You must take your partner to the best places and if it is in Puebla, much more so. So that you know what to do and where to go on that romantic adventure, we invite you to discover the 15 best romantic places in Puebla.

1. Artist Quarter

Let’s start with a special place where art is the only protagonist: the Artist’s Quarter.

You will always be invited to take your partner to this place full of art, where in addition to seeing their works you can have a drink, a coffee or better yet, have dinner by candlelight.

At first it was just a workshop for painters, but over time it has been expanding to other artistic and cultural manifestations such as dance, theater and music.

The Barrio del Artista is in the Plazuela del Torno, also called del Factor, where the artists from Puebla work and exhibit their works. Its atmosphere is bohemian, an appropriate place to buy a good work from Puebla at a good price.

The Plazuela del Torno has a colonial atmosphere with buildings that show baroque influences in its architecture. It has a fountain and bronze monuments of various Pueblan characters, such as José Márquez Figueroa, the main promoter of the Barrio del Artista, and Bernardo San Cristóbal and Rafael Hernández, authors of the well-known song, Qué cool es Puebla.

Address: Heroes Boulevard of May 5, Downtown, 72000, Puebla.

2. Casareyna Boutique Hotel

5-star boutique hotel where you will have a great time with your partner. It operates in an attractive 17th century mansion 1 km from the Zócalo and the Cathedral, the heart of the historic center of Puebla.

The Casareyna restaurant is well known in the city and specializes in typical food serving moles, chiles en nogada, cemitas, chalupas, pipián enchiladas and other symbolic dishes of local cuisine.

In addition to its beautiful suites for 2 guests (regular and junior) surrounded by patios, the hotel has rooms for 2 and 4 people.

The regular suites have an area of ​​45 m 2 and a nice modern decoration. They are equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, patio, living room, flat screen TV with cable channels, free Wi-Fi, safe, coffee maker, hair dryer and other facilities.

The establishment, open between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm, is in front of the Paseo San Francisco Shopping Center and behind the city’s Convention Center.

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Address: Private 2 Oriente, 1007, Centro, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 232 0032.

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3. Entre Tierras Restaurant

Artisanal cuisine restaurant that combines the flavors of Mexican gastronomy with new culinary proposals, based on the best organic products of the land of Puebla. It is one of the best romantic places in Puebla to enjoy an unforgettable dinner.

It is a beautiful colonial mansion visited by local farmers and breeders, chefs who have a deep respect for the essence of Mexican cuisine, and diners eager to live a superior gastronomic experience.

Entre Tierras artisan dishes and desserts express an alchemy of flavors, aromas, textures, colors and nutritional content, to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Among the dishes and outlines of its menu, stand out chiles en nogada, Xoxoctic salad, stewed beef tail cemitas, flip flops, tlayudas, chalupas, tlacoyos, poblano soup, moles, Entre Tierras beef fillet and marinated beef tenderloin of burnt chipotle.

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Address: 4 North, No. 410, Historic Center, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 232 5306.

4. The Purifier

La Purificadora is a 5-star boutique hotel in the historic center of Puebla, next to the Church of San Francisco. It works in an old water purification plant from the 19th century, whose building was restored by the prestigious Mexican architect and professor, Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis, National Prize for Sciences and Arts 1991 and Gold Medal of the International Union of Architects 1999.

The hotel has a spa with massage services such as Lavender Flower, Deep Tissue and Karité Caress. It also offers geothermal therapy, aromatherapy and 4-hand massages, in which 2 therapists work simultaneously on the body.

Its facial treatments clean and regenerate the skin. Couples therapies are wonderful and revitalizing sensory experiences.

The restaurant specializes in contemporary Mexican cuisine.

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Address: Paseo de San Francisco, Calle 10 Norte 802, Barrio del Alto, 72000 Puebla.

Telephone: +52 55 5282 2199.

5. Hacienda Bodegas del Molino

Hacienda at the junction of the Atoyac and Rabanillo rivers, where the Spanish installed a wheat mill known as El Batán, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves and Molino del Puente de México in the 16th century.

The place has a romantic restaurant with gourmet cuisine with 3 splendid rooms: Cava, Palafox and Chimenea, with capacity for 18, 20 and 22 people, respectively.

In the cellar there are more than 1,200 bottles of wine, some from the beginning of the 20th century.

