bar-in-dubai Calling all sleep addicts, your new favorite bar has just opened in Dubai. The sleep bar invites anyone having a particularly long day to stop in for a comfortable sleep, instead of booze

Smarin, a French furniture studio, developed the Siesta Bar temporarily to promote its famously comfortable seating spaces, as well as to serve a previously overlooked group.

Preschoolers take naps every day, but adults also want to doze off in the middle of the day. The Siesta Bar is fully equipped for sleeping, including plush dune chairs, a poncho, pillows, and all the herbal teas and essential oils you need to drift off into the world. Oh did I mention you get your own lullaby too?



The installation is scheduled to end on May 31st, but it serves as an inspiration for future bars that want to help adults everywhere escape a chaotic day.


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