A trip through Greece can be truly mythical, as are the thousands of tourist attractions steeped in the rich and fascinating Greek mythology.

There are 7 archipelagos and nearly 1,400 islands (227 inhabited) where you can enjoy dream beaches, archaeological sites and one of the most unique European cuisines. These are the main tourist places in Greece that you cannot miss on a legendary trip.

1. Acropolis of Athens

The acropolis or Athenian “upper city” is the most important and imposing of the Greek cities. These sectors of the Hellenic cities dominated the horizon for two reasons: defense and worship of the gods.

The most recognizable building on the Acropolis of Athens is the Parthenon, an impressive white marble Doric temple dedicated to Athena, the city’s eponymous goddess. It was built by Pericles during the 5th century BC and is a World Heritage Site along with the entire acropolis complex.

To walk among the spectacular temples and columns of the acropolis is to plunge into a brilliant age of classical antiquity, as well as decisive for the history of mankind.

2. Santorini

It is an island group of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea and has become a favorite destination for couples going on their honeymoon or celebrating anniversaries in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Santorini is also called Thira Island and stands out for its postcard appearance, with white houses and blue domes that shine under the hot Greek sun, standing out against the canvas of the sea.

It is what was left of a violent volcanic eruption that made a good part of the territory of an original island disappear, forming the current caldera. Apart from Santorini, the other inhabited island in the archipelago is Thirasia. Another 4 islets that make up the insular group are uninhabited.

3. Delphi

The great pilgrimages in the world today are to the sacred sites of Christianity and Islam, such as Santiago de Compostela and Mecca. In ancient times, one of the great pilgrimage centers was Delphi, where worshipers of Apollo went to pay tribute to the Greek god of healing, music, light, and prophecy.

Delphi is currently an archaeological site with the ruins and reconstructions of the ancient sanctuary and oracle of Apollo, next to a modern city. For the ancient Greeks, Delphi was the center of the universe for having been the place where Zeus left the stone that would be the omphallus or navel of the world.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is located at the foot of the archaeological complex and its pieces include the Treasure of the Siphnians and what is believed to be the first notation made for a melody.


4. Lake Plastira

Also called Lake Tavropos is an artificial body of water located on the Nevropoli plateau, in the peripheral unit of Karditsa, Thessaly. Before the construction of the lake, there was a military airport where the first Allied aircraft landed after the end of World War II.

It is named after the Greek politician and military man Nikolaos Plastiras, a native of Karditsa, who conceived the project during a visit to his hometown in 1925 and finalized it after being elected prime minister after the war.

The lake has a surface area of ​​24 km 2 and a maximum depth of 60 meters and is used for electricity generation, irrigation and tourist activities.

It is surrounded by chestnut and oak forests and in its basin you can practice entertainment such as canoeing, rafting , hiking and horseback riding. It is an unusual space in Greece, blessed by a great amount of natural beauty in which the main protagonist is not the sea.

5. Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Greece and second in Europe. It is located on the island of Crete and its 16 km long trail allows you to see limestone peaks of the Cretan White Mountains, prehistoric rocks, Christian chapels, Byzantine temples, fortresses and shelters from the Second World War.

Doing the entire route can take a full day and the route requires some physical fitness due to its rocky topography, ascents and descents. It begins at the entrance of the Samaria National Park, passing through the Iron Gates (although these are conspicuous by their absence), Agia Roumeli and ending in the Libyan Sea.

In spring and summer it is possible to admire the local fauna and the blankets of flowers that cover the land.

6. Meteora Monasteries

On the plain of Thessaly, in the north of Greece, there is a group of monasteries settled on impressive rock formations. The first monasteries were built in the 14th century by Orthodox monks fleeing persecution from the armies of Turkey and Albania.

Although six are still in use, there were once more than 20 inhabited monasteries, making Meteora the most spectacular religious site in Greece. They are a World Heritage Site and constitute viewpoints that offer some of the most impressive landscapes in Europe.

The six monasteries in use (four for monks and two for nuns) are Saint Nicholas, Saint Stephen, Holy Trinity, Great Meteor, Roussanou, and Varlaam. The Santísima Trinidad monastery was the location of the movie For Your Eyes Only , from the James Bond series.

7. Melissani Cave

Caving fans have a place of great beauty to practice their entertainment in Greece: the Melissani Cave, located in the central sector of the island of Kefalonia, 5 km from the Ionian Sea.

This steep cave is almost 4 km long and was formed by the action of the waters on the soft rock. Inside the grotto is the Melissani Lake, a cenote-type underground body of water discovered in 1951.

According to Greek mythology, it was the home of the nymphs. It is possible to go down into the cave through a tunnel to reach the lake and navigate it by boat. A strong earthquake that struck the island in 1953 exposed the lake by collapsing its roof.

8. Mount Olympus

Going up to the place where Zeus reigned according to Greek mythology is an unmissable experience. Olympus, which means “the highest of the highest”, leads the tourist attractions in Greece in altitude as its peak is the highest in the country, with 2919 meters above sea level.

According to mythological tradition, there were 12 divine characters that formed the Council of the Gods on Olympus: Zeus, his wife Hera, Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, Hermes, Artemis, Demeter, Hephaestus and Hestia.

To these 12 main gods should be added Hades, who did not have a throne on Olympus because his work was below the earth, ruling the Underworld.

