A cosmopolitan city, but also one of fresh air, this is New York, a place where there is always somewhere to go. That is why it is the “capital of the world”.

The sixth most visited city on the planet is also the center of countless attractions to visit. That is why we have made this article for you, so that you can discover with us the best 40 tourist places in New York.

1. The Height of Liberty

Let’s start with the main symbol of the city, the statue of liberty.

The most famous American monument was inaugurated on October 28, 1886. It is 46 meters high, but with its base it reaches 93 meters high and weighs 225 tons.

To visit the monument, you must book the boat tickets in advance, which do not include a visit to the crown of the statue and its 25 glass windows. To get to the top you need to pay extra money.

The massive structure is on Liberty Island on the south side of Manhattan, at the mouth of the Hudson River.

The National Park Service organizes daily visits to this majestic monument and ferries depart from Battery Park from which you will have beautiful views.

Take a look at this wonderful video documenting this famous place below:


Harlem is one of the most emblematic areas of New York and the most Latin neighborhood in the city, where there is an important confluence of American and African rhythms, such as ragtime, blues, jazz, hip hop, among others.

There you will find modern clubs, restaurants, bars and the renowned Apollo Theater, located on 125th Street, the busiest street in Harlem.

Buildings range from 19th-century-style stone houses to modern skyscrapers.

Another attraction of Harlem is its gospel masses, a religious musical style of African-American origin composed of harmony and choirs. There is also the Metropolis, the most important television studio in New York where programs such as Chappelle’s Show have been produced.

Here is a short video of this emblematic area:

3. Grand Central Terminal

In the Grand Central Terminal you will not only find a great train station, but also a site with 60 commercial stores, luxurious restaurants and a place where cultural events are held.

In the main lobby is the beautiful and expensive four face opal clock, a $20 million piece.

The vault of the main hall has a mural painting painted in gold leaf, which shows the constellations of the zodiacal signs along with more than 2,500 stars. Another of the attractions of the train station.

The Grand Central Terminal is at 89 East 42nd Street.

Take a closer look at this busy terminal in the following video:

4. Brooklyn Bridge

Another of the icons of New York, whose construction with a steel structure took 13 years. For 2 decades it was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world and was built to connect Manhattan with Brooklyn, separated by the waters of the East River.

Between its pillars there is a distance of 500 meters, with a bridge length of 1825 meters.

The Brooklyn Bridge is crossed daily by 4 thousand pedestrians, 3 thousand cyclists and 120 thousand vehicles. During your walking tour you will be able to stop and take pictures of the city.

Enjoy this video that takes a closer look at this famous bridge:

5. Fifth Avenue

The most famous street in New York is a magnet that attracts thousands of tourists a year, for being, among other things, the central point of New York commerce and the recording set for countless Hollywood movies.

On Fifth Avenue you will find the most important brands in the world such as Apple, Versace, Gucci, Tiffany, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier, Zara, NBA, H&M, among others equally famous.

The American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are close to the busy avenue.

Watch a tour of this fabulous street in the following video:

6.Central Park

One of the largest urban parks in the world and the green lung of the city, 4 km long and 800 meters wide. A place to walk, have a picnic, observe the viewpoints, the gardens and its other attractions.

You can take a walk through The Lake, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, Alice in Wonderland and The Mall, the latter a pedestrian esplanade that are one of the parts of the park that has been seen the most in movies.

The best season of the year to visit Central Park is in spring and autumn, between March 20 and June 20 and September 23 and December 21, respectively.

You can tour its facilities on foot or by bicycle.

Appreciate these wonderful shots of this majestic park:


Broadway is as famous as Fifth Avenue, with its many theaters where great Hollywood actors and actresses have started their careers. For this reason it is known as the cultural and artistic place of New York.

The most outstanding point of Broadway is Times Square, due to its rich cultural and entertainment offer, with shows such as The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, The Lion King, Aladdin and the Cirque du Soleil show.

8. Madison Square Garden

It is the most famous multipurpose sports stadium in New York, which in addition to being the home of the New York Rangers (hockey) and New York Knicks (NBA), is the scene of concerts and numerous social and artistic events.

John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Britney Spears, among other equally famous artists, have performed at the Madison, which is also a constant arena for major boxing matches.

You can take a tour with which you will enter the venue without queuing to see the stands, the changing rooms and the main stage adapted for basketball or hockey. The tour offers a guide in Spanish.

