La Perla Tapatia has all the charm of the wonderful Jalisco and in it you can fully enjoy tequila, mariachi and its best places to go shopping.

This selection of the 10 best clothing stores in Guadalajara includes category boutiques , shopping malls with the widest selection, and traditional tianguis, where they sell their clothing at the most popular prices.

The 10 best clothing stores in Guadalajara to visit:

1. Anthiope

It is a minimalist-style store that operates in a mansion from the mid-20th century in the Lafayette neighborhood of Guadalajara.

With a decoration of old pieces and colorful accents, it was born as a meeting point for designers and artists to show their clothes, art, photographs and other expressions in a sober and relaxed atmosphere.

The name of the store was inspired by Antiope, queen of the Amazons in Greek mythology, daughter of the god of war Ares and a woman of singular beauty who seduced Zeus. To refresh her name, she introduced a letter h.

Anthiope is managed with 4 criteria:

  • That the author of the clothing designs or art objects be Mexican.
  • That the preparation or elaboration is carried out in Mexico.
  • That the product is aligned with the aesthetic concepts of the store.
  • That the price to the public is fair.

Among the designers and brands are Rafa Webber, Jessica Torres, Octagono, Corazón de Piedra, Ricardo Luévanos, Carolina Crowley, Yuri Zatarin, Coronel, Morel and Álvaro Cuevas.

Every week there is some activity in Anthiope, such as catwalks, workshops and art exhibitions.

Address: Francisco Javier Gamboa 171, Colonia Lafayette, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

2. Plural

Among the clothing stores in Guadalajara, En Plural stands out for its innovative collectivist concept in which a group of independent designers propose their works in textiles, jewelry, accessories, art, illustration and other creative facets to the public.

Visitors are greeted by a splendid mural that introduces the originality and good taste of the products displayed in the store.

The decoration of the premises is captivating and makes a harmonious match with the pieces for sale, confirming that the main attribute of En Plural is creativity and that consumers from Guadalajara have within their reach seductive garments and objects of authentic national manufacture.

In Plural it has more than 20 brands of autonomous creators, among which the following stand out:

  • GOCO Authentic Woods: handcrafted watches for men.
  • Guava: jewelry in neat and imaginative designs.
  • Eat me Stories: delicate and precious clothes for babies.
  • Cachfletas: shoes for babies and accessories for women.
  • Catrina al Hilo: garments with original designs.
  • Pink Rooster: illustrated bags and sweatshirts.
  • Sketch Forest: bags, purses, briefcases and eyeglass holders with charming designs.
  • Laika Urban: clothing and footwear with attractive lines.

Address: López Cotilla 2053, Rancho Blanco, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

3. The Tianguis

The tianguis are one of the most genuinely Mexican expressions inherited from pre-Hispanic times, street sales, especially on weekends, in which producers and artisans display their products directly on the streets, selling them at convenient prices.

This commercial modality has been modernized and apart from clothing (especially clothing and footwear, food, ceramics, handicrafts and agricultural products that they have always offered), they now also sell electronic items and other current goods.

Guadalajara Two Tianguis stand out: El Baratillo and Cultural

The Cultural Tianguis is installed on Saturdays in Plaza Benito Juárez, on the corner of Avenida Washington and Calle 16 in September.

If you are looking for clothing stores in downtown Guadalajara, this tianguis is an excellent option. It is animated by music bands and many popular artists take advantage of it to make their works in public view.

The El Baratillo tianguis is a huge open-air market that stretches for more than 40 blocks on 38th Street in the San Felipe de Jesús neighborhood.

It is installed on Sundays and offers clothing, footwear, furniture, antiques, toys, ceramics, jewelry, books, electronic products and food.

4. Santa Tere Market

Other tianguis in Guadalajara with an excellent assortment of clothing are the Santa Tere and the tianguis del Sol.

The first is installed on Sundays in the populous neighborhood of Santa Tere (between Herrera and Cairo, Ramos Millán and Eulogio Parra) and offers a wide variety of clothing and footwear.

The tianguis del Sol is set up on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on Avenida Copernico, from Tepeyac to Moctezuma, in the municipality of Zapopan. It is a roofed space and what is most exhibited are vegetables, clothing and footwear.

5. Felix Boutique

The wide range of women’s clothing in this boutique has made it one of the favorites of fans of Guadalajara fashion.

Its extensive assortment includes dresses, skirts, pants, tops shorts , sweaters, jackets, trench coats, jackets, kimonos, vests, blazers , jackets, coats, bombers , footwear and accessories.

The accessories line includes bags, earrings, hoop earrings, fanny packs, sunglasses, clutches , harnesses and other items.

In footwear and the like, Félix Boutique offers shoes, boots, tennis shoes, ankle boots, mules, flats and sandals.

The boutique is one of the best clothing stores in Guadalajara online and for orders over 750 MXN, the house covers the cost of shipping to all of Mexico.

There is the possibility of buying online and picking up the order in store. They also operate an online coupon system for discounts.


  • Avenida México 2314, Colonia Ladrón de Guevara, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • Providencia Avenue 2767, Providencia Fourth Section, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

6. Liberty Market

In a commercial space with more than 3,000 stores, there is room for everything and this includes some of the best clothing stores in Guadalajara in the popular concept of a stall in a large market.

