Everything about Japan is exotic, from its culture, cities, parks, temples and gastronomy, including its drinks. That is why we will know below the 10 Japanese cocktails that are now a world trend.

1. Gurin

Refreshing ginger-scented cocktail with a presence of herbaceous, citrus and slightly marine flavours.

A drink designed exclusively by Schweppes Tonic & Matcha, which combines sake with umeshu plum liqueur, sochu (typical Japanese distillate), matcha tea powder, lime juice and ginger syrup. It is decorated with bamboo.

Leonor Betanzos cocktails

The next two cocktails are the authorship of Leonor Betanzos, renowned in the world of Japanese anime and now famous in mixology.

2. Bloody speed ceviche

Exotic cocktail based on Zubrowka vodka and sake, mixed with Japanese pickles, homemade tomato juice and a touch of lemon juice, with volcanic salt frost.

The drink, with a flavor between spicy and salty, is accompanied by a tray of seafood and fish or with huachiango (fish similar to snapper) in a sweet and sour sauce. You can also eat it with sushi with tuna tart.

3.Ultraman Cobbler

The ultraman cobbler is considered a “cocktail anime”. It is based on montelobos espadín mezcal, sake, lemon juice and a little salt diluted in water, plus raspberry and cynar syrup.

It can be accompanied at the entrance with sweet vegetables.

4. Pink cloudy

The pink cloudy is one of the exquisite cocktails prepared with sake by the Peruvian barman, Malpartida Edir, who chose one of the leading brands in sake liqueurs, Hakutsuru Sayuri, for the drink.

Edir created the cocktail by mixing Sake Hakutsuru Sayuri (base liquor) with Lychee juice and a portion of egg white. It is served in an Old Fashioned glass with crushed ice.

5.Sweet scent

The sweet scent is a sweet vodka-based cocktail that has alcohol and is decorated with an edible flower.

In its preparation, Hakutsuru Josen Junmai Excellent sake is added in a larger portion, which is mixed with pineapple juice, a simple syrup, a minimum portion of Yuzu juice and egg white.

You can substitute vodka for rum or tequila, although cocktail paladins recommend against doing so. If you want to vary it with energy drinks, Red Bull is the most used.

6.Mix soup

Refreshing cocktail that honors the Japanese tradition prepared by combining Schweppes Tonic & Matcha with white tequila, which is previously mixed with spicy miso paste made stiff.

The pieces of miso paste float in the liquor until they reach the same temperature, dissolving.

7. Komugiko

This creation of the barman, Vicenç Mora, is an exotic cocktail that integrates elements of the ancient tradition of Japan, with others from nature.

It is obtained by mixing Gin L’Arbre as a base liqueur with drops of vanilla bitters, a good spoonful of strawberry jam, an egg white to give it that creamy tone, pineapple juice and yuzu.

At the end of the preparation, add the infusion of 8 komugiko worms. It is served in a tall glass and decorated with 2 interesting worms and a piece of orange peel.

8. Oliver Atom, anime

The oliver atom is a fruity cocktail inspired by the character from the planet Ultra, mainly taking its emblematic colors.

Mix St. Germain elderberry syrup with the Hendrics, cardamom, sake, a little lemon juice and a touch of matcha. It is presented with dehydrated rose petals as decoration.

The drink is accompanied by BBQ pork ribs with chives, garlic and ginger. Also with meat.

9. Kamikaze

Refreshing cocktail and at the same time with a strong tone that is deceptive. It is made up of equal parts of an orange liqueur (Triple Sec) and vodka, accompanied by freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice.

Despite being a drink, it is also usually drunk or served as an aperitif, but in a cocktail glass. It is ideal to accompany at the table with a serving of spicy chicken wings or pasta.

You can replace the vodka with tequila or with another liquor called Southern Comford.

10. Dagger Cocktail

Daga is one of the fabulous creations of Marc Álvarez, who has become one of the Schweppes Mixing Masters.

The inventor of this cocktail chose Ginger Ale & Intense Ginger as the base liquor, which he mixed with a Rhubarb bitter, a little lime juice, paniculata flower petals, a touch of tequila and a top of coffee. To finish his creation he added vaporized rose essence.

It is an exotic cocktail with a sensation of freshness and slightly spicy tones, accentuating a flavor between coffee and ginger.

What drinks can be made with sake?

Let’s go a little deeper into the sector of mixology with sake. Let’s get to know some of the drinks that can be prepared with this typical Japanese drink.

The drink geisha smiles

Cocktail that can be very intoxicating. Its base liquor is sake, which is accompanied by a citrus vodka, more pink grapefruit juice, a couple of anise seeds and ice. It is poured into a beer mug and is usually decorated with a lemon peel.

Green tea and sake mojito

Energetic drink due to the union of green tea with sake, which is served in a highball glass with ice.

The base liqueur sake is mixed with ginger liqueur, green tea syrup and a touch of lemon juice (natural). Separately, the natural juice of two limes is crushed with mint or spearmint leaves. Then both preparations are mixed and the drink is completed, which is garnished with a branch of mint or mint and a slice of lemon.

the falling

Falling is made with a base mix of three spirits: pear sake, which some suggest using Moonstone Asian Pear Sake; traditional sake and a touch of pear brandy liqueur.

This combination of ethyl flavors is mixed with a little natural lime juice, then served in a martini glass and garnished with a lemon peel swirl.

The cocktail concentrates the sweet and fresh with the strong and forceful Brandy, which for this drink is pear.

Simple sake drinks

Take note of the following cocktails with sake, whose preparation is simple.

The so-dry

Tan-dry is another invention of Malpartida Edir who mixed sake with Hakutsuru Tanrei Junmai liqueur and ginger liqueur. It is served in a cocktail glass and decorated with a small twist of lemon.

the japanese cocktail

One could not speak of Japanese cocktails and leave aside the Japanese cocktail, which despite its name does not have its origin in Japanese lands nor is it inspired by elements of its culture or its flavors.

It is served in a traditional cold cocktail glass but without ice. Cognac is combined as a base liqueur, almond syrup and angostura bitters.

As decoration, lime skin or a fresh lemon wheel is placed.

This new movement that includes sake as a base liquor to prepare other drinks is just beginning. These 10 cocktails are just a small sample of what is to come.

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