The state of Colorado and Denver, its capital and largest city, are home to wonderful landscapes and places. Those places are headed by the emblematic Rocky Mountains and by legendary towns and spaces related to the conquest of the West.

We invite you to know our list with the best tourist places in Colorado Denver. We chose these options so that you can enrich it with your trips through that beautiful and mythical territory of the United States.

1. Mesa Verde National Park

It is a protected space of 211 km 2 of Montezuma County, located in the southwest of the state of Colorado. It was declared a national park in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt and a World Heritage Site in 1978. It houses numerous archaeological ruins of the Anasazi culture, especially those made in cliffs and caves.

The Cliff Palace stands out, a structure that contained the largest population that lived under cliffs in North America, built by the Anasazi people between the 12th and 13th centuries.

The palace was abandoned around the year 1300 and, although the causes are unknown, it is believed that it was due to drought. The construction was made with wooden beams, sandstone and mortar. It contains 23 rooms called kivias and more than 150 rooms.

The park has an archaeological museum of the Anasazi civilization, marked trails, a camping area , lodgings, restaurants and a gas station.

Access to the park is 15 km east of the city of Cortez. From the entrance you have to travel 24 km to the visitor center and then another 10 km to Chapín Mesa, the most popular area of ​​the park.

Look at these interesting views of this national park in North America:

2. Benson Park Sculpture Garden

A visit to this artistic garden is one of the free things to do in Denver Colorado that you won’t regret. It is located on 10 acres in the heart of the small town of Loveland, 50 miles north of Denver.

It exhibits large-format pieces by artists from various parts of the world, in beautifully landscaped spaces.

It has wide paved corridors that facilitate the movement of wheelchairs and baby strollers and has ample parking, several picnic areas and restrooms.

Sculpture in the Park, North America’s largest sculpture exhibition and sale, takes place on the second weekend of August. The park is very well cared for, the sculptures are varied and impressive and it is a perfect place to spend a day with the family without spending a lot of money.

Open every day of the year. It is located at 2908 Aspen Drive, Loveland.

Here is a video that shows images of different sculptures in a park in the United States:

3. Denver Art Museum

With its collection of more than 70,000 works by artists from around the world, this museum located at 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway. It is one of the tourist places in Colorado Denver that are worth a visit.

Its collection of Indian art represents nearly every indigenous culture in North America and houses the world’s largest display of art from the American West.

The museum had its embryo in 1893 with the founding of the Denver Artists Club. The first gallery was opened in 1919 and in 1922 it moved to the Chappell House. In 1948 it was installed in a building in the civic center of Denver and in 1971 the North Building was added, a work of 7 floors and almost 20,000 m 2 designed by the Milanese modernist architect Gio Ponti.

In the 1920s, the Denver museum became the first in the country to collect American Indian art with aesthetic criteria. The current collection contains some 20,000 objects, including ancient pottery, 19th-century beaded garments, and contemporary glassware.

Appreciate these images of an interesting tour in an art museum in Denver:

4. Silverton-Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad and Site Museums

In 1882 a railway line was opened to transport gold and silver between the mining town of Silverton and the city of Durango. The track was made only 3 feet (less than a meter) wide and the cramped steam locomotives seemed about to collapse with their load of minerals, miners, settlers and cowboys.

Now the tourist trip is safer, although it still has the charm of being done in an original train with coal-fired engines. The 72 km journey takes approximately 4 hours and a half. Along the way, you will pass through canyons and narrow mountain paths, recreating the legendary journeys of more than 130 years ago.

In both Silverton and Durango, ends of the journey, there are railway museums. The one in Siverton exhibits a 1902 Baldwin locomotive, which in the 1880s was a warehouse. The Durango museum contains a sample of artifacts and objects related to the history of rail transport. A historical narration is available during the ride.

Watch this video with different shots of this amazing railroad in the United States:

5. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Located at 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road in Colorado Springs, this zoo is dedicated to captive breeding and the preservation of endangered species through holistic animal care. It was founded in 1926 and is located on the side of a mountain, offering fabulous views of the surroundings.

It provides a nature experience that lasts a lifetime, but some physical fitness is required to complete the entire trail, along with appropriate footwear. It houses more than 750 specimens of 170 species. In fact, it is a world-class zoo that has the largest herd of Somali giraffes (reticulated giraffes) on the planet among those living in zoos.