It is better known as Mercado San Juan de Dios and is the largest indoor market in Latin America.

The immensity, color and overwhelming variety of what this place has to offer has made it an obligatory stop on tourist itineraries around the city.

It has three levels. The first level (the busiest) is for the sale of food products, sweets and handicrafts.

On the second level are the restaurants and food stalls.

Clothing and footwear stalls are on the third floor, along with souvenirs , electronics, and other merchandise; this is the quietest area.

In the field of clothing, this market of particular architecture inaugurated in 1958, began with the typical products used by Mexicans to dress and wear shoes. But today there are stores for all the items that make up urban clothing.

Address: Avenida Javier Mina 47, San Juan de Dios, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

7. Shoe Gallery

In this La Perla de Occidente shopping center there are more than 60 shoe stores, banks, cosmetic stores and other services so you can make your shoe purchases with total comfort.

In this leather mall you will find everything from impeccably made huaraches by skilled indigenous Mexican artisans to the best classic and avant-garde footwear brands.

Of course, Mexican products made by the prosperous Leonese footwear industry and by other national manufacturers are present.

There are specialized stores for ladies, for gentlemen and also those that cover the needs of the whole family.

Among the many shoe stores and other leather goods in Galería del Calzado, Arcade, Sport Tenis, Capa de Ozono, Gold Collection, Fadda, Senties, Candelas, Gillio, World Shoes and Crabtree stand out.

Other options are Charly, Antofagasta, Brantano, Exuverati, Lauré, Flexi, Antoneli, Francis, Stiletto, V. Lanvin, Scarpe and Skechers.

In handbags, the models that Enzo Carrara, Accente and Crabtree have are dreamy.

You will not have time to see the entire wide collection of shoes available in the Footwear Gallery.

Address: Mexico Avenue 3225, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

8. Zapotlanejo

Zapotlanejo is a city and municipality in Jalisco that is distinguished by its beautiful architecture, its stonework sculptures and its clothing manufacturing.

The town is located just 34 km east of Guadalajara and many people from Guadalajara go to the town daily, especially on weekends, to buy textiles at good prices and enjoy its other attractions.

Macroplaza Zapotlanejo is a mall with more than 100 clothing and accessories stores for men, women, children, babies, lingerie, maternity, footwear, linens and accessories.

Some women’s clothing houses are Exotica, GabSerra, Stylos Jeans, El Rosario Factory, Stylish Michelle and Gala Boutique.

In men’s clothing, Real River, Santi Sport, Jorge Boutique, Omni Casual and Novedades Mar stand out.

While the children will come out magnificently dressed as Yadara, Kid Bubbles and World Kids.

Sense stands out in Lingerie, Only Sahad in footwear and Fashion Best and Vicma accessories.

In the whites branch, Novedades Ramírez, Blancos Los Tanis, Blancos Ramírez and Exclusive Distributors of Bedspreads and Coverlets stand out.

Macroplaza Zapotlanejo is one of the best clothing stores in Guadalajara for wholesale and retail.

Address: Avenida del Vestir 300, Macroplaza, Zapotlanejo, Jalisco.

9. The Outlet Squares

This shopping center has a huge influx of people due to the considerable discounts with which national and international merchandise can be purchased.

It has specialty stores, movie theaters, restaurants and other services in an environment that makes any purchase fun.

Among the providers of American clothing in Guadalajara, Las Plazas Outlet is one of the most complete places.

In footwear and sportswear, the main names worldwide are present, such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Puma.

In footwear in general, the main sites are Caribú, Exuverati, Flexi, Jarking, Lady Paulina, Merrell, New Balance, Skechers and USA Shoes.

In women’s stores, the offer is immense, including Bari Swimwear, Barze, Calvin Klein, Bobois, Calzedonia, Cloe Factory, Converse, Cuadra, Ferrioni, FG Gaudi, Fullsand, Levis, Guess, Julio, Kenneth Cole and Lacoste.

At Las Plazas Outlet, men have Aldo Conti, Amsterdam, Equipe, Fashion Zone, Lyon and Vittorio Forti.

After-shopping entertainment options include a movie or a bit of an adrenaline rush at Casino Codere.

Address: Guadalajara – Morelia Highway, Km 12.5, Santa Cruz de las Flores, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

10. Defactor

Among the clothing stores in Guadalajara, this has become one of the main references of cool fashion for its unique stylistic proposal with national and imported clothing.

Stores such as Defactori have been consolidating the commercial growth of the city based on the differentiation of their proposals and the high quality of their products.

The interior design of the store has been conceived with an obsessive neatness in detail, in such a way that the decoration and the pieces for sale complement each other without anything being out of place.

Defactori gives priority to designers from Jalisco and Mexico as a way to support the work of national creation. Among the most prominent are Jessica Torres, Julia and Renata, and Campus Denim.

Buying a garment at Defactori is a spiritual and commercial experience.

Address: Mexico Avenue 3053, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Have you gone shopping in any of these places in The City of Roses? Do you think there are other sites that should be part of this list with the best clothing stores in Guadalajara? Share your opinion with our community of readers.


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