Tortugas is what you need if you are looking for a place to relax, have fun and get a beautiful tan. It is one of the most visited and acclaimed beaches in Quintana Roo, 6.5 km from Boulevard de Kukulcán in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Why should you visit Tortugas beach if you go to Cancun?

Let’s learn about the main reasons to visit Tortugas among the many beautiful beaches in Mexico.

1. It has a bus stop: you can get to Tortugas Cancún by public transport because it has a stop right in front. Take the direct route from Quintana Roo.

2. Services and attractions to share: you have to enjoy sea activities such as snorkeling and diving, bungee jumping and walks on the beach.

3. Cleanliness and security: two of the main characteristics of this protected area is its cleanliness and security. Its waves are quite soft with not very deep waters.

4. The party is always present: Cancun is always partying and Tortugas is no exception. Every day there are festivities along the coast, good times in which you can participate.

5. Connection with Isla Mujeres: from Tortugas you can board a ferry that will take you to Isla Mujeres or board small boats to tour the shores of Cancun.

6. It has a nearby beach: one of the best attractions of Tortugas is the 25-minute walk to Playa Caracol or vice versa. This way you will enjoy the landscape, the breeze and the crystal clear sea.

7. Fantastic flora and fauna: the flora and fauna on the shores of Cancun are part of its charm. In Tortugas you can practice one of the favorite activities of this beach: snorkeling and diving.

Tortugas also has restaurants and a wide variety of hotels for all budgets.

How to get to Playa Tortugas?

Playa Tortugas is an easy destination to access because it is only 6.5 kilometers from the hotel zone. Take the bus from any of the stops on Bonampazk, Rancho Viejo, Tulum, Hidalgo, Rodrigo Gomez, Xcaret or Caba avenues.

You can also take public transportation from Boulevard de Kukulcán for 60 cents USD.

A taxi could charge you 6 USD to take you from downtown Cancun. Tourists sometimes prefer to make the trip on foot from the hotel zone and although it is quite long, it can be pleasant if someone accompanies you.

Another unusual but non-disposable option is to go by boat. You have to go by ferry to Isla Mujeres from the Port of Juarez, in Cancun. Once there, walk 9 meters to the port to take another ferry that will take you to Playa Tortugas.

In this last option you will need 2 USD and some patience because the ferry to Isla Mujeres leaves every 30 minutes and from there to Playa Tortugas, it can take up to 2 hours to set sail.

If you go by car you can leave it in the parking lot near the coast.

Below the map of Playa Tortugas:

How long do I take from Cancun airport to Tortugas?

From the Cancun airport there are 20 kilometers away, about 24 minutes by car.

If you travel by bus you will have to take one from the airport to downtown Cancun, a trip of 18 kilometers and 20 minutes. These buses run every 30 minutes and are usually quite punctual with time.

From there you can take a taxi to the beach in a trip that will take you 10 minutes.

By boat you will travel for 2 hours and a half, maybe a little more, due to waiting times.

What to do in Playa Tortugas?

Eat delicious: in the wide variety of restaurants in Playa Tortugas, the best flavors of the sea are prepared, with a Mexican touch and something more Mediterranean.

You will enjoy drinks and snacks or more complete meals. All products are fresh and direct from the Yucatan coast.

Swimming in calm waters: the waves of Playa Tortugas are serene with shallow waters, which is ideal for children and the elderly.

Relax on the seashore: Playa Tortugas has chairs and loungers for rent so you can enjoy the coast pleasantly.

Snorkeling: snorkeling is one of the favorite activities on this beach due to the diversity of fauna and the abundance of reefs.

Bungee Jump: You can enjoy an impressive bungee jump from the 25-meter-high tower on the coast.

Tour to Isla Mujeres: from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm you can go from Playa Tortugas to Isla Mujeres, on a ferry that is at the beach pier.

Play on the beach: Playa Tortugas has volleyball nets and space to play tennis or beach soccer.

What is the street entrance to Playa Tortugas?

Being public, Tortugas does not have a main entrance. You can enter it from Avenida Boulevard Kukulcán and through Calle Gaviotas.

Where to eat in Playa Tortugas

Playa Tortugas has numerous places to eat. From restaurants like AntoRikos, Restaurantes Tortugas or Bonanza SeaFood and Beach Club, to small places with snacks and drinks.

The specialty of the restaurants are seafood, fish grills and ceviche, all with original Mexican flavors. They also have buffet services in the lodging and in the hotels in the area.

On Boulevard Kukulcán you will find a Savings Pharmacy where you will get snacks and soft drinks for the ride.

Tips to enjoy Playa Tortugas

1. Plan to go early: Arriving early or before everyone else will guarantee you good places to rent an umbrella or just sunbathe. You will also have to choose a good spot in the parking lot.

2. Visit it with a good disposition: as Playa Tortugas is one of the most festive beaches in the area, it will be easy for you to make friends between good music and hubbub. You must be prepared for the festive atmosphere of the coast.

3. Bring cash: Although most establishments accept debit and credit cards, it is best to bring cash, especially if you are handling another currency. Near the beach you will find a Bancomer ATM.

4. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen: the sun on the Cancun coast is quite strong and prolonged exposure could be dangerous. Bringing a hat and sunscreen will be a good idea.

