Playa Las Perlas Cancun is one of the most visited beaches in this beautiful city in the state of Quintana Roo. Its waves are calm, its turquoise waters are beautiful and the best thing is its proximity to the tourist center.

Let’s learn more about Playa Las Perlas, a delicious place to visit with your partner or family.

Reasons to visit Playa Las Perlas

Playa Las Perlas in Cancun has a calm environment with warm waters and gentle waves, which makes it perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

The hotels and restaurants at the foot of the beach provide comfortable accommodation and excellent dishes, drinks and snacks.

How to get to Playa Las Perlas?

The beach is at km 2.5 of Bulevar Kukulcán, being very easy to reach by public transport from the center of Cancun, which is located a few kilometers northeast of the sandbank.

Bus routes 1, 2 and 27 pass through the Cancun Hotel Zone and stop at Playa Las Perlas.

Below the map of Playa las Perlas:

How long do I take from Cancun airport to Playa Las Perlas?

The 22 km that separate the Cancun International Airport from Playa Las Perlas take 25 minutes along the Quintana Roo 180 highway.

You can go from the air terminal to Playa Las Perlas by rented car, private or shared taxi. Also by bus to Cancun and from there take the bus to Playa Las Perlas.

How many kilometers is Playa Las Perlas from the Cancun Hotel Zone?

Playa Las Perlas is near the western end of Cancun’s North Side Hotel Zone, 7 km from the beginning of the Hotel Zone that faces the open ocean called, Caribbean Side.

Playa Las Perlas Cancun location with respect to Playa del Carmen: the largest city in the Ribera Maya and the main tourist center of this coastal corridor, it is located 69 km south of Playa Las Perlas on Federal Highway 307.

What to do in Las Perlas Beach?

In this small and cozy beach with golden sands and crystal clear waters you can sunbathe, swim, rest on a lounger, rest, eat and read in a palapa or under a palm tree.

You can also practice water entertainment, except those that need strong waves. You will always be invited to consume drinks, snacks and meals prepared in nearby restaurants or those that you carry in your cooler.

Services that you will find in Playa Las Perlas

The sandbank has parking, palapas, lounge chairs, restrooms, showers, and food and beverage services.

On weekends you must arrive early to get a good parking space, as well as a palapa or a palm tree. The beach also has a children’s playground.

Where to eat in Playa Las Perlas?

You can eat in the restaurants near the sandbank. Some of the best are:

1. Cenacolo Puerto Cancun

Italian restaurant in Plaza Marina Town Center 1 km from Playa Las Perlas, with homemade pasta made by hand. Prepare delicious breads, spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli and main dishes. Its sea view is fantastic.

2. Hiromi

They are specialists in sushi, Japanese and Asian food. From its pleasant terrace in the Plaza Marina Town Center there are spectacular views of Puerto Cancun.

3. Montemar

Montemar is just over a kilometer from Playa Las Perlas. It specializes in Mexican cuisine, seafood and meats.

Its Kobe steaks, shrimp, gizzards, pork rinds, fish, ceviches, octopus casseroles, squid, clams, oysters and other seafood are among its most popular dishes. Their salads, creams, broths and aguachiles are also delicious.

4. Coconuts and Grill

Restaurant and beach club specializing in seafood, fish and cuts of meat, in Marina Chac Chi, 1 km from Playa Las Perlas.

Their certified cuts of the Angus breed and their fish and shellfish from the catch of the day turn any lunch or dinner into an experience for all the senses.

Tips to enjoy Playa Las Perlas

For a more comfortable and fun afternoon at Playa Las Perlas, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Bring your cooler with drinks and something to eat.
  • Use biodegradable suntan lotions and sunscreens to help protect the environment.
  • The parking lot is small and fills up on weekends, so arriving early is recommended.
  • The faster you arrive, the more chances you have to get a palapa or a palm tree.
  • On weekends you have to be careful with children due to the greater influx of public.