The animals are found in carefully designed habitats so that they feel in environments that are as similar as possible to that of wildlife, which allows a more precise understanding of the characteristics of each species. Something that children and other visitors will love is that the giraffes, which are very tame animals, can be fed by hand.

Check out this short video from inside the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:

6. Rocky Mountain National Park

This park, located in the north-central part of the state, offers the most beautiful landscapes in Colorado in winter and summer. It is located northwest of Boulder, between the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake, and is crossed by the Colorado River, which is why it houses its headwaters.

It was established in 1915 with 1076 km 2 , it is a World Biosphere Reserve and annually receives more than 3 million visitors.

It has five visitor centers and features various types of landscapes, including snow-capped peaks and a great diversity of wildlife. The eastern zone is more arid, with ice-covered peaks and depressions formed by large masses of ice as they descend. The western area is humid and wooded.

In Rocky Mountain National Park there are 60 peaks over 3,700 meters above sea level and about 150 logos. The highest summit is Longs Peak, at 4,346 meters above sea level. It has various entertainment options, such as winter sports, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, zip lines, rafting , and wildlife observation.

Appreciate these different images of the Rockies National Park in Colorado, USA:

7. Fort Collins Annual Flower Test Garden

Test or trial gardens are dedicated to developing varieties of plants, evaluating them throughout their life cycle, from germination to maturity or harvest. In this way, desirable qualities are achieved, such as new colors and forms of flowers, fragrances, duration and resistance to diseases.

Focuses primarily on annual plants in the high-altitude environmental conditions of the Rocky Mountains. The displays are in full swing between late May and mid-October and plant varieties are grouped by gender and arranged by color.

Every year there are about 1000 varieties on display. Pansies are planted in the fall and displayed in early spring, while perennial garden plants are displayed year-round.

This testing garden is located on the campus of Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and is open to the public year-round. It’s at 1401 Remington Street, near the campus Arts Center.

8. Telluride-Mountain Village Gondola and Chairlift

The Telluride-Mountain Village gondola carriage (opened 1996) is the first and only free public transportation of its kind in the United States.

It was conceived as a contribution to improving air quality, reducing emissions from gasoline cars and helping to optimize the environment in ski areas. This is why it quickly became a tourist attraction.

Today it is a popular attraction for visitors and residents, who have a front row seat to admire nature and access to many trails, mountain biking trails and winter sports areas, as well as restaurants, shops and swimming pools. .

The drive between the two cities takes 13 minutes and offers fabulous views of the San Juan Mountains. The gondola operates between June and mid-September, from 6:30 am to midnight, with extended hours until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. The high-speed chairlift operates in winter.

Appreciate these incredible images from a cable car on this mountain:

9. Footprint of the Pioneers Museum

The Tread of Pioneers Museum, located at 800 Oak Street in Steamboat Springs, is housed in the historic Zimmerman House, a 1901 Victorian Queen Anne-style building. The museum tells the story of Native Americans, skiing, mining and agriculture in the locality, as well as that of the pioneer settlements that contributed to the development of the city.

The exhibits include skiing, which takes a journey from its use as an essential means of transportation in winter to its practice as a global recreational sport. The exhibit includes the predecessor to the modern snowboard and one of the first chairlifts to reach the top of Emerald Mountain.

The Postcards from the Past exhibit traces the places and major historical events that shaped the wild frontier town of the American West and one of the Rockies’ most beloved world-class resort destinations.

10.Bishop Castle

The Bishop Castle is an incredible feat that symbolizes the work of man in building a fortress single-handedly. It is located in the Santa Isabel National Forest, northwest of the town of Rye, in the humid mountains of southern Colorado. It was started in 1969 by Jim Bishop, after they married in 1967.

Bishop wanted to make a simple stone cabin to share with his wife, but he never stopped building and now the building is a masterpiece of battlements, turrets and a large steam dragon made of stainless steel plates.

Seeing the beautiful castle it is difficult to imagine that every stone, glass or wooden element and piece of wrought iron were placed by a single man.

It is open 365 days a year, from morning to night and access is free, although donations are accepted. In 2018 it suffered a fire that damaged some rooms, but not the structure of the castle, which is why it was reopened shortly after.

Take a look at these aerial shots of this magnificent castle:

11. Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

For a time, between the last decade of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century, 25 acres in Colorado produced more gold than all the mines in California and Alaska combined.

The Mollie Kathleen Mine (located near the Teller County seat of Cripple Creek) was the heart of the gold industry in Colorado and the United States from 1891 through the late 1950s.

