Valle de Guadalupe is a Mexican region located in the State of Baja California.  This region is responsible for producing approximately 90% of all the wine in Mexico, which is why hundreds of tourists and wine lovers decide to visit its vineyards, etc.

Thanks to the idea of ​​a young Mexican, a lodging space known as Agua de Vid Valle de Guadalupe is created for those visitors who wish to stay a few days in the town. If you are interested in knowing more about it, stay with us. 

Where is Vine Water?

The Agua de Vid Hotel is located within the town of Valle de Guadalupe, which, in turn, belongs to the Municipality of Ensenada, specifically 2.2 km from a famous wine cellar, known as Adobe Guadalupe.

The reason for its location is due to the experience of its creator, who on his first visit to the region had to stay in a hotel far from the valley.

Agua de Vid in Ensenada plays an important role in tourism in that city, which over time attracts thousands of visitors to get to know the valley and its own facilities.

Below the map of Agua de Vid:

How to get to Agua de Vid?

To get to Hotel Agua de Vid you must leave from Tijuana, since the shortest and most direct route is the Tecate-Ensenada highway.

It is located 60 kilometers from the Tijuana International Airport and you will pass mainly through the Las Palmas Valley.

On this road you will see great natural landscapes and mountains that invite you to the most beautiful valleys of Mexico. You will surely enjoy it a lot.

What to do in Agua de Vid?

The stay at the Hotel will offer you a wide variety of services and activities that you can do so that your stay is the most desired.

Inside Agua de Vid you can spend a relaxing day in its pools and gardens outside to take advantage of the weather, while the little ones play in the park.

On the other hand, they have nightly entertainment, in which you can enjoy a beer, a cocktail or, of course, a wine in the company of your friends or family to the sound of live music in their bar.

In addition, its facilities have some paintings as a gallery, so that art lovers can enjoy their tour of the hotel.

Watch the video of how Agua de Vid looks like:

Agua de Vid Restaurant Valle de Guadalupe

One of the most attractive facilities of this hotel is its restaurant, where continental breakfasts are served every morning if you stay there.

It also receives people throughout the day to try all the delicious dishes that are on its menu.

Its spaces have a very nice architecture, it has an outdoor table area and a couple of upper floors with a good view of the vineyard.

On the last terrace is the “La Tintorera” Bar, where most of the nightly events are held and it has a pool, which is quite modern.

Pancracy Vine Water

Pancracia is the name of the restaurant at the Hotel Agua de Vid Valle de Guadalupe. In this you will enjoy the best food in the Valley and succulent wines of the region.

In fact, they have a special cellar where they keep their selection of wines, extracted from the famous vineyards that are in their surroundings.

However, the fame of the aforementioned restaurant is due more to the flavor and variety of its dishes that are prepared by chef Diego Zavala, which places this place at the top of the list if you visit the valley.

Vine Water Hours

After making a reservation at Agua de Vid, the next thing to do is check in upon arrival.

The good news is that the hotel reception works 24 hours a day with excellent service and free Wi-Fi service in all its facilities.

In this way you can remain calm regarding the time of arrival at the venue.

Valle de Guadalupe Vine Water Telephone

There are many ways to communicate with the Agua de Vid hotel staff. The best way is by calling the customer service numbers that are +52 (646) 977 7517 or +52 (646) 9778179.

However, you can contact them through social networks like Facebook and Instagram by the name of the hotel or send them an email to [email protected].

This way you will receive a response from them in a very short time.

Is Vine Water expensive?

In general, the price of the rooms of this hotel, depending on its type, varies in a range of 150 to 250 dollars per night.

For some visitors it may seem expensive, not to mention that food and drinks other than breakfast are charged separately.

However, the stay offers many benefits such as access to all areas, free internet , hot tub and breakfast every morning.

For that reason, many consider that despite the costs, staying at Agua de Vid is an experience worth living.

What does the Agua de Vid menu have?

Agua de Vid has a wide variety of national and international dishes, so that its visitors can savor a bit of each gastronomic culture.

As for their breakfasts, you can find the famous chilaquiles of the house, accompanied with sour cream, cilantro, chives and pork rinds.

You will also get the french toast , which comes with house bread, cream cheese whipped cream, cherries and basil.

Between meals you will get a long list of entrees, within which you can order a heart salad, earth and fire salad, stuffed portobello or black beef aguachile.

Another dish can be a rich pumpkin cream with pieces of bread and fresh basil.

As main dishes, you can choose some medallions of grilled tenderloin or chilaquiles in green sauce with chicken.

In addition, you can choose between pizzas, hamburgers and other characteristic dishes from other countries with an exquisite flavor.

How is the Hotel Agua de Vid?

This hotel is characterized by coupling very well with the nature that surrounds it. It is a very ecological architecture, decorated with country and natural materials such as wood and stone.

As a complement, many of its spaces are modular and are made up of very well-crafted containers that allow the passage of natural light and wind.

What are the best drinks at the Agua de Vid bar?

To begin with, the specialty drinks offered by this bar are wines. There you will get from a summer red wine to the best Merlot from Valle de Guadalupe.

Mojitos, Mexican craft beers and tequila are other drinks that are usually ordered by tourists who visit the bar.

If you are adventurous and like to try new things, we recommend the seven mysteries mezcal, which is a typical Mexican drink, which you will love.


Finally, we have been able to learn about the importance of the Hotel Agua de Vid Valle de Guadalupe, as well as its services and facilities.

In this way, we hope that you will take the necessary time to visit this place and its surroundings. Without a doubt, it will captivate your senses.

Have you ever stayed in Agua de Vid? Tell us about your experience at the hotel.


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