Among the dishes that you and your partner can enjoy in an unbeatable environment, are chiles en nogada, fish and moles.

The exclusive restaurant works with aromatic herbs from its own garden and the bottled water, in addition to being produced internally, is subjected to 7 filtering stages.

The rooms for events, cellar, chapel, gardens and patios of the hacienda, are equally beautiful.

Address: Calzada Del Bosque, Molino de San José, No. 12, San José del Puente, 72130, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 249 0399.

6. May 5 Theme Park

Theme park inspired by the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, in which the Mexican forces under the command of Ignacio Zaragoza, inferior in number and experience, defeated those of the Second French Empire.

This park is a short distance from the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe. From its facilities there are splendid views of the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes and the city of Puebla.

It has areas to rest and have a picnic as a couple. Also several cafeterias to talk relaxed.

Near the park are the Planetarium and the Museum of Evolution, opened in 2016. The latter takes a journey from the formation of the planet to the present day. From the Big Bang, the geological eras and the different forms of life, up to the human being.

Address: Calle 2 Norte 3809A, Cívica 5 de Mayo, 72260, Colonia Hidalgo, Puebla.

7. Hotel Boutique Casona de la China Poblana

The Casona de la China Poblana Boutique Hotel operates in the colonial building in the historic center of Puebla, where Catarina de San Juan lived.

It is a 5-star boutique hotel for adults only with rooms and 10 comfortable themed suites decorated with exquisite taste: Catarina de San Juan, El Gran Mogol, La China Poblana, La Nao, Mirra, Puebla de los Ángeles, Samarcanda, Talavera, Agra and Akbar.

The suites have air conditioning, private bathroom, balcony, hydromassage bathtub, free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, among other amenities.

The restaurant is in the beautiful central patio of the mansion and has a menu of traditional Poblano cuisine.

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Address: Calle 4 Norte, 2, Centro, 72000 Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 242 0361.

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8. Andiamo Restaurant

Restaurant opened in December 2008 that became the favorite of people from Puebla and visitors, due to its cozy atmosphere, first class service and menu that includes Italian cuisine delicacies adapted to Mexican tastes.

Its cuisine has been “tropicalized” to take advantage of the best ingredients of Mexican gastronomy, in the preparation of dishes of traditional Italian cuisine, in a fantastic union worthy of the best palates.

Its Four Cheese Pizza with Mango, which harmonizes mozzarella, Parmesan and other Italian cheeses, with the sweetness of the popular tropical fruit, is an example of the mixture of flavors.

At Andiamo you can also enjoy a classic lasagna and a variety of fresh pastas prepared at the moment.

The menu includes starters, salads, pastas, classic pizzas, gourmet pizzas, main dishes and desserts.

Address: 3 Oriente 1002, 72500, Analco, Puebla. It has branches in Ánimas, Huexotitla, Juárez, Sonata, Vía San Ángel and Zavaleta.

Telephone: +52 222 246 4772.

9. Hotel Andante

5-star handmade boutique hotel, with everything made by hand to satisfy its guests with comfort and good taste.

Andante is a combination of music and art, with rooms, suites and common spaces, named after great composers in history such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Schubert, Haydn, Ravel, Liszt, Mahler, Sibelius, Bartok, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Stravinsky and Chopin.

The Café-Bistro-Bar Amadeus has a “musical” menu that highlights the Verdi and 4 Seasons salads, the Domingo soup (by Plácido) and the Bartok and Dvorak cocktails.

The hotel offers romantic experience packages that include suite accommodations and personalized dinners in the roof garden.

Andante also offers a large collection of acetates, films and books on classical music, a service that no other complex has.

Among the romantic places in Puebla, it is the one that best combines music and comfort.

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Address: 2 Oriente 15, Historic Center, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 232 1816.

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10. The House of the Crumb

La Casa del Mendrugo is more than a restaurant. A place where in addition to eating, you can spend pleasant moments surrounded by art, music and culture.

Its museum houses an amazing archaeological sample that includes trumpet-snails, funerary vessels and urns, as well as a large collection of bone carvings. There is also a beautiful display of talavera from Puebla from the 16th century.

La Casa del Mendrugo also has a store-gallery of indigenous and contemporary art, with textiles, ceramics and jewelry.

It is a cultural space that offers nightly musical shows to enjoy with a glass of wine, a coffee and a dish or sandwich.

