A trip to Paris for a week can start from USD 2,300 to spend 7 unforgettable days in the City of Light, up to USD 5,000 or more if the stay in the French capital is extended for 21 days or more, including round-trip airfare. , and a hotel with economic price.

In this article we will explain how much a trip to Paris costs considering the different lines of expenses involved, so that you can start saving so that very soon you can give yourself this incomparable pleasure.

How much are plane tickets to Paris from Mexico?


One of the most expensive components of a trip to Paris from Mexico is airfare. Assuming a trip for one person in a tourist cabin, the cost depends mainly on the season in France and the airline.

In France and Europe the high season is summer, when prices, especially for flights, are higher; while the low season is winter. Autumn and spring have intermediate price levels between those of winter and summer.

Flights to Paris from Mexico City

winter travel

A query on Expedia departing from Mexico City on 2/2/2020 and returning from Paris (Charles de Gaulle International Airport) on 2/22/2020 returned the following results for the cheapest round trips:

Flights to Paris Air France: USD 922 (MXN 17210)

Flights to Paris Aeroméxico: USD 1,315 (MXN 24,694)

Flights to Paris prices other options:

Air France flight operated by Aeroméxico: USD 1146 (MXN 21392)

Iberia flight arriving at Paris-Orly Airport (one stop): USD 904 (MXN 16874)

travel in summer

Another query for a summer trip, departing on 7/12/2020 and returning on 8/1/2020, brought the following results:

Aeromexico: USD 1,475 (MXN 27,533)

Air France: USD 1,637 (MXN 30,557)

Iberia (with arrival at Paris Orly): USD 1470 (MXN 27439)

Flights to Paris from other Mexican cities


Flights to Paris from Guadalajara are with stops. The one stopovers last between 14.5 hours and 16.25 hours. The cheapest one-stop Guadalajara-Paris round flights have the following prices:

Winter trip ( 2/2/2020 – 2/22/2020)

Aeromexico: USD 4,699 (MXN 13,048)

Air France: USD 992 (MXN 18517)

Delta: USD 1,040 (MXN 19,413)

Summer trip (7/12/2020 – 8/1/2020)

Aeromexico: USD 1,117 (MXN 20,850)

American Airlines: 1181 USD (MXN 22045)

Delta: USD 1,400 (MXN 26,133)

United: USD 1,442 (MXN 26,917)

Alitalia: 1,691 USD (MXN 31,565)

Air France: USD 1,711 (MXN 31,938)


Flights from Monterrey to Paris also have at least one stopover and prices for round trips are:

Winter Trip ( 2/2/2020 – 2/22/2020)

Aeromexico: USD 707 (MXN 13197)

American Airlines: USD 1,001 (MXN 18,685)

Air France: USD 1,003 (MXN 18,722)

Summer trip (7/12/2020 – 8/1/2020)

Aeromexico: USD 1,124 (MXN 20,981)

American Airlines: USD 1,189 (MXN 22,194)

Delta: USD 1,292 (MXN 24,117)

Alitalia: USD 1,391 (MXN 25,965)

United: USD 1,445 (MXN 26,973)

Air France: USD 1,718 (MXN 32,069)


In the winter period consulted, the only airline with a flight to Paris from Cancun was Air France (direct flight). In summer the number of airlines that cover the route is increased, but all flights have at least one stopover.

Winter Trip ( 2/2/2020 – 2/22/2020)

Air France: USD 1,410 (MXN 26,319)

Summer trip (7/12/2020 – 8/1/2020)

American Airlines: USD 1080 (MXN 20160)

Iberia: USD 1093 (MXN 20402)

Multiple airlines: USD 1,093 (MXN 20,402)

Air Canada: USD 1,283 (MXN 23,949)

United: USD 1,434 (MXN 26,767)

Aeromexico: USD 1,449 (MXN 27,047)

Air Europa: USD 2,491 (MXN 46,498)

Air France: USD 3,521 (MXN 65,724)


Also the trips from the General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport, in Tijuana and the Charles de Gaulle airport, in Paris, are at least one stopover and take at least 17 hours. The lowest roundtrip prices for trips with a stopover are:

