Founded in 1996, Expedia is one of the oldest and most prestigious online travel agencies . It’s probably the best portal for searching for flights and hotels, renting cars, and buying cruises and vacation packages, though in a few ways it lags behind newer sites.

In this guide we will break down the pros and cons of using Expedia Mexico and show you how to use the portal to find cheap flights and customize them to suit you.

What is Expedia for and how can you take advantage of it?

Expedia excels when it comes to finding cheap flights as well as hotels and cars. Its main advantages are:

Easy comparison between cabin options

Expedia allows quick comparisons between Economy Class, Premium Class and other cabin options at checkout, making it easy for you to choose the one that’s best for you.

Clear cancellation policy

Expedia clearly lists flight cancellation information before you check out .

Simple flight quality rating

Expedia takes into account factors such as flight duration, aircraft type, and amenities, rating each option (Unpleasant Flight, Fair Flight, Very Pleasant Flight, Excellent Flight) to give the user an idea of ​​the overall quality. of the different possibilities.

Easy to use rewards program

Expedia Rewards with its easy-to-use points program keeps customers using the portal repeatedly for their travels.

Savings on car and hotel packages

Expedia allows you to combine flights, accommodation and car rentals, which can significantly reduce travel costs.

Has an associated credit card

Frequent travelers can make their flights and stays easier with Expedia’s special credit card program with Citibank.

Customer service

Expedia is a large and reputable online agency and is part of a group of companies in the tourism sector, which includes Trivago, Orbitz, Travelocity and other platforms, with the best standards of customer service and reliability in the travel market.

Where Expedia can improve

There are a number of areas Expedia could do better on.

Search limitations

Expedia only shows results for airports within a city, rather than a larger area, narrowing down a traveler’s options.

Flexible date search is not that flexible

You can only search three days before or after the original search date, which isn’t as flexible for travelers with a longer plan.

There is no option to book directly with the airline

Flights are booked directly with Expedia, without the option to book directly with the airline.

Occasionally miss the lowest price

Expedia does not display flight search results for all options available online. It is possible that elsewhere there is a lower price that the portal does not show.

No functionality map

Several online travel search portals, such as Kayak and Google Flights, offer a map showing the cheapest city to fly to in a region. Expedia doesn’t.

Expedia Walkthrough

We will share how to book a flight on Expedia with a few simple steps.

How to start your search on Expedia

Upon entering the home page, a search box will open where you can search only for flights, hotels, car rentals and other options. You can also do combined flight and hotel searches; flight, hotel and car; flight and car; and hotel and car.

If you only want to book a flight, click on the “Flights” icon. In the second row of the search box you can choose between round trip (round trip), single or one-way trip and several destinations if you want to stop in several cities.

How to set departure and arrival locations on Expedia

To use Expedia flights, enter the city or airport you’re departing from, as well as the city or airport you plan to arrive at. It is advisable to write the name of the city because if it has several airports, you will have the possibility to select the one that suits you best.

Generally, for cities with several commercial air terminals, the first on the list is the most important.

For example, if you plan to fly from Mexico City to New York, you’ll see search results showing all airports in New York, with Kennedy at the top of the list. When there are several airport options, select the ones that best suit you as your origin and destination.

Unfortunately, unlike other search engines like Google Flights, Expedia doesn’t allow you to search by typing multiple cities or airports at once.

How to set your dates on Expedia

Write your departure and return dates in the search boxes and select how many people will go on the trip.

The selection of dates (day/month/year) is done by opening the electronic calendars that appear in each box. The number of travelers option is pre-selected for one adult. If there are more passengers, click on the box and specify the number of adults, children and babies that will travel.

In our example, a Mexico City-New York (Kennedy) trip was selected with departure on 09/02/2019 and return on 09/08/2019.

How to make the most of advanced options on Expedia

To further refine your search, click on the “Advanced Options” link. This will create a dropdown menu where you can customize your flight.

Here you can choose between a direct (non-stop) flight and a refundable flight and select an airline of your choice (the default option is “No Preference”).

Likewise, it will allow you to choose the ticket class between Economy/Tourist, First Class, Executive and Premium Economy (the pre-selected option is Economy/Tourist).

Please note that just because an airline appears in the Preferred Airlines dropdown menu, it does not necessarily mean that they serve the route you are looking for.

One of the key hidden features of the preferred airlines menu is that you can search for cheap airlines (with and without luggage). If you know that you will need additional luggage, this is a great advantage.

Once you have the details of the flight you want, click on the yellow “Search” button.

Understanding Expedia Flight Search Results

Once the “Search” icon is activated, you will access a screen that shows all the available flights for the route you have chosen. By default, these results will only show the outbound flight and will be sorted from cheapest to most expensive.

How to filter results to get more advanced results

On the left side of the screen, you can customize your flight. In the first drop-down menu you can choose between ordering the flights by price or by another criterion of your preference (for example, first departure, last departure or shorter flight time)

You also have the option of scales. You can click to show only direct flights or flights with stopovers (only one stopover, two or more stopovers). Then, you can mark one or more airlines of your choice and the displayed results will include the indicated ones.

Finally, you can customize your flight according to the desired departure and/or arrival time, according to four options: Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon and Night.

This is important if you want to avoid flights appearing very early in the morning or too late and allows you to ensure (if there are no delays) that you will arrive at your destination within a certain time range.

Flight Selection

In our example, we select only direct flights by Interjet and two options are displayed.

We select the first flight on the list by clicking on the yellow “Select” box and Expedia Mexico displays the screen to choose the return flight.

