The typical foods of Michoacán are the best that Mexican cuisine has. Dishes with a variety of aromas and flavors due to the use of numerous ingredients from the region, whose capital, Morelia, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Let us know in this article the 35 typical foods of Michoacán.

1. Michoacan style carnitas

Dish prepared at any street stall in the state. It is pork cooked in large copper cauldrons, whose secret to its exquisite flavor is the pork cooked in its own lard.

Shredded or cut carnitas are served in tacos with onions, cilantro, lemon juice and sauces of your choice.

2. Tarascan soup

Typical food from Michoacán that talks about the history of the area. To prepare it, red or bay beans, tomatoes, white onion, garlic, epazote, chicken broth, pasilla chilies, ring cheese, sour cream, tortillas and salt are used.

The beans are cooked in the chicken broth with garlic, salt and onion. When they are ready, they are blended together with the tomatoes and the epazote.

The soup is served in a deep dish to which are added tortilla strips, cut chiles, grated cheese, sour cream and, if the diner wishes, avocado slices.

This broth is considered an exotic food that when savored feels thick, hot, fresh and crispy, thanks to the tortillas.

3. Corundas

The name of this typical food from Michoacán derives from the Purépecha word “kurhaunda”, which means tamale. A dish that dates back to pre-Hispanic times that is also known as ash tamale.

Its ingredients are corn dough, lard, tequesquite, salt, rice flour, grated fresh cheese and baking powder.

A single dough or nixtamal is prepared in which all the ingredients are included and a little ash is added. Does not have padding.

The tamales are assembled in the shape of a pyramid and are wrapped in the leaf of the corn plant, not the cob. They are eaten alone or accompanied with some sauce, stew, beans, cream or cheese, in the lake area of ​​Michoacán and in places like Jalisco, Colima, Guerrero and Guanajuato.

4. Uchepos

Tamales prepared with a dough made from fresh ground corn that can be savory or sweet.

It is necessary to shell and grind the raw corn to prepare the dough.

If you want them salty, prepare a stew of pork fried in lard, tomatoes, serrano chili and garlic. When the stew is ready, it is mixed with the dough and the tamales are made, wrapped in corn husks and cooked. They are served accompanied by sauces to taste.

To prepare them sweets it is necessary to add butter, milk and sugar to the dough. They are accompanied with condensed milk, fruit jellies or atole.

5. Enchiladas

Enchiladas made with corn tortillas are part of the typical and traditional meals of Michoacán and the country. What distinguishes them is the spicy sauce with which they are bathed.

This dish is eaten with a filling of beef, chicken, hard cheese, eggs, or with a pickle made from carrots, onions, beets, green beans, bell pepper, thyme, garlic, chili, cabbage, oregano, and vinegar.

The hot sauce is specially prepared for enchiladas served with lettuce leaves, cream cheese and sliced ​​onions.

6. Churipos

Delicious thick textured broth with red chiles, meat and vegetables, which should be served with freshly made tortillas.

7. Rotten Pot

Cooked with pulque ingredients, chicken, beef and pork, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peas, tomatoes, onions, pasilla chili, green chilies, corn, asparagus, spices to taste, herbs, garlic and brandy .

Cut the meat and peel and chop the vegetables, which are cooked separately in a little water until they soften. Then they get together.

Tomatoes, onions, aromatic herbs and chiles are blended with the pulque. This content is strained and added to the mixture of meats and vegetables, seasoned and salt is adjusted, leaving it to cook for a few minutes so that everything mixes well.

Add the brandy and let it boil for about 2 minutes. This way the rotten pot will be ready.

8. Face

Dish made with cooked white rice and refried beans, served with a spicy sauce made with blended cooked tomatoes, garlic, fried onions, and green or dried tree chili. If you like, you can use habanero chili.

You can also put cotija cheese, adobera, ranchero and pork or beef.

9. Smoothie Pozole

Broth prepared with shelled red corn and cooked with garlic and onion, to which pork or beef is added and left until well cooked.

The meat is removed from the broth and shredded to return it to the stew. Guajillo chilies are added, a little roasted and ground red corn and some salt to taste.

The beaten pozole is accompanied with onion, lettuce, chili and lemon to taste.

10. Michoacán style pork beans

Delicious dish full of nutrients and vitamins.

It is prepared with beans cooked until they soften, then seasonings such as onion, garlic, cilantro, green chilies are added; let it boil a little to add ham cut into pieces, pork sausages and pork bacon.

Boil for 20 minutes and turn off. For more color you can add chipotle chiles and if you like it spicy, you could add dried chiles.

11. Minguiche or minquiche

Dish of the typical food of Michoacán that unites representative elements of Mexican cuisine such as tortillas, cheese and chili.

It is made with cheese cut into squares that are browned in a little butter, but without letting it burn. The cheese is removed and the cut or whole serrano peppers are fried right there. When these are ready, add the cheese again and add milk cream, letting it cook over medium heat, until the preparation boils.

The minguche is served hot and accompanied by tortillas to eat as a snack or with corundas or uchepos.