It is a national park of 4000 hectares, the first decreed in Greece, located 10 km from the town of Elatochórion and 90 km from the city of Thessaloniki. It is also a UN Biosphere Reserve.

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9. Corinth Canal

This artificial waterway was built between 1881 and 1893, according to an ancient layout made during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero in the 1st century, making it one of the most amazing works of engineering in Greece.

It is 6.3 km long and separates the Isthmus of Corinth and the Peloponnese peninsula from the rest of Greece. Its width is 21 meters, with a depth of 8 meters and it prevents small ships from having to make a detour of more than 400 km around the Peloponnese.

It is crossed annually by more than 11 thousand ships, mostly tourist ships. Under Nero, a force of 6,000 slaves began excavating it, but the infamous emperor died a year later and construction was cancelled.

Best Hotels Near Corinth Canal

2 star hotels near the Corinth Canal

  • Acropolis Hotel (25 Ethnikis Anexartisias Ave, Corinth)
  • Mitzithras Hotel (El.Venizelou Ave. 25, Loutraki)
  • Hotel Cristina Maris (77, Posidonos Avenue, Loutraki)

3 star hotels near the Corinth Canal

4 star hotels near the Corinth Canal

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10. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki – capital of the Greek region of Central Macedonia, on the shores of the Aegean – is the second largest city in Greece. Its archaeological museum, founded in 1912, was the first in the city and is one of the most important in the country.

Since 1962 it has been housed in a rationalist-style building and its exhibition focuses on the prehistory and history of the city and the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, which bequeathed characters such as Philip II and his son Alexander the Great to history.

There is a section dedicated to the gold of the Macedonians, which shows valuable finds from the archaic and classical periods and shows how these people worked the precious metal. To recreate past life in Thessaloniki, a luxurious house from the time of the Roman Empire was reconstructed.

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4 star hotels near Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum

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11. Monasteries of Mount Athos

In this mountain of the Chalcidic peninsula there are about 20 monasteries with an unusual operating regime in Europe. Although the territory is of Greek sovereignty, the monastic space has almost total autonomy.

It enjoys exemptions in compliance with various Greek and European laws. For example, access to women is prohibited, taxes are not paid and the Schengen Agreement on the abolition of internal borders in Europe does not apply.

The population of Orthodox Christian monks and laymen – all men – is about 2,500, mostly Greeks, with a few dozen Russians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians and Georgians. You can only see this curiosity in Greece, if you are a man and if your female companion agrees to a plan that does not include her.

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12. Knossos

Knossos was the most important city in Crete during the Minoan civilization, the first in Europe in the Copper and Bronze ages. The palace complex of Knossos is the oldest in Europe.

Among the ruins – located 5 km from the city of Heraklion – are the remains of the formerly splendid palace of Knossos, the most important of the Minoan civilization and the most famous of the European archaeological complexes after its discovery in 1878. On the walls Magnificent wall paintings have been preserved.

According to tradition, Knossos was founded by the semi-legendary king Minos (a character who gave his name to the Minoan civilization), who –according to Greek mythology– ordered the Minotaur to be imprisoned in the Labyrinth of Crete.

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13. Ancient Corinth

The ruins of the ancient city of Corinth are located on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow strip of land that separates the Peloponnese peninsula from mainland Greece, and are 5 km from today’s modern town.

Among the best-preserved archaeological remains, the 7 columns that remained standing from the Temple of Apollo stand out, which, according to the historian Pausanias (2nd century), was located on the road that started from the Corinthian agora towards the city of Sición.

Other monuments of which vestiges have been preserved are the Glauce fountain, the Pirene fountain, the temple of Asclepius, the odeon, the theater, the Roman agora, the Roman amphitheater and the temple E, which according to Pausanias was erected in dedication of Octavia , sister of Emperor Augustus.

Best Hotels Near Ancient Corinth

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  • Ephira Hotel (52, Ethnikis Antistaseos street, Corinth)
  • Two-Bedroom Holiday Home in Korinthos (Corinth)

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14. Mycenae

This ancient city gave its name to the Mycenaean civilization, which flourished at the end of the Bronze Age in the Peloponnese peninsula, between 1600 and 1100 BC; it is therefore the first advanced culture settled in mainland Greece, with urban organization, writing and remarkable art.

The archaeological site of Mycenae is located 119 km from Athens and among its ruins the walls of the acropolis and the treasure of Atreus or tomb of Agamemnon are visible. It is the largest vaulted tomb in the country and is believed to have been the sepulcher of the semi-legendary Homeric hero who won the Trojan War.

The Gate of the Lions, the main entrance to the site, has a lintel with a 20-ton stone, being the largest monumental archaeological piece in the Aegean area.

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15. Balos Beach

The contrast between the navy blue of the sea and the turquoise of the lagoon gives this beach a special charm. It is located on the Gramvousa peninsula in Crete and is one of the best beaches on the island.

The beach has warm and transparent waters, and lets you see its vibrant underwater life made up of small fish, shellfish and other species. Balos Beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming, making a total disconnection from the usual routine.

It is located in the prefecture of Chania, northwest of the island of Crete, forming part of a nature reserve sheltered by the Gramvousa peninsula. The lagoon is shallow, just enough to lie down and feel the caress of the water.

