Beverly Hills is the most glamorous city in Los Angeles, California, USA, a place famous for being the home of millionaires and stars of the world of entertainment.

Let us know in this article what to do in Beverly Hills.

1. Stay at the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills

One of the things to do in Beverly Hills is to stay in a beautiful room at the Four Seasons, the favorite hotel of celebrities with a pool on the fourth floor from which you have a fantastic view of the city.

Nights are the time to splurge on luxury, glamor and let yourself be pampered by the delicious craft cocktails prepared on the patio of the Windows Lounge.

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2.Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is a luxurious shopping center with stores from the most exquisite houses in the world such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, among others. It is a place where, in addition to shopping, you can visit just for a walk.

You’re invited to dine at 208 Rodeo, a beautiful restaurant nestled between brick or cobblestone streets of Two Rodeo, a unique European-style shopping arcade.

3. Visit Tomoko Spa

The Tomoko Spa is an exclusive relaxation center attended by Hollywood celebrities such as actresses Jessica Alba and Bella Thorne.

The Zen atmosphere and attention are first class, with treatments such as the Iro Iro massage, which combines Japanese, Chinese and Thai traditions.

4. Eat at Spago Beverly Hills

Another of the things to do in Beverly Hills is to enjoy an unforgettable meal in this spectacular restaurant, another of the restaurant empire of the famous chef, Wolfgang Puck.

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5. Visit the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Art center with extensive music, dance and theater programs, with some performances by renowned Hollywood actors and actresses.

6.Cannon Drive

Public park in Beverly Hills with exquisite and exclusive restaurants, all very close to Rodeo Drive.

7. Getty Center

The Getty Center is an artistic space with excellent collection works that also stands out for its own majesty. Although it’s a little out of the way from downtown Rodeo Drive, it’s well worth a visit. You will see beautiful gardens, pavilions and beautiful viewpoints that adorn the slope.

The north, south and east pavilions have permanent collections, but not the Exhibitions Gallery and lower floors of the center, where the exhibitions are temporary.

If you like ancient art such as Roman or Greek, you must visit the Getty Villa.

8. Pierce Bros Westwood Memorial Park

Visiting a cemetery is one of the things to do in Beverly Hill, but it’s not just any cemetery. There are the remains of celebrities such as Truman Capote, Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe, the tomb of the latter being one of the most visited.

9.Hammer Museum

Art museum and cultural center with collections of the tycoon, Armand Hammer and works by the great masters of the 20th century such as Manet, Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh.

The place also has an exclusive collection of caricatures of the French society of Honoré Daumier.

10. Melrose Avenue

Famous avenue and shopping center in Baverly Hills with sportswear, tattoo, jewelry, goth clothing, shoe stores and much more. Melrose Avenu begins at Santa Monica Boulevard.

11.Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers movie studios are the most famous in the world, so they definitely have to be on any list of things to do in Beverly Hills.

The value of admission to this world of cinema and television is not cheap, between 60 and 100 dollars, but it is worth it.

On the tour you will get to know the city of New York without leaving Los Angeles, you will see the sets of series and movies and other recording sets of Hollywood projects.

Learn more about Warner studios here .

12.Walden Drive

Visiting Walden Avenue is another thing to do in Beverly Hills, a street full of beauty and charm where you will find, among other attractions, the witches’ house, “Spadena House”, which has been a film set.

13. Beverly Hills Mansions

Being in Beverly Hills and not knowing its famous mansions is like not having been there. You will be able to get to know on paid tours some houses of celebrities and Hollywood celebrities such as that of John Travolta, Tom Cruise and the Kardashian family. If you prefer, you can do the walk on your own.

One of the most fun, different and really entertaining ways to do the tour is on the “trolleybus” that you can board in the same neighborhood.

Another option to visit the mansions of Beverly Hills is by bicycle.

14. Greystone Manor

Victorian-style mansion once owned by a prominent oil tycoon. It now functions as a civic center and movie set.

