The largest city in the state of Jalisco has numerous places to eat in an intimate and close atmosphere, places to enjoy local and international cuisine.

Let us know in this article the 14 romantic restaurants in Guadalajara.

1. Bruna

Bruna is perhaps the most romantic of Guadalajara’s restaurants. Dining there is like eating inside an enchanted forest with beautiful gardens and outdoor rustic wooden tables, all infused with elegance and lighting.

Its extensive menu offers soups, pastas, meats, seafood dishes, vegan options, salads and desserts.

The restaurant is at 2418 Lerdo de Tejada Street, Colonia Lafayette. Reserve at 331 904 8051. Learn more here .

2. Ofelia Bistro

Another beautiful, sophisticated and elegant restaurant in Guadalajara, a tribute to its creator, Juan Claudio Poblete, and its greatest inspiration, Ofelia Peniche.

The charm, the subtlety and the service, together with its excellent food and romantic atmosphere, made this restaurant an incomparable place to eat in love.

Ofelia Bistró is at 2707 Pablo Neruda Avenue in Col. Providencia. Reserve at 01 33 3647 3631. Learn more here .

3. Holy Coyote

Santo Coyote is an attractive and romantic restaurant that knows how to combine flavors and aromas, in spaces shrouded in mysticism, culture and magic, ideal for an intimate dinner.

From its stoves come dishes with the best flavors of the Mexican pre-Hispanic era and international cuisine.

The place is at Lerdo de Tejada 2379, Colonia Americana. Reserve at numbers 3343 2266 and 3343 2267. Learn more here .

4. Lula Bistro

One of the romantic restaurants in Guadalajara with the most awards from the Gourmet Awards, awards that recognize the best of Mexican cuisine.

The chef varies the menu weekly, so there will always be surprises when ordering for an intimate meal with your partner.

Lula Bistró is at 3030 San Gabriel Street, Col. Vallarta Sur. Reserve at 01 33 3647 6423. Learn more here .

5. The House of Plates

You and your partner can eat typical Mexican food in this romantic restaurant in Guadalajara, always accompanied by mariachis, a good tequila or mezcal.

The atmosphere of La Casa de los Platos is spectacular, with corners full of intimacy and unique flavor in its meals.

The restaurant is at Sao Paulo 2367, Providencia, 44630. Reserve at numbers 1845512 and 18145513.

6. The Matera

Argentinian restaurant with bohemian airs with the best cuts of meat in Guadalajara.

With brick walls and a lot of wood in its decoration and tables, as well as well-planned lighting, La Matera is another ideal place for a romantic dinner in the capital of Jalisco, with a nice and fresh terrace.

The restaurant is at 2895 Mexico Avenue, Colonia Vallarta Norte. Reserve at 01 33 1814 5513. Learn more here .

7. Diavolo

Italian restaurant with a casual and relaxed atmosphere where you can eat the best of its gastronomy, such as beef carpaccio, one of its signature dishes, in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere.

Diávolo is at 1904 López Cotilla Avenue, Colonia Americana. Reserve at 36 1 627 7936.

8. Moon House

Casa Luna is one of the romantic restaurants in Guadalajara that knows how to mix traditional Mexican food with oriental and Asian culinary trends, resulting in dishes that delight the palate.

Its decoration and atmosphere are typically Mexican with handcrafted elements that make it an intimate and cozy place.

Casa Luna is located at Independencia 211, Colonia Centro, Tlaquepaque. Reservation at 01 33 1592 2061

9. Artichoke Heart

In any of its three restaurants in the city you can eat in a romantic setting in a warm and well-lit atmosphere.

In addition to its delicious food, especially the grilled artichoke and duck confit, the service and attention are excellent. Customers are always satisfied.

One of the headquarters of Corazón de Alcachofa is at 2946 México Avenue, Colonia Juan Manuel. Reservation at 01 33 3641 2676.

10. Mayor

An ideal restaurant to go as a couple due to its comfortable facilities and intimate atmosphere.

It is a place with an excellent menu full of exquisite dishes thanks to the chef’s efforts to perfectly prepare traditional Mexican flavors.

Alcalde restaurant is at 2930 Mexico Avenue, Colonia Vallarta San Jorge. Reserve at 01 33 3615 7400. Learn more here .

11. Central Boulangerie

French restaurant that also prepares typical Mexican food.

Its chef strives to ensure that each element or ingredient becomes a delight for the palate, transforming the moment into a unique experience to be shared as a couple.

Bread, snails, moles, ice cream and many other specialties, both from Mexico and France, come together in this magical place.

Boulangerie Central is at 1984 Morelos Avenue, one block from Americas. Reservation at 01 33 4444 5737.

12. The Blue Night

One of the most colorful romantic restaurants in Guadalajara, but at the same time intimate and cozy. An ideal place to go with your partner to taste exquisite cheeses and good wines.

The Blue Night is on López Mateos Nte avenue. 800, between Eulogio Parra and Jesús García, Colonia Ladrón de Guevara. Reserve at 01 33 3630 0337. Learn more here .

13. Pomodoro

Italian food restaurant opened in 2003. It is recognized for the exquisite taste of its traditional pasta, freshly hand-prepared pasta, various meats and fish, and of course, its pizzas.

Pomodoro is at 145 López Mateos Norte Avenue, Colonia Vallarta Norte. Reserve at 01 33 3793 1111. Learn more here .

14. Sagrantino

Romantic restaurant in Guadalajara with a gastronomic offer for all types of public and culinary preferences.

Its margarita ceviche prepared with fresh seafood and its cuts of abalone in cove slices, are two of the most ordered dishes by diners.

Sagrantino is at Diagonal Golfo de Cortes 4152, Guadalajara. Book at reservations 01 33 3813 1379. Learn more here .

Places for a date in Guadalajara

Guadalajara has many places to enjoy a romantic date. Any of the following emblematic places in the city will do:

  • Historical Center.
  • Hospice Cabins Square.
  • The Nine Corners.
  • Chapultepec walk.
  • Huentitan Canyon.

Romantic cafes in Guadalajara

Among the romantic cafes to taste a rich coffee in any of its varieties, are:

  • Loving coffee.
  • Caligari Cafe.
  • Coffee 5pm.
  • Cafeteria.
  • The Terrible John.

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