5. Be aware of children: this is a public beach that is highly visited, so you must be very attentive to children traveling with you, as they could easily get lost if you are not careful.

6. Take care of the space: Playa Tortugas is a protected area and since it is public, it is jealously guarded by the locals. You must also keep it in good condition by conserving your garbage and respecting the fauna. The cleanliness of the place is one of its greatest attractions.

7. Do not trust the sea: although the waters are calm, the waves rise in the afternoon. It is best that after noon you do not swim too far inside.

8. Do not combine alcohol with the beach: although you will see where to buy cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, the most responsible thing to do is not to swim if you are drinking, much less driving.

Below is a video of Playa Tortugas:

Services you will find in Playa Tortugas

In Playa Tortugas you will have public parking, bathroom service, rental of chairs, loungers and umbrellas and places to eat.

In Plaza Tequila you will find suntan lotions and sunscreens, swimsuits, sunglasses, simple medications and even an OXXO store.

Another service is bungee jumping with the company Bungee in Cancun for 60 USD per person. Before jumping they give you a brief training.

The AlwaysDiving & Water Sports snorkeling service includes a brief talk about the coral and fish species in the area, and the importance of their conservation.

Bob Submarine’s staff offers mini-sub rides for $79.

Overseas you have the ferry for the tour to Isla Mujeres for 14 and 8 USD the ticket for adults and children, respectively.

What disadvantages does Playa Tortugas have? (cons and alerts)

Too many people: if you arrive after 10 in the morning it will be difficult to find a good place on the beach and to park your vehicle.

Always party atmosphere: you may be uncomfortable with the music and parties at Playa Tortugas if your plan is to relax and unwind.

The pier is not the prettiest area of ​​all: unlike the beach, the pier is neglected. Its wood is decomposed and the view from there is not the most pleasant.

Beware of pollution: as the beach is a connection point with Isla Mujeres, it has a high influx of boats, which dangerously increases the pollution rates due to fuel spills and other waste from the boats.

The Federal Maritime Zone has issued alerts in this regard in an attempt to get the authorities to take action. It is best to stay away from the dock waters.

Beware of falls: the growth of algae is common in Playa Tortugas, so it is common to run into them in different parts of the beach. They are slippery and can catch on your foot.

The street vendors: the number of street vendors along the beach contributes to the noise of the place. It can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Curiosities of Playa Tortugas

1. Wide variety of marine species: one of the charms of Playa Tortugas is enjoying different marine species on its shores. You can take a tour between this and other Cancun beaches to see dolphins and occasionally sharks and rays in deep water.

2. Part of one of the largest reefs in the world: from Playa Tortugas you can access the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest in the world and which crosses the Mexican coast to Honduras. A good chunk of the Mexican segment is on Isla Mujeres and you can get there from Playa Tortugas.

3. You can see sea turtles: the Riviera Maya is the perfect place to see sea turtles and this species is frequently released and cared for on this beach.

4. One of the cleanest beaches in Mexico: the locals have taken the responsibility of taking care of this beach seriously, so it is a fairly well-kept and clean coast.

Where to stay near Playa Tortugas

Below I will show you 6 of the best lodging options near Playa Tortugas.

1. Maya Caribe Beach House : hotel with Mexican decoration, private bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV, balcony, WiFi, pool and ocean view, 5 minutes from Playa Tortugas. The all-inclusive room is on average at 137 USD.

2. Dreams Sands Cancun Resort & Spa : 4-star hotel with luxury services, parking, swimming pool, green areas, buffet and spa, 8 minutes from the beach. Your single room is $225 per night.

3. Real Inn Cancun : More modest accommodation with parking, WiFi and breakfast included (if you book with this service) 5 minutes by car from Playa Tortugas. It has a cost of 104 USD per night in the simplest room.

4. Hotel Riu Cancún: 3 swimming pools, jacuzzi, child care program, free Wi-Fi and themed restaurants, 13 minutes by car from Playa Tortugas. A double room with all inclusive has a cost of 118 USD.

5. Aquamarina Beach Hotel Cancun : has a private beach, yacht club, swimming pool, child care, garden, laundry, WiFi, restaurant and fitness room, 3 minutes from the beach. A double room is priced at USD 126.

6. Suites Costa Blanca Hotel – 24-hour front desk with toiletries, WiFi in the lobby, free parking, and a nice colonial vibe, a 9-minute drive from Arenal. The single room is 60 USD.

Where to camp in Playa Tortugas

Although Tortugas is a public beach, it is best not to camp on it. It is advisable to spend the night in one of the hotels in the hotel zone on Boulevard Kukulcán.

Sargassum season in Playa Tortugas, Cancun

Sargassum is a fast-growing macroalgae that invades the coasts of the Riviera Maya from the Sargasso Sea, near the Bermuda Islands.

The arrival season of this species cannot be specified because it has to do with sea currents and even with the impact of pollution. Luckily, Playa Tortugas is one of the least affected by their arrival.

Although they can be unsightly, these macroalgae are not harmful. It is not the same case for the species of fauna in the area that can be poisonous.

They usually completely fill the coast and can reach up to 150 tons.

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