15.Robinson Gardens

Beautiful and historic mansion, botanical garden and landscape work of the Robinson family, which after the death of its members was given to the city of Los Angeles. To know it you must book here .

16. UCLA Hanna Carter Japanese Garden

The Hanna Carter Japanese Garden belongs to the University of California in Los Angeles with just over 10 kilometers in length. It’s in Bel Air, close to the university campus.

Inspired by Kyoto gardens, many structures in this garden such as the main gate, garden house, bridges, and shrine were made in Japan.

Carved stone figures, water basins, lanterns, the five-story pagoda and the symbolic stone key were also exported from the Asian country.

17. Los Angeles Farmers Market

If you like to stroll through the markets of the places you visit, be sure to go to the Los Angeles Farmers Market, which opened in 1934.

In the area there are food stalls of all kinds, restaurants, vendors of wholesale products and sales of items directly from the manufacturer.

18. Alfred Coffee Beverly Hills

The best vanilla flavored coffee in Los Angeles is sold in Beverly Hills. Its “bagels” and “cookies” also have an excellent reputation, so you can’t stop tasting them in this place decorated with a delicate English retro touch.

19. Paley Center for Media

Extraordinary museum that honors the history of American radio and television. An impressive building by the architect, Richard Meier, where more than 90 thousand recordings of radio and television programs are kept, which the public can access.

20. Taschen Store Beverly Hills

If you are a lover of books and literature, one of the things to do in Beverly Hills is to go to the Taschen Store, a bookstore where you will find the books that you will never get to read in other stores.

Its class and style along with the art and quality of its books make it a regular spot for fans of reading.

21. Beverly Gardens Park

Among the most important things to do in Beverly Hills is to visit Beverly Hills Park, a wonderful public space of more than 22 blocks that extends along Santa Monica Boulevard.

The place has places to run and hike admiring centennial cypresses and beautiful and shady ficus.

Beverly Hills in one day

You can start your tour at the City Hall building which is 500 meters from Beverly Gardens Park, a place to take your souvenir photo next to the famous Beverly Hills sign.

After a short tour and photos at the Beverly Hills Sing, you can proceed to Rodeo Drive for a stroll through the lavish street full of name brand stores. Then, you are invited to take a tour of the houses and mansions of the famous and stroll along the Avenida de Las Palmeras.

You must include a visit to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in your day trip to Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Mansions

Beverly Hills owes its fame to the mansions built in the area for many years, today home to many celebrities and people from the world of art and entertainment.

Most of these lavish homes are surrounded by vegetation, large trees and bushes and in some cases, huge fences that protect the privacy of its inhabitants. They also have sophisticated surveillance systems.

Beverly Hills Walking Tour

On a walking tour of Beverly Hills you can discover places that are sure to leave you satisfied. Some of the things you will be surprised about are:

1. Savor the delicious Sprinkles cupcakes, taking the opportunity to learn about this chain’s commitment to sustainability.

2. Try the delicious chocolates and cheeses from the prestigious gourmet shops in the area.

3. Stroll and see the media museum, the Getty Center gallery or the Hammer Museum and Robinson Gardens.

4. See and admire the lavish architecture of the buildings on Rodeo Drive, as well as its history and some of its legends.

Palm Street, Beverly Hills

Las Palmeras Avenue is between North Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.

The ideal ride through this wide avenue full of exuberant and beautiful palm trees is in a convertible vehicle, however, in any way you can do it, it will be a unique and incomparable ride.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is the exclusive street with all the brand name and designer stores where you will find anything from a small Hermes scarf to a sophisticated Cartier piece of jewelry.

What should you visit in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is undoubtedly a very chic area full of elegance and good taste, so it is important to visit Rodeo Drive or Canon Drive.

You can also go to Beverly Gardens Park or the Hammer Museum; visit the Tomoko Spa or enjoy a delicious meal at Spago Restaurant.

There are many things to do in Beverly Hills. As you have read, a luxurious city, one of the best in the world.


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