Best Hotels Near Balos Beach

2 star hotels near Balos Beach

  • Maria Beach Hotel (Kissamos)
  • Kissamos Hotel (Iroon Polytechniou 172, Kissamos)
  • Hotel Peli (Kissamos)

3 star hotels near Balos Beach

  • Balos Beach (Main Street, Kissamos)
  • Nautilus Bay Hotel (Plaka Beach, Kastelli, Kissamos)
  • Kavousi Resort (Phalassarna)

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  • Mesogios Beach (Korfalonas Beach, Kissamos)
  • Viglia Beach Apartments (Methoxy Viglia, Kissamos)
  • Agarathos (Kaliviani, Kissamos)

16. Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum

This museum in the city of Patras is a fantastic destination for fans of olive oil tourism and for people who value the role of olives and their oil in gastronomy. After an agenda packed with ruins, monuments and enchanting beaches, a visit to the Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum provides a refreshing aside.

The museum traces the history of the olive, a plant native to Greece and Asia Minor, regions where wild forests of olive trees still grow without the characteristic regular alignment that occurs in fields.

The technology for obtaining the appreciated oil has changed a lot since Homer, Plato and Aristotle used it to dress their salads and this technical evolution, between antiquity and today, is shown in the museum.

Best Hotels Near Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum

2-star hotels near the Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum

  • Mediterranean (Agiou Nikolaou 18, Patras)
  • Hotel Atlanta (Zaimi 10, Patras)
  • Hotel Acropole (Agiou Andreou 32, Patras)

3-star hotels near the Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum

  • Moxy Patra Marina (58 Iron Polytechneiou, Kyprou, Patras)
  • Castello City (Agiou Andreou 118 & Filopoimenos 3, Patras)
  • Galaxy City Center Hotel (9, Agiou Nikolaou street, Patras)

4-star hotels near the Greek Olive and Olive Oil Museum

  • Maison Grecque H. Extraordinaire (116 25th Martiou street & 60 Gounari str, Psila Alonia, Patras)
  • Patras Palace Hotel (Othonos Amalias 15, Patras)
  • Astir (Agiou Andreou 16, Patras)

17. Vergina Royal Tombs Museum

This museum is located in the town of Vergina, in northern Greece, in the Greek region of Central Macedonia. It is in the archaeological site of ancient Egas, declared a World Heritage Site in 1996.

Aegas was the first capital of the Macedonian kingdom and the museum is a burial mound containing the tombs of ancient Macedonian kings who ruled from the city. The burial mound contains grave goods made up of weapons, jewelery and ceramic pieces, as well as frescoes.

The royal tombs are preserved in a cellar built in 1993. The most notable tomb is that of Philip II of Macedon (father of Alexander the Great, who reigned 359-336 BC), which includes a gold and ivory shield.

Best Hotels Near Vergina Royal Tombs Museum

3 star hotels near the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Vergina

  • Villa Elia (10, Elias Street, Veria)
  • Hotel Makedonia (Kontogeorgaki 50, Veria)
  • Vaela Hotel Cultural Resort & Spa (Palio Elatochori, Elatochorion)

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  • Veritas Boutique Art Hotel (Aristotelous 8, Veria)
  • Hotel Villa Sevasti – for people with special abilities (Katerini)

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  • Pierion Mouses Elatochori (Palio Elatochori, Elatochórion)
  • Studio Anna Veria Center (Ag. Dimitriou 14A, Veria)
  • Leo’s apartments (Meg Alexandrou 12, Methoni)

18. Theater of Epidaurus

It is another of the tourist places in Greece that must be visited, especially for being the best preserved theater of classical antiquity. It was built in the 4th century BC. C. by the sculptor and architect Polykleitos the Younger. It is located 500 meters from the sanctuary of Asclepius (Aesculapius in Roman mythology) and is a reference for several later Greek theatres.

It is the symbol of the ancient Greek theater and served as the venue for Asclepeia, an event in honor of the god of medicine and healing, consisting of gymnastic and musical competitions. Thought to have disappeared, it was discovered in the 19th century and in 1822 it became the venue for the signing of Greece’s first constitution as an independent nation.

It has a capacity for 12,000 spectators that can be accommodated in its 52 rows of stands distributed over 2 levels. Its acoustics are so exceptional that spectators in the highest tier can hear the performers talking or singing quietly.

Best Hotels Near Theater of Epidaurus

2 star hotels near the Theater of Epidaurus

  • Verdelis Inn (Ancient Epidavros, Palaia Epidavros)
  • Saronis Hotel (Ippolitou 4, Palaia Epidavros)
  • Hotel Mike (Ancient Epidavros Port, Palaia Epidavros)

3 star hotels near the Theater of Epidaurus

  • Vila Vivari (Vila Vivari, Vivari)
  • Candia House (Kandia)
  • Yialasi (Gialasi Beach, Palaia Epidavros)

4 star hotels near the Theater of Epidaurus

  • Hotel Perivoli (Pyrgiotika, Nafplion), The Grove Seaside Hotel (Main Street, Dhrepanon).

5 star hotels near the Theater of Epidaurus

  • Kandia’s Castle Resort & Thalasso Nafplio (Nafplio, Kandia)

19. Corfu

Corfu is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and forms a municipality together with the small archipelago of Diapontia. The capital, located on the island of Corfu, bears the same name.

