San Quintín is a small fishing town located in the state of Baja California, in colorful and beloved Mexico. It has a privileged exit to the Pacific Ocean that makes it an important tourist area of ​​the Ensenada Municipality and an economic key for the state.

Therefore, if you are wondering what to do in San Quintín, Baja California, do not miss our Top 10 activities and places.


1. San Quintin Botanical Garden

It has a wide collection of living plants that represent the flora of the state. The city’s Botanical Garden has a cafeteria and a wide variety of walks with protected plant areas and everything you need to get in touch with nature.


2. The Beaches of San Quintin

Established as one of the best coasts in Baja California, thanks to its crystal clear waters, pale sands and the variety of water activities they offer. In this coastline of more than 15 km you can enjoy snorkeling , kayaking , sport fishing and swimming.


3. A Look at the Birds

When defining what to do in San Quintín, Baja California, observing the variety of birds that make life in the city and that migrate annually is a requirement. In this town they have a sanctuary for the protection of their species, close to the marina.

In addition, you can enjoy a walk around the bay, while the birds feed on the fish in the sea.


4. Nautical activities

The San Quintín coastline has the best waters in Baja California for sailing, docking a catamaran and spending the night at sea. Hundreds of ships anchor off its shores each year, and from there you can explore the city.


5. Enjoy the Giant Clams

An excellent natural dumbbell is the fertile volcanic soil of the coast combined with the nutrients that the sea current brings to the bay, to result in a practically unlimited feast of seafood and the possibility of finding Pismo clams, about 15 cm in diameter. length.

In fact, the abundance of these and oysters is such that you can find them yourself on the beaches, especially in Playa Santa María.


6. Surfing

Surfing is one of the many answers to the question of what to do in San Quintín, Baja California.

Punta de San Jacinto and Picacho are the best destinations to enjoy this experience, thanks to the strong waves and currents in the area. For this, it is important that you have a four-wheel drive vehicle at your disposal to reach the best points of the coast.


7. Tomato and Wine Festival

Taking place in August of each year, the festival aims to promote tomato culture, a common fruit in San Quintín and of which they are proud to export to the rest of the Mexican Republic.

Among the activities that you can enjoy, tastings of tomato-based dishes stand out, paired with regional wines from the best harvests. It also has live music from local bands and contests to delight the family.


8. A Camping Adventure

Among the things to do in San Quintín, Baja California, walks through the excellent topography of the city stand out, where kilometers of delimited areas extend for camping, both on your own or participating in a resort, which includes walks and hiking in the package.

You can even rent a mobile home and take the road trip, that way you will get to know the whole city.


9. Walk to the San Quintín Museum

Although it is not exactly the most luxurious museum of all, it has small exhibitions of the history of the city, which covers the journey from rudimentary and fishing life to what it is today.

The facility was originally an English settlement, where they built a wheat mill and a salt mine, which is still available for display today.


10. Snorkeling and Diving

We already told you about the beaches of San Quintín, which are privileged for the variety of marine species that make life in it, highlighting the volcanic formations between Cabo San Quintín and Punta Arrecife, whose colors amaze all tourists.

It has excellent visibility to photograph the underwater fauna and flora, where rock formations and algae beds are found that feed and give home to millions of colorful little fish.

If you move a little further, in the waters that bathe Roca Ben, you will find greater depth, which is the right place to dive, enjoy the hydrocoral and, with luck, find some lobsters or scallops through supervised fishing.


What Are the Best Hotels in San Quintin?

A good tourist experience has a lot to do with the place where you stay, its location, the quality of the attention and the prices. That is why we will recommend some of the best hotels in San Quintín.

Hotel Jardines Baja San Quintin

Among its features, it stands out that it is a friendly hotel with children of all ages and allows you to include your pet on the trip. Here you are received by the owners of the place, who after 25 years are still the hosts and in charge of taking care of the services.

Most of the staff is bilingual.

On the negative side is the fact that they do not serve breakfast.

Hotel Mision Santa Maria

Its best attraction is, without a doubt, its views of the sea in almost all the rooms and the immensity of the beach that surrounds it.

Among the accommodation additions, you have Wi- Fi and free parking, although if you are a regular smoker, this will not be your hotel, since smoking is prohibited in all its spaces.

Don Eddie’s Landing Hotel

This is the perfect hotel for adventures and an answer to what to do in San Quintin, Baja California.

They have boats equipped to navigate the waters of the bay, allowing guests to do some recreational diving and fishing, with strict instructions from the team.


What Are the Best Restaurants in San Quintin?

When it comes to what to do in San Quintín, Baja California, of course we have to talk about enjoying the cuisine of the city. The flavors of its land and sea await you at the following restaurants:

Old Mill Restaurant Bar

An excellent establishment to enjoy the bay. It has two environments: the bar (which has a marked American and tourist line) and the restaurant (which maintains the clear influences of Mexican culture and gastronomy).

Regarding the dishes and prices, some customers recommend the Mexican combination plate, where you can enjoy different specialties of the local gastronomy, as well as sauces and moles. Prices range from $140 to $350.

Gardens Baja Restaurant

Here you can enjoy a good ranchera experience. A restaurant with an air of the great ranches of the town, surrounded by beautiful gardens and with a very varied vegetation, offers a very good atmosphere and live shows on Saturdays.

As if that were not enough, they captivate their guests with the excellent attention of their staff.

Pier 30

Although it is not recognized as the most elegant restaurant in the area, Muelle 30 treasures a good handful of local fans, who have been in charge of making it attractive among tourists, using the seafood menu with Spanish, Mexican and Italian flavors as a flagship.

The seafood is completely fresh, from the catch of the day on the pier and they usually catch you with a free appetizer to whet your appetite.

Mission Santa Isabel

Despite the fact that the restaurant’s menu offers a variety of dishes and a marked spicy flavor, emblematic of Mexico, this small establishment is an icon for its breakfasts, available until 11 am and that you can enjoy in the quantities you want and with unlimited spicy.

You need less than $10 to afford it.


The Oyster San Quintin

La Ostionera is a small island inhabited by only eight people and whose main activity is the production of oysters, the jewel in the crown of San Quintín and its largest export product nationally and internationally.

The purchase, fattening, care and next release into the sea for the maturation of the oysters, takes place in this bay, which is known as La Ostionera.

Although not on most tourist tours or lists of things to do in San Quintín, Baja California, traveling to False Bay to understand the process of oysters or consume them directly there is an unmissable opportunity.


San Quintín is a small but picturesque town, full of attractions and exciting water adventures that await you.

If you know of other worthwhile attractions in this town, don’t forget to leave us your comments.


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