12. Charales

Charales are small fish that have been eaten by Mexicans since pre-Hispanic times.

In Michoacán they are one of the typical foods, since it is a state that produces more than 50% of charales in Mexico.

They are a food rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, iodine, magnesium and niacin.

They are prepared fried, roasted or browned, always accompanied by some typical Mexican sauce and with the traditional tortillas.

13. Toast Cakes

Tortas de tostadas from Michoacán have a toasted tortilla inside. They are prepared with telera bread cut in half, each with a layer of mayonnaise. Add refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, perón chili, cabbage, pork cheese, apache meat, red sauce and the inevitable toast placed in the center.

Once the cake is ready, it is heated in a copper oven with embers to give it an exquisite and unique touch.

14. Pounded or Pounded

Dish prepared with dried and salted beef, venison or pork. The meat is beaten with a stone, salt is added, crumbled and mixed with beaten egg. It is cooked in a sauce of guajillo chili, chili de arbol or chili serrano, with coriander and garlic.

The aporreadillo can be green or red, depending on the color of the sauce.

15. Carnita Tacos

The meat used in this typical food of Michoacán is pork ribs in pieces that are cooked in lard, cola, orange juice and milk. Once ready, they are reserved.

The tortillas are heated and then filled with the carnitas, chopped onion, green sauce and drops of lemon juice. They are served with lettuce, sliced ​​radishes and French fries.

16. Carnitas

Carnitas consist of small pieces of beef or pork. If it is beef, it is cooked in water with garlic and onion and then fried. If pork is used, it is cooked in its own lard and milk and orange juice are added, leaving it to cook until the liquids evaporate and the meat is fried.

Carnitas can be eaten plain or with tortillas, in tacos, with hot sauce, avocado or guacamole.

17. Guacamole

The sauce to eat snacks or to accompany any dish is the Michoacán style guacamole.

It is prepared with avocado, onion, chili and cilantro, all chopped. The avocado is crushed in a cup, the dressings are added plus the salt, the garlic powder and the lemon juice. When you mix everything you will get the guacamole.

Do not forget to leave the avocado seed inside the cup so that the preparation does not oxidize.

18. Michi broth

Dish created in Michoacán, therefore, one of its typical foods. It is a fish broth whose main ingredient is very often catfish.

In addition to fish, it is made using carrots, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, oregano, cilantro, and pickled chilies.

Prepare a sauce with the vegetables and add the catfish and a little water so that everything cooks. Seasonings are added.

The fish secretes a somewhat gelatinous substance that gives the broth a thick consistency. When serving it, garnish with chopped cilantro and tortillas.

19. Avocado Soup

Avocado soup is the only cold soup that is prepared in Mexico. In addition to the avocado, it has cold fat-free chicken broth, cream cheese, onion, cilantro, salt and pepper. Everything is placed in the blender and then taken to the refrigerator until you want to eat.

Serve in a deep dish and garnish with chopped parsley and a teaspoon of diced tomatoes.

20. Patzcuaro white fish

The white fish of Pátzcuaro is a species native to the lake of the same name with which one of the typical foods of Michoacán is prepared.

A stew is made with tomatoes, serrano peppers, onions, cilantro and garlic, all fried in oil. The fish is placed so that it is also cooked, one that when removed from the fire is served with white rice or salad.

Each person prepares it with their creativity. It can be battered, in soups, breaded, marinated, in broths or in mole.

21. Body of Zirahuén

The body is a fish from the waters of Lake Zirahuén with which one of the typical foods of Michoacán is prepared. It is a recipe to the taste of whoever makes it, in which it can be varied with butter or batter. It is served with salad and rice.

22. Atapakua

It really is a sauce already prepared since pre-Hispanic times by the Purépecha, an indigenous community in the state of Michoacán. The word “atapakua” means spicy and nutritious stew.

Its ingredients include beef, corn dough, green or guajillo chili, cilantro or mint, and salt.

The meat is cooked with salt, cilantro or mint, until the water evaporates.

The dough is prepared to which the chili is put and added to the meat, forming an atole that is cooked until everything is united and ready to serve.

Atapakua can be prepared with fish, green or dried charales, green beans, pork or nopales.

23. Empanadas stuffed with chilacayote

The chilacayote, also known as calabacita, courgette or pumpkin, is a very common plant species in Michoacán with which one of its typical foods is made.

With the chilacayote, a sweet is prepared with piloncillo, anise, cinnamon sticks and sweet cloves, stirring while it is on the fire until it has the right texture.

The dough for the empanadas is made with flour, yeast, eggs, sugar, butter and a touch of salt.

The dough is taken and rested and the empanadas filled with the sweet chilacayote are assembled, they are varnished with beaten egg and sprinkled with sugar before baking.

24. Chelites

This herb is a typical food from Michoacán that is easy to prepare. It is only a matter of cooking it in a little water and draining it well to stew it with onion and garlic. This way it will be ready to eat alone or with a piece of fish or any other meat.

