The sensation of falling freely at more than 200 kilometers per hour is one of the most fascinating experiences you can have, as well as enjoying a beautiful view of the most incredible places in the world while you descend little by little with the parachute.

In this article you will find a list of the 10 best places in the world to practice skydiving, so I invite you to continue reading because – even if you have not lived this magnificent experience – you will surely be curious and end up skydiving.


1. Pocono Mountains, United States

In the Pocono Mountains you will find beautiful green forests, mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful river beaches, not to mention that there is a wide variety of fauna. So thanks to all these amazing attractions, you will never regret visiting this place.

These mountains are located in the state of Pennsylvania and are very famous for their water sports, skydiving, skiing and other extreme adventure sports, as well as being a natural refuge from busy city life.

Doing a parachute jump in this place will fill your lungs with fresh air and your mind with intense emotions that will eliminate any type of stress.

There are several skydiving providers in the area, the most famous of which is Don Kellner , holder of the Guinness Record for the highest number of skydivers and who runs a school for this type of extreme sport.



2. Bled, Slovenia

Bled is a small but beautiful tourist city that is located very close to the Julian Alps in Slovenia, along the Glacial Lake Bled. This place is perfect for skydiving thanks to its panoramic views and the good weather it offers.

Looking towards the lake is the 11th-century Bled Castle, which now houses a chapel, print shop and museum.

You will enjoy beautiful views wherever you look and you can enjoy your vacation surrounded by nature. Skydiving from the sky of this picturesque city will leave you pleasantly scarred for life.

You can perform tandem jumps from a height of more than four thousand meters. The Slovakian alpine landscape of Bled will make your skydiving experience very pleasant and unforgettable, especially if it is your first time jumping.


3. Empuriabrava, Spain

Empuriabrava is an exceptional and beautiful city in Spain and is located along the Costa Brava.

It is the largest residential marina in the world. Its privileged position is surrounded by the Aiguamolis de l’Empordá natural park.

Skydiving here is very captivating thanks to its great sky. The place is also known as the land of the sky and is one of the most popular sites in the world for skydiving.


4. Seville, Spain

This Spanish city is rich in history and archaeology. It has great architectural beauties, such as the Plaza de España and the Casa de Pilatos.

Experiencing free fall over sunny Andalusia will be a memorable and wonderful experience for experienced skydivers and beginners alike. The views you get from the top of this city are unique in the world.

Also, at more than 4000 meters high, you will be able to observe some of the adjacent European countries.

At this location you can jump in tandem and take skydiving courses, which are taught by experienced instructors.


5. Hawaii

Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago located in the Central Pacific and belonging to the United States. It is famous throughout the world for its unparalleled beaches, panoramic views, incredible weather and exotic weddings held on its beautiful islands.

As well as being an excellent place to relax for residents of the United States, Hawaii is also a great place for skydiving, with beautiful settings where modernity meets the natural beauty of its beaches and vegetation.

Here you can enjoy skydiving even if you have no experience. All schools are committed to your safety and have the necessary experience to guarantee it.

If you are an expert, you could enjoy descents up to more than 6000 meters high, where temperatures can drop to -25° C.


6. Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is a small tourist town situated on the Aare River, which is located right next to the Swiss Alps and in the middle of Lakes Brienz and Thun. As if that were not enough, it is one of the most visited summer destinations in the world.

Interlaken Skydive is the local skydiving school and where you can find a wide range of skydiving options.

This school is one of the best in the world for skydiving due to its facilities and the panoramic view of the place. She is also a pioneer in skydiving from helicopters over the Swiss Alps.

You can do jumps any day of the week, in summer, even during any winter day (if the environment allows it). The Swiss Alps is a majestic place and is a must-try for anyone who loves adventure.


7. Snohomish, Washington, United States

This small county in the United States is very colorful, with snow-covered mountains surrounded by trees that give a feeling of mysticism at sunset, making this place one of the best skydiving locations in the world.

The county is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and sweeping views of the Pacific. This site is an American heritage site full of culture and views ideal for skydiving.

At this location you can do solo or tandem jumps with experienced instructors. It is, in short, another place that you cannot miss if you really love the thrill of skydiving.


8. Fox Glaciers, New Zealand

The Fox Glaciers are the most impressive in New Zealand and one of the most impressive skydiving destinations in the world.

This mysterious glacier is approximately 13 kilometers long and is located in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park, on the west coast of the South Island in New Zealand.

These glaciers were named after Prime Minister Sir William Fox, who visited the area in 1872.

Skydiving here will give you a breathtaking view of glaciers, mountains, rainforest, and the ocean.

This location is considered the second best in the world thanks to its enigmatic beauty, just behind Mount Everest. The site has offered skydiving since 1997 by the Fox Glaciers Skydive School .

The jump site is located between the highest mountains in New Zealand, Mount Cook, Aoraki and Tasman.


9. Palm Islands, Dubai

These artificial islands in Dubai, called Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jabel Ali, were created by humans and are a marvel of modern engineering.

Seen from the sky, the islands look like two huge palm trees. It really is an impressive sight that will take your breath away.

From the sky above the islands you can enjoy its intriguing design, as well as other wonderful structures such as the Burj Khalifa, which is currently the largest skyscraper in the world.

Skydiving here is a great option if you are close to the Middle East and want to enjoy great views and a modern place full of man-made luxuries.


10. Mount Everest, Nepal

Imagine how it feels to jump off the world’s tallest mountain in free fall. Mount Everest is undoubtedly the best and most exciting skydiving site in the entire world.

In fact, the CNN news channel has ranked the Mount Everest skydiving event number 8 out of 50, making it one of the best organized adventure events you can do in the world.

From here you can drop from a height of more than 7,000 meters, which makes it the highest commercial aerial event on the planet.

The only downside is that this Everest event only happens two or three times a year, so you’ll need to pre-register to participate.

What do you wear to go skydiving in these places?

To be able to do this expert sport you will need to be in good health, have a minimum weight of 40 kilos and a maximum of 80 and a lot of enthusiasm.

Skydiving is not for people who are weak at heart, both physically and emotionally, let alone those who are afraid of heights.

What are the prices for skydiving?

The prices of this incredible activity range from approximately 150 dollars to more than a thousand dollars, everything will depend on your location and additional services.

Some of the most popular destinations in the world are Mount Everest, Dubai, the United States and Spain.


As you have been able to observe. skydiving offers a wide variety of options for both beginners and expert skydivers, and it is one of the best things you can do in your life.

Have you visited any of these sites? If you have any suggestions for another great place to skydive, please share them in the comments.





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