On days with basketball or hockey games or other events, tours are not conducted.

Here is a short video that shows the surroundings of this magnificent stadium:

9. 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Museum where the victims of the events of September 11, 2001 are honored. You will see the square, the two monuments with all the names of the almost 3 thousand victims of the terrorist attack on the twin towers and the tree that survived the fall of buildings.

You will also see the mural with the photos of the victims, the burnt fire truck, part of the planes that crashed into the towers, testimonies of survivors and what was recovered from the large buildings.

Watch a tour of this museum in the following video:

10. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is a temple with a neo-Gothic structure that contrasts with the modernism of its neighboring buildings. In addition, it is the largest of the Gothic-style cathedrals in New York.

It is built with white marble between 50th and 51st streets. Inside you will admire the sculpture of La Piedad that is three times the size of the one in the Vatican and its 2 organs made up of 3,920 and 5,918 pipes, respectively.

The Stations of the Cross in this cathedral were awarded prizes at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1983.

Here is a video with a 360-degree view so you can see this incredible cathedral in much more detail:

11.Times Square

It is the intersection of streets where more tourists pass through in New York and the brightest public place in the city due to the screens on the facades of the buildings and their neon lights. It is an iconic New York area of ​​the entire United States.

In Times Square there are the ABC studios, Chinese and Italian food restaurants and the famous Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, as well as the Hershey’s store.

The intercept was not always called that. Before it was known as Plaza Longacre, but because the One Times Square building was the offices of the New York Times, it began to be called by its current name.

To have a beautiful view of the intersection of these illuminated streets, you just have to climb the red stairs of the TKTS. To get there you must locate the corner that adjoins Seventh Avenue and Broadway Avenue.

Enjoy this aerial video above Times Square:

12. Rockefeller Center

Complex of 19 commercial buildings in operation since the 1930s by the Rockefeller family. The art deco style was used in its architecture.

In the Rockefeller Center are the offices of prestigious companies in the world of entertainment such as the NBC chain and first class restaurants. It’s where to go at the end of the year to see the city’s famous Christmas tree.

The Comcast Building complex that houses the Top of the Rock between floors 67 and 70 and where you will see the best panoramic view of the Big Apple, has been in this complex since 1933. It is a spectacle that you cannot miss when traveling to New York.

Other attractions of Rockefeller Center are the central plaza and its skating rink, the Atlas statue, the Channel Gardens, Nintendo, LEGO and FAO Schwarz stores, Radio City Music Hall and many more tourist attractions.

Find it in the “heart” of Manhattan between 48th and 51st streets.

Appreciate the terrace of one of these famous buildings:

13. American Museum of Natural History

One of the best museums in the world dedicated to science where you will learn about the history of the Earth and of man, surrounded by more than 35 million objects of interest.

The museum has a wide variety of stuffed animals from around the world and a diversity of marine species and bone structures of mammals and dinosaurs, the latter being the main attraction of the exhibition.

You will find an impressive collection of minerals and meteorites and in one of its rooms you will see the large sculpture of the blue whale hanging from the ceiling.

The American Museum of Natural History is west of Central Park on 79th Street. Learn more here .

Take a closer look at this interesting museum:

14. New York Public Library

The second largest library in the United States where you will find more than 3 million classics. It is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 40th and 42nd streets.

The building is a neoclassical style work with two marble lions on the sides of the entrance, called Paciencia and Fortaleza. Equally striking are its stairs, ceilings and walls, also made of white marble.

Another attraction of its interior are the paintings on the vaulted ceiling and the beautiful Corinthian columns in the McGraw Rotunda Room.

Its majestic reading room has beautiful oak tables and old hanging lamps, which have been the set of Hollywood movies.

There you will find writings by Shakespeare, the Declaration of Independence of the United States, a letter written by Christopher Columbus, among other important and valuable texts.

In the Witt Wallace Periodical Room you’ll also see issues of newspapers from around the world and an impressive array of old maps.

I leave you here a video that in addition to showing the interior of the library, shows you the route to get there from a subway station:

15. High Line

Linear park that is located on an old and elevated railroad track where you will see majestic buildings, neighborhoods of western Manhattan and pass over car parks, in a 2 km route that borders the Hudson River.

The High Line is the name of the defunct railway station that was built in 1930 and served until 1980.

