Xcaret is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Riviera Maya, as it has endless activities and attractions for those who visit it to enjoy an unparalleled experience.

How much does the entrance to Xcaret cost? Reserve Now

The basic entrance to Xcaret costs $99 US dollars or $1,999 Mexican pesos or €88 euros. Children from 5 to 11 years old pay $89 dollars or $999 Mexican pesos or €44 euros, children under 4 years old do not have to pay admission, they can enter completely free.

But if you buy it in advance, from 7 to 20 days before your attendance, you can get a 10% discount, and if you buy it more than 21 days before your trip, you get a 15% discount, that is, you would pay only $89 Dollars.

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How much do children pay at Xcaret?

Children 4 years old or younger pay nothing, children 5 to 11 years old pay $89 dollars or $999 Mexican pesos.

What should you know before buying your tickets to Xcaret?

Buying your ticket to access Xcaret is not such a simple process. There are certain aspects that you must take into account so that you live an excellent experience.

Among these aspects are: transportation, food and whether or not you wish to participate in any of the additional activities such as swimming with dolphins, the Temazcal ritual, swimming with sharks or parachute, among others.

Will you need transportation to get to Xcaret?

The first thing to consider is transportation. Taking into account that the park is located at a considerable distance from Cancun, this is an important aspect. To get to the park you can do it with your vehicle, taking advantage of the fact that there is free parking.

If you don’t go by car, you have several options: you can get there by bus or taxi from Cancun or Playa El Carmen. And, if you buy your ticket online, you can add the transportation option for an additional cost of 859 pesos ($41).

Are you going to pay for food inside Xcaret or do you prefer the Buffet package?

The second element to consider is food. In Xcaret they do not allow the entrance of food or drinks, so if you plan to consume something, you must buy it in the park.

How much does it cost to eat at Xcaret?

It costs $540 Mexican pesos or $27 USD more than your basic ticket, it includes a buffet meal, a beer and unlimited drinks during your meal in the restaurant.

If you do not pay the extra for the food package, the costs inside the park in restaurants and snack kiosks are high and you should keep in mind that the visit to the park lasts all day.

Xcaret is a place full of many alternatives. However, not all of them are included in the basic ticket; that is, you must additionally pay the cost of those activities.

Can I enter xcaret with food?

You cannot enter Xcaret with food, it is prohibited in the Xcaret regulations to bring food. You can only put a liter of water.

How many types of tickets are there at Xcaret?

Once you have considered the elements that we mentioned in the previous section, it is time for you to know what types of tickets you can buy to visit the park.

1. Basic Ticket –  Book Now with a 15% discount

This ticket gives you access to the park and many attractions, except for the so-called optional activities such as swimming with dolphins, swimming with rays, swimming with sharks, sea trek , among others.

The basic ticket includes:

  • Access to the beach, the cove and natural pools
  • Tours in the underground rivers
  • Visits to the Coral Reef Aquarium, Butterfly Farm and Aviary
  • Life jackets and floating tires
  • Hammocks and rest areas
  • The presentation “Xcaret Mexico Spectacular”
  • Some exhibitions such as the Pre-Hispanic Dances and the Papantla Flyers

Remember that if you decide on this ticket, you must bring extra money in case you want to enjoy an optional activity and for food.

The approximate cost of this ticket for adults is 1,799 pesos ($87) and for children 899 pesos ($43).

If you want to add food and drinks, you must pay an extra 540 pesos ($26). Likewise, you must pay the same amount if you want to add the transportation service.

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2. Xcaret Plus –  Book Now with a 15% discount

What does Xcaret Plus include?

The Xcaret Plus ticket offers you the same attractions as the basic ticket, with some extra elements:

  • Access to the special box office for buying online
  • Use of facilities plus
  • A buffet meal, with unlimited beer and drinks during the meal in the restaurant
  • Use of snorkel equipment (with $10 refundable deposit)

The cost of this ticket for adults is 2,339 pesos ($113) and for children 1,169 pesos ($56). If you add the transportation service, you must pay an additional 540 pesos ($26).

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3. Xcaret Total –  Book Now with a 15% discount

Xcaret Total includes everything that the Xcaret Plus ticket offers, adding the optional activity that you choose from the following:

  • Adrenaline, 45-minute ride in a modern speedboat through the waves
  • Sea Trek , 30-minute walk on the bottom of the sea using a diving suit to breathe
  • Snuba , diving for 30 minutes with professional equipment (air tank, mask, fins and weight belt)

This ticket is available only for adults and costs 3,120 pesos ($151 USD); if you add the transportation service, you must pay an extra 500 pesos (24 $ USD).

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4. Xcaret + Other parks (Xel-Há, Xplor) –  Book Now with a 15% discount

If you are a practical person, you can buy tickets to visit Xcaret and one of the other parks owned by the company Experiencias Xcaret, such as Xel-Há or Xplor.

At Xcaret, this ticket includes everything that corresponds to the Xcaret Plus ticket.

