Hidalgo is one of the states of Mexico with the most seductive places to have fun as a couple, due to the abundance of beautiful spaces with hot springs and its welcoming towns.

Among the romantic places in Hidalgo we have chosen these 10 for you, a dozen places to spend pleasant and unforgettable days with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Hacienda Santa Maria Regla

Let’s start our list with a charming hotel that is over 230 years old: the Hacienda Santa María de Regla.

Santa María Regla was a silver benefit hacienda that belonged to Pedro Romero de Terreros, Count of Regla, during the Viceroyalty.

In this and other farms in the area, silver was separated from the ore extracted in the mines of the rich mining region of Pachuca.

The 18th century hacienda was restored and converted into the Hotel Hacienda Santa María Regla , now a 4-star romantic and colonial complex perfect for lovers.

The place has Wi-Fi service and television in the common areas.

Half a kilometer from the hotel are the basaltic prisms, one of the most spectacular natural monuments in Mexico.


2. Basaltic Prisms

Impressive basalt columns in the town of Santa María Regla, in the Hidalgo municipality of Huasca de Ocampo.

The prismatic bodies were formed during the Pleistocene by the cooling of lava, reaching heights of up to 40 meters. They are in the Barranca de Alcholoya, through which a stream of crystalline waters flows, forming beautiful waterfalls.

The stream water that passes through the prisms comes from the nearby San Antonio Regla dam.

In the area of ​​the basaltic prisms there is a vacation center with camping, restaurants, swimming pools and grills.

In the basaltic prisms you will spend charming days as a couple getting to know one of the most fascinating romantic places in Hidalgo and visiting the interesting towns of the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo.

3. Tolantongo Caves

System of caves with a main grotto through which a stream of hot springs flows that forms natural pools, in Cardonal, 97 km from Pachuca.

The hot waters mix with those from other cold sources, producing lukewarm waters used by bathers.

The Tunnel, a grotto that is above the main one, has an atmosphere similar to that of a steam bath. Inside the main grotto there are stalagmites and stalactites of curious shapes.

A good bath in the Tolantongo Caves and a bit of hiking in the surroundings will allow you to spend rich moments with your partner in one of the best romantic places in the state of Hidalgo.

4. Huasca de Ocampo

The Hidalgo municipality of Huasca de Ocampo adds other equally delicious attractions for a couple on a romantic getaway. One of these is a walk to Peña del Aire, an impressive rock formation in the middle of beautiful landscapes in the San Sebastián Canyon, in the Sierra de Pachuca.

The peaceful historic center of Huasca de Ocampo recalls past times with its cobbled streets, picturesque houses and the reminiscences of the stripe shops.

You have to visit the Church of San Juan Bautista, the Museo de los Duendes and several haciendas where silver was mined, such as Santa María Regla, San Miguel Regla and San Antonio Regla.

Other local spaces that you can enjoy with your partner are the Barranca de Metztitlán and the Bosques del Zembo.

5. Pachuca de Soto

The “Bride of the Wind” always has its doors open to lovers and cannot be missing from a list of the best romantic places in Hidalgo.

A tour of its architectural emblems will take you through the Temple and ex-convent of San Francisco, through the Monumental Clock, through Christ the King and through the Monument to the Victory of the Wind.

The David Ben Gurión Park is a cultural space inaugurated in 2005 with the monumental mosaic, Homage to the Woman of the World, 400 meters long and 80 meters wide. An iconic place in Pachuca for photographs with your partner.

The Cuartel de Arte and the El Rehilete, Photography and Miniaturas Castillo de Dragones museums are other interesting stops in the capital of Hidalgo.

6. Hacienda San Antonio Tochatlaco

Pulquera farm of 2000 hectares from the beginning of the 19th century that did not change families in 200 years. It is in the Hidalgo municipality of Zempoala.

The magnificently preserved building, along with its period furniture, has been converted into a wonderful tourist attraction that shows what life was like on the haciendas in the 19th century.