Winter Trip ( 2/2/2020 – 2/22/2020)

Aeromexico: USD 938 (MXN 17509)

Air France: USD 973 (MXN 18162)

Summer trip (7/12/2020 – 8/1/2020)

Aeromexico: USD 1,486 (MXN 27,738)

Iberia: 1768 USD (MXN 33002)

Multiple airlines: USD 1,788 (MXN 33,375)

Air France: USD 2027 (MXN 37837)

budget airfare

Virtually the only direct flights from Mexico to Paris are those from Mexico City (with the exception of the Air France flight from Cancun in winter). Flights from Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana and Cancun (in summer) are at least one stopover.

The cheapest direct round flights between Mexico City and Paris are priced at USD 922 (winter) and USD 1,470 (summer).

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a legal requirement to enter France and other countries of the European Union and must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a minimum coverage of €30,000.
  • Cover during the entire period of stay of the traveler in Europe.
  • Cover repatriations due to accidents or death of the insured.

Travel insurance of this type has an average cost of €2 per person-day. For a 21-day trip, the cost of insurance would be €42 (USD 47; MXN 870).


When calculating how much a trip to Paris costs, the accommodation item is one of the most important. In Paris there are options from the cheapest, such as a hostel or guest house, to luxurious and exclusive 5-star hotels for €500 and more, including 2, 3, and 4-star establishments.


It is usually the cheapest accommodation option, although the room and bathroom are usually shared. These lodging options in Paris are around USD 30-40.

Apartments for rent

Apartments for rent can be the best option for a family or a group of friends, as it makes cooking and laundry easier. These accommodations can be had in the order of USD 100 (MXN 1867) in Paris.


In Paris there are countless hotels to choose the one that best suits the travel budget. Some options by category are as follows:

2 star hotels

2-star hotels in Paris cost between USD 70 and 100 (MXN 1,307 to 1,867) per night in a double room. Some hotels are:

Ibis budget Paris Porte De Montmartre : 45 rue du Docteur Babinski, Montmartre, 18th arrondissement, 75018, Paris.

District République : 4 Rue Lucien Sampaix, République, 10th arrondissement, 75010 Paris.

Avenir Hotel : 373 rue de Vaugirard, Porte de Versailles, 15th arrondissement, 75015, Paris.

3 star hotels

A 3-star Parisian hotel is available in the range of USD 105 to 115 (1960 to 2147 MXN). Among the best hotels of this category in Paris are:

Ibis Styles Paris Bercy : 77 Rue De Bercy, Bercy, 12th arrondissement, 75012 Paris.

Kyriad Hotel Paris Bercy Village : 9, Rue Baron Le Roy, Bercy, 12th arrondissement, 75012 Paris.

Hôtel LOCOMO : 6 Bis Rue De Lyon, Bercy, 12th arrondissement, 75012 Paris.

4 star hotels

The 4-star accommodations in Paris have prices that vary between USD 210 and 260 (MXN 3,920 to 4,853) per night in a double room. Some are:

Le Belleval : 16 Rue de la Pépinière, Champs-Elysées, 8th arrondissement, 75008 Paris.

Le Tsuba Hotel : 45 Rue des Acacias, Batignolles, 17th arrondissement, 75017 Paris.

Idol Hotel : 16 rue d’Edimbourg, Champs-Elysées, 8th arrondissement, 75008 Paris.

5 stars hotels

In Paris, a night in a 5-star hotel can vary between 360 and 480 USD. The list of the best of Booking includes:

Les Jardins du Faubourg Paris : 9 Rue d’Aguesseau, Champs-Elysées, 8th arrondissement, 75008 Paris.

Grand Powers Hotel : 52 rue Francois 1er, Champs-Elysées, 8th arrondissement, 75008 Paris.

La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris : 44-46 Rue de Bassano, Champs-Élysées, 8th arrondissement, 75008 Paris.

accommodation budget

On a 21-day trip, accommodation for 19 nights (assuming the first and last nights are spent on board the plane) can cost between USD 570 (MXN 10,640) arriving at a hostel from USD 30 per day to USD 9,120 (MXN 170233) if the accommodation is a 5-star hotel of USD 480 per night.