In Xel Há includes: continental breakfast and buffet lunch, use of snorkeling equipment and water activities in the river and cove.

In Xplor it includes: buffet food, zip lines, swinging, walking through the caves, swimming and rowing in rivers through caves and amphibious vehicles.

The cost of the tickets depends on the package you choose, namely: Xcaret + Xel-Há you pay 3,519 pesos ($170) for adults and 1,759 pesos ($85) for children. If you choose Xcaret + Xplor, you must pay 3,999 pesos ($193) for adults and 1,999 pesos ($96) for children.

For these tickets, you must use one day to visit each park. Once you visit the first park, you have 7 days to visit the next one.

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What are the prices of Xcaret for Quintanarroenses?

If you are from Quintana Roo, you have certain advantages to access the park and within it. The basic ticket for you has a cost of 899 pesos (43 $). If you also want to add food and drinks, the extra you must pay is 300 pesos ($14).

In order to enjoy this discount, you must present documents that prove that you are a native of this state, such as IFE or INE, driver’s license, temporary or permanent residence that are valid and have been issued by Quintana Roo.

In the case of children, they must present a school card or IMSS card from Quintana Roo.

But the discount on tickets is not the only benefit you can have access to for being from Quintana Roo.

Other benefits that you can enjoy are: 2×1 discount on optional activities, 10% discount in stores, 20% discount on food and beverages in restaurants and 25% discount on photo packages.

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Which of all the tickets suits you?

Like any tourist, it is to be assumed that you want to live an exceptional experience when visiting this wonderful park. That is why here we will give you some tips so that you can decide which ticket is best suited to what you want.

In Xcaret the entry of drinks or food from outside the park is not allowed. They are very blunt on this. You must take into account that a visit lasts a whole day, so you will need to eat there.

The cost of food, drinks and snacks is extremely high. This means that if you decide on the basic ticket, you would have to invest a considerable amount of money in supplies.

On the contrary, if you choose Xcaret Plus you will not only save on food, but on other things, such as snorkeling equipment rental .

The most recommended type of ticket, if you are only interested in visiting Xcaret, is Xcaret Plus, since you would have access to most of the attractions and the issue of food and hydration would also be covered.

If you plan to visit one of the other parks owned by the Xcaret Experience company, such as Xel-Há or Xplor, it is best to purchase a package that includes admission to the parks you want, thus saving considerably.

Where and how can you buy tickets  online

The best place where you can buy your Xcaret ticket is directly on the park’s website .

By doing this you have several advantages: the first is that through the web page you can access certain discounts, especially if you make the purchase with enough days in advance, it is what they call Discount for Advance Purchase.

If you make the purchase in a range of 7 to 20 days in advance, you will have a 10% discount on the ticket price. If you do it more than 20 days in advance, the discount will be 15%.

Another advantage of buying tickets through the website is that you will be paying the exact net price of it, since when you get them through an intermediary, you always end up paying more for commissions.

Visit the official site›

What to do after buying your tickets online?

Once you have made the purchase on the website, a coupon appears that you must print. On the day scheduled for your visit to the park, you must present the coupon, together with the credit card with which you made the purchase.

At the park ticket offices they will provide you with your bracelet, which will be your identification. With the bracelet you will have access to the various services offered by the park, such as restaurants, among others.

If you want to climb the famous Scenic Tower from which you can view a large part of Cancun’s tourist area and enjoy a panoramic view of the park, don’t lose your Xcaret bracelet, as it guarantees you 10 free minutes in the tower.

How do you get to Xcaret park?

If you did not buy your ticket through the website and you are going to buy it directly at the box office, you must organize your transport to the park. Of course, if you don’t go in your car, because if so, there is no major inconvenience.

You can get to Xcaret from Cancun or from Playa El Carmen, by bus or taxi.

If Cancun is your place of departure and your means of transportation is the bus, you can purchase tickets at the Central Terminal in Cancun. They cost approximately 118 pesos ($5) per person. If you go by taxi, the cost varies between 1,700 pesos ($80) and 2,100 pesos ($100).

If you are in Playa El Carmen, to come by bus, buy the ticket at the Central Terminal of Playa El Carmen for a price of 62 pesos (3 $) per person. If you decide to use a taxi, the cost can be around 320 pesos ($15).

What does the Xcaret experiences consist of: Several parks in one?

Experiences Xcaret is a tourism company that has a great influence on tourism in Quintana Roo.

In addition to being the owner of Xcaret, it counts among its possessions the most visited and renowned parks in the region, such as Xel Há, Xplor, Xoximilco and Xenses.

When you walk around here, you must visit Xcaret and one or two of the mentioned parks. You will spend a few pleasant, fun days and you will live a fascinating experience.

1. Xel Há –  Book Now with a 15% discount

It is listed as one of the natural wonders of the world.

Here you can dive in the largest natural aquarium in the world, so you will witness the immense natural wealth of its reef. You can swim among many species of fish and even among dolphins.

Look how beautiful Xel Há is, in the video below, you can swim in the middle of paradise, between clear blue waters:

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2. Xplor Book Now with a 15% discount

It offers you to live extreme experiences full of adrenaline.

