The paths of Guanajuato not only lead us to discover a state rich in history, full of traditions and culture. This part of the Mexican geography leads us to taste the most exquisite delicacies that make up its gastronomy.

With ingredients that fuse the deepest roots of indigenous customs with the contributions of the Spanish conquerors during the colonial era, there is a wide range of typical dishes from Guanajuato with an exquisite flavor to satisfy the most selective palate. Join us in this selection.

1. Mining enchiladas

Guanajuato is famous for its mining activity and this dish represents the local version of fried tortillas bathed in a mole made with chiles, in this case guajillos, of the traditional enchiladas that are prepared in several states of the Republic, with the variant that these are served with fried potatoes and diced carrots.

They can be stuffed with fresh cheese and onion or meat. They are garnished with lettuce and sometimes accompanied by a piece of fried chicken. The flavor of the potatoes and carrots fried in the same pan where the enchiladas and chicken are prepared, give it a simply delicious flavor.

So do not forget to try this typical food of Guanajuato mining enchiladas.

2. Macaws

A dish as colorful as it is tasty, native to León, Guanajuato. A very local version of the tortas, except that these are stuffed with pork rinds, pico de gallo and bathed in a quite spicy tree chili sauce, so much so that the diners make a sound similar to that of the macaws.

Its origins date back to the 1950s and eating macaws at stalls, tricycles or with street vendors is a tradition for local and foreign tourists who visit the city of León.

3. Dolores carnitas gorditas

If a dish is popular throughout Mexico, without a doubt it is the “Gorditas”, since each state of the republic has its very particular style of preparing them, whether fried, on the comal, with filling, without filling and Dolores Hidalgo also has his style, no less tasty than the others.

Their preparation is not very different from those prepared in other places. They are corn dough tortillas a little thick and smaller than normal ones. They are fried in oil or, better yet, in lard. They are stuffed with pork carnitas accompanied by a delicious red or green sauce.

4. Bear broth

León is known as the footwear capital of the world, since it is the industry that leads the economy of this Bajío state. However, it is also famous for the traditional bear broth that you can find in any stall or establishment.

It is a refreshing and rich snack of jicama, cucumber, pineapple, seasoned with vinegar, onion, chili, lemon and cheese. It is a tradition to visit this land and taste this delicious appetizer.

5. Stuffed Penca

The gastronomy of Guanajuato is very traditional and deeply rooted in its customs, since some of its ingredients are grown in its fields or plains. Proof of this are the exquisite stuffed pencas, which are extracted from the magueyes that adorn the plains of this beautiful state.

This dish is made with two maguey leaves that are joined to place inside a stew of nopales with a collection of tomato, onion, tree chili, serrano chili and cilantro. It is cooked on the grill and over low heat, which gives it a unique flavor. They can also be filled with cheese or meat.

6. Capone de nopales with xoconoxtle

Legacy of Otomi cuisine, based in the northern part of the state and very popular among its inhabitants, is this dish made with ingredients that are very characteristic of this culture.

The base of this dish is the capone sauce, which is prepared with nopales, xoconoxtles, milpa tomato, onion, chili and cilantro. This preparation is added to a fresh bean broth and the flavor is a delight to the palate.

7. Tumbagon

Its origin is French and it is a contribution of the Friars San Bernardo de Cosín and Juan de San Miguel, back in 1542 when they came to evangelize these lands.

Its name comes from the gold sheets in the form of tumbaga that the religious used as a ring and are made from wheat, anise, sour orange, icing sugar and cinnamon.

8. Charamuscas

The base ingredients of this typical sweet are piloncillo and butter, although sugar and nuts are also added as added value.

Although their origin is unknown, it is in Guanajuato where they have become famous, as they are the typical sweet in the shape of a mummy that is sold as a souvenir outside the mummies museum and in local craft markets.

9. Cajeta from Celaya

In a copper saucepan, over a very low heat, cow’s and goat’s milk are carefully beaten with sugar, carbonate and vanilla, although there are those who add liquor or chopped nuts. This is how this typical sweet is prepared, perhaps the most famous in Guanajuato.

Its elaboration dates back to colonial times and it was called cajeta because of the wooden boxes in which it was packed for sale.

10. Nieves by Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores is a city full of history, legends and traditions, as it was here that the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla began the fight for independence.

Among many other qualities, the gastronomy of this endearing city is very peculiar and varied, such as the famous Dolores Hidalgo ice cream, since there are exotic flavors such as: pork rinds, shrimp cocktail, black beans, stuffed chili, among others.

