieja, in the state of Guerrero, one of the closest beaches to Mexico City.

There, in addition to the beautiful gray sand beach, you can enjoy a freshwater lagoon and a captivating jungle environment.

Take horseback rides through the sands of the beach, while watching the sunset, an experience like no other.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit a Hollywood movie set, going to Laguna de Tres Palos, because a large part of the movie “Tarzan” was filmed there in the sixties. Likewise, you will enjoy the wonderful fauna and flora of the place.

The star dish of Barra Vieja’s gastronomy is “fish in size”, so you cannot miss the opportunity to try it.

6. Acapulco, Guerrero

Acapulco is famous for its fabulous nightlife thanks to the many clubs located in the area.

380 kilometers, which take four and a half hours to travel by car, is what we need to go from Mexico City to Acapulco, state of Guerrero.

This is one of the closest beaches to the city and one of the most visited and known in the world. Starting in the sixties, it began to occupy a relevant position among the places to vacation between sand, sun and sea. Today it continues to hold that position.

Visitors go to the famous and classic jumps in La Quebrada and take walks along the beaches of La Caleta and La Caletilla. You can also have fun going to the El Rollo Water Park or visit the Papagayo Park.

7. Chacalacas, Veracruz

This beautiful beach, located in the state of Veracruz, requires us to travel four hours and forty minutes, approximately, to travel the 395 kilometers that separate it from the Mexican capital. It is one of the closest beaches to Mexico City.

Chacalacas has very gentle waves. It is located in the town of the same name as the beach.

It is an ideal place to travel with the family, practice water sports, dive and also motocross, since there are dunes in the coastal area, which are appropriate for this extreme sport. You can also ride ATVs.

8. Foot of the Slope, Guerrero

In the state of Guerrero, in a four-hour drive, the 390 kilometers between Mexico City and Pie de la Cuesta beach are traveled.

Away from all the hotel and tourist complexes, this wonderful beach invites you to enjoy tourism in full contact with nature.

Incomparable and unforgettable sunsets, with unique sunsets accompanied by somewhat strong waves.

Likewise, you can visit the Laguna de Coyuca, which adjoins the Barra de Coyuca, a place through which the sea joins the lagoon.

9. Mouth of the River, Veracruz

It is located 396 kilometers away and is one of the closest beaches to Mexico City. The car ride is approximately four hours.

This beach borders the Gulf of Mexico, which means that its waters have temperatures around 25 degrees in summer.

The famous and popular “Isla del Amor” is located in this area, a destination sought after by couples who want a beautiful romantic getaway. It has a high demand for visitors.

10. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

481 kilometers from Mexico City is Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo. It is one of the classic beaches for the inhabitants of the area and visitors, which you arrive at after traveling for five hours.

It has a wonderful climate and tourist sites that captivate the visitor. Gastronomy is one of its main characteristics, due to the delicacies that come out of the stoves of the varied and different restaurants in the area.

In the thirty kilometers that the area comprises, the best-known beaches are: Playa Principal, La Madera, La Roca, Las Gatas, El Palmar, Playa Blanca, Linda, Playa Larga and Quieta.

If you like exotic fauna, on this site you can see crocodile, iguana and bird farms, among other animals.

The hotel offer is of good quality, with affordable prices. Likewise, fun and entertainment have their special place.

If you get on a catamaran, you can tour the coast that includes the Zihuatanejo Bay.

11. Ventura Beach, Guerrero

This beach is ideal to spend a long weekend, when the budget is not very large. It is quieter than Acapulco and with some options so as not to get bored during the visit.

At Playa Ventura you can go scuba diving, snorkel in the winter season, kayak , release sea turtles in season, fish in the open sea and receive relaxing massages at the water’s edge, while resting on the sand.

In addition, you can take tours of other nearby beaches with the advice of a specialized guide.

To spend the night you have the option of choosing the hotel of the place or camping in the area enabled for it. Although there are no places for nightlife, contemplating the starry sky at night, from the edge of the beach, is an unforgettable moment.

This beach is one of the quietest and closest to Mexico City. It will take you five and a half hours, on average, to travel the 500 kilometers that separate both places.

12. Paradise Beach, Guerrero

This beach is located 470 kilometers from Mexico City, kilometers that can be covered in four and a half hours.

It is a place to enjoy nature and plain and simple life; with a somewhat coarse-textured sand and blue waters, typical of the Pacific Ocean.

Surrounded by vegetation, palm trees and lagoons, it is still considered a virgin beach. There are no hotels in the area, but you can stay in cabins that the locals rent or camp in the enramadas for that purpose.

The food is fresh and authentic, consisting of shrimp cocktail and fish in size. You can also select barbecue tamales, made in banana leaves.

When you visit Playa Paraíso, it seems that time has stopped and that we really are in paradise.

What is the closest beach to Mexico City?

The closest beach to Mexico City is Tuxpan, in the state of Veracruz. It is 289 kilometers from the city and it takes about three and a half hours to get there.

Beaches by car from Mexico City

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo, Guerrero: 481 kilometers from Mexico City.

Tuxpan, Veracruz: 289 kilometers from Mexico City.

Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz: 340 kilometers from Mexico City to Costa Esmeralda.

Playa Paraíso, Guerrero: 470 kilometers from Mexico City.

Chacahua, Oaxaca: 410 kilometers to the beach from Mexico City.


The best way to go to any beach from Mexico City is by plane, as you will be at your destination in about an hour. If the transfer is by car, you will need four to five hours of travel.

Do not let this discourage you from knowing the list of beaches that we have presented to you. Do not stop enjoying these, the closest beaches to Cdmx.

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