Last week, the images of a tiny sea creature that washed up on the coast of Queensland, Australia quite surprised bathers in the area. This animal looks like a dragon that he could see coming out of a fantasy world.


While there have been plenty of imaginary creatures invented by mythology over the years, one of these beings in real life could have been the Blue Dragon or glaucus atanticus, as it is officially called.


The blue dragon’s bizarre appearance is just the beginning. It has a tiny body that barely reaches a maximum of an inch and a half in length, it feeds on animals such as the Portuguese Man-of-war, which is not only much larger but also extremely poisonous.


The blue dragon is not banished by the Portuguese Caravel, the blue dragon just eats them.

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This magnificent creature may have “Little Man” syndrome – while extremely small on the inside, he thinks like a huge dragon.


While some of the nematocysts are digested, the blue dragon saves the more poisonous cells for later, concentrating and storing the toxin in its strange, finger-like appendages.

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Blue dragons are almost never seen by humans, so the sighting of this ferocious little mollusk gave the Queensland beach a rare treat for them to appreciate.


You can learn more about this fascinating wildlife sea slug epic on YouTube:

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