Among these activities are the zip lines, in which you can move at a great height, observing the surrounding beauty; drive an amphibious vehicle through the jungle, appreciating the undisturbed natural environment; walk through beautiful caverns and swim in rivers of stalactites.

Xplor will test your courage.

If you love adventure in the middle of the jungle, be sure to watch the video below and visit Xplor:

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3. Xoximilco Book Now with a 15% discount

Here you will experience a real Mexican party. On board a trajinera you will enjoy a happy and festive atmosphere, tasting excellent dishes of typical Mexican food and drinks. Music and dance are an important part of this experience.

Xoximilco is designed to bring you even closer to the diverse and colorful traditional Mexican culture.

Below is a video of what the Xochimilco experience is like:

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4. Xenses Book Now with a 15% discount

It is a sensory experience in every sense of the word.

Through a series of activities and attractions, you will put all your senses to the test through a series of experiences such as water slides, a very innovative salt river or a naturist treatment with clay mud.

See below a video of what the sensory experience of Senses is like, slides, flight in the middle of the jungle and much more:

Reserve Xenses ›

Go ahead and visit these parks! You won’t regret it! Click here to book

Boredom does not exist at Xcaret

Xcaret is such a diverse place with so many attractions that you won’t have time to get bored. There are activities for all tastes and hobbies.

Natural attractions

If you are a fan of nature, here you will be busy with attractions in which the environment is the protagonist. We will name just a few:

1. Paradise River

In this attraction you can travel aboard a raft one of the many underground rivers that abound in Xcaret. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding nature and the turquoise color of the crystal clear waters.

2. Underground Rivers

Through the Yucatan Peninsula runs a natural network of canals. At Xcaret there are three of these rivers: Río Maya, Río Azul and Río Manatí.

In this attraction you can explore any of these three rivers and even rent, for an additional cost, snorkeling equipment . Swimming in these rivers is an unforgettable experience that can be done as a family.

3. Aquatic Paradise

The main attraction of Xcaret is the natural wealth in relation to bodies of water.

In its beautiful bay you can swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters or just hang out on the beach, enjoying one of the bars or restaurants that are on the seashore.

The Xcaret lagoon is an earthly paradise. In its islets you will be able to appreciate endless species of birds that embellish the environment. And, if you want moments of relaxation and tranquility, you can immerse yourself in the natural Jacuzzis that abound in the park.

4. Jungle Path

This is a tour between natural trails, where you can see numerous species of plants, many of them native to Yucatan.

Along this trail, you will feel one with nature and have the opportunity to relax, meditate or simply enjoy the great biodiversity that you will find.

The trail keeps some secrets such as the Living Museum of Orchids and Bromeliads, where you will be amazed at the number of species of both flowers that are preserved, cared for and reproduced.

5. Coral Reef Aquarium

In this aquarium you will enjoy observing the large number of species of corals, fish and molluscs that make life in it.

Despite being an environment created artificially, a natural balance has been achieved, because through a seawater pumping system there is a free entry of plankton and larvae of some organisms, which has allowed a process to occur. gradual colonization.

If you are a total adventurer, at Xcaret you can swim with dolphins, nurse sharks and rays.

cultural attractions

If your thing is culture and tradition, at Xcaret they also take care of that. Next we will name some of the cultural attractions of the park:

1. Papantla Flyers

This is one of the traditional cultural expressions of Mexico. It is so important that it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Through this ritual, the participants express their respect towards nature.

It consists of four Papantla flyers climbing a mast to which they are attached by ropes to —after a small ritual— throw themselves into the void, spinning around, descending slowly until they reach the ground.

It is one of the most spectacular ceremonies in Mexico. It is worth watching!

2. Pre-Hispanic Dances

At Xcaret, tribute is paid to the pre-Hispanic cultures that once inhabited the American continent, specifically, the Mayans.

Here you will have the opportunity to witness recreations of the different dances that our ancestors performed; among those are the spectacular Owl Dance.

3. Sacred Mayan Journey

Here you will witness the recreation of one of the oldest traditions of the Mayan culture: the journey that the aborigines made each year rowing towards Cozumel, in order to pay tribute to the goddess Ixchel. Witness this wonderful tradition.

4. Archaeological Zones

On the site where the park is located, in pre-Hispanic times there was a Mayan settlement. Only vestiges and remnants of its constructions have remained, which constitute an archaeological area of ​​interest.

When visiting the archaeological zones you can evidence the greatness of this culture in the majesty of its buildings. You will not regret!

5. World of Children

If you are traveling as a family, there are also many activities for children so that they can enjoy their stay at Xcaret.

One of the most recent attractions is Children’s World, where they can play in labyrinths, suspension bridges and playgrounds where, in addition to having fun, they will learn to conserve and care for the environment.

At Xcaret there is no such thing as boredom, dare to check it out!

Xcaret is one of the best places to enjoy in Cancun. If you take our advice into account, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat.

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