It closed its production in 1961, but continued as a tourist attraction. It offers tours that take visitors through the tunnels and mine shafts that still seem to be walked and used by the risky miners who have been going down the deep vertical shaft since 1891.

Today’s mine guides are the descendants of former miners and lead tourists 300 meters underground (a length similar to that of the Empire State Building) in an elevator.

On the tour visitors are shown the galleries, the old mining equipment and a gold vein that still runs through the rocky walls of the tunnels. It is not a ride for the claustrophobic.

Here I leave you a video that shows an interesting tour in this gold mine:

12. Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum

William F. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, was a skilled bison hunter, Pony Express rider, and scout in the service of the federal army during the Indian Wars. He later was a world-famous showman , with flashy Wild West shows. He took his show to Europe and fascinated the public of the Old Continent, including Queen Victoria.

On the outskirts of the city of Golden, in the Colorado county of Jefferson, there is a small museum dedicated to the life of Buffalo Bill, from his birth in Iowa in 1846 until his death in Denver, Colorado, in 1917. Cody was for a time America’s most famous person, and the museum addresses the reality and exaggeration of his existence.

The museum has picnic areas , a small cafe, and gift shop. The famous adventurer was buried atop Lookout Mountain, and his grave overlooks the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. A simple tombstone marks the last resting place of one of the most famous American figures.

Observe these interesting images in this museum:

13. Elitch Gardens

It is a theme and water park located at Elitch Circle 2000, in downtown Denver Colorado. It is considered the “roller coaster capital” in the state. It offers exciting attractions, family rides and refreshing slides that make it a must-see destination in Denver.

It has 13 roller coasters, among which is Brain Drain, which has 7 floors, makes 360-degree turns and is to lose your mind. The Boomerang Roller Coaster whisks excited riders back and forth, twisting and turning at over 50 KPH. In Sling Shot, the daring crew members are launched into a ball that reaches 50 mph.

The Scare Festival takes place over six weekends between late September and early November and is Colorado’s largest Halloween event. “Ghost kids” and “goblin kids” enjoy unlimited candy and participate in interactive Halloween-themed challenges. At night, the bloodcurdling screeches send chills down your spine.

Check out this video showing one of the attractions at Elitch Garden in Denver. USA:

14. West Mountain Museum

Dedicated to Colorado’s Old West, this Montrose city museum operates in a series of faithfully constructed and preserved settings. The museum includes residences, a church, a school, a hotel, a saloon , a dental office, a railway station, grocery stores, a pharmacy, a bank, and other properties that the legendary towns of the time used to have.

Visitors can carefully handle the objects on display, while knowledgeable experts recount what life was like back then.

It was founded in 1997 by Richard E. Fike, a historical archaeologist who has been collecting artifacts related to the Old West since he was 4 years old and created his first museum in the guest room of his parents’ house. It is located at 68169 E. Miami Road, Montrose.

The museum is a non-profit institution that charges USD 12.5 for individual admission and USD 15 for a couple (USD 5 for children and young people between 6 and 18 years old). Open from Monday to Saturday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

Here is a short video that shows the mountains and the museum of the old west:

15. Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center

It’s a popular family destination, teeming with invertebrates, located at 6752 West 104th Avenue, Westminster, 15 minutes north of Denver.

Thousands of butterflies magically flit through the tropical forest of the pavilion, sipping nectar from the flowers. It has entertainment and educational programs for all ages (including seniors) and a gift shop with interesting items.

Visitors can stroll through the outdoor nature trails, watch the bees while learning about how vital they are to maintaining the planet’s ecological balance, and caress the horseshoe crabs and starfish in the contact zone with life. Marine.

The butterflies are very photogenic and even Rosie the tarantula is very friendly, allowing herself to be touched in an unusual interactive experience. On Saturdays it is full of children, who are the main recipients of the attractions, although adults also have a great time.

16. The West End Tavern

This tavern is a popular watering hole and restaurant housed in a historic former 1906 police station located at 926 Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

The interior of the tavern is a cozy brick-lined space decorated with leather furniture and big-screen televisions. On the rooftop there is a terrace where patrons can enjoy 25 types of draft beer and 75 varieties of bourbon, including some iconic single-cask bourbons.

The list of liquors contemplates any drink that you fancy and you can enjoy a delicious barbecue or a juicy hamburger. All this while watching the sunset materialize over the Flatirons, the iconic rock formations located near Boulder.

