Thinking of a visit to the British capital and don’t know what to expect from the weather? I invite you to clear your doubts about these important aspects to have a pleasant stay in London .

1. What is the general climate of London?

1. What is the general climate of London

The climate in London is mild or slightly cold practically all year round and is quite pleasant, since there are usually no extreme temperatures. If you suffer from heat continuously, London is an ideal destination for you. On the other hand, snowfall is almost non-existent and rain is common, although it is usually light.

2. What temperatures should I expect in London?

3. How does the weather change with the seasons

Even though the city is almost always cloudy, you would think that the temperatures are really low. Perhaps you will be surprised to know that there are few occasions when London has dropped below Zero Degrees. Neither the summer is so hot nor the winter is so cold. Normal extremes are around 3°C in winter and 25°C in midsummer.

3. How does the weather change with the seasons?

2. What temperatures should I expect in London


The temperature in summer is between 17°C and 25°C and in winter between 3°C and 10°C. July the hottest month and January the coldest. In spring, thermometers mark between 12°C and 15°C and in autumn between 10°C and 12°C. At night it usually drops from 3°C to 5°C compared to the day.

4. Should I always go out with an umbrella?


Even if you go out for just a little while, never forget your umbrella. London’s weather changes suddenly and the light but persistent drizzle could end up soaking you if you don’t pack protection.

5. Are there torrential rains?

5. Is there torrential rain

Rarely. The rain in London is almost always light, so you can comfortably walk the streets with a good umbrella. So don’t worry about a last-minute change of plans due to a deluge of rain.

6. What baggage should I take?

luggage full and ready to travel

UMBRELLA! Before thinking about saving space in your suitcase, keep in mind that the British capital does not respect dates or seasons when it comes to rain and it can rain any of the 365 days of the year. Regarding clothing, what is recommended is the usual according to the season. Short sleeves in summer and long sleeves in winter; a pair of coats and jeans should be enough to face any weather contingency and enjoy the city.

7. Do I put the sunscreen in the suitcase?

7. Do I put the sunscreen in the suitcase

Yes, especially if you have delicate skin. Although London is not a beach destination and you won’t feel the heat, the sun’s rays are unforgiving and can quickly burn you. Don’t get confused with the suntan lotion!

 8.  What can I do in London according to the weather?

8. What can I do in London according to the weather

The best thing in London is to take an umbrella, forget about the weather and go out to enjoy the program of activities, indoors or outdoors. “It rains and it clears” is an old Spanish saying. Of course, the summer is sunnier and during it the main outdoor events are held, such as the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the golf championships. To enjoy London’s wonderful museums and charming pubs you don’t need an umbrella.


So now you know what you need to know about London’s weather! If you have any questions, we will be happy to clarify them in a future issue.


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