According to mythology, this island of incomparable beauty was the place chosen by a lover Poseidon to take Corcyra, after having kidnapped her. The name of the island evolved from Corcyra to Corfu. Empress Sissi of Austria had a villa in Corfu.

In the city, its Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian buildings stand out and on the island a kumquat liqueur is produced, which is characteristic of its gastronomy. It is home to the 220 km long Corfu Trail, which takes several days to hike.

Best hotels in Corfu

Two Star Hotels in Corfu

  • Konstantinoupolis (K. Zabitsianou 11, Corfu)
  • Hotel Atlantis (Xenofontos Stratigou 48, Corfu)

Three Star Hotels in Corfu

  • Arcadion Hotel (2, Vlassopoulou Str.& Kapodistriou Str., Corfu)
  • Odysseus Hotel (Main Street, Paleokastritsa)

Four Star Hotels in Corfu

  • Eleals Hotel (Perama Kerkyras Ionian Islands, Perama)
  • Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel (Dassia)

Five Star Hotels in Corfu

  • MarBella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas- Adults Only (Agios Ioannis Peristeron)
  • Labranda Sandy Beach (Agios Georgios)

20. Plaka District, Athens

This charming Athenian sector is also called the Quarter of the Gods due to its proximity to the Acropolis. It is the oldest neighborhood in the Greek capital and is visited daily by thousands of tourists who circulate through its labyrinthine and narrow streets.

The cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful neoclassical houses and hundreds of souvenir shops, cafes, taverns and restaurants. Plaka is the ideal place to buy a souvenir of the trip to Greece.

It is also perfect to enjoy a local gastronomic specialty, such as mezedes, horiatiki and spanakópita, in the most authentic Greek atmosphere. Some places of interest located in the neighborhood are the Roman Agora, the Monument to Lysícrates and the Museum of Popular Instruments.

Best Hotels Near Plaka District

2-star hotels near the Plaka neighborhood

  • Adam’s Hotel (Cherefodos 6, Plaka, Athens)
  • Hotel Adonis (Kodrou 3, Athens)

3-star hotels near the Plaka neighborhood

  • Plaka Hotel (7 Kapnikareas & Mitropoleos, Athens)
  • Central Hotel (Apollonos 21, Athens)

4-star hotels near the Plaka neighborhood

Ergon House (Mitropoleos 23, Athens), Amalia Hotel (10, Amalias Ave, Athens).

5-star hotels near the Plaka neighborhood

  • Electra Metropolis (Mitropoleos 15, Athens)
  • Electra Palace Athens (18-20 N.Nikodimou street, Athens)

21. Delos

It is a small and almost uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea, also known as Lagia, Quail Island and Hare Island. Its area is 3.5 km 2 and it was one of the most sacred places in ancient Greece.

According to mythology, it was a floating island clinging to Poseidon’s trident, until Zeus tied it to the bottom of the sea. The king of the gods wanted a discreet and safe refuge for his lover Leto and there the couple had the twins Apollo and Artemis.

After several excavations since 1873, the ruins of magnificent monuments and constructions have been uncovered that show the grandeur of Delos as the birthplace of the mighty Olympian god, including the sanctuary of Apollo, temples, agoras, theaters, fountains, sculptures, mosaics and the seat of the senate.

Best Hotels Near Delos

3 star hotels near Delos

  • Mykonos Beach Hotel (Agiou Ioannou Str., Mykonos)
  • Aeolos Hotel (Road Mykonou – Ano Meras, Mykonos)
  • Olia Hotel (Tourlos)

4 star hotels near Delos

  • Poseidon Hotel Suites (Vida, Mykonos)
  • Vencia Boutique Hotel (Agios Elephterios, Mykonos)
  • Ilio Maris (Despotika, Mykonos)

5 star hotels near Delos

  • Mykonos Ammos Hotel – Small Luxury Hotels of the World (Ornos)
  • Anax Resort and Spa (Agios Ioannis, Mykonos)
  • Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa (Agios Ioannis, Mykonos)

22. Naxos

As is common in Greece, on the island of Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, there are several archaeological sites. According to Greek mythology, Theseus stopped in Naxos to rest after killing the Minotaur.

Near the island capital, also called Naxos, there are beautiful beaches, such as Agios Prokopios (perfect for nudism) and Agia Anna. Due to its geographical location, Naxos has a rainfall regime that favors the harvest of fruits and vegetables and the raising of livestock.

Among the archaeological ruins, those of an Ionic temple from the 6th century BC stand out. C, time when Naxos flourished. The temple is believed to have been dedicated to Apollo. The Aplomata necropolis is distinguished by its wealth of Cycladic sculptures

Best hotels in Naxos

Four Star Hotels in Naxos

  • Argo Boutique Hotel (Kinidaros Street, Naxos)
  • Kouros Art Hotel – Adults Only (Agios Prokopios, Stelida)

Five Star Hotels in Naxos

  • Nissaki Beach Hotel (Agios Georgios, Naxos)
  • 18 Grapes Hotel (Agios Prokopios)
  • Naxos Island Hotel (Agios Prokopios)

Establishments included in the Booking preferred accommodation system, in Naxos

  • Aeolos Luxury Villas & Suites (Aggidia Naxos)
  • Gratsias Luxury Apartments (Stelida)
  • Aphrodite Luxury Apartments (Agios Prokopios)

23. Rhodes

The famous colossus, a statue of the god Helios that measured 32 meters and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, no longer welcomes visitors to the island, after being destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC, but Rhodes has its myths to offer, its legends and its paradisiacal beaches.