17. Hovenweep National Monument

It is made up of six groups of indigenous ruins from the pre-Columbian era, dating from between the 12th and 14th centuries and whose towers are magnificent examples of the architecture of the North American native peoples.

The ruins are perched precariously on rock formations and balanced on the rim of canyons.

The monument is located on the McElmo Route, in a remote part of the Colorado-Utah border. It is very well preserved after more than 800 years. The Square Tower Group has a small visitor center and has pet-friendly hiking trails.

“Havenweep” is a word from the Ute Indian language, meaning “desert valley.” The 318-hectare park was decreed in 1923 by President Warren Harding. It has park rangers who provide guidance and attend to public concerns.

Here is a video with several shots of this national monument:

18. Denver Botanic Gardens

These gardens perfectly combine the wild plant life of North America, with closed environments and acclimatized to reflect natural spaces around the world. It is one of the most pleasant tourist places in Denver Colorado.

On nearly 10 hectares, they are home to drought-resistant native flora and plants that are well adapted to the western climate.

Mordecai Children’s Garden encourages children’s exploration of soil and water and has picnic tables , stroller parking and activities for children throughout the year. There are serene Japanese and bonsai gardens, a greenhouse brimming with tropical and subtropical flowers, and a South African garden with species from the steppe region.

It also features ornamental exhibits of public favorite plants such as roses and lilies. The Biblical Plants collection contains 36 plant taxa that are mentioned in the Bible and the Water-Smart Garden is of water-saving plants. The Denver Botanic Gardens are located at 1007 York Street.

Check out this video of this majestic botanical garden in Denver:

19. Old Fort Bent National Historic Site

In 1833, brothers William and Charles Bent and their friend, Ceran St. Vrain, built a trading post on the Santa Fe Trail that led from Missouri to Mexico. The goal was to facilitate the fur trade between the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians and settlers and travelers who would trade buffalo hide items for other merchandise.

Old Fort Brent played an important role as the only permanent settlement on the Santa Fe Trail and was providential for soldiers and travelers who needed to buy groceries, stock up on water, enjoy a good meal, or stop for some repair work. carriage.

It was closed in 1849 due to disease and natural disasters and after being rebuilt, it was reopened to tourism and history lovers through guided tours. A trail allows you to enjoy a walk along the Arkansas River.

Check out this interesting historical site in Colorado, USA:

20. Red Rocks Amphitheater

It is an amphitheater surrounded by rock formations that help give it natural acoustics. It is the most glamorous and beautiful setting for rock concerts and other music genres in Denver. The space is believed to have been used by the Ute people for their cultural ceremonies. It is located 27 km southwest of Denver on US Route 6.

It is probably the only naturally preformed amphitheater in the world and has won international awards for its exoticism, beauty and conditions for music. Many of the sandstone stones that can be seen along the way have names, due to their curious shapes.

If you’re a music lover and you’re in Denver, be sure to check out the schedule of activities at Red Rocks, as you will hardly find a more amazing stage in the world to see a great artist live, from a diva or a divo of the opera to a famous rocker.

Here is an interesting video that shows aerial shots of this amphitheater with incredible mountains around it:

21. Steamboat Springs Hot Springs

Just outside the small town of Steamboat Springs, in northwestern Colorado, there are some spectacular hot mineral springs. The water emanates at 40°C, while the famous Champagne Powder snow accumulates in the surrounding forests.

In the place is the Strawberry Thermal Park, a preserved paradise for visitors to relax in a wild and beautiful environment, in the best wild Jacuzzis that nature can provide. It has changing rooms and picnic areas to spend the day and if you want to spend the night, it has rustic cabins and, in summer, a camping area .

It has hiking and mountain biking trails and has private spaces for massages and watsu therapies. The hot springs are a treat for the body after a day on the trails or skiing the Champagne Powder snow. This snow provides a different experience, as it only has 6% liquid water and is unique to the area.

Check out these shots at these hot springs at a location in Colorado:

22. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, located in southern Colorado, stands in stark contrast to Rocky Mountain National Park and others in the state.

In these snow and mountainous landscapes predominate and in the Great Dunes the protagonist is the sand, which forms vast deserts appreciated by lovers of barren landscapes.

However, the sandbanks are surrounded by forests and wetlands that you can reach after a personal journey through the desert. Nearby is Lake Médano, full of trout for fishing enthusiasts. An old road from the Medano Pass leads to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

The park is located in the eastern sector of Alamosa and Saguache counties. It was created in 2004, with an area of ​​340 km 2 . The sand dunes began to form about 400,000 years ago and reach elevations of 230 meters from the floor of the San Luis Valley, making them the highest in North America.