If you come to visit Dolores Hidalgo, you should not overlook these famous and traditional ice creams.

11. Guanajuato Pacholas

A dish with a great tradition of rural cuisine, because its elaboration is carried out in the metate, a pre-Hispanic utensil made of stone where corn, grains, chilies and other ingredients were ground.

The pacholas are made with ground meat, chili and spices, once the ingredients are mixed, they are passed through the metate and shaped into a kind of elongated tortilla, fried in oil and served with French fries and enjoy this delicious dish.

12. Pork feet

These snacks are very popular in the municipality of Irapuato. You can savor them alone or on some delicious toast that you can find in the local market.

They are pig’s trotters prepared in vinegar, but perhaps it is the mixture of aromatic herbs that gives them such a peculiar and tasty flavor. So now you know, on your next visit to Irapuato, ask for the pig trotters and pamper your palate.

13. Strawberries from Irapuato

Another element that makes this place famous, without a doubt, are the strawberries, because in the distance, if you go by road, you will see the fields covered with these delicious red fruits that you can enjoy in a wide variety of presentations.

You can delight yourself by trying strawberries with cream, crystallized strawberries or simply natural.

14. San Miguel de Allende style cold meat

One of the most beautiful municipalities of Guanajuato and that could not be left behind with characteristic dishes of its gastronomy.

The fiambre is very famous in these parts and is made with chicken, beef tongue, pig’s trotters, jicama, beets, olives and peanuts served on a bed of lettuce.

It is a very typical and famous dish from San Miguel de Allende. It also includes other fruits, such as guava, avocado and banana.

15. Stone Tamales

These tamales are famous because they are made with the traditional corn dough, black beans, stuffed with cheese and bathed in capone sauce, made with tomato, onion, chili and cilantro. In some places they are served over a mirror of refried black beans.

This version is also part of the collection of typical dishes of Guanajuato, a local version of bean tamales and very characteristic of Otomi cuisine and it is a dish so tasty that you will lick your fingers after trying it.

What foods are consumed in Guanajuato?

The mining enchiladas, the San Miguel de Allende style cold cuts, the gorditas from Atotonilco, the snows from Dolores, the cajeta from Celaya, the pig feet, among others.

What is the name of the typical sweet from Guanajuato?

They are the charamuscas, the snows of Dolores, the tumbagones of San Miguel, the jelly of cajeta and the cajeta of Celaya. These are the dishes that represent the sweetness of the cuisine of Guanajuato.

What is the typical food of Guanajuato?

The most famous dishes are the mining enchiladas, the macaws, Dolores gorditas, stone tamales, stuffed pencas, cold cuts from San Miguel de Allende, pacholas from Guanajuato, bear broth, among others.

Typical dishes of Guanajuato recipes

Below we present, just to mention a few, the recipes for the most representative dishes. You just have to click on the name: Enchiladas Mineras , Guacamayas , Caldo de Oso , Fiambre San Miguel de Allende style , and Pacholas Guanajuatenses to know their peculiarities.

Typical drinks of Guanajuato

The most famous drinks are cebadina, which is a carbonated water with pineapple vinegar with tamarind and jamaica, very digestive. There are also the tears of the virgin, mesquite water, rabbit blood, mesquiatole, among others.

Typical desserts of Guanajuato

Among the typical sweets of Guanajuato are the following: the snows of Dolores (with their exotic flavors they are a treat for the palate), the charamuscas, the tumbagons of San Miguel de Allende, the cajeta jelly, crystallized strawberries from Irapuato, Acámbaro, artisan jam from Jalpa de Cánovas and jamoncillos, etc.

Typical food of León Guanajuato

The most popular foods in the state capital are macaws, bear broth, cebadina, tacos, enchiladas, pig trotters, ice cream and cajeta from Celaya.

Typical ingredients of Guanajuato

The most representative dishes are the snow from Dolores, the miner enchiladas, the San Miguel de Allende style cold cut, pacholas from Guanajuato, strawberries from Irapuato, cajeta from Celaya, stuffed jet chili, among other delicious appetizers.


Like almost all Mexican food, the typical cuisine of Guanajuato is a mixture of flavors that includes pre-Hispanic ingredients with the contributions of the Spanish conquerors and that have resulted in a fusion of dishes that have transcended from generation to generation.

A legacy of ingredients that highlight the heritage of our ancestors, the traditions of the people and the creativity of the chefs who provide a unique seasoning in the preparation of the typical dishes of Guanajuato. Do not stay with the craving, come and try them and tell us which one you liked the most.


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