In the typical drinks of Canada liquors such as wine, beer and whiskey predominate, but these are not the only ones. There are other drinks that we invite you to discover below.

1. Ice wine

It is a wine made with naturally frozen grapes in the vineyards, which are harvested and processed without thawing.

Freezing favors the increase in the concentration of sugar in the grapes, so the product obtained is a sweet wine in perfect balance with the touch of acidity that accompanies it.

It is a liquor with a delicate manufacturing process, whose production is not extensive. However, every day it adds more followers who want to savor it.

2. Tim Hortons Cafe

Coffee in Canada can be considered a typical drink because it is the third country in the world that consumes it the most, especially in its capital, Ottawa, where there are numerous places to drink it.

There is a place in Ottawa where they tell you about the place of origin of the grains, they explain their process to roast it and how it will be prepared.

Everyone in the country drinks coffee. From university students, businessmen and shop workers, to housewives.

3. Canadian red wines

Among the typical drinks of Canada are red wine and white wine, both of very good quality.

The variety of the country’s wines is capable of pleasing the most exquisite tastes and palates, since in its lands they are made from red merlots, elegant, soft and splendid, to riestlings, white, elegant, safe and specific.

4. Caesar

César is another of the typical Canadian drinks that you should try. A cocktail that was first called Bloody Caesar created in Canada and whose Canadians are its largest consumers.

It is made up of clamato juice, (mixture of tomato juice and clam broth), Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and vodka.

Salt is placed on the edge of the glass where it will be served and it is garnished with a slice of lemon and a branch of celery.

5. Montrial Absinthe

Traditional drink from Montreal where it is considered a treasure, made from the mugwort plant (wormwood). It has a mild anise flavor with bitter touches.

In Montreal there are places where they prepare this drink in a special way to favor the appearance of the aromatic notes of absinthe, producing unique and unrepeatable sensations when consumed.

6. Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whiskey is made from the mixture of other whiskeys, which is known as multigrain whiskey. To be considered Canadian original it must be blended, distilled and aged in the country.

A multigrain whiskey is the result of blending one or more malt grain whiskeys (barley or rye) with other grains or with a neutral high-alcohol content beverage.

Canadian whiskey has a high concentration of corn as it is used together with rye whiskey to obtain the final distillate.

The corn is responsible for its particular flavor that is unlike any other whisky.

7. Canada Dry – Ginger Ale

Traditional soft drink that is also consumed in England and the United States.

It is a typical Canadian drink made with ginger as the main ingredient. Its flavor is unique and very special, something totally different from that of cola drinks such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola.

8. Coffee and maple syrup

The most popular product of the country (the maple) joins coffee to make this typical Canadian drink.

It is prepared with hot coffee to which is added maple syrup and hot milk, which are poured into a mug garnished with maple whipping cream and sprinkled with maple sugar.

There is a variety that is obtained by adding an alcoholic beverage such as vodka, whiskey, cognac or brandy, before serving and garnishing.

9. Beer

Beer in Canada is basically of craft origin and a typical drink of the country.

World famous brewing companies have come to Canada to position their industrially produced products, finding enthusiastic consumers for this offer.

10. Northern Canadian Mojito

The mojito has a version that has become a typical Canadian drink.

For the Canadian mojito, Canadian whiskey is used as a substitute for rum and mint syrup and wild berry paste are added, in addition to lime or lemon juice and fresh mint leaves.

It is a very refreshing drink to hang out with friends.

11.Maple Manhattan

Although it has the name of one of the neighborhoods in New York, this typical Canadian drink is traditional from the province of Manitoba.

It is made with Real Crown Rye brand maple syrup, typically Canadian ingredients to which Carpano Antica is added and a small portion of Coffee Bitters.

12. Manitoba Made

Manitoba made is a refreshing, floral and very sparkling drink, ideal for sharing and having fun. It is prepared with herbal gin, rhubarb syrup, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice and egg white.

Typical Canadian alcoholic beverages

Canada’s main alcoholic beverage is Canadian whiskey made from a blend of one or more whiskeys. Corn is used in its preparation along with rye whiskey.

Its flavor is different from English or Scottish whiskeys, as these are made with malt.

Canadian beer is another of the country’s alcoholic beverages. It began as a handmade product, but now it is made industrially.

The famous ice wine or ice wine, of reduced production and exquisite flavor, is another alcoholic beverage of the country.

Typical Canadian ingredients

Among the typical and traditional ingredients of Canada we have maple syrup, blue and cranberries, Canadian bison, fern shoots and many more.

Typical Quebec drinks

The typical and representative drinks of the province of Quebec are ice wine and ice cider and fire cider.

There are many ways to get to know a country, one of them is to try it one glass at a time. We invite you to share this article so that your friends also know the 12 typical drinks of Canada.


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