Do you want to go shopping in the city and don’t know where to go? Well look no further, here we are going to give you a list of the best shopping centers in Madrid. In them, apart from being able to buy the best products, you can enjoy various activities and moments of relaxation and fun.

1. Principe Pio Shopping Center

This is one of the most visited shopping malls in the city. It is the ideal place for you to rest on your sightseeing tour, as it is just a few meters from the Royal Palace.

It is located in what was once one of the oldest train stations in Madrid. Its architecture and interior design is quite modern and has a beautiful transparent roof that gives it great light.

Here you will find a wide commercial offer. There are clothing stores for men, women and children, jewelry stores, household items and sporting goods, among others.

What will catch your attention the most in the Príncipe Pío shopping center is the wide variety of food establishments there are. Here you can access fast food, gourmet food , snacks and delicious sweets. Do not miss them.


Paseo de la Florida, 2, 28008 Madrid, Spain.

2. Madrid South Shopping Center

Although it is a relatively small shopping center, the Madrid Sur shopping center is one of the best options when you visit Madrid.

One of the most flattering points of this shopping center is the various promotions that are constantly offered to its visitors. Among these we can mention: family afternoons, and montaditos (at 1 euro) every Wednesday and Sunday. Food establishments also have excellent promotions.

Here you will find stores that offer you everything from current and fashionable clothing, through electronic and technological devices to natural medicines and organic food.


Pablo Neruda Avenue, 91, 28018, Madrid, Spain.

3. Las Rozas Village Shopping Center

It is one of the most complete shopping centers you will find in Madrid. Apart from finding the best stores with an excellent price-quality ratio, you can have access to services such as a tourist information center and free Wi -Fi , as well as tax-free shopping.

In Las Rozas Village there are stores with renowned brands: Boss, Armani, Bvulgari, Calvin Klein and Jimmy Choo, among many others. Likewise, the gastronomic offer is very varied, from the famous food trucks to haute cuisine gourmet restaurants.

So the Las Rozas Vilage shopping center is an ideal place to do your shopping when you visit Madrid.


Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, 3, 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

4. La Vaguada Shopping Center

It has the honor of having been the first shopping center in the city of Madrid. From its opening to the present, it is one of the most visited shopping centers in the city.

Although it has managed to be at the forefront, this shopping center maintains a certain traditional air. It not only offers stores of the best brands, but also offers multiple options such as dental offices, cinemas and hypermarkets. Its traditional market is very visited by tourists.


Av. De Monforte de Lemos, 36, 28029, Madrid, Spain.

5. La Gavia Shopping Center

It is among the best shopping centers in Madrid to go with the family. It offers entertainment and fun options for both children and adults.

It offers the visitor more than 150 stores of the most diverse nature and even of the most recognized brands worldwide, such as Adidas, Chicco and Levi’s, among others.

When you visit you can’t miss Ikea, the flagship store of this shopping center so you can marvel at its innovations. Another alternative is Primark Madrid, an excellent place with many options for you.

And since this is a shopping center to enjoy all day, we invite you to try the great gastronomic offer that it offers. Whatever your preference in food, you will find it here.

Among the services offered by this shopping center are the so-called gift cards. These consist of prepaid cards of between 10 and 150 euros to spend at the mall. You can give one to a loved one or your partner.


Calle Adolfo Bioy Casares, 2, 28051, Madrid, Spain.

6. Plaza Norte Shopping Center 2

Often described as “The best commercial and leisure offer in the north of Madrid”, this shopping center is one of the most beautiful, luxurious and entertaining in the city.

Its architecture perfectly combines the old style with the modern. The luminosity that characterizes it is due to the beautiful glass dome that crowns its exquisite structure.

Here you will find a wide variety of stores where you can satisfy even your smallest tastes, whether it be clothing, makeup, jewelry or household items.

To get to know this shopping center completely, you must stay practically all day, so you will be interested in knowing its gastronomy offer. Here there is something for all tastes, from Mc Donald’s to international haute cuisine restaurants. And for dessert you also have various establishments to choose from.

And if you visit it as a family, the children will not get bored, since there is a children’s club here so that they can enjoy various activities designed for their entertainment.