Take a look at these incredible images of these dunes in Colorado. USA:

23. Comanche National Grassland

They are grasslands of southeastern Colorado that form the fourth largest grassland in the United States, after those of Little Missouri (North Dakota), Buffalo Gap (South Dakota) and Thunder Basin (Wyoming). The American National Grasslands are protected areas, owned by the federal government.

The Comanche National Grassland covers 179,000 hectares. In addition to prairies, it has canyons, highlighting Picture Canyon and Picketwire. The grassland has two sections guarded by two ranger districts, one based in Springfield and one in La Junta.

The cliffs are decorated with drawings made by ancient Native Americans 8,000 years ago, and there are dinosaur footprints in Picketwire Canyon. In the grasslands there are trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

In these vast spaces you will recreate the time when the Comanche Indians hunted and fought riding horses without a saddle to, among other things, defend their territories from white settlers.

Here is a video with incredible aerial shots of Comanche National Park and part of its mountains:

24. Echo Mountain Park

This park (100 hectares nestled in the mountains of Denver Colorado and located 50 km from the city center) is one of the most accessible options to enjoy winter sports. The night experience is exceptional because all its slopes are illuminated. In summer, the main activities are walking, hiking and mountain biking.

The winter season opens at the end of November, and although online reservations are recommended, day passes for skiing and snowboarding can be purchased at the park.

It has trainers called “Echo Ambassadors” with a different and novel approach to help. They are found in the beginner area and throughout the mountain and offer valuable advice that helps you progress at the participant’s pace.

The beginner area is ideal for learning the basic skills of moving on snow, how to turn, stop, and most of all, have fun. Beginners are advised to spend as much time as necessary in their zone because the transition to the intermediate athlete area can be challenging.

Check out these shots of snowboarding on Echo Mountain in Colorado, USA:

25. Mount Evans Scenic Byway

At 4,350 meters above sea level, Mount Evans is one of the highest peaks in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It is located between Lake and Park counties in central Colorado and features a scenic highway that passes near the mining town of Idaho Springs.

To access the route you have to leave Idaho Springs on Highway CO 103 until you reach one of the highest paved roads in North America.

The scenic drive passes through beautiful rows of pine trees that give way to steep climbs. Thanks to these you will appreciate spectacular panoramic views of the sharp peaks of the mountains that seem to have no end and of the valleys cut by glaciers.

It is not a walk suitable for the faint of heart, since at heights, just as the trees disappear, so do the railings to protect the road, so you have to be careful and take the time to go around the curves. Along the way, bighorn sheep and mountain goats can be seen grazing, ignoring intruders.

26. National WWII Aviation Museum

This museum is one of the best places to visit in Colorado Springs, mainly for children and young people. This thanks to its educational focus on the role of the air force during the last armed conflict of planetary scope.

It exhibits 22 units, most of them airworthy, which were used during the war as combat and pursuit aircraft, bombers, training aircraft, ambulance aircraft and amphibious aircraft.

The exhibit also includes more than 3,000 artifacts and documents related to one of the most crucial periods in human history.

It is open to the public on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm and parking is free. They accept reservations up to 365 days in advance and visitors who pay online receive a discount on the price of admission.

It is located at 755 Aviation Way, on a 20-acre campus, on the northwest side of the Colorado Springs Airport.

Here are some amazing images of various WWII planes at this Colorado museum:

27. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Among the places to visit in Denver Colorado, this museum (located at 2001 Colorado Boulevard) provides varied experiences on dinosaurs, robotics, weather and space. Its planetarium and IMAX theater offers revolving shows that entertain people of all ages, and its innovative children’s center is perfect for young children.

It began when mountain man Edwin Carter settled in a Rocky Mountain cabin in 1868 and amassed the largest collection of fauna in Colorado at the time.

The Denver museum was opened in 1908 and made headlines in 1926 when its researchers found fossil remains that proved that North America had been inhabited for more than 10,000 years.

Among its permanent exhibits are Prehistoric Voyage, Wildlife, Birds of the Americas, Explore Colorado, South America, Botswana (Africa), Australia and the South Pacific Islands, Bears and Marine Mammals, A Space Odyssey, Gems and Minerals, North American Indian Cultures and Health Expedition, a journey through the human body.