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese, Aegean archipelago, and is located off the coast of Turkey. Its name comes from Rodo, a nymph daughter of Poseidon with whom Helios had 8 children, according to Greek mythology.

Its more than 300 sunny days a year make it a paradise for beach tourism. Among the beaches stand out Elli, Ladikó, Kalithea and Faliraki. In the town of Rhodes, the island’s capital, there are interesting museums, such as the Archaeological and Byzantine ones, and the medieval city was declared a World Heritage Site.

Top Hotels in Rhodes

Two Star Hotels in Rhodes

  • Savoy Hotel (Ethelondon Dodekanision 9, Rhodes)
  • Parthenon Hotel (4, Anthoulas Zerbou Str., Rhodes)
  • Carina Hotel (56 Griva str., Rhodes)

Three Star Hotels in Rhodes

  • Sunrise luxury apartments Rhodes (16 Akti Miaouli, Rhodes)
  • Butterfly Boutique Hotel (Ammochostou 19, Rhodes)
  • Aquamare City and Beach Hotel (7, Kos str., Rhodes)

Four Star Hotels in Rhodes

  • Mediterranean Hotel (35-37, Kos Street, Rhodes)
  • Best Western Plus Hotel Plaza (Ierou Lochou Str., Rhodes)
  • Island Boutique Hotel (13 ko street, Rhodes)

24. Temple of Olympian Zeus

Also called the Olympeion, it became the largest temple of the Hellenistic and Roman eras in Greece. It was started in the 6th century BC and finished in the 2nd century AD, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

In his work Politics , Aristotle uses the temple as an example of the way in which tyrannies occupy the people with monumental works that leave them without time and strength to rebel.

The marble-built temple was supported by 104 Corinthian columns 17 meters high, of which 16 have survived. It was dedicated to Zeus (Jupiter for the Romans) by Hadrian. In the inner chamber was a gigantic gold and ivory statue of the king of the gods, which disappeared.

Best Hotels Near Temple of Olympian Zeus

3 star hotels near the Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • Athens Starlight Hotel (9 Agathonos, Athens), Arethusa Hotel (6-8 Mitropoleos Str – 12 Nikis Str, Athens), Best Western Plus Amazon Hotel (Mitropoleos 19 & Pentelis 7, Athens).

4 star hotels near the Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • Astor Hotel (16, Karageorgi Servias, Athens)
  • Amalia Hotel (10, Amalias Ave, Athens)
  • Elia Ermou Athens Hotel (Ermou 15, Athens)

5-star hotels near the Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • Electra Palace Athens (18-20 N.Nikodimou street, Athens)
  • Royal Olympic Hotel (28-34 Ath. Diakou, Athens)
  • Electra Metropolis (Mitropoleos 15, Athens)

25. Mykonos

If you like to party, you cannot miss Mykonos on your trip to Greece. In summer, this small island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea becomes the Greek capital of electronic music, so much so that it never stops playing until dawn in nightclubs and beach bars.

Many of the beaches in Mykonos are nudist; rest among them: Paranga, Panormos, Paradise and Platis Gialos. It is the closest island to Delos and accommodates most of the tourists who go to see the birthplace of Apollo.

The town of Mykonos, called Jora locally, is a small town of whitewashed cubical houses, facing narrow streets. In Jora you have to know Little Venice, the Castle District, the windmills and the House of Lena.

Top Hotels in Mykonos

Three Star Hotels in Mykonos

  • Carbonaki Hotel (Fournakia, Mykonos)
  • Petinaros Hotel (Mykonos city, Mykonos)
  • Fresh Boutique Hotel (31 N. Kalogera Str., Mykonos)

Four Star Hotels in Mykonos

  • Alex Hotel (Tourlos, Mykonos)
  • Hotel Alkyon (Ano Mera – Peripheral Road, Mykonos)
  • Rhenia Hotel (PO Box 10, Tourlos, Mykonos)

Five Star Hotels in Mykonos

  • Mykonos Riviera – Small Luxury Hotels of the World (Tourlos, Mykonos)
  • Mykonos Ammos Hotel – Small Luxury Hotels of the World (Ornos, Mykonos)
  • Kensho Ornos (Ornos Mykonou, Ornos, Mykonos)

26. Zante

Zante is one of the Greek Ionian Islands, also called Zakhintos. It presents the typical topography of the islands of the Ionian Sea, the arm of the Mediterranean located to the south of the Adriatic Sea.

It has a steep and mountainous zone, in the north and west, and another flat and fertile zone, in the south, where the best beaches are, among which Laganás, Keri, Argasi and Vassiliko stand out. Somewhat more hidden are the beaches of Gerakas, Maurantsis and Aguios Nikolaos.

Near Zante there are some beautiful little islands, such as San Juan and Plemomari, Peluso and Maratonisi, which can be seen on boat trips.

Attractions in Zante Town include the Venetian Castle and the Solomós and Kalvos Museum. The remains of the poets born on the island rest in the museum: Dionisios Solomós (who wrote the Greek national anthem) and Anderas Kalvos.

