Querétaro is a warm Mexican state with many attractions to always have a good time as a couple, whether walking through its historic center or eating its emblematic dishes in its very good restaurants.

Let’s get to know in this article the 12 romantic restaurants in Querétaro, intimate, comfortable places with tasty food.

1. Hacienda La Laborcilla

Hacienda from the 18th century that after renovations became one of the romantic Querétaro restaurants where everyone wants to dine.

Inside there are replicas of beautiful works of art exhibited in the Louvre Museum (France) that adorn the environment.

The central courtyard is beautifully lit and features beautiful, cool gardens and an inviting water feature.

The restaurant prepares dishes of international cuisine. Corregidora Nte is in extension. 911 bis, Plaza del Parque. Reserve at 442 245 1694.

2. 1810

Restaurant with an intimate and romantic atmosphere overlooking the Plaza de Armas of Querétaro, live music and where they prepare traditional Mexican enchiladas.

Its 30 years of existence have made it one of the most popular Querétaro romantic restaurants. It is in Libertad 62, Plaza de Armas. Reserve at 442 214 3324.

3. Polpetta

Italian food restaurant with an unbeatable gastronomic offer, which always invites you to taste its pasta bathed in an exquisite sauce and its famous pizzas, in an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

You cannot miss their 2×1 pizza on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Polpetta is at 135 Paseo de la República avenue, in the Platinum Business Center, Querétaro. Reserve at 442 628 2210.

4. La Piccola Italy

Italian food restaurant in one of the most romantic areas of the state, Andador 5 de Mayo.

The place is somewhat small, something that gives it intimacy and a lot of romance. In addition to savory and sweet pizzas, he prepares a tasty carpaccio for two.

La Piccola Italia is at number 100. Col. Centro.

5. Terrace The Grupa

Terraza La Grupa is one of the romantic restaurants in Querétaro, located in the historic center of the state, a nostalgic and romantic area.

It is a place with an intimate atmosphere where you can taste good dishes of Mexican cuisine, accompanied by a good glass of wine.

It is on Avenida Prolongación Luis Pasteur number 25. Reserve at 442 212 4249.

6. The Bowl

Italian-Argentine restaurant that knows how to fuse its dishes with Mexican food, a successful bet in an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

They prepare grilled meats, empanadas baked in a wood-fired oven, kneaded pasta, home-baked bread, choripanes, desserts and, of course, pizzas.

La Bocha is on Boulevard Bernardo Quintana, 11 Pathé. Reserve at 442 708 0100.

7. Cosi Fan Tutte

Cosi Fan Tutte is characterized by the romanticism of “beautiful Italy”. Its menu consists of delicious and unique Italian cuisine that is always best enjoyed in company, during a romantic dinner and with a good wine.

Some of the dishes most ordered by diners are the pizzas and a crispy baguette with roast beef accompanied by French fries.

The restaurant is on Circuito Jdn street. 13 C, Alamos Third Section. Reserve at 442 214 5179.

8. Carranza 50

Another romantic restaurant in the historic center of Querétaro with a beautiful patio and a terrace where moonlight dinners are more romantic.

Carranza 50’s specialty is meat cuts and traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine.

The place is on Venustiano Carranza street, number 50. Reserve at 442 212 3031.

9. La Republica Restaurant

The beautiful decorations that adorn La República and its pleasant atmosphere and careful attention, make it one of the romantic restaurants in Querétaro.

Although the place specializes in international food, you can order any of the emblematic dishes of the 32 Mexican states.

La Republica is at 353 Universidad Avenue, Álamos 1st Section. Reserve at 442 213 0749.

10. Porto Buzios

In Porto Buzios they specialize in seafood dishes prepared on the grill. A perfect restaurant for dinner with a warm view of Lake Juriquilla.

The place is at Hacienda El Tintero 370, 76230. Reserve at 442 234 1419.

11. Bistro Central Restaurant, Mesón de Santa Rosa

Romantic restaurant in Querétaro with a beautiful terrace that invites you to dine in an intimate atmosphere and accompanied by a glass of wine.

Its gastronomic offer includes traditional Mexican food, dishes from a French bistro and a private collection of wines.

Bistró Central Restaurant, Mesón de Santa Rosa is located on Avenida Luis Pasteur Sur, number 17, in downtown Querétaro. Reserve at 442 212 0046.

12. The Corner of the Senses

Intimate restaurant with live music that is also a cafeteria, so in addition to dinner you can spend a Friday night with your partner for a coffee or a drink.

The Corner of the Senses is at 25 Reforma Street, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro. Reserve at 442 212 0469.

Romantic ideas in Querétaro

If you want a romantic date in Querétaro, invite your partner to take a walk through the Querétaro 2000 park or to explore the historic center. For dinner you can go to Terraza La Grupa or Carranza 50, where you can see the moon from its romantic terrace.

Places for a first date in Querétaro

If you are in Querétaro with someone for a first date, the idea is to take a walk through some of the beautiful and interesting places in the state. You can include an invitation to dinner in some of the best romantic restaurants such as Terraza La Grupa, 1810, La Piccola Italia, Santé, Fiume 37 and Hacienda La Laborcilla.

Places to go out as a couple in Querétaro

Among the best places to visit as a couple in Querétaro we can mention:

  • Zenea garden.
  • Vineyards outside.
  • Freedom Walker.
  • Hill of the Bells.
  • Queretaro Park 2000.
  • Historic center of Queretaro.

Romantic things to do in Queretaro

Going out to eat as a couple will always be a perfect date and even more so in Querétaro’s romantic restaurants such as Hacienda La Laborcilla, which has its beautiful fountain and illuminated gardens, or La Bocha, where Argentine and Mexican food merge.

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