It has a hostel, but on Saturdays it is open to the public without an appointment. Although it has separate areas for men and women, somewhat unromantic, its retro touch from the time when girls blushed for absent-mindedly showing their ankles, gives it a special charm.

7. Boy’s Ore

Magical Town of Hidalgo with an exquisite climate in the heart of the Sierra de Pachuca at 2400 meters above sea level.

The main attraction is El Chico National Park, a protected area of ​​almost 2,800 hectares.

It has places of interest such as Valle Llano Grande, Valle de los Enamorados, Las Ventanas, El Cedral Dam, Peñas Las Monjas and Peña del Cuervo, places where you can practice adventure sports, take walks on land and water and observe nature.

A camping trip with your partner in the cool of the park will be a moment to remember.

8. Thermal Spa El Geiser

Enjoy with your partner the natural thermal pools produced by this powerful jet of water, which comes out at 95 ° C from the bowels of the earth, in the Uxdejhé geothermal zone of the Magical Town of Tecozautla in Hidalgo.

This is a romantic getaway to Mexico that Defeños comfortably enjoy on a weekend, due to the proximity of the main attractions of Hidalgo to CDMX.

In the resort there is a hotel, camp, cabins, restaurant and other facilities for the enjoyment of visitors.

The town of Tecozautla is located 10 km southeast of the resort and has interesting attractions such as El Torreón, a neoclassical tower built during the Porfiriato.

9. Xoxafi Caves

Among the romantic places in Hidalgo you cannot miss these caves in Cerro Teptha, municipality of Santiago de Anaya. They have a tourist complex made up of cozy cabins, a camping area and a restaurant.

The caves were formed 250 million years ago, leaving fantastic spaces for adventure sports, which are its main attraction.

There are 3 routes: Basic, Adventure and Extreme, with an increasing level of difficulty especially in rappelling. On the tours you will admire rocky structures with whimsical shapes.

The curious lining of the walls of the caves is of the so-called “leopard skin”, a texture that was formed by mixing the saltpeter and the ferrous oxide of the rocks, over thousands of years.

In Xoxafi there is also a space to practice gotcha and 2 zip line circuits.

10. Huichapan

Another Magical Town of Hidalgo with a fantastic climate that averages 16 °C annually, on the border with the state of Querétaro. The Queretaro capital is closer than Pachuca.

Among the magnificent engineering works of the viceroyalty is the El Saucillo Aqueduct, built in the 18th century in Huichapan to supply water to the town and serve as a bridge over the Arroyo Hondo Canyon.

A unique attraction in Huichapan is El Chapitel, a historic building on whose balcony the Mexican tradition of the cry of independence began on September 16, 1812.

Other attractions of the Magical Town are the Church of San Mateo, several chapels, the Casa del Diezmo and the Municipal Palace.

Cheap places to visit in Hidalgo

The 5 Magical Towns of Hidalgo (Huichapan, Huasca de Ocampo, Mineral del Chico, Tecozautla and Real del Monte) have attractions and places to stay and eat cheaply.

Hidalgo is the Mexican state with the most hot springs parks with entertainment similar to that of any classic water park. These are in wonderful natural spaces with many outdoor entertainment and adventure sports.

Some are EcoAlberto Park, Te-Pathé Park and Maguey Blanco Water Park.

Hidalgo tourist guide

If you want more tourist information about the state of Hidalgo, consult this guide published by the Mexican government.

Natural attractions of Hidalgo

Hidalgo has territories in the Gulf Coastal Plain, the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Neovolcanic Axis, where the Pulquera Plateau, the Huasteca Hidalguense, the Sierra de Pachuca, the Tulancingo and Mezquital Valleys and a small sector of the Sierra Gorda are found. , among the main natural dimensions.

In these spaces there are parks and reserves such as the El Chico National Park and the Barranca de Metztitlán Biosphere Reserve, with beautiful places and varied options for outdoor fun.

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