The construction of the park began in 2003 with the concept known as agri tecture, which includes both architecture and agriculture. Its final part is still under construction, which begins in the Meatpacking District and ends in Hudson Yards (a section that has not yet been completed).

Enjoy this tour of this amazing linear park:

16.Wall Street

Wall Street is the financial district of New York. It’s in Lower Manhattan.

This prestigious street has important buildings such as the Federal Reserve built in the 18th century in a neo-Gothic style and La Bolsa, built at the beginning of the 20th century. There is also the renowned sculpture of the Wall Street Bull, which supposedly brings luck when touched.

Access to the La Bolsa building is no longer allowed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Check out this video documenting this financial district at 5:30 am :

17. Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in Central Park, on Fifth Avenue in New York. There you will see beautiful sculptures, beautiful oil paintings, musical instruments and weapons.

Its complete collection includes pieces from Islam, Egyptian, Greek, medieval, Australian and Oriental art, as well as the wonders of Western art.

Some paintings you will see are Vision of the Apocalypse, by Grego; Beckmann’s Champagne Glass Self-Portrait; Pond of Nympheas and Regatta in Sainte-Adresse, both by Monet; Two Girls at the Piano, by Renoir; among other equally spectacular works.

Appreciate this tour of this incredible museum:

18. Queens

Queens is the largest district in New York. To visit it is to see more than 150 types of culture, one of the many reasons why this area is economically sustained. In addition to what it represents for cinema and art in general.

This neighborhood is the place where jazz finds its lap, without neglecting other musical genres such as hip hop and rap.

In Queens there is one of the museums that receives the most visits in New York, the MoMA PS1, with more than 125 thousand pieces that allude to cinema and television.

Other attractions include the Queensboro Bridge, the Queens Museum, the Corona Park Unisphere, the Men in Black spaceships, and the Flushing Meadows sports facilities.

Here I leave you a video with aerial shots of the surroundings of Queens:

19.Chelsea Market

Shopping, office, television production center, but above all a gastronomic building between the Meatpacking District and the Chelsea neighborhood.

The Chelsea Market is housed in a 19th-century industrial-style building formerly owned by the Nabisco cookie factory. There you will find gift shops, food stores, cafes and restaurants.

To better enjoy the exhibitions, decorations, lamps, clocks and all the architecture of this beautiful market, we recommend you go early in the morning when it is much clearer.

20. Coney Island

Residential neighborhood on the southern edge of Brooklyn ideal for relaxing and having fun in the summer. There you will have beautiful beaches, Luna Park with the Cyclone roller coaster, the Circus Sideshow, the Mermaid Parade and the Mermaid Parade, held in July of each year.

Coney Island also celebrates every 4th of July the competition of who eats the most hotdogs, at the fast food restaurant, Nathan’s Famous.

Enjoy these different views of this beautiful place:


Chinatown is the Chinatown where the largest Chinese population living in New York and in the United States lives. It is very close to the financial district, so close that you can walk from Wall Street.

There you will find restaurants and other food places, such as places where they sell ingredients or Chinese products such as seeds, spices, grains, exotic fruits, mushrooms, seafood, fish, etc.

You will also find perfumes, watches, toys and other curiosities from China, which you can buy as a souvenir. There are also the cheapest hostels and a confluence of cultures.

Take a closer look at Chinatown in the following video:

22.Little Italy

The Italian version of Chinatown made up of several blocks that you can walk in 2 hours, with a variety of restaurants where you can taste pasta, pizza and desserts from the cuisine of this country.

There you can try a different version of Oreo cookies because they are covered in fried dough and the exquisite cheese fries.

If you travel at the beginning of September you will enjoy the San Gennaro Festival, which starts on the first Thursday of the month and ends 11 days later. If you do it at Christmas, visit It’s Always Christmas in New York.

In the Italo-American Museum you can see the culture that Italian immigrants adopted in American lands. A whole cultural confluence

Take a closer look at the Italian version of Chinatown:

23. Apollo Theater

Famous neoclassical theater opened in 1914 with an auditorium with capacity for 1,500 people.

Many artists of the blues, jazz and soul, a musical genre that emerged in the United States, began their careers at the Apollo Theater.

On Wednesdays at 7:00 pm they celebrate “La Noche Amateur”, in which singers compete to be the favorite of the demanding public.