Top Hotels in Zakynthos

3 star hotels in Zakynthos

  • Ilios Hotel (Laganas)
  • Crystal Beach Hotel (Kalamákion, Kalamaki)
  • Hotel Varres (Mpohali, Zakynthos)

4 star hotels in Zakynthos

  • Ionian Hill Hotel (Argassion, Argass)
  • Palatino Hotel (Kolokotroni 10 & Koliva, Zakynthos)
  • Gloria Maris Hotel Suites (Main Street, Laganas)

Five Star Hotels in Zakynthos

  • Zante Maris Suites – Adults Only (Plan 4, Tsilivi)
  • Olea All Suite Hotel (Tsilivi), Lesante Blu – The Leading Hotels of the World (Tragaki)

27. Karpathos

The main charm of Karpathos is that it is one of the most unknown Greek islands, making it ideal for people who love Edenic landscapes in an environment of absolute peace and tranquility.

It is located between Crete and Rhodes, in the Dodecanese archipelago. Its first written reference was made by Homer in the literary passage of the catalog of the ships in the Iliad , where the epic poet called it “Krapathos”.

Karpathos is an island with a mountainous relief and the ideal is to rent a vehicle to discover all its corners. Several of its virgin beaches don’t even have names and time seems to stand still in its small and cozy towns with white houses, such as Volada, Ozoas, Piles and Apero.

Top Hotels in Karpathos

Two Star Hotels in Karpathos

  • Atlantis Hotel (Sea side street, Pigadia, Karpathos)
  • Olympic Hotel (Pigadia, Karpathos)

Three Star Hotels in Karpathos

Venezia Bungalows (Pigadia, Karpathos).

Four Star Hotels in Karpathos

  • Hotel Astron Princess (Pigadia, Karpathos)
  • Nereides Hotel (Pigadia, Karpathos)

Five Star Hotels in Karpathos

  • Alimounda Mare Hotel (Pigadia, Karpathos)

Establishments included in the Booking preferred accommodation system, in Karpathos

  • Karpanthos Apartment (Pigadia, Karpathos)
  • Epiphany Apartments (Pigadia Sisamos, Karpathos)
  • Gorgon Traditional 1 (Karpathos 1, Karpathos)

28. Paros

Paros is a small island in the Cyclades archipelago, with an area of ​​207 km 2 and a coastline with more than 115 km of sunny beaches and calm, crystal clear waters. It has little more than 15,000 inhabitants and its main city is Parikiá, where the dock for ferry and boat docking is located.

Parikiá is the typical Greek seaside town, with its low, whitewashed houses facing narrow streets, inhabited by people who are not in a hurry at all. Among the best beaches are Drios, Kolymbithres, Marcello Beach and Monasthi.

It is worth renting a buggy and touring the island, passing through picturesque towns such as Costo, Marmara, Piso Livadi, and Lefkes and through the old marble quarries of Marathi. Other recommended tours are to the Antiparos and Despotic islands, which are part of the peripheral unit (prefecture) of Paros.

Best hotels in Paros

2 star hotels in Paros

  • Papadakis Hotel (Naousa), Angeliki Seaside Hotel (Alyki Beach, Aliki).

3 star hotels in Paros

  • Hotel Iris (Naousa), Paros Bay (Parasporos)

4 star hotels in Paros

  • Lefkes Village (Lefkes Paros)
  • Saint Andrea Resort Hotel (Main Crossing Naoussa – Kolymbithres, Naousa)

5 star hotels in Paros

  • Parilio, a Member of Design Hotels (Kolympithres Naoussa Paros)
  • Minois Village Boutique Suites & Spa (Parikia, Parasporos)

29. Olympia

Olympia is a Greek archaeological site located in Elis, western Greece. In this town, the first Olympic Games of antiquity were held in 776 BC, in which the Greek city-states competed in athletic events.

At Olympia there was a statue of Zeus sculpted by Phidias, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Lost in the 5th century AD, the statue occupied the entire width of the corridor of the temple built to house it and was made of ivory, solid gold, ebony and precious stones.

Among the ruins of Olympia, those of the original stadium of the games, the gymnasium and the temple of Zeus stand out. The torch that travels the world every 4 years before the Olympic Games is lit in the current Olympia stadium by reflecting sunlight on a mirror.

Top Hotels in Olympia

Two Star Hotels in Olympia

  • Hotel Pelops (Varela 2, Olympia)
  • Hotel Hercules (Tsoureka 2, Olympia)

Three Star Hotels in Olympia

  • Hotel Kronio (Tsoureka 1, Olympia)
  • Olympic Torch (62, Praxitelous Kondili str., Olympia)

4 star hotels in Olympia

  • Hotel Europa Olympia (Drouva 1, Olympia)
  • Olympic Village Hotel & SPA (Ancient Olympia, Olympia)

Five Star Hotels in Olympia

  • Arty Grand Hotel (Drouva, Olympia)

30. Chania

Chania is the second most populous city in Crete and one of the most beautiful towns on the island and in Greece. It is located in the western sector of Crete and lived its time of greatest splendor during the occupation by the Republic of Venice.

Among its main places of interest are its picturesque fishing port, the Kalamaki and Oasis beaches, the Janissaries mosque, the Firkas fortress, the Venetian walls, the Etz Hayyim synagogue, the lighthouse and the market.