Below is a video of Playa Las Perlas:

What disadvantages does Playa Las Perlas have?

Sargassum tends to accumulate for longer, so the day at the beach can be frustrating. Maybe it’s your turn to find another entertainment option.

The waters of Playa Las Perlas tend to be a light blue and not the intense turquoise color that characterizes the beaches of Cancun on the Caribbean side. The beach is not good for surfing because of its gentle waves.

Curiosities of Las Perlas Beach

No matter how hard you look, you will not find pearl oysters in its waters. In addition, Playa Las Perlas is one of the few to have a library near the beach.

Where to stay near Playa Las Perlas

The Cancun Hotel Zone begins on this beach, which extends for almost 20 km to Punta Nizuc. Among the lodgings at the foot of the sand is the Hotel Imperial Las Perlas, a 3-star establishment with 118 rooms with an outdoor pool, restaurant and 2 bars.

Downtown Cancun is 11 km from Playa Las Perlas with convenient lodging options such as Adhara Hacienda Cancun , Ramada Cancun City and Ibis Cancun Centro .

Where to camp in Playa Las Perlas?

In the Cancun Hotel Zone you will find luxurious resorts but not camps set up to set up a tent.

To go camping you have to go to the most remote beaches and risk free camping without basic services.

In Puerto Morelos, 36 km south of Playa Las Perlas, Cancun, there is the Acamaya Reef campsite, a safe place to camp with bathrooms, hot water and other services.

Hotels in Playa Las Perlas Cancun

Among the best hotels near Playa Las Perlas are the following:

1. Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas

3-star hotel just 200 meters from Playa Las Perlas in an environment dotted with palm trees, for visitors on a limited budget. It has a gym, swimming pool and 3 restaurants, one buffet style, the Ocean Grill Tequila located on the sand and the Diletto, with fresh and delicious Italian food.

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2. Temptation Cancun Resort

All-inclusive 4-star hotel for people over 21 years old with the hottest adult entertainment in Cancun, including sensual games, electrifying parties and an atmosphere without prejudice.

The resort has topless areas for a spectacular tan without lines that mark the body. The sensory journey continues with the gastronomic ecstasy of its restaurants located 1,200 meters from Playa Las Perlas.

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3. Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina

It is a 5-star all-inclusive in Puerto Cancun, 900 meters from Playa Las Perlas. It has well-appointed rooms and suites, outdoor pool, fitness center, 2 restaurants, cafe pub, marina and golf course.

The Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina is next to the Marina Town Center, a shopping center with the latest and most glamorous Cancun restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

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4. Cancun Bay Resort

4-star hotel 1.1 km from Playa Las Perlas with 137 rooms, including standard, superior, junior suites and master suites, the latter for 9 people, which is ideal for groups of family or friends.

The Cancun Bay Resort has 2 swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, restaurants and bars, to spend pleasant moments both indoors and outdoors in the pool area or on the beach. The hotel facilitates arrangements for tours and excursions to the places of interest in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

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5. Ocean Spa Hotel

It is a 4-star all-inclusive less than 1 km from Playa Las Perlas. It has an outdoor pool, spa, bars and 3 restaurants, with rooms overlooking the sea, the gardens or the pool.

The closest beaches are Playa Linda and Playa Langosta, 150 and 550 meters away, respectively.

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Las Perlas: popular name in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Las Perlas is a name widely used in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, especially in Playa del Carmen, to describe tourist locations.

Las Perlas Playa del Carmen Condo: hotel located on Calle 50, between First and Fifth avenues, in Colonia Colosio in Playa del Carmen. It has an outdoor and indoor pool.

Villas Las Perlas Playa del Carmen: beautiful residential subdivision on the new Mérida highway, 10 minutes from the beach and 5 minutes from the Plaza Las Américas Shopping Center.

Plaza Las Perlas in Playa del Carmen: shopping center on Avenida Constituyentes, between avenues 20 and 25 in Playa del Carmen.

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