You can also see concerts and plays and witness educational programs offered to the community. You can get to know it through a daily and guided one-hour tour.

The Apollo Theater is located at 253 West Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, 125th Street.

24. Yankee Stadium

The best-known baseball stadium in the world, home to the New York Yankees, 27-time champions of the Major League World Series.

Although it is not the original, this work inaugurated in 2009 is equally valuable both in infrastructure and in sports history.

There is the New York Yankees Museum where you will see the historical objects that have belonged to the franchise throughout its history. It also has official team stores, restaurants, galleries and much more of the “Mules of the Bronx”.

You’ll be able to take a tour that will see exclusive places of the stadium and historical baseball artifacts up close. These excursions take place even before the game scheduled for that day and are included in the admission ticket.

Here is a video with a fantastic aerial view of the stadium:

25. UN Building

The most famous headquarters in the world of the United Nations Organization (UN) is in New York. This is so because 5 of the 6 main bodies operate in the city: General Assembly, Trusteeship Council, Economic and Social Council, Security Council and the Secretariat.

The pass to access is in front of the building, whose interior is considered the territory of all member countries.

You can get to know the venue on guided tours in up to 15 languages ​​for $16 for adults, $9 for children ages 5-12, and $12 for adults 65 and older and students.

During your visit you will see the room where the presidents of the world who are part of the UN meet.

Enjoy this short tour of the UN building:

26. SoHo

One of the most visited neighborhoods in New York, specifically in Manhattan, bordering Houston Street to the north and Canal Street to the south.

In its cobblestone streets you can see the lofts (attic) in the typical buildings made with bricks and with visible pipes, many made with cast iron.

These buildings have the appearance of being industrial because the textile industry was developed there at the beginning of the 19th century.

Its boom began in the 60s when it became a tourist attraction for the creative and artistic area.

This New York space, one of the safest in the city, is ideal for those who like antiques, as there are plenty of shops selling this type of object. There are art galleries, boutiques, bookstores and fine restaurants.

The name is an abbreviation for South Houston.

Watch this artistic area in the following video:

27. Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall

Beautiful shopping center near New Jersey where just by taking your passport you will receive a card that you can use to get discounts in stores like US POLO ASSN and Tommy Hilfiger.

In Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall you will find stores with the most recognized brands in the world and at excellent prices.

Discounts range from 10% to 20% during the year. All this in a mall with excellent and modern facilities and restaurants, next to the Newark airport.

28. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Museum on Fifth Avenue in New York that is worth visiting and detailing. Its structure, which was criticized at first, is now one of the most inspiring architectural models among constructions.

The architecture itself is a work of art because of the geometric shapes found inside and outside of it.

There are many galleries along its spirals where you will find diverse works including impressionist, post-impressionist, minimalist and post-minimalist paintings.

A free tour in English is offered daily from 2:00 pm.

Appreciate this brief tour of the facilities of this museum:

29. Radio City Music Hall Theater

The most important theater in the city. An elegant place built in art deco style synonymous with splendor. Many television galas have been held there, such as the Grammys, the Tony Awards and the MTV Music Awards.

If you travel at Christmas and visit the theater you can see the Christmas Spectacular Show, a famous Christmas musical that has become a tradition for New Yorkers and tourists since 1933.

To get to the Radio City Music Hall Theater you must go to 6th Avenue, between 50th and 51st Streets.

Here is a drone video inside this fantastic theater:

30. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

21-hectare botanical garden with innumerable beauties. A place where you will find beautiful things and spaces such as jungle, desert and tropical areas.

You will be able to observe cabins made with bamboo, a garden dedicated to Japan, a greenhouse, Shakespeare’s garden and if you make your trip in spring, you will witness how the cherry trees open in blossom, a magical spectacle. You will also be able to see turtles and many exotic plants.

The best months to visit are from April to June, as the trees bloom in the spring.

It is covered with tranquility in 3 hours. It is located at 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York.

Enjoy various images of this beautiful botanical garden:

31. Bloomingdale’s

One of the most famous department stores in New York with locations at 1000 Third Avenue and 59th Street and in SoHo. Its structure is modern inside and the vintage style can be seen on its façade.

Las opciones son variadas en cuanto a precios y artículos. Puedes comprar cosas para damas, caballeros y niños, artefactos y muebles para el hogar. Hay posibilidades de que te lleven tus pedidos hasta el hotel.