Plaza del Comercio, 11-12, 28703. San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain.

7. Madrid Intu Xanadu Shopping Center

It is one of the largest shopping centers in the city and it is ideal for you, if what you like are emotions to the fullest.

The Madird Xanadú shopping center has a covered snow rink where you can practice sports such as snowboarding and ice skating. This is its biggest attraction.

Here you will be delighted with all the choice of stores that there are, which include Apple, Benetton, Disney and Levi’s, among many others.

If you are a lover of the sea and its creatures, the shopping center offers you an aquarium with a fairly complete exhibition.

The shopping center also offers you various promotions that will allow you to save a little on your visit. You can keep up to date on their website .

And when it comes to food, the offer is also wide, both in salty food and desserts. You will have a hard time deciding what to eat.


Puerto de Navacerrada Street, Km 23, 5, 28939. Arroyomolinos, Madrid, Spain.

8. ABC Serrano Shopping Center

This shopping center occupies an emblematic building in the city of Madrid: the former headquarters of Prensa Española, a company that publishes the ABC newspaper.

Its characteristic facade that preserves the old architecture, gives way to a place where the well-being and satisfaction of visitors is the priority.

This shopping center offers various options and promotions for your enjoyment, such as the Tatatachán Festival, with activities for children and adults, as well as various activities that are organized on its terrace, among many others.

The stores that you will find here are very diverse and for all tastes and needs. Although the restaurant offer is limited, here you can eat delicious dishes according to your tastes and those of your family.

Go ahead and visit this shopping center when you are in Madrid, we assure you that you will enjoy it to the fullest.


Calle Serrano, 61, 28006, Madrid, Spain.

9. Plenilunio Shopping Center

If your thing is modernism and the current, this is the place you should visit when you are in Madrid.

The Plenilunio shopping center is an example of avant-garde and modernity. Here you will find stores of the most recognized brands worldwide such as Adidas, Levi’s, Chicco and Guess, among many others.

Here you can visit one of the many Primark stores in Madrid.

Its offer in gastronomy is quite wide. You can opt for fast food with a hamburger or also for more elaborate food in one of the gourmet restaurants there.

As for desserts, it has several options, Dunkin Coffee is the favorite of many, among others.

If you stop on your tour of the shopping center, we suggest you rest in its central square, a place to relax and enjoy yourself, while you regain strength to continue your tour.

And if what you want is to spend a pleasant time in a trendy bar, you can do it in Plenilunio, since it has an excellent offer of bars for all tastes.


Calle Aracne, s/n 28022. Madrid, Spain.

10. Islazul Shopping Center

It is the second largest shopping center in the city, with an area of ​​256,000 square meters, in which there are a large number of shops and establishments that you will love.

If you are passionate about cinema, you cannot miss the opportunity to see a film on the largest screen in the entire European continent.

Of course, the best brands such as Levi’s, Adidas, Orange, Swarovski, Tous, Zara and Benetton, among many others, come together in this shopping center. Here you can buy the best products at unbeatable prices.

The shopping center has an excellent information point, where apart from answering your questions, they can provide you with a telephone and even charge your mobile. Similarly, if you like bowling , here you have the Ilusiona Kids Bowling, an excellent place to play for a while.

The Islazul shopping center is an obligatory stop on your tour of the city of Madrid. We guarantee that you will enjoy a lot and have a great time.


Calle Calderilla, 1, 28054. Madrid, Spain

Which is the best shopping center in Madrid?

As you have seen, the offer in shopping centers is quite wide. However, the ones we have mentioned here are the ones you should include in your itinerary. In them you can have access to exclusive stores, quality products, excellent services and especially, many moments of fun and relaxation.

What is the largest shopping center in Madrid?

The city has large shopping centers, so it is difficult to establish which of them is the largest. Despite this, according to the records of size and built land, it has been established that the largest shopping center in the city is the La Gavia Shopping Center, opened in 2008.


Go ahead and visit it, it is an excellent option to enjoy a whole day of fun and shopping in Madrid.

Here you have then the best shopping centers Madrid. Now it is up to you to make the time to visit them and enjoy all the benefits they have for you.


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