28. Colorado – New Mexico Scenic Railroad

This railroad in southern Colorado, near the border with New Mexico, connects the Colorado town of Antoñito with the New Mexican village of Chama. Drive along the longest (3-foot, less than a meter) narrow gauge rail in North America, making a scenic 103km ride.

It was built in 1880 and has seen few changes, making it one of the best examples of steam-era American mountain railways.

The equipment facilities and vast landscapes seem frozen in time for the enjoyment of lovers of cultural stamps of the past.

Trains run daily during travel season, which runs from May to mid-October, and open-top carriages with sweeping views ensure a delightful ride. The Cinder Express is a little ‘Orient Express’ and stops in Osler about half way for a delicious meal which is included in the fare.

Take a look at these interesting images showing this train in Colorado and part of Chama, New Mexico:

29. Arkansas River

At 2,364 km, the Arkansas is the fourth longest river in North America, after the Mississippi, Missouri, and Bravo. It is one of the most popular in the United States because it is born in the Rocky Mountains and makes its first journey through these famous Colorado mountains, traveling through 7 counties of the state.

In its descent through the mountains, the Arkansas makes its way through a narrow valley in which it has a drop of 1,400 meters in a journey of 193 km, forming its white waters that are the best in the Rockies for rafting . Among the most popular sections for rafting are Bighorn Canyon, Royal Gorge and Browns Canyon.

There are many rafting routes of different levels, from family to class IV for experts. You can enjoy them in a one-day experience or camp for several days for a longer stay in contact with water, adrenaline and nature.

If you’re an experienced whitewater rafter, you can start at Bighorn Canyon. Royal Gorge and Browns Canyon are friendly to beginning rafters.

Here is a video that shows several shots of the Arkansas River in Colorado:

30.Colorado Trail

This 782 km long trail traverses vast expanses of Colorado from the mouth of Waterton Canyon, southwest of Denver, to Durango, in La Plata County. Most of the trail runs above 3,000 meters above sea level and its maximum height is 4,045 meters above sea level.

The best way to get to know it is by putting on your hiking boots and setting out to walk through it and explore the territory. There are routes for hikers who just want a day experience and others for experienced hikers. Due to its long extension, it has many starting points.

The Colorado Trail traverses eight ridges of the Rocky Mountains with countless peaks and passes numerous streams and lakes.

When you get tired of walking, you can go horseback riding and mountain biking. The tour allows you to explore old mining towns and indigenous trails, as well as spend the night in a ski resort.

Appreciate these amazing shots of this interesting tour place in Colorado, USA:

31. Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park

The main attraction of this national park is the Black Canyon, opened by the Gunnison River passing through the hollow for more than two million years. Sharp cliffs and craggy spiers formed in that time. Lichens covering the walls accentuate the darkness of the canyon, hence its name.

The 124 km 2 park was established in 1933. It is located in western Colorado and has two entrances, one to the south (24 km east of the city of Montrose) and one to the north (18 km east of Montrose). km south of the community of Crawford). A visit to the Black Canyon allows you to experience raw nature in a unique way.

Camping so far from the lights of the cities makes you sleep under stars that shine with their maximum intensity. Walks along the cliff edges allow you to admire extraordinary views in a place where it seems that time has stopped.

Check out these incredible aerial shots of this canyon in Colorado, USA:

32. Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake is located in Glenwood Canyon, 11 km east of the town of Glenwood Springs in western Colorado. It is an impressive body of turquoise blue water that seems to hang from the cliffs. It is fed by beautiful waterfalls that sing as they feed you, creating a paradisiacal landscape that makes you forget how steep the climb was.

Since the ecosystem is geologically very fragile, swimming or splashing in the tempting waters is not allowed, although this sacrifice is compensated by the beauty of the place, surrounded by hanging plants and full of peace. It was declared a National Natural Monument in 2011.

It is a popular Colorado destination for hiking. As of May 2019, trail access to Hanging Lake is by reservation. The entire hike is 5.1 km round trip, covered in about two hours. A bus service has also been launched, so access by private vehicles is not allowed during the high season (May – November).

Appreciate this interesting video that shows this incredible lake in Colorado:

33. Garden of the Gods

It is a public park and National Natural Landmark located in Colorado Springs, which attracts visitors from all over the country and the world for its impressive and curious natural sandstone structures.

Geologic formations developed horizontally by deposition and tilted vertically due to the same tectonic forces that created the Rocky Mountains.