Assuming you are an average traveler, Parisian accommodation could be a 3-star hotel for USD 110 per day, which would lead to an accommodation budget of USD 2,090 (MXN 39,012) for the 19 nights.

Food and drink

Unless it’s an all-inclusive, food and beverage expenses run the risk of having to be made multiple times a day and the temptations to overindulge are always present. Those temptations are greater in Paris due to its exquisite gastronomy.

The calculation of how much a trip to Paris costs in food and drinks has to do with the modus operandi to eat in the French capital. In general, the cheapest is to cook in the accommodation and the most expensive is to sit down to eat in an à la carte restaurant.

In the middle there are options such as buying food to go and eating in the dining rooms with a fixed menu or with little variety. A non-wasteful person could eat in Paris with USD 50 (MXN 933) per day, distributed as follows:

Breakfast at a bakery counter (sandwiches with baguette bread and a coffee): USD 6 (112 MXN).

Quick lunch with a bottle of water, a glass of wine or a beer: USD 14 (MXN 261).

Full dinner (starter, main course, dessert and a drink): USD 30 (MXN 560).

Daily total: USD 50 (MXN 933).

Total 20 days: USD 1,000 (MXN 18,665).

Ground transportation

On a trip from Mexico to Paris, ground transportation expenses are the transfer from the residence to the Mexican international airport (and vice versa on return), the transfer from the Paris airport to the hotel (and vice versa on return) and mobilization in Paris during the days of stay.

Taxis from the residence to the Mexican international airport (and vice versa upon return)

A taxi from downtown Mexico City to the city’s International Airport costs approximately MXN 200. Adding the taxi from the airport to the residence on the return trip, the total budget for this item would be MXN 400 (USD 21) .

Transfer from Paris airport to the hotel (and vice versa on return)

The cheapest way to move from Paris airports to the city is by bus. The bus ride from Charles de Gaulle International Airport to central Paris costs €10.5. Also including the return taxi, the budget would be €21 (USD 23; MXN 435).

Mobilization in Paris

The cheapest way to get around Paris is by metro and the average price of a trip is in the order of €1.6 buying the card for several trips. Assuming 4 metro trips per day, the cost per day would be €6.4. For 19 days of mobilization in Paris, the metro budget would be €122 (USD 135; MXN 2,527).

Total cost of ground transportation

Taxis to and from the airport in the city of departure (Mexico City): USD 21 (MXN 400)

Taxis to and from Paris airport: USD 23 (MXN 435)

Transport in Paris for 19 days (metro): USD 135 (MXN 2,527)

Total ground transportation: USD 179 (MXN 3,341)


In Paris the most popular tourist attractions are paid. There are some that are moderately priced, such as museums and places of architectural and historical interest, and others, such as cabarets, that are more expensive.

Moderately Priced Attractions

The prices of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris are as follows.

  • Eiffel Tower: €19
  • Louvre Museum: €15
  • Pompidou Center Museum: €14
  • Arc de Triomphe: €12
  • Orsay Museum: €12
  • Panoramic cruise on the Seine: €15

Other places of interest (such as the Pantheon, the Dalí Museum Paris, Paris Story, the Fragonard Parfum Museum, the Gourmand Chocolate Museum, La Conciergerie, the Holy Chapel, the Rodin Museum and the royal necropolis of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis ) are priced between USD 9 and USD 14.

higher priced attractions

Shows at major Parisian cabarets, like the Moulin Rouge and the Lido, are expensive entertainment. The Moulin Rouge show lasts 2 hours and costs around USD 100, with a bottle of champagne included (without food). With dinner it costs USD 210.

The Lido Cabaret Show lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and costs USD 95 with drinks and USD 145 with dinner.

It is unthinkable to go to Paris on a 21-day trip without visiting the Palace of Versailles, located 24 km west of the City of Light. The price of the tour is USD 55, including entrance and transportation only.

