The gastronomic mix from the Mayan pre-Hispanic ancestors to the conquerors and evangelizers, has left its influence on what are now the typical desserts of Yucatan.

Each group contributed to make this confectionery a desirable product for both the region and the country.

Let’s get to know the list of the best 12 typical desserts made in Yucatecan lands.

1. Almond marzipan

Let’s start with the favorite of many: almond marzipan.

It is made from the mixture of crushed or crushed almonds with a sweet syrup prepared by boiling honey, water and cinnamon, until the desired consistency is achieved.

Once the syrup is ready, the almonds are added and the dessert is given a rounded shape, putting it in the oven until it is firm and fine.

Before eating it, you can add pieces of large almonds or sprinkle with essence of roses, to give it a delicious aroma.

2. Cocoyol

Typical Yucatan dessert from a palm tree that contains 200 spherical fruits. Inside they have a white ball similar to a meter or marble.

For its elaboration, water, sweet piloncillo and cinnamon are required. The shells are removed from the cocoyoles and they are washed; then they are placed in boiling water together with the piloncillo pieces and the cinnamon sticks. When cooked, piloncillo is added until the syrup is thick.

3. Guava paste

It is one of the most popular typical desserts of Yucatan. The guava is ground, strained and cooked in syrup until the desired consistency is achieved.

The paste, still hot, is spread out on a flat surface making large blocks. Once it cools, it is divided into small square-shaped pieces.

The dessert is eaten as sweet or with savory accompaniments such as a piece of soft cheese, in salads or with cookies and biscuits.

4. Meringues

Typical Yucatan dessert made with egg whites and sugar.

The “merengueros” have been in charge of preparing and selling these sweets for more than a century, which can be in the form of popsicles or balls similar to a cupcake.

Although they are made in different colors, their flavor will always be exquisite.

5. Zapotes

Dessert that owes its name because in other times it was made in the shape of zapotes (typical fruit of the area). Now they are different and are made with pumpkin seeds and sugar.

The zapotitos have a smooth consistency similar to marzipan and are usually covered with cinnamon powder. They are placed on the altars of Hanal Pixán during the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Yucatán.

6. Sweet papaya

Using sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and papaya, one of the tastiest typical Yucatan desserts is prepared.

Papaya is peeled, cut and seeds are removed; cut into slices and place in the syrup with the cinnamon and vanilla, letting it cook for 30 minutes.

Then it is left to cool so that the syrup takes consistency and the papaya slices are soft and have a caramelized golden appearance.

7. Coconut creams

Coconut creams are of different colors such as pink, white or combined. They are made from coconut and flour (cornstarch).

They are sold in the form of squares with cinnamon and grated coconut on top or in small glasses with ground cinnamon and a teaspoon to eat them.

8. Marshmallow Candy

This particular Yucatecan dessert is prepared with egg whites, honey, butter, vanilla extract, anise, mint, lemon peel and food coloring.

People who are dedicated to making marshmallow candy use wood fire to cook the dessert and so that it gains a special flavor.

9. Poor Knights

Delicious dessert that is often known as the Mexican version of French toast, only a special syrup is added to this variety.

Poor gentlemen are made with loaf (French) bread, raisins, cinnamon sticks or sticks, condensed milk, egg whites, vanilla, and milk.

10. Crowbars

Among the wide variety of typical Yucatan desserts, you cannot miss the tasty palanquetas, tasty rectangular-shaped desserts that have peanuts with sugar, liquid glucose, margarine and gras or vegetable oil.

Do not miss the opportunity to eat a tasty barbell when you are sightseeing in Yucatan.

11. Runover Cake

Our selection of typical Yucatan desserts continues to grow with pastel atropellado, a tasty dish made with sweet potato (potato-like tuber, with a sweet flavor, typical of Latin America), sugar, grated coconut and cinnamon.

Although their shape is usually rounded, they are also found as cake.

12. Candy de nance

The elaboration of this dessert is with the fruit called nance; small, yellow and typical of the Yucatan peninsula.

The fruit is boiled until the shell that surrounds it breaks. During this process the water is changed twice.

Sugar is added to a liter of hot water to obtain the syrup and then the cooked and slightly squeezed fruits are added to remove excess water. This is how the dulce de nance is obtained in a delicious syrup.

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