25. Jericalla Soup

This dish consists of a soup whose broth is prepared with potatoes, zucchini, carrots, corn, onions and ground almonds, all put in a chicken broth. It also has a pasta made with spinach, cream, eggs and nutmeg, which is cooked in a bain-marie. As soon as it is ready, it is cut into small pieces and added to the broth to serve immediately.

26. Pakez

Dish of the ancient Purépechas, which although it is not as prepared as it was decades ago, it is still a typical food of Michoacán.

It is made with toasted wheat and piloncillo honey as the only ingredients. It is considered a dessert, although in the past it was eaten a lot because it was considered a very complete food.

27. Pátzcuaro Pasta Snow

This delicacy is one of the attractions of the town of Pátzcuaro, in Michoacán. It is considered one of their typical meals.

The pasta snow is made with three milks with nuts. The ingredients are mixed in a copper container and then they are transferred to an aluminum container, which in turn has another glass filled with ice and salt inside, where the mixture is turned until the consistency of snow is obtained.

28. Zamorano buns

Typical Michoacán dessert since the time of the viceroyalties, as it was prepared by the nuns of the convents in the town of Zamora de Hidalgo.

It is made with milk that is mixed with rennet, sugar, eggs and cinnamon. The yolks are beaten with the milk, the rennet dissolved in warm water is added and the milk is left to settle with the sugar until it forms a paste.

The pasta is cut into small pieces that are put in a pot, the cinnamon is added and it is left to boil until hard chongos are obtained. They are served sprinkled with cinnamon and lemon zest.

29. Jacket Atole

Also called black atole, it is one of the typical foods of Michoacán. Among its ingredients it has colored corn, water, roasted cocoa shells, sugar and cinnamon.

A flour is made with the corn that is then cooked in boiling water with cinnamon and sugar, stirring so that it does not stick. When ready, the cocoa shells are added.

The atole is eaten with flour tamales or uchepos.

30. Tie

Dish of Spanish origin that the Dominican nuns brought to the city of Morelia, whose preparation is very easy. The pulp of any fruit such as guava or quince is taken and brought to the fire with sugar in a copper pot.

31. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is traditional in Michoacán, therefore, it is one of the typical drinks of the state. It has been known since pre-Hispanic times when it was offered to the gods.

Hot chocolate is made from chocolate bars, sugar, milk and water. You can add almonds, cinnamon or vanilla.

32. Charanda

One of the typical drinks from Michoacán that contains alcohol, as it is a sweet liquor made from sugar cane.

In the state there is a distillery where sugar cane is processed and this liquor is distilled by hand, which is then stored in barrels.

33. Quince liqueur

Typical drink from Michoacán prepared with quinces and some liquor such as rum, which is eaten daily.

The quince juice is used to mix it with the chosen liquor and sugar is added. If it is rum, it is distilled in a convenient way.

If cognac is used, once the juice, liquor and sugar are mixed, it is left to macerate for three months in individual bottles.

34. Eggnog

Rompope came to Mexican lands from Spain during the Conquest. It is a typical drink of Michoacán since the time of the Spanish viceroyalty. Initially it was only prepared in convents, but later it spread freely.

It is prepared with egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, milk, rum or brandy, cinnamon and cornstarch.

35. Mezcal

It is one of the typical drinks of Michoacán that contains alcohol. It is obtained from the cooking and distillation of the maguey. Its flavor is somewhat strong with a high alcohol content, but with certain citrus touches and smoky aromas.

What are the typical sweets of Michoacán?

Among the best sweets in Michoacán we can mention the chongos from Zamora, ates, ice cream from Pátzcuaro, empanadas from Chilacayote and pakez.

What current typical dishes include ingredients of Spanish origin?

Most of the typical dishes of Michoacán have at least one ingredient from Spain, such as the pot rotten that has brandy and the rompope that has sweet spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and sweet cloves. Also, the jericalla soup has nutmeg.

Typical Zamora food. Michoacan

Among the typical foods of Zamora, the uchepos, the corundas and the Zamorano chongos stand out, delicious sweets desired by all.

Typical food from Michoacan. Tarascan soup

The Tarascan soup originated among the Purépecha ancestors. It is a very nutritious dish made with red or bay beans, tomatoes, dried chilies, and spices, served with tortilla chips, grated cheese, chilies, and, if you like, avocado. All in a deep plate.

Typical food of Aguililla. Michoacan

One of the main typical dishes is the morisqueta, which consists of rice with tomato sauce, beans and meat; You can also taste churipo, ash tamale or corundas, uchepos and atapakua.

Typical Coalcomán food. Michoacan

The traditional food of Coalcomán is the aporreado or aporreadillo, a stew prepared with meat that is hit with a stone and salt is added. Then it is shredded, beaten egg is added and it is cooked in a sauce of guajillo chili, chili de arbol or chili serrano, with cilantro and garlic.

Typical Quiroga food. Michoacan

The typical foods of Quiroga are charales, carnitas and corundas, among other gastronomic specialties.

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