Chania survived the bombing of the Second World War and neighborhoods such as Splantzia, located behind the port, and the Venetian arsenals, have been preserved almost intact compared to when they were built. In the city there are museums dedicated to archaeology, marine and folklore.

Top Hotels in Chania

Two Star Hotels in Chania

  • Danaos Hotel (Akti Papanikoli 23, Chania)
  • Hotel Ideon (Patr. Ioannikeiou, 54, Chania)

3 star hotels in Chania

  • El Greco Hotel (47-49 Theotokopoulou Str, Chania)
  • Royal Sun (G. Paizi 36, Chania)

Four Star Hotels in Chania

  • Kydon The Heart City Hotel (Sofoklis Venizelos Square & 2, Str. Tzanakaki, Chania)
  • Aelios Design Hotel (58 Zampeliou, Chania)

Five Star Hotels in Chania

  • Faro Scala (28 Zampeliou, Chania)
  • Domus Renier Boutique Hotel – Historic Hotels Worldwide (Akti Kountourioti 41-42, Chania)

31. Temple of Hephaestus

One of the easiest and most pleasant tourist attractions in Greece to visit is the Temple of Hephaestus, located in the charming Athenian neighborhood of Thissio. It was built in the year 450 BC. C. on the top of the Colonos Agoreo hill and is distinguished by its beautiful columns and its decoration in Pentelic and Paros marble.

Hephaestus was the god of fire and forges of the ancient Greeks, being a patron deity of blacksmiths, sculptors, craftsmen and metal workers. He was lame and the ugliest god in Greek mythology, even though he married Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. The limp was caused by Hera throwing him off Olympus due to his ugliness.

The temple dedicated to the couple is also called Hephaestion and was a Christian church until the 19th century. It stands out for its Ionic friezes, which show deities and battles, including the battle of the centaurs and the Lapiths.

Best Hotels Near Temple of Hephaestus

3 star hotels near the Temple of Hephaestus

  • My Athens Hotel (Keramikou 3, Athens)
  • Best Western Plus Amazon Hotel (Mitropoleos 19 & Pentelis 7, Athens)
  • Dorian Inn (15-19 Pireos Street, Athens)

4 star hotels near the Temple of Hephaestus

  • Astor Hotel (16,Karageorgi Servias, Athens)
  • Fos DownTown Suites (19 Lekka, Athens)
  • B4B Athens Signature Hotel (Theofilopoulou 18, Kallirois Avenue, Athens)

5 star hotels near the Temple of Hephaestus

Electra Metropolis (Mitropoleos 15, Athens), Electra Palace Athens (18-20 N.Nikodimou street, Athens), Coco-mat Athens BC (5 Falirou, Athens).

32. Thasos

The island of Thassos combines the green carpet of its dense forests of pines, firs and oaks, which cover a good part of the surface of the island, with the blue and white of its beaches with transparent waters.

It is located in the far north of the Aegean Sea, near the coast of Thrace, and was occupied in the 7th century BC by settlers from the island of Paros, including the lyric poet Archilochus. In summer the Thasos Festival is held, with theatre, dance and other cultural events.

Thassos has a mountainous topography, with a large number of coves dotting the island coastline. Among its best beaches are: Skala Potamia, Skala Kallirachi, Aliki, Limenaria and Limeas. Embedded in the mountains are picturesque villages, such as Prinos and Kazaviti.

Top Hotels in Thassos

Two Star Hotels in Thassos

  • Vanta Hotel (Limenas, Thasos)
  • Astris Sun Hotel (Astris Thasos)

Three Star Hotels in Thassos

  • Elektra Hotel (Skala Prinou, Prinos)
  • Galaxy City Hotel (Limenas).

4 star hotels in Thassos

  • A for Art Hotel (Theagenous Str. & 18is Octovriou Str., Limenas)
  • Ntinas Filoxenia Hotel & Spa (Skala Potamias)

Five Star Hotels in Thassos

  • Ilio Mare Hotel (Dasyllio-Skala Prinos, Prinos)
  • Thassos Grand Resort (Agios Ioanis Lukas Bay, Aliki Area, Alyki)

33. Patmos

This Greek island has a particular importance for the Christian religions for having supposedly been the place where Saint John wrote the Book of the Apocalypse. According to Christian tradition, John was banished to Patmos, where Jesus revealed him to him in the Grotto of the Apocalypse, now a place of pilgrimage.

The Orthodox Monastery of Saint John the Theologian sits on the Prophet Elijah’s Hill, the highest point on the island, 269 meters above sea level, with spectacular views of the Dodecanese and the Aegean. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999.

The blue-water beaches of the island refresh the body after the days of religious tourism, sheltered by the tolling of the church bells and the goats that circulate everywhere.

Best Hotels in Pátmos

2 star hotels in Pátmos

  • Villa Zacharo (Skala, Patmos)
  • Alexandros Hotel (Grikos, Patmos)

3 star hotels in Pátmos

  • Porto Scoutari Romantic Hotel (Skala, Patmos)
  • Skala Hotel (Skala, Patmos).

5 star hotels in Pátmos

  • Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa (Grikos, Patmos)

Establishments included in the Booking preferred accommodation system, in Patmos

  • Onar Patmos (Plaki, Grikos, Patmos)
  • Patmos Eye Traditional Luxury Villas (Skala, Patmos)
  • Villa Patmos Netia (Skala, Netia, Patmos)

34. Cephalonia

Kefalonia is the sixth largest Greek island. It is located on the Ionian Sea and boasts towering mountains, lakes and spectacular beaches. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin , a 2001 film, put it on world screens.