Other Paris attractions that cost more than USD 20 admission are the tour of the main sights of the city in Big Bus (USD 42), Les Caves du Louvre – Wine Tasting (USD 36), the Grévin Wax Museum ( USD 27) and the Paris Aquarium Cineaqua (USD 23).

free attractions

There are also free attractions in Paris. The temples are freely accessible, with the exception of specific areas, such as the royal necropolis of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis and the tower of Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire. A church worth visiting is Saint-Eustache, which has the largest organ in France, as well as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

The mythical Montmartre Quarter, with its bohemian atmosphere, can be explored on foot without paying. The Pére-Lachaise Cemetery is home to impressive funerary monuments and the tombs of famous figures such as Wilde, Chopin and rocker Jim Morrison.

The Latin Quarter, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Tuileries Garden, the Promenade Plant, the terrace of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the romantic banks of the Seine and the Champs-Elysées avenue can also be visited without paying access.

If you are in Paris on the first Sunday of the current month, you can take advantage of free museums, such as the Orsay Museum, the Eugène Delacroix National Museum and the Center Pompidou. At the Louvre this offer only applies between October and March.

budget attractions

Assuming that during your 20 days in Paris you attend 12 moderately priced attractions (average price of USD 15) 2 nights of cabaret (Molino Rouge and Lido, with drinks but no dinner) and the Palace of Versailles, the attractions budget would be in the order of USD 430 (MXN 8044).


Things never go exactly as planned and you have to take precautions, especially when traveling. Some excesses in meals, an expensive night out, the need to take some taxis (very expensive in Paris), the purchase of some personal hygiene item and spending on souvenirs , are all possibilities that should be covered by the budget.

For these contingencies we will assume USD 240 (MXN 4489), equivalent to 15% of the budget for Food and beverages, Ground transportation and Attractions.

Total budget for the 21-day trip Mexico City – Paris – Mexico City


  • Winter: $922
  • Summer: $1,470

Travel insurance: USD 47

Accommodation: $2,090

Food and drinks: USD 1,000

Ground transportation: USD 179

Attractions: $430

Contingencies: $240

Total (winter trip): USD 4908 (MXN 91809)

Total (summer trip): 5456 USD (MXN 102060)

Possibilities to reduce the budget

The main possibilities of traveling to Paris with a lower budget are to reduce the duration of the trip, get a cheaper air ticket (for which you have to be attentive to the offers of the airline portals and travel websites), search lower priced accommodation and lower food costs.

For example, if the hotel goes from USD 110 to USD 80 per day, the savings for the entire trip add up to USD 570. If instead of spending USD 50 per day on food, the cost is USD 40, the savings represent another USD 200. these two lines there would be a saving of USD 770.

Possible expenses not included

There are some possible expenses that have not been included in the budget, such as the need for:

Obtaining a passport: one with a validity of 6 years costs MXN 1,735 in Mexico.

Buy a suitcase or a backpack: a good quality 45 liter backpack costs USD 130.

Buy seasonal clothing and accessories: for example, a plug adapter.

How much does a trip to Paris cost from Mexico?

A 21-day trip Mexico City – Paris – Mexico City costs in the range of USD 4,900 (MXN 92,000) to USD 5,460 (MXN 102,000), depending on whether it is done in winter or summer.

What are the requirements to go to Paris?

Mexicans do not need to obtain a visa to enter France. The general requirements are:

  • Have a passport with a validity horizon of at least 90 days.
  • Proof of financial solvency of at least €65 per day.
  • Have travel insurance for the entire time you stay in Paris.
  • Have a return ticket dated within 90 days of arrival.
  • Present the accommodation reservation in Paris or a letter of invitation to stay with a Parisian resident.

Although some of these precautions are not requested when entering, it is preferable to have them all covered to avoid inconvenience and even the possibility of access being denied.

How many hours flight to Paris from Mexico?

For direct flights from Mexico City:

Flight Mexico Paris duration (winter): 10 hours and a half.

Flight Mexico Paris duration (summer): 11 hours.

Budget to travel to Paris

A trip to Paris for 21 days requires a budget close to USD 5,000 under certain conditions of accommodation and food. This budget can be lowered to approximately $4,000 by making adjustments at the hotel level and dining plan.

