The contribution of foreigners in Mexico is invaluable. They have influenced religion, gastronomy and the economy, especially in Hidalgo with the exploitation of gold and silver.

The Spanish and English who extracted valuable natural resources from the mines of this state, left a current historical and cultural legacy that promotes the development of rural tourism, specifically in Huasca de Ocampo.

In this “Magic Town”, one of the 111 that Mexico has so far, as designated by the Government Tourism Secretariat, there are haciendas that boosted the local economy and that keep interesting stories and secrets within their walls. We refer to the hacienda of Santa María Regla.

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What is Hacienda Santa María Regla?

It is a beautiful colonial hacienda built in the 18th century inside a ravine and guarded by imposing basalt columns. It is so beautiful that scenes from the 1998 films The Mask of Zorro and Conan the Barbarian were filmed on it.

Like most haciendas of that time, it was focused on agriculture and livestock. Its boom was due to the high mining activity in the surroundings with the extraction of gold and silver.

The Santa María de Regla has a chapel, an aqueduct formed with rock masses, a labyrinth, dungeons used for those sick with smallpox or measles, and secret tunnels through which the metals extracted from the mines were transported.

Now it has been redesigned to be a 4-star hotel with beautiful wooded gardens, with rooms decorated in a rustic-colonial style.

Where is Hacienda Santa María Regla located?

The San Miguel Regla farm is in Huasca de Ocampo, in the state of Hidalgo, 16 kilometers from Pachuca, the capital city.

How to get to Hacienda Santa María Regla?

Reach this colonial wonder surrounded by a forested area from Mexico City via federal highway number 105 to Pachuca.

In public transport service, board a bus to Pachuca and in the center of the city take another to Huasca de Ocampo. It will be a tour of between 50 minutes to an hour.

During the trip you will see pines, lollipops and trees, which decorate the winding road covered by a dense fog, especially in the rainy season.

What to do at Hacienda Santa María Regla?

You can’t expect to arrive at the hacienda and have amusement park entertainment. No. There it is about admiring its gardens surrounded by fruit trees, getting to know the dungeons, the old hydraulic mechanisms and walking along its stone paths. Everything will make you feel in another era.

The hotel staff organizes themed dinners for the Christmas and New Year festivities, in the harangue of the cry of independence or with the legends still in force in the haciendas.

One of its most popular events is the medieval night show, in which guests are greeted with a glass of red wine upon entering one of the halls, where there are harlequins, knights, squires, maidens and even a king.

After the toast, the “callejoneada” begins, a tour illuminated by torches in which the animators tell anecdotes or fragments of legends from the different points of the hacienda.

Ask for the guided tour service to learn about the history of the place, the vaults, the dungeons, the dungeons and the chapel with its spectacular tower.

To these hours of entertainment are added excursions to nearby parks and attractions such as visiting the Trout Forest, Basaltic Prisms, the English Pantheon, visiting the Mining Museum, exploring the Duendes Museum, climbing to the Peña del Aire and visit the Magic Town of Huasca de Ocampo.

How to Celebrate your Wedding at Hacienda Santa María Regla?

The hacienda has all the physical conditions to be the ideal place to celebrate weddings and… they do. Its beautiful gardens, rock arches and the entire environment that surrounds it, make it a romantic space to celebrate the event of your life.

It has a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto with brick and adobe walls and a baroque-style façade characteristic of religious constructions of the time. Its green areas are impeccable, its elegant tents and its 7 different stages for special events are fantastic.

The halls, Las Vizcaínas, Hornos Españoles and Toledo, with capacity for up to 700 people, have medieval architecture with stately Etruscan arches that frame a unique setting for a dream wedding.

In addition to weddings, you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, romantic dinners, marriage proposals and other elegant events.

Learn more about the hacienda to celebrate weddings here .

History of the former Hacienda Santa María Regla

Built between 1760 and 1780 to be the residence of Don Pedro Romero de Terreros, the Count of Regla and founder of the Monte de Piedad.

Like the neighboring haciendas of San Miguel Regla, San Antonio Regla and the extinct San Francisco Javier, the hacienda of Santa María Regla produced a lot of gold and silver during the viceroyalty, thanks to the natural veins of the region, but above all for the exploitation of workers.

The hacienda was dedicated to smelting precious metals from the Real del Monte mines, with the modernization of the furnaces in 1854, even after the English had appropriated it.

The beauty of its architecture and the charm that surrounds it have now made it a cozy and intimate hotel ideal for rural and adventure tourism. You have to visit it, you have to meet it.

Legends of Hacienda Santa María Regla

The Santa María Regla hacienda has its mysterious and equally charming side. Its myths and legends. Some of these speak of small characters who supposedly worked in the mines, goblins who have been seen climbing the stone walls.

The most popular of these stories is the tragic one, starring the youngest daughter of Don Pedro Romero de Terreros, who fell madly in love with the foreman of the hacienda, a love forbidden by her father who, furious and disappointed, ordered her beheaded and the foreman, dismembered.

It is said that the ghosts of lovers still haunt the gardens of the place.

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Basaltic Prisms of the Hacienda de Santa María Regla

The basaltic prisms, one of the 13 wonders of Mexico, are an imposing rock formation over 40 meters high on which a crystalline waterfall falls. It is in Huasca de Ocampo, just 5 minutes from the hacienda.

According to geology, they were formed 2.5 million years ago as a result of lava cooling, which formed horizontal and vertical columns with 5 and 6 faces that surround the Alcholoya ravine.

Four waterfalls overflow over the prisms that come from the San Antonio Regla dam, now converted into an adventure park with grills, a camping area, restaurants and craft shops.

Telephone of the Hacienda de Santa María Regla

Call (01) 771 2853080 for information on the entrance to the hacienda, lodging prices, wedding packages or the themed events it offers.

The office numbers in Mexico City are (01 55) 59384869, (01 55) 59383694 and (01 55) 59384858.

Entrance fees to Hacienda Santa María Regla

To enter and see everything it offers you must pay 50 pesos. If you will take pictures, 25 pesos more. Although the guided tour service also has an additional cost, it is worth it.

Cost Of Events Of The Hacienda Santa María Regla

The hacienda offers packages to celebrate the different events of the year.

Mexican night

It begins on September 14 with a night tour and bonfire with chocolates. The day after, a buffet breakfast is served, there is live music in the afternoon in the restaurant and at night, independence is celebrated with a buffet dinner. Folkloric ballet and traditional Mexican music are added.

On September 16 you will enjoy another delicious buffet breakfast. You will enjoy the national holidays in a very Mexican atmosphere from 5,440 pesos for two adults.

medieval night

Package of 3 thousand 200 pesos that includes lodging for one night in a standard room, bonfire with chocolates, a glass of clericó per person, tour of the hacienda and dinner with a medieval show and buffet breakfast.

skull night

The Day of the Dead party is an unmissable celebration, as it is the perfect setting to honor those who are no longer here.

The package from 3 thousand 340 pesos for two people includes one night of lodging in a standard room, a bonfire with bread of the dead and coffee, a tour of the hacienda with the narration of legends, a bucket of beers for two people, a party with a DJ , costume contest and prizes for the first three places. A buffet breakfast is added on Sunday.

For more information write to the email, [email protected] .

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