The island is known for its tasty meatloaf, an icon of local cuisine. Its taverns invite you to spend a delicious time drinking Robola, the island’s typical white wine, and eating olives and humus dishes.

Tour operators offer tours of the vineyards, with wine tastings and fantastic views of the landscape from above. Likewise, gastronomic tours are available that include tasting the island’s honey and extra virgin olive oil, as well as its famous wine.

Best Hotels in Cephalonia

2 star hotels in Kefalonia

  • Aggelos Hotel (Ioannou Metaxa 11, Argostoli)
  • Magnolia Apartments (Antipata, Fiskardo)

Three Star Hotels in Cephalonia

  • Mouikis Hotel (Vironos Str. 3, Argostoli)
  • Tourist Boutique Hotel (Antoni Tritsi 109, Argostoli)

4 star hotels in Kefalonia

  • Kefalonia Grand (Antoni Tritsi 82, Argostoli)
  • F Zeen (Lourdata)

Establishments included in the Booking preferred accommodation system, in Kefalonia

  • Attic Retreat (Gerasimou Livada 13, Argostoli)
  • Katarina (Argostoli)

35. Ithaca

Lovers from all over the world go to this Greek island in the Ionian Sea to pay tribute to the most famous love in mythology, the one between Odysseus of Ithaca (Ulysses in the Roman tradition) and his faithful Penelope.

Ithaca is a mountainous island and its capital, Vathi, faces a large bay that welcomes ships from all over the world. At the entrance to the roadstead are the ruins of a fortress built by the French in the early 19th century, when Ithaca was part of the Republic of the Ionian Islands.

In Vahtí there are places of interest such as the Venetian castle, the Archaeological Museum of Ithaca, the Cathedral of the Presentation of the Virgin, the church of Saint George and several houses and mansions, including the one that was the birthplace of Odysseas Androutsos, hero of the Greek War of Independence.

Top Hotels in Ithaca

Two Star Hotels in Ithaca

  • Nostos Hotel (Frikes, Ithaca)

Three Star Hotels in Ithaca

  • Family (Vathi, Ithaca)
  • Mentor Hotel (Vathi, Ithaca)

Four Star Hotels in Ithaca

  • Perantzada Art Hotel (Odyssea Androutsou, Vathi, Ithaca)
  • Korina Gallery Hotel (Tilemachou 4, Vathi, Ithaca)

Establishments included in the Booking preferred accommodation system, in Ithaca

  • Ithaca’s Poem (Vathi, Ithaca)
  • Korona Apartments (Eparchiaki Odos Kioniou- Pera Pigadiou 121, Vathi, Ithaca)
  • Odyssey Apartments (Vathi, Ithaca)

Important places of ancient Greece

In Greece there are infinity of important places that date from the times, pre-Hellenistic, Hellenistic, Roman and later. From the pre-Hellenistic period, the archaeological sites belonging to the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations stand out. The Hellenistic period was one of great splendor in Greece and was characterized by the construction of splendid cities with agoras, acropolises, theaters and gymnasiums. Magnificent monuments are preserved from Roman times, among them is the temple of the Olympian Zeus.

Tourist places of Athens

Athens is a city with many historical tourist places, such as the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Odeon and the Ancient Agora. The neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki allow you to immerse yourself in the Athens of the past. Museum lovers can count on the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, while Mount Lycabettus is a forest in the center of the city that allows for a pleasant moment of relaxation. The Athens Market allows you to take a walk among the best Greek products, such as olives, fish and its famous yogurts.

What to see in Greece in 5 days

For a trip to Greece for 5 days you have to be very selective, all in order to get to know the most important parts of the country in such a short time. A couple of days in Athens (the first and the last) are essential to visit the Acropolis and other places of interest from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as the main ancient neighborhoods and museums of the Greek capital. Then, a day trip to the Saronic Islands, another day to the Peloponnese and another to Delphi, complete a tight 5-day itinerary.

Greece tourist icon

The Acropolis of Athens, and more particularly the Parthenon, is the greatest tourist icon in a country with countless incredible postcards. The Acropolis is the fifth most visited tourist attraction in the world, second only to the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid of Giza and Niagara Falls.

What to visit in Greece in 3 days

If the time available for Greece is only 3 days, it is worth dedicating them all to Athens. It will be more comfortable and will allow you to have a fairly complete view of the city. Although the main Athenian attractions are paid, there are also free places, such as the National Garden, the Museum of Popular Instruments and the Aristotle Lyceum. Perhaps an excursion to a place of interest near the capital of Greece, such as Mycenae, could complete the program.

map of greece

Tourist places in Greece : Milos

Milos Island has a smaller tourist stream than its Cycladic neighbors like Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos and other popular island destinations in the central Aegean Sea. This condition provides the opportunity to quietly enjoy its beaches and its Minoan, Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine attractions.

The Venus de Milo, a masterpiece of Hellenistic and universal art, was found on this island and in the Archaeological Museum of Milo there is a replica also found in the 19th century (the original statue was located by a peasant in 1820 and is in the Louvre , Paris).


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