festival-1 For thrill seekers and adrenaline seekers with a lot of courage, the International Highline Meeting is probably a high point – literally.

It is an unusual and unique festival in which attendees spend most of their time tied to tension ropes that run through the Italian Alps on Mount Piana, hundreds of feet above the ground. Festival goers call themselves the “slackers” because of the tension cords they use to hold up the hammocks.

It is extreme in terms of this type of activity, but not as dangerous as rope walking. The ropes used are flat and taut: meaning they can go up and down and move sideways, allowing for more mobility.

In addition to hanging in hammocks suspended hundreds of feet above the beautiful mountain scenery, the festival also has activities you’d find at a conventional gathering. It includes a bar, jamming sessions, a kitchen, a yoga workshop and even paragliding flights.





The first Highline meeting took place in 2012; was started by Alessandro d’Emilia and Armin Holzer, who wanted to share the spectacular scenery of Monte Piana with professional extreme sports athletes and enthusiasts around the world.

If you feel like feeling your adrenaline pump with other extreme sports enthusiasts, you can join this year’s festival. It is scheduled to start on September 2 and will last a full week. For more information, visit The Highline Meeting website





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