32. Carnegie Hall

Famosa sala de conciertos de Nueva York, en Manhattan, muy cerca de Central Park. El solo edificio es una belleza arquitectónica de 125 años de historia.

Podrás conocer el lugar en un tour sin tener que asistir necesariamente a un concierto. Su infraestructura comprende 3 auditorios y otras salas más pequeñas.

Figuras como Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, los Rolling Stones, Jay Z y los Beatles, se han dado cita en Carnegie Hall.

33. Mundo en miniatura de Gulliver’s Gate

Museo donde podrás viajar por el mundo sin salir del centro de Manhattan en una exposición en miniatura.

Los edificios más famosos del mundo, las vías férreas con trenes de todas partes y las ciudades más importantes, se comunican a través de carreteras. Tiene escalones y plataformas para que los niños aprecien con más detalle las figuras.

Si por ejemplo te gustaría ver en miniatura las vallas iluminadas y todo lo que caracteriza al Times Square, allí lo tendrás.

Recorrer los 4500 m 2 del Gulliver´s Gate te tomará 2 horas. El museo está muy cerca Times Square, específicamente en la W 44th Street.

Aprecia estas diferentes tomas de este peculiar museo:

34. Empire State

El Empire State es el rascacielos más grande de Nueva York inaugurado en 1931, cuya construcción tomó 410 días. Su altura supera los 440 metros, incluyendo la antena que da seña de radio y televisión a millones de estadounidenses.

Necesitarás subir 1860 peldaños o entrar a uno de los 73 ascensores, algunos que alcanzan 120 km por hora, para llegar a la cima de este majestuoso edificio.

Tiene dos miradores que puedes visitar. Para llegar al primero debes pagar USD 32; llegar hasta el segundo te costará USD 20 adicionales. El primer mirador queda en la planta 86, el segundo, en la 102.

Empire State es visitado anualmente por más de 4 millones de turistas .

Disfruta de este recorrido por las instalaciones del magnífico Empire State:

35. Prospect Park

Prospect Park es un parque diseñado por los mismos arquitectos que hicieron Central Park, solo que esta vez la sede es Brooklyn y la apariencia tiende a ser salvaje y silvestre.

Es una zona para reencontrarse con la naturaleza y compartir en familia o en pareja, haciendo un picnic en Long Meadow o llevando a los niños a conocer un carrusel con casi 100 años de antigüedad.

El parque también tiene su propio zoológico (con 101 especies y 630 animales), la única laguna del barrio y canchas deportivas. Podrás hacer tus compras en Smorgasburg Market, una feria que funciona entre abril y octubre.

Prospect Park tiene pistas para montar a caballo y de patinaje.

La entrada es gratuita. Visítalo entre las 5:00 am y la 1:00 am. Si vas en verano podrás ver conciertos gratuitos en su concha acústica.

Si necesitas cualquier otra información consulta su sitio web .

Observa estas vistas capturadas en drone en el parque y sus alrededores:

36. MoMa

El Museo de Arte Moderno tienes piezas con un gran valor artístico y cultural, como fotografías, colecciones de diseño gráfico, piezas del mundo del cine y de la arquitectura.

Está catalogado como el mejor museo de arte moderno y contemporáneo en todo el mundo.

Tiene pinturas como Broadway Boogie Wogie, de Piet Mondrian; La persistencia de la memoria, de Salvador Dalí; La noche estrellada, de Vincent van Gogh; entre otras igualmente famosas.

La entrada al museo inaugurado en 1929 es gratuita los viernes de 4:00 pm a 8:00 pm. Desde junio está en remodelación y reabrirá el 20 de octubre. Visítalo en el 11 West con la calle 53, Manhattan.

Aquí te dejo un video que captura diferentes obras expuestas en este grandioso museo:

37. Barrio de South Street Seaport Historic District

Es una de las zonas que más se diferencia en Manhattan por entre otras cosas, su tranquilidad e historia. Allí se ve cómo era Nueva York hace un poco más de un siglo.

Los edificios son una muestra de las construcciones del siglo XIX. Hay tiendas, museos donde conocerás la historia naval de la ciudad, restaurantes y un faro en honor a las víctimas de El Titanic.

Compañías como Abercrombie & Fitch tienen tiendas en esta zona de Nueva York.

38. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Museo militar en West Side de Manhattan, específicamente en el muelle 86. Su traducción al español sería Museo Naval, Aéreo y Espacial de Nueva York.

Podrás conocer el portaviones que Estados Unidos empleó en dos guerras y que también usó para obras de rescate luego de los atentados del 11 de septiembre de 2001.

En la visita conocerás cuatro cubiertas y en una de ellas verás helicópteros y aviones antiguos. También el Concorde de British Airways, el único avión comercial capaz de atravesar el Atlántico en 2 horas con 52 minutos y el único que ha roto la barrera del sonido.

Otra de las cosas que puedes ver es el Submarino Growler, un arma estratégica retirada en 1964 tras considerarse obsoleta.

Con el material multimedia que ofrecen podrás conocer la historia de este portaviones, objetos de gran valor y maquetas.

Aprecia diversas tomas de este museo en el siguiente video:

39. Museo de la Inmigración de Ellis Island

Este es el único museo de Nueva York que tiene 30 galerías para exponer todo el proceso migratorio que se realizó en Estados Unidos.

Verás el hospital donde algunos inmigrantes fueron sometidos a estudios para comprobar su estado de salud. Era allí dónde se sabía si tenían o no alguna enfermedad contagiosa.

En una Sala de Registro podrás ubicar por 5 dólares a algún familiar que haya sido inmigrante en Estados Unidos. Registro guardado en archivos informáticos.

El museo tiene fotografías, audioguías, material audiovisual, las habitaciones de aislamiento, la sala de espera y la de documentación, entre otras cosas. Está en la Ellis Island, muy cerca de la Estatua de la Libertad.

Disfruta de este recorrido por las distintas obras existentes en este museo:

40. Governors Island

Si en tu viaje te provoca desconectarte un rato del trajín que implica una ciudad tan dinámica y cosmopolita como Nueva York, esta isla es una opción.

Es un parque público que antes había sido una base militar al que solo se entra entre finales de mayo y los últimos días de octubre.

Puedes hacer el recorrido a pie o en bicicleta por solo mediodía.

La isla ofrece una zona de hamacas, un huerto urbano, puestos de comidas y exposiciones de arte contemporáneo.

Ubica Governors Island al sur de Manhattan. Solo toma un ferry en Battery Marine Buildings Terminal, Manhattan.

Observa en el siguiente video una maravillosa vista aérea de esta isla:

¿Qué lugares visitar en Nueva York?

Todos los lugares mencionados en este artículo son excepcionales, pero aun así te haremos una selección con 12 de ellos:

  • MoMa
  • Central Park
  • Empire State
  • Times Square
  • La Quinta Avenida
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Puente de Brooklyn
  • Estatura de la Libertad
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Museo Metropolitano de Arte
  • Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York
  • Museo Americano de Historia Natural.

¿Qué se puede hacer en Nueva York en verano?

Pasear por el teleférico de Roosevelt Island, caminar por High Line Park, atravesar el Puente de Brooklyn, bañarte en las playas de Nueva York, asistir a los museos, conocer Coney Island, ir a los miradores de la ciudad o dar un paseo en ferry por el East River.

¿Qué hacer gratis en Nueva York?

Da un paseo por el río Hudson, visita Central Park, conoce la Catedral de San Patricio, fotografíate en la escultura LOVE o con el Toro de Wall Street, visita los mercados de la ciudad, asiste como público a un programa de televisión, disfruta de la Quinta Avenida, Times Square o visita uno de los museos en sus horarios gratuitos.

¿Dónde es mejor hospedarse en Nueva York?

El punto más conocido para hospedarse en Nueva York para turistas es Times Square, aunque no es económico; lo mismo ocurre en SoHo. En el Barrio Chino hallarás hoteles más económicos.

Los hoteles de Manhattan son más costosos y lujosos, mientras que los de Brooklyn son más accesibles.

¿Cuál es la mejor fecha para viajar a Nueva York?

Las mejores fechas para viajar a Nueva York son de marzo a junio y en septiembre, porque hallarás temperaturas ideales, ni muy frías ni muy calientes.

Estos son los 40 lugares turísticos Nueva York para que planifiques tu viaje y disfrutes al máximo.

Te invitamos a compartir este artículo con tus amigos de las redes sociales para que también conozcan a dónde ir en la «Gran Manzana».


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