How much does an all-inclusive trip to Paris cost?

The all-inclusive option is not very popular in Paris. Many hotels have a regular price (without meals) and another with breakfast, which can add up to around USD 15 to the normal rate.

How much does a plane ticket to Paris cost?

Airline tickets to Paris can cost anywhere from $900 to $1,500 depending on the season of travel. It is possible to get tickets below USD 900 in low season, but you have to be aware of the offers of the airlines.

How much money do I need to go to Paris

To go for 21 days, it is convenient that you budget at least USD 4000. This money will allow you to stay in an acceptable hotel, eat decently and get to know the main paid attractions of the city.

Cost of trips to Paris from Monterrey

The cost of the trip from Monterrey to Paris can be even cheaper than from Mexico City, since all flights from the Monterrey city are one-stop and the air ticket is cheaper. This layover adds at least 3 hours to the total travel time.

Trip to France from Mexico all inclusive price

All-inclusive trips to Paris, as they are known in Mexico and the Caribbean (with unlimited food and drinks), are almost non-existent. All that is included in hotel rates is breakfast. Package offers to Paris from Mexico or trips to Paris 2×1, what they allow is the possibility of reserving flights, hotels for couples, cars and activities from a portal, like Expedia.

To have an “all-inclusive” of this type, our budget would only need to add the rental of a car and exclude transport by metro. A rental car in Paris has a daily rate of around USD 25.5 (MXN 478) for a minimum period of 7 days.

How much does a trip to Paris cost for 1 week

Reducing the trip to Paris to one week could bring the budget closer to $2,300. The reduction to 7 days allows you to reduce the costs of accommodation, food and beverages, ground transportation, attractions, travel insurance, and contingencies (assuming that the price of air tickets remains). Following our base example, the budget for one week would be:


  • Winter: $922
  • Summer: $1,470

Travel insurance (1/3 of the cost for the 21-day trip): USD 16

Accommodation (1/3 of the cost for the 21-day trip): USD 697

Food and drinks (1/3 of the cost for the 21-day trip): USD 333

Ground transportation (taxis + 1/3 of the cost of the Paris metro: USD 89

Attractions (1/3 of the cost for the 21-day trip): USD 144

Contingencies (1/3 of the cost for the 21-day trip): USD 80

Total (winter trip): USD 2,281 (MXN 42,803)

Total (summer trip): USD 2,829 (MXN 53,086)

How much does a trip to Paris cost for two people?

The trip for a couple would save on accommodation and taxis. The other costs are personal and should be doubled compared to an individual trip. The budget for the 21-day trip would be:


  • Winter (USD 922 x 2 people): USD 1844
  • Summer (USD 1,470 x 2 people): USD 2,940

Travel insurance: (USD 47 x 2 people): USD 94

Accommodation: $2,090

Food and drinks: (USD 1,000 x 2 people): USD 2,000

Ground transportation: 288 USD

Attractions (430 USD x 2 people): USD 860

Contingencies (240 USD x 2 people): USD 480

Total (winter trip): USD 7,656 (MXN 143,664)

Total (summer trip): USD 8,752 (MXN 164,231)

How to find the cheapest flights to Paris?

The cheapest flights can be found by browsing the portals of the airlines and flight intermediaries, well in advance of the date of the trip, purchasing the ticket between 3 months and 21 days before the date of the departure flight. Buying more than 3 months in advance may result in losing a later offer and buying less than 21 days in advance is at greater risk of the price going up.

How much does a trip to Paris cost in Colombian pesos?

The 21-day trip (winter) from Mexico, which costs USD 4,908, would represent 16.4 million Colombian pesos. How much does a trip to Paris cost from Bogotá? If the trip is from the Colombian capital, it would be necessary to add about USD 400 to the previous amount for the higher price of the round-trip air ticket. In this scenario, the trip would cost around USD 5,300, equivalent to 17.8 million Colombian pesos.


We hope we have clarified your doubts about how much a trip to Paris costs and we encourage you to get your partner or your closest friends excited to spend some dream weeks in the most glamorous and desirable tourist city in the world.


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