Applying the same restrictions (direct flight by Interjet), we choose the first one on the list and your Expedia mx itinerary appears for your round trip by Interjet, indicating the departure and arrival time data, both on the outbound and inbound flights. return.

The total price in Mexican pesos (MXN) also appears, differentiated between the price of the flight and taxes and charges.

On this same screen you can add a vehicle to your reservation by simply clicking on the corresponding blue box. If you do not wish to add a vehicle, you continue with your process by clicking on the yellow box “Continue with the reservation”.

Next, a screen will be displayed that requests the traveler’s personal data and indicates the Expedia Rewards points accumulated for the reservation. The means of payment in are Mastercard, American Express and Visa.

Once the information has been satisfactorily verified, will send a reservation confirmation email to the user, indicating an itinerary number and other information of interest.

Expedia Rewards Points

To take advantage of Expedia Rewards, you must sign up for the program on the page.

The points accumulated by using Expedia Mexico to buy your flights can be exchanged for free trips and discounts on hotels, car rentals and other tourist services. Expedia assigns you points for each amount of money spent on flights, hotels and packages.

What is Expedia Mexico ?

Expedia Mexico is a travel and tourist services portal launched in 2012, whose parent company is Expedia, Inc., an internet travel agency created in 1996 in the United States. Expedia is a leading firm in the world travel market and its affiliate,, makes available to the user a directory with almost all the airports and commercial airlines in the world. In addition, Expedia hotel and Expedia car links make available more than half a million lodging establishments and the main car rental companies around the world.

How to cancel a hotel reservation on Expedia?

In the top menu of is the My Trips field that displays a menu that includes “Cancel a hotel reservation.” You can also change the details of the reservation instead of canceling it. For special requirements in the hotel (type of bed, smoking room and others), you must contact the establishment directly.

Who owns Expedia?

Expedia was developed by Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink and belongs to the Expedia, Inc. group, one of the largest travel platforms in the world. Expedia, Inc.’s major brands include Expedia,, CarRentals and the popular hotel portal Trivago.

What does the word Expedia mean?

Expedia is a trade name that comes from the English verb expedite , which means to send and speed up.

What is Expedia’s phone number?

Through the toll-free numbers 01800 it is possible to access all Expedia Mexico services. This service is available 24 hours every day. Expedia Mexico phone for calls from outside the country: 001-817-983-0701.

Expedia billing

In 2018, Expedia’s turnover exceeded 10 billion dollars, an increase of 13% compared to 2017, confirming its position as the world leader in online travel agencies .

How to confirm flight Expedia

After the flight has been processed, Expedia sends a confirmation email. Keep this email available for any eventuality. In the “My Trips” option, you can review your itineraries and the status of your trip. Bookings made using Expedia Rewards points may take up to 24 hours to show up in ‘My Trips’.

Reviews Expedia Mexico

On the Internet you will find favorable and unfavorable comments about Expedia. Almost all are answered by the portal and in most cases the responsibility for the incident is attributed to the direct provider of the service.

expedia taxes

Expedia Mexico collects taxes and fees applicable to the purchase of air tickets and the use of airports. In our example, the direct round flight Mexico City – New York (Kennedy), by Interjet, has a total price of 13,263 MXN, including 9,929 for flights and 3,333 MXN for taxes and fees. The percentage of taxes and charges (in this case it is 25.13%. This %) varies from one flight to another, since some charges are percentages (VAT) and others are fixed amounts (TUA). To the extent that the flight is more expensive, the % for taxes and fees tend to be lower.

expedia recommendations

Make sure that the personal information you enter on your application forms exactly matches what is in your passport. Check the regulations of the airlines to be used on the size of the bag that can be carried as hand luggage and on the items allowed and prohibited both in hand and in checked baggage. Prepare your carry-on so that if your main luggage goes missing, you can get through a couple of days without overwhelming setbacks.

Expedia charges VAT

Expedia charges VAT applicable to the flight and other fees such as the Airport Use Fee (TUA). VAT is charged on the base price of the ticket. Airport taxes vary from one airport to another. For Mexico City Airport, the TAU for international flights is 45.18 USD (883.6 MXN). For domestic flights it is 23.79 USD (465.3 MXN).

What to do if I have unrecognized charges from Expedia

To report a complaint or problem that occurred before or during your trip, please contact Expedia Customer Service using the Contact Us form . If the claim is after the trip, send an email through the same link. You can also contact Expedia by phone service.

Expedia charges in dollars

Using, you can pay in Mexican pesos. On (home page) prices are denominated in dollars.

Expedia Payment Methods

At you can pay with Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Taxes and fees Expedia

When you compare a flight through Expedia, you also pay the corresponding taxes and charges, such as VAT and Airport Use Tax.

Is Expedia trustworthy?

Expedia is a travel facilitator and not the direct provider of air, accommodation and car services, which are the responsibility of the airline, hotel and car rental company. Millions of satisfied customers (who do not express it in writing) and the growth of the group’s turnover show that it is a reliable service.

Expedia reviews

Among the most frequent opinions about Expedia are complaints about the cancellation of hotel reservations and differences in room quality compared to what was expected. It can also happen that the price paid for a flight or a hotel was not the lowest possible. The problem for Expedia and other travel service portals is that satisfied customers generally don’t say so, while dissatisfied ones almost always do. Thus, the number of dissatisfied people may seem high, when in reality it is negligible.

Is it safe to shop on Expedia Mexico

Expedia Mexico is backed by the Expedia group and is a secure portal for buying flights and other tourist services. This does not guarantee that there may not be a problem with the flight, the hotel or the car. In any case, these problems can also arise when purchasing the service directly with the borrower.


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