They were discovered by surveyors from Denver, who, seeing the beautiful structures nestled in the landscape, said that the place looked like a garden fit for the gods. Among the most impressive formations are The Three Graces, the Cathedral of the Spirals, the Kissing Camels and the Balanced Rock, a huge rock that stands incredibly almost without support.

The park has a varied program of activities that includes presentations, demonstrations and walks in the company of naturalists, historians and special guests.

The main adventure sports are hiking, rock climbing and rappelling. Access is free at the request of the heirs of Charles Elliott Perkins, who donated the property to the city of Colorado Springs.

Here is a video that shows the incredible Garden of the Gods:

34. Vail

Vail is a quaint town of 5,400 people west of Denver nestled in the Rocky Mountains in the Rio Blanco National Forest. In winter it is a top destination for skiing and in summer it offers a wide range of entertainment. The population is crossed by a winding stream whose banks can be covered in some pleasant walks.

In Vail there are more than 2,100 skiable hectares, with a variety of terrains and unbeatable natural conditions for skiing. The magical combination of more than 300 sunny days and more than 370 inches (more than 9.4 meters) of snow in the year, with spectacular views of the Gore and Sawatch mountain ranges, justify the slogan “Like nothing on Earth”.

The town of Vail communicates the feeling of being in an Alpine town in Europe, through the atmosphere of its restaurants and bars and its alpine-inspired architecture, with cozy cobblestone streets. Award-winning hotels and high-end shopping complete Vail’s captivating package.

Appreciate these images of this interesting place in Denver, Colorado:


Aspen is a Pitkin County ski resort and town, located in the Rocky Mountains in west-central Colorado. It was founded in 1889 as a mining camp during the silver boom. It is currently a famous winter sports destination that also stands out for its architectural monuments, boutiques and restaurants.

The Aspen Snowmass Resort, located in the Rio Blanco National Forest, is home to popular ski areas ranging from the gentle slopes of Buttermilk to the expert slopes of Aspen Highlands. Maroon Lake reflects the shale peaks of the Maroon Bells, creating some spectacular scenery.

La Casa de la Ópera Wheeler fue construida en 1890 y combina elementos románicos con otros de estilo italiano. En 1972 se convirtió en el primer inmueble de Aspen en ser incluido en el Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos. La mansión Wheeler-Stallard, de estilo Reina Ana, es sede de un museo de historia local.

Observa estás increíbles tomas aéreas tras una nevada en Aspen, Colorado:

36. Crested Butte

Es un pueblo del Condado de Gunnison, en el centro-occidente del estado de Colorado, que destaca por su centro de esquí, su museo histórico y el festival de flores silvestres.

Este festival es un evento celebrado durante una semana de julio y está dedicado a las flores silvestres, destacando la importancia de su preservación y creando conciencia sobre los problemas ambientales.

El Centro Nórdico Crested Butte es uno de los principales destinos de esquí de fondo en Estados Unidos. Cuenta con 50 km de rutas para esquí clásico, esquí de patinaje y raquetas de nieve. Alquila los implementos necesarios para esquiar y las raquetas de nieve y sus instructores certificados imparten lecciones de esquí de fondo.

El Mountain Heritage Museum de Crested Butte funciona en Tony’s Conoco, inmueble en el que se instaló en 1883 una herrería, el negocio más antiguo de la localidad.

La edificación luego fue usada como garaje y ferretería, hasta que cerró en 1996. En 2003 fue convertida en museo en el que se repasa la historia de Crested Butte, incluyendo el ferrocarril, la minería del carbón y el desarrollo del pueblo como centro de esquí y ciclismo de montaña.

Aprecia estás increíbles tomas aéreas de estos bosque nevados e inclinadas montañas de Crested Butte:

37. Museo Casa de Molly Brown

Otro de los lugares turísticos en Colorado Denver a visitar es la casa de esta dama que se hizo famosa por sobrevivir al hundimiento del Titanic . Los que han visto la película ganadora de 11 premios Oscar recordarán a la millonaria desinhibida, evitada por las pasajeras aristócratas, que prestó un traje de su hijo a Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) para que asistiera a la cena: es Molly Brown.

Molly Brown fue uno de varios personajes de la vida real de la famosa película. Su esposo se hizo rico en los años 1890 con la explotación de oro y Molly se dedicó a viajar por el mundo. Fue mucho más que la mujer que le decía a DiCaprio cómo usar los cubiertos en la cena. Además de resuelta, fue activista social y filántropa.