The restaurant is in rooms that were part of the old Jesuit College of San Jerónimo and owes its name to the crusts that were part of the frugal diet of the religious.

Its menu also includes moles, pipianes, tapas, paellas and other delicacies from Puebla and Spanish cuisine.

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Address: Calle 4 Sur 304, Centro, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 326 8060.

11. Plazuela and Alley of the Toads

Los Sapos is a very lively neighborhood in the historic center of Puebla, especially during the weekends for its flea market of old items and rarities aimed at collectors and fans of vintage objects and antiques.

The bazaar is installed in a picturesque alley called the Callejón de los Sapos, which offers old paintings, statuettes of different materials (wood, bronze, marble), miniatures, bells, ironwork, talavera and old porcelain. Also musical instruments, furniture, books, lamps, frames and toys, among other pieces.

In the alley there are restaurants with Pueblan cuisine, bars and cafes.

At the corner of Callejón de los Sapos and Calle 5 Oriente you will find the legendary La Pasita cantina, opened in 1916. It is famous for a liquor called Pasita, which they prepare with a secret recipe.

The alley and the historic center of Puebla are ideal places for a romantic evening walk with your partner.

Address Callejón de los Sapos: Calle 6 Sur, between Calles 5 and 7 Oriente.

12. The Dream Hotel & Spa

This 5-star boutique hotel in Puebla is the dream place for a romantic getaway to El Relicario de América. It works in an old mansion from the 18th century seriously damaged in the 1999 earthquake, later remodeled and converted into a hotel and spa.

It has 20 suites that have everything you need for a comfortable stay and loft-type suites for extended stays (more than a week).

From the spa, on the intermediate terrace of the mansion, you can see the towers of the Puebla Cathedral. It has an outdoor Jacuzzi, a steam room, a temazcal (with prior reservation), a solarium, a pressure shower, a free-fall massage hot spring, a swimming lane, and 3 massage rooms with more than 20 beauty and relaxation treatments.

The gastronomic proposal of El Sueño fuses local, Mexican and international ingredients and changes throughout the year to adapt it to the best and freshest products of each season.

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Address: Avenida 9 Oriente 12, Centro, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 232 6489.

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13. The Mural of the Poblanos

Restaurant that offers memorable culinary experiences with the best of Puebla’s artisan cuisine, in an environment presided over by a mural by the artist, Antonio Álvarez Morán, where the most important characters in the history of Puebla are captured, such as Antonio Espino and Mora, General , Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada and the actress, Ivonne Recek Saade.

Its cookbook was made with traditional recipes prepared by families from Puebla for several generations.

The food is handcrafted with ingredients that mostly come from orchards and small local farms.

The menu includes typical Pueblan breakfasts such as enmoladas, enchiladas 3 moles, and chilaquiles with egg, while the main dishes are headed by moles.

A great option to immerse yourself in the world of Puebla’s star dish is to taste moles with one or more meats, such as turkey, chicken, pork and shredded duck.

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Address: 16 de Septiembre 506, Centro, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 242 0503.

14. Sacristy Inn of the Boutique Hotel Company

In a list with the best romantic places in Puebla, you cannot miss this boutique hotel that combines accommodation, art and gastronomy.

It is located in the Callejón de los Sapos, in the historic center of Puebla, and operates in a 19th-century building painted in bright colors.

The rooms converge on a beautiful interior patio and are equipped with antique furniture. They have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, flat screen TV with cable channels, private bathroom, ironing kit, coffee maker and other amenities.

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Address: 6 South, Callejón de los Sapos 304, Centro, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 232 4513.

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15. Baroque House

Restaurant in a beautiful colonial building that was part of the old Hospital for Women, which was later integrated into the School for Virgin Girls and later housed the San Vicente de Paúl School.

The building has a beautiful façade with a splendid entrance, beautiful arches and stonework.

Casa Barroca’s kitchen is led by Paris-trained chef Hugo Minutti, and favors traditional Pueblan flavors.

The Bar Tasca Barroca is a place for tapas with a wide variety of wines, cocktails and drinks, magnificent to spend an incomparable time with your partner.

Casa Barroca also has 2 exclusive suites that allow a pleasant lodging experience. They have an attractive decoration that combines contemporary Mexican elements with baroque details.

Another space for relaxation is El Patio, a place that blends nature and tranquility. In Alquimia there is a variety of regional products made by artisans from Puebla.

Learn more here .

Address: Avenida 7 Oeste 205, Centro, 72000, Puebla.

Telephone: +52 222 290 4767.

Places in Puebla for a romantic date

Another incredible place for a romantic date in Puebla is the La Piccola Nostra restaurant, with a fantastic panoramic view of the Fuente de los Frailes on Avenida Juárez.

In its varied menu there are delicacies such as pear ravioli and pasta with shrimp and Gorzonzola cheese.

If you prefer traditional Pueblan and Mexican food, an excellent option is La Noria, at 41 Poniente and 23 Sur (former Hacienda La Noria). Serve delicious tuna moles and carnitas. Their desserts and coffee are exceptional.

Romantic places in Cholula

A walk with your partner through the greenery of the Francisco Peláez Ethnobotanical Garden would be most romantic.

In its 5,000 m 2 area it has gardens of ornamental, aromatic, culinary and medicinal plants, and an exhibition of regional insects with more than 3,500 specimens.

It is a great place for people who enjoy nature on Calle 2 Sur 1700, Barrio San Pedro Colomoxco de San Andrés Cholula.

Places to visit with my girlfriend in Puebla

Your girlfriend will be delighted if you take her to the area of ​​the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, an emblematic site of Puebla with accomplice corners for intimacy outdoors or inside the car.

The gardens of Paseo San Francisco are another place where couples from Puebla demonstrate their attraction, in front of the tolerant gaze of law enforcement officials.

Bars with romantic music in Puebla

The Amparo Gallery Cafeteria is a cafe in the historic center of Puebla characterized by evenings, enlivened by the best romantic troubadours in the city, such as Rogelio Camarillo, Alan Guevara, Israel Contreras, Manolo Molina, Antonio Merlín, Chacho Jahuey, Manolo Labastida, Fausto Gutierrez, Sergio Romero and Fernando Huesca.

Restaurant for romantic dinners in Puebla

Above the Automobile Museum is La Cúpula Restaurant, where you can have a romantic dinner after seeing the car exhibition, some of which are over 50 years old.

From the restaurant there are great views of the historic center of Puebla and you should not miss out on trying their tasty mini-cemitas and chalupas.

The Automobile Museum and La Cúpula Restaurant are at Calle 3 Sur 1501 in Colonia Centro.

Places to visit in Puebla as a weekend couple

A minimum tour of Puebla de Zaragoza must include the Basilica Cathedral, the first sumptuous temple built in America that houses an impressive collection of religious art; as well as the traditional neighborhoods of the city, among which San Francisco, Analco and Xanenetla stand out.

Puebla has an interesting museum network, highlighting the Amparo Museum, with a collection of pre-Hispanic and colonial pieces; the Museum of the Revolution, which works in what was the house of Aquiles Serdán Alatriste, where the revolutionary was assassinated; and the National Museum of Mexican Railroads.

Places to dine in La Paz Puebla

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable romantic dinner in La Paz, Puebla, you must visit La Route des Vins, a French bistro in Teziutlán Sur 75-B.

It is a classic from Puebla for dating couples, especially at night, when the candlelight makes the atmosphere more intimate.

It is the best place in Puebla to taste authentic French onion soup, as well as snails and foie gras.

The wine list has the best nectars from France and other prestigious wine regions in the world.

Romantic Restaurants in San Andres Cholula

Café Ocho 30, at Calle 3 Poniente 101-A, is a cozy establishment embellished by gardens and a colonial patio shaded by trees.

It serves Italian and Argentine dishes (pizzas, steaks, choripán with chimichurri) and has a good selection of wines at good prices.

The Teapaneco Lomas de Angelópolis, on Avenida Del Castillo 5501, is a restaurant with a good atmosphere and service that serves generous portions. With the “free fork” option you can try a little of everything.

Romantic Places in Puebla: Hotel Quinta Real

The Hotel Quinta Real Puebla operates in a building in the historic center of extraordinary and elegant beauty, which was the headquarters of the Clean Conception Convent.

Traces of the past can be seen in each of the corners of the 5-star establishment, with rooms with wooden floors and period furniture, equipped with Wi-Fi, private bathroom and flat-screen TV with cable channels and pay-per-view channels.

El Refectorio Restaurant serves Mexican and international cuisine.

We hope you spend splendid moments with your partner in these romantic places in Puebla.

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