Tomó el mando de su bote salvavidas para ir por más náufragos y ayudó a crear el Comité de Supervivientes. También promovió la creación del primer tribunal de menores de EE.UU. En su casa museo de la Calle Pennsylvania 1340 de Denver, verás artículos de época relacionados con la vida de esta extraordinaria mujer.

Aquí te dejo un video que muestra un interesante recorrido por las calles de Denver hasta la famosa casa de Molly Brown:

38. Beaver Creek

La principal atracción de esta comunidad, situada en el Condado de Eagle, cerca de Avon, es el Beaver Creek Resort. Es un centro de esquí que habitualmente alberga pruebas de la Copa del Mundo de Esquí Alpino. Los primeros senderos se abrieron para la temporada de 1980-1981, cuando fue inaugurado también el primer hotel.

El complejo cuenta actualmente con lujosas habitaciones para toda la familia y un campo de golf desarrollado en la ladera de la montaña, que tiene desafiantes, largas y estrechas calles, en medio del impresionante paisaje. En verano, las principales actividades son el senderismo y el ciclismo de montaña por bellas rutas bordeadas de álamos.

La villa de Beaver Creek es cautivadora por sus detalles e impactante entorno alpino. Cuenta con restaurantes, tiendas, galerías de arte y otros lugares para explorar. Una sabrosa tradición en Beaver Creek es comer galletas de chispas de chocolate recién horneadas, servidas en la villa todos los días a las 3:00 p. m. por Cookie Time Chefs.

Observa este interesante tour en snowboarding por una de las increíbles zonas de Beaver Creek:

39. Manitou Springs

Esta es una ciudad del Condado de El Paso, situada en la región centro-oriental de Colorado. Entre sus atracciones se distingue el ferrocarril que sube a la montaña de Pikes Peak y es el más alto de América del Norte. Estuvo en operación entre 1889 y 2017, tras lo cual quedó como atracción turística.

En la zona de Pikes Peak se encuentra la Cueva de los Vientos, donde está la Sala del Silencioso Esplendor, que fue descubierta en 1984 y contiene formaciones minerales cristalizadas poco comunes. Está cerca del acantilado de Manitou, con acceso por la Autopista 24. Diariamente hay recorridos por la cueva.

El Castillo Miramont, localizado en la Avenida Capitol Hill 9 de Manitou Springs, es un inmueble de 1895, de arquitectura ecléctica, interesante por sus objetos históricos y su salón de té.

Otra atracción local es el Museo Anasazi, construido en 1904, con la arquitectura de este pueblo nativo americano. Se encuentra en 10 Cliff Road y contiene una muestra de piezas arqueológicas de los anasazis, incluyendo cerámica, herramientas y armas.

Mira estas interesantes tomas aéreas por todo Manitou Springs en Colorado:

40. Monumento Nacional de Colorado

Fue proclamado en 1911 por el presidente William Howard Taft con una superficie de 83 km 2 y es uno de los paisajes naturales más reconocibles de Colorado debido a sus coloridas y erosionadas formaciones de piedra arenisca, sus altos monolitos y sus cañones escarpados.

Se encuentra en el Condado de Mesa, en el occidente del estado, y la ciudad más cercana es Grand Junction, situada a 20 km al este del monumento.

Hay varias rutas de senderismo, con extensiones y dificultades variables. En verano pueden presentarse repentinas inundaciones, lo que crea condiciones peligrosas. No hay que olvidar a las serpientes de cascabel.

Por lo demás, las rutas están bien mantenidas. El sendero más popular es Serpents Trail, que va por el camino original hasta la cumbre del monumento. Otros frecuentados senderos son Liberty Cap, Moument Canyon y No Thoroughfare Canyon.

El registro geológico indica tres diferentes grupos de rocas: gneis y esquistos proterozoicos abajo, rocas sedimentarias mesozoicas en las zonas intermedias y depósitos cuaternarios de aluvión y dunas arriba. La fauna del monumento es variada, incluyendo halcón de cola roja, águila real, coyote, arrendajo, cuervo y borrego cimarrón.

Aprecia estás increíbles imágenes de todo el monumento nacional de Colorado, EEUU:

Lugares turísticos en Colorado Denver : información

Denver Colorado Estados Unidos turismo: otras atracciones de Denver Colorado que te recomendamos visitar son el zoológico de la ciudad, Acuario del Downtown, Water World, el Capitolio del estado de Colorado, el estadio de béisbol Coors Field y Larimer Square.

Guía turística de Colorado: si